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Prince Andrew connection with a young woman: "Sex Slave" ..


I spoke of the scandal before. I believe the matter of sexual issue need to be address inside a court, before the case comes out in the open for the public attention, because the next day of my previous note, an MP was dismissed of sex charges ( and Prince Andrew still with the problem?- Prince Andrew's convicted billionaire friend "didn't want black girls ( "claims his alleged sex slave as she accuses him of demanding a constant influx of young girls. In which, Prince Andrew was paying a heavy price of £10,000 + for the luxury and entitle to choose the person not the age, but the person (maybe unaware of age) and as form of contract, because:

1- He is a single man. 
2- He comes with his own sexual needs, the same as the rest. 
3- He got no wife - girlfriend to satisfy such needs. 
4- He got divorce by the same scandal of his ex/wife, when in reality very much together as family with the girls (congratulations!).
5- He has the rights to request the passport of the person that offers the services not matter age, to avoid such charges and matters, maybe next time, a priority!-
6-He was unaware of child's age, otherwise Prince Andrew would not commit to such scandal. As you can see the top picture, next to Prince Andrew and the young girl was a mature lady with brown hair. So legally by the law, the young girl was not on her own with Prince Andrew inside the room as the photo shows, but a mature lady standing next to her, as company. Where I feel strong that Prince Andrew was frame, for today's (cash!!).
7-He is/was sexual active when much younger and on times when such matters was acceptable, but different today.
8-He was not aware that the child's mother was worry of her own daughter, as Fergie Ferguson (ex/wife of Prince Andrew) is with her children all the time and may never commit himself. 
9-He has nothing to worry about sexual nature as the UK standards age is 16 years old, when the child was in London not America at the age of 17 years old, so?-

The Child molestation comes with common sense in the matters, because as young girls impossible to know of true age, but requesting passport could clarify matters, as different to very small children that is obvious the difference age and gap, so no excuses!-Now in certain places of the world apply different rules of age consent, but again the young girl was in London: 

A- America:
B- Europe:

Now when read Europe age consent, explain properly that England comes with a 16 years old gap and happened in the UK soils the sexual activity between the young girl and Prince Andrew, not in America. Please read: G­hislaine Maxwell's £3.7m London house where 'sex slave' claims Prince Andrew used her for sex when she was 17 - The girl in question of the case from Prince Andrew made a diary ( accepting matters "on that time (not this time!)" and "not running to the police for help" as she speaks English like the British peoples and even talks about size of money: "He Was Caressing Every Part Of My Naked Body And Filling My Head With Endless Compliments About My Blossoming Figure': Diary Entries Of ‘Teen Sex Slave" In this matter probe what I said before, that Prince Andrew was paying for sex £10,000 and choosing properly, as when you purchase an item, meal, day out, holiday, etc. Unfortunately, this is the sad part of the game, as treat the person as piece of meat and strong need to educate own children properly, to treat own body with respect. We need to remember that Prince Andrew comes with own needs and communicate those matters properly, as we can see the colorful dilemma ("He Was Caressing Every Part Of My Naked Body And Filling My Head With Endless Compliments About My Blossoming Figure': Diary Entries Of ‘Teen Sex Slave") uuff!!, but this time came all wrong!- 

As a mother of young people is my obligation to check my own children not matter age, except the ex/husband see it as interfere, when in reality, I want to know: when, how, where and who's peoples as friends. When I hosted young foreign girls in the past, I sign a paper for the same matters of sexual nature as under age and the ex/husband accused me of calling him, a child molester!!- When is a regulation in his own country (UK) to protect, but I am not liable if he is unaware of the law as he was pretending, because he comes with his full capacity as jury service?- I understand for sex slaves such individuals that comes from abroad with chains, or by force (as family sent me back to the UK, from Mèxico, after the marriage, but I wanted a divorce!), or against own will (again: family sent me back to the UK, from Mèxico, after the marriage, but I wanted a divorce!). Sex slaves also classify: "When the life of the victim (me) is made unbearable in the United Kingdom (1985-2015) by the accuser (ex/husband sister social worker) lies, tales and defamation when she was in Mexico (1985): 5 boys, the river (see palm tree), the dishwasher and everything was defamation of my character. Plus the ex/husband sister social worker, brings a wave of hate propaganda against me from the UK services as social worker and abroad from my family (Mexico, Canada, Germany, Cancun, etc), for 28 long years the abuse (1985-2015) in order to help her lies?- 

The Palm Tree that comes with own base belongs to the ex/husband parents, that owned the plant and my children adopted at home after the ex/husband mother passed away (?), but represents Veracruz and stand as all my family from both sides knew of the matters of, "family problems", from day one, as the holly palm to cash $$$, because nothing was true. My unborn children died in order to give way to the ex/husband sister to go to Mexico, before the wedding, also the excuses of the ex/husband unable to afford children after the wedding, when "on that time (not this time)" the UK helped single mothers. A wave of lies, tales and defamation of my persona, in order to give way all the time to the ex/husband sister social worker, because as plan between themselves, the ex/husband and his  sister social worker. When I leave the house as we are divorce, then they (ex/husband and hi sister social worker) will start with my children the whole process, with the help of members of my family, as revenge, as hate, as whatever excuse, as the ex/husband open the doors for them to abuse us and that is to be a social worker, against society, as she ok?- When I married (1985) the ex/husband sister social worker used to come to me in my home of Vine Close, Shaw, Oldham and tried several times to remove my hearing aid, on that time I pay for it, not the NHS, so I was worry to lose it, or break it on the floor!!-As own mother used to say of her two children (ex/husband and his sister social worker) "as bad as each other" and "fight all day long"-I believe strong that both of them (ex/husband and his sister social worker) acts as, the Krays brothers, that if the ex.husband do not stop soon the game, all is going to be exposed. As I married that man for 28 years and today in less than 2 years complete changed and again, all to help his sister, when she destroyed our unborn children, marriage, dentures, knee, jobs, pets, my sister detained under the mental health act and brother killed by their own lies, as the ex/husband is alive and well, so is his own sister.  "Yes, I am afraid for me and my children's safety not matter age, if I am honest with you"- As you would leave your own children not matter age in that sick environment, so why me?-I do not mind to leave the children not matter age with the ex/husband alone as I trust him, but I refuse totally with his sister, as all the breakable and not end?-As the ex/husband wants a guarantor with my children, also I want a guarantee that my children not matter age are going to be well and safe!-As the ex/husband sister social worker opens the doors to my family to bring a wave of hate to us in the present and past, as mention before, so would you trust that social worker that stands against society, instead for the benefit? -Where the ex/husband and his sister social worker own parents passed away and I am not responsible of their own problems any more, but passed to the state with respect (RIP), as divorce (2012), but keep pulling my own children to help them, as if two little boys and girls in distress, with the "child line" for help?- What's that for a professional standards and practice as social worker?-The ex/husband sister social worker blame me when on Mexico (1985): 5 boys, the river, now the dishwasher, also the palm tree that stands with a wave of lunatics that were born in that 28 long years, scooping from the tax payer, without me knowing, or unable to know reasons against me, but passing the law, with "confidentiality acts?"-As if ever, the social worker sister of the ex/husband never told such lies, tales, defamation of my persona (5 boys, the river, the palm tree, the dishwasher, etc), never the holly and almighty Palm Tree was purchased by her own parents, that stand as they believed the tale of Veracruz?-As it is impossible for me, or any member of my own family to go against nature, impossible, because if the river as the ex/husband sister social worker said was shaking heavily in Veracruz, but I am unable to go against nature and cause the damaged, from where and how, but tales?-In Germany possible to shake the local swimming pool of my sister (soco) that was living in that place and I was about to pass out, when all was malice, lies and defamation in order to kill, cash, hate and murder, by both families?!-

Now this woman is the same one that was standing in the same room as Prince Andrew and the young girl (top photo), so again she was never alone. Prince Andrew consider public statement about sex allegations, but I would said no. I prefer if both solicitors (Prince Andrew and the girl) act in defense of each other and make a deal. A final deal removing the book from the shelves, as the matter could be break in contract as some peoples regards a normal job (selling sex) and break of trust as she went viral to tell every single detail to the public, without Prince Andrew consent, permit and knowledge. In which matter, damaged reputation of Prince Andrew, as every single man on his position does the matters anyway, but gain privacy that himself lost with the case. The matter went far, too far, when there is not age gap to worry about in the UK. Now section 72 of the Sexual Offences Act (2003), the UK's extra-territorial law for the prosecution of sexual offences. As I refer before there is not case in this country anyway as minimum age is 16, the young girl was 17 when happened the so call sexual abuse, but lack of trust, abuse of power - position and no sexual offences committed, because it was a job that she was happy to do the matter for cash. Because the UK and the American law ( differ in years gap, as mention before, so no case in the matter, with ultimatum that she will not come back again, pressing further charges in order to make sure the abuse stop, full stop! -We need to understand that every case is different, and the law apply complete opposite. As a mother, I do not know what to say in the matter, because every mother acts different, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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