Friday, 13 March 2015

Honoured Service: George W. Bush, 43Th U.S. President and Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister, played a part with Afghanistan.

George Bush awarded: Tony Blair and John Howard the Presidential medal of freedom, America's highest civilian honour.

André Rieu & Mirusia Louwerse - Time to say Goddbye...

Tony Blair responsible to send British Troops to Afghanistan when he was in charge of the United Kingdom country and for a war that had nothing to do with the defence of the land, at any time, but financial pursue of the matter. As such matters stand today of war crimes direct to the Middle East peoples, including Afghanistan, because at any time such peoples comes with any forms of protection laws, food, education, work, or even defence to aid own kind, so how?-Particularly when (with my full respect): "The 88-year-old monarch (The Queen Elizabeth II), who is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, had not originally been intending to attend the ceremony, pleading a prior private engagement. But when eyebrows were raised about her absence, her diary was changed?"- -I question legally: who is in charge of the country itself that surpass matters of the state, system and personal affairs of The Queen Elizabeth II so light (The Queen had not originally been intend to attend ceremony, pleading prior private engagement. But when eyebrows were raised about her absence, her diary was changed?"- ). Where, The Queen Elizabeth II is placed today together with peoples that commit crimes against humanity, as Tony Blair and George W. Bush; "War of terror"- When this Lady in question, that stands as The Queen Elizabeth II reputation, as high command in law of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and even above the Seas. When The Queen Elizabeth II gave you all in the United Kingdom the very best in life and removed the Victorians times, but not to be placed next to war criminals that destroys any sense and meaning of life, based on lies (war on terror)?-

I want to explain better my position and reasons into the matter of the Middle East, including Afghanistan. affairs, as law abide citizen of the UK, not matter background, colour of skin, incapacity, religion, age, country of birth, irrelevant in law. When such crimes in the Muddle East, including Afghanistan appear out of nowhere, with not form of Defence, Justice, Memory, Reparation and Non/Repetition of such violence to peoples that got no meaning, forms and ways of protect own kind and from where?-Particularly acting as "Israel (Arabs) Online Ambassador" mainly by the level of bullying, abuse of power and profession, hate propaganda and intolerance, to elders peoples in the Middle East, since the diaspora times. I do not represent any UK or Mexican government at any time, but the full facts of my ancestry in which I feel very proud ( and this time and era: I am not going to hide, in order to please bullies, but live in peace and request the law. I swore the Holly Bible of alliance to The Queen Elizabeth II, when I become UK citizen, the matter represent: good and bad matters, as well as today, as we are living times of unrest.  

However, as you may know the Jews (Arabs) need to emigrate during the diaspora times, everywhere in the world disperse as today and since centuries ago, from the mesquite that stand as the Middle East and previously called, "The Holly Land", a fade memory, that existed. The International bodies question all the time reasons why settlers (because that's what you call them) as Jews (Arabs) citizens born in the Middle East since centuries ago, want to expand today own peoples, land and even country in a form of purchase of land, or even assisted by own government initiative. When in reality the Middle East peoples never question at any time the International bodies, into why stolen to Mexico our Holly Blessed Land, because we need to fight today, what belongs to us from yesterday, even immigration status?- Yes, you heard correct, today we Mexicans - Natives Americans need passport, visas and sponsors to enter our, Holly Beautiful American Land, when we never asked such paperwork to newcomers?-

The Middle East land belongs to the Jews (Arabs) peoples and up to them, how they deal with such matters. At the end of the day, the Jews and Arabs peoples mean the same: brotherhood, principles and even blood that comes from and since: "Our Father Abraham"-However, Jews (Arabs) peoples keep losing and losing land in the Middle East since the diaspora times and need to emigrate as today, either by the Inquisition, WWII, or Palestine excuse used and in which grounds in law the abuse, assault to own persona and endless bullying?- Today is not fun any-more against our ancestry, but we intent to eradicate such abuses, we intent to highly such hate propaganda and we intent to safeguard Israeli (Arabs) peoples. As you can see matters of similarities with the Muslim community ( Afghanistan. ) worldwide as today, exactly in the same way happened to the Jews (Arabs) peoples centuries ago and since the diaspora times "disperse", not different. The Israeli Primer Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the few peoples from the Middle East ( Afghanistan. ) political affairs (, that address such important matters, that arrive in a form of rockets from terror groups. Where during the WWII the Jews peoples were murder, killed and gassed (6 million victims) by German leaders, with no form of mercy, remorse, pity, or even to give a worldwide apology. So pardon Israeli peoples: Jews (6 million killed +), Arabs (as today), Afghanistan (as today), Mexican (as today), American natives (400 American Tribes perished, with the newcomers arrival not the British, but the newcomers!), Syria (as today) or anyone that received such kind of abuse and violence, if trust is finish, but protect whatever is left, from the hate propaganda, bullying, intolerance, abuse of power and position, etc. "The abuse itself do not give any excuse to victims of war to take the law, but seek the law and pursue claims for the same abuse, murder and injustice committed against their own peoples"-The Jews (Arabs) peoples existed first in the Middle East, before anyone emigrate to the Holly Land, including Palestine peoples and I can probe this matter alone, by the law, just by holding the Holly and Sacred Bible, any Bible. The Queen Elizabeth II and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron have led tributes to the 453 British servicemen and women alike killed (RIP). However, we question legally: who address the abuse direct to Afghanistan, Middle East and worldwide victims of terror groups that stand today in the limbo, with no form of defence ( ), also who feed terror groups and with respect to may concern the matter, but time to address the matter legally, by the law, any law worldwide, because those are crimes against humanity, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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