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Anti-Semitism: The Holly and Almighty Palm Tree ..


Tamara Gverdtsiteli - Ierushalaim 

Anti-Semitism normally used to refer of hatred and hostility towards any member of your own family as happens to me from "Family Problems" of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and their own imaginary world of helpers, fortune tales - tales, magicians cheats liars bastards, rasputins, clever - clever wonders of the world, abusive fuc..... cowards, incoherent personalities, frame holocaust - genocide supporters, sellers of blessings opportunities, white as white as mausoleums of skulls, etc. As happened to me from those split personalities and peoples that calls themselves "family", but betrays any sense in the name of matters, blood, tradition, includes such peoples that supports the genocide, abuse, criminal activity and intimidation. Why such "family problems" never told me anything in the last 28 + years (1985-2015) of such hatred towards "all about me" in order to get advantage of the situation and destroy all and everything from me and mine. Today, the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers left a wave of pure emotional bribery, opportunity to continue stealing from me and corrupt my reputation. 

Using my children and their own friends today to cover from the past: as advantage by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers in walkie-s parade, meals get together and fun out-door plays. Because I never brings this dysfunctional world to anybody, to anywhere in the world and to anyhow, the rest is lies to bribery, false accuse, defamation to my own character and destroy: "all about me", with abuse of power and profession by the same parasites. As once "friend" of the children (because this is how the social worker sister of the ex/husband uses - the children in general, to frame us!) told me "why" she need to leave her home in Sale, Trafford and move somewhere else: "Why?!!"-When in reality all was to blame and use me  -destroying my reputation to satisfy own needs, to safely leave the area in comfort, to eat from me, to educate own family from me, to cash in anyway from my reputation, because today, I am in the same place as the rest that came against me, so when?-As this is how it works into the UK system: by lying. 

Again: I never arrive to anyone's home, house, premisses, jobs, services, social world, uninvited and bring shit to you and yours, so why do you feel free to do it to me and mine and in which grounds in law the abuse?- Because, I never have contact with ANY parents of my children's friends, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker, remember that is her own job, destroying society, as she use her own work to frame me and mine: "As go and tell them"-As this is how the social worker used to tell her own father day and night against her own brother - the ex/husband: "Dad can you tell him? today reflects the same, using peoples: "As go and tell them?"-Anything in order to carry on the "family problems" using me and mine (children)?-Where such peoples try hard to put anyone against me, even my own children when never before and this is how social workers - works against and towards society?-

Again and one more time: When I bring this dysfunctional world to any of my children's parents and I take your own peace day and night, by arriving to your own doorstep and you feel intimidate by my presence, when and in which grounds in law the assault to my persona by the bullies?-When I never have such connections with my own children, because I never educate them to go against society, today I need to use the police name in order to calm any situations and to frame my children?-Now such cowards "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers that create an holocaust - genocide in the past - present continue the hate propaganda against me, by using my children to intimidate me?-When my children were not born by such times (1985), but need to continue somehow the faena today (2015), of the "family problems" by the ex/husband and his sister social worker that belongs such problems to the state, as own parents passed away (RIP) and I am divorce and the children are not trained to bring such hate to own parents, because I never educate them to be a tool against any member of society?-As I never does the same to the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, but my children treat them with FULL respect. So why the Anti-Semitism against me since married and carry's on after the divorce (2012) and why and in which grounds in law the assault t me and mine (children)!!???- 

So when I did what I was blame of doing in the past - present by such "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers that reflects in the palm tree, because I am today in the same place as them, so the rest is lies, tales and defamation against my persona?-Where in one side: I have 6 weeks to leave the place that was my home for 21 years, because purchased half of my part (£250,000, I should get £125,000) by the ex/husband that pays only 25% of matter (£50,000), with the help of his sister social worker that flash her professional card, the judge that assist in the matter without adding any monies, wages, or business ventures, his solicitor that is full aware of the law and my children that are used maybe frame?-And the other side: I have "the family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers that follows me, even by own solicitors firm in a form of letters. As I need to bring such paperwork to probe where the money come from when purchasing - leasing a property and then the merry goes around, non stop and with full control of my walks in life, passing like parcel from hand to hand, just by letters, or any form of communication of control freaks government system, as Hitler in the past?-

Here with the Anti-Semitism and The Holly, ever lasting almighty Palm Tree, as far as the Vatican with the lies, tales and defamation, using caritas to assist them, when the money collect is for the poor (no wonder the world is poor!), not "family problems"- I am speaking of peoples that were connected to me in the past as "family" and from both sides of the world (Mexico - England), by the ex-husband and his fabulous tale - tale sister social worker (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) and members of my family from Mèxico, that arrived to the UK, FULLY supported (by the ex-husband sister social worker) - sponsor: exploiting British Tax payer, in order to come against me and mine with a wave of lies ( (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) to eat, study and work, all expenses pay, including accommodation, education, food, because from me would be zero tolerance the abuse!- 

The palm tree "as open book" represent our parents that believe in tales, lies and defamation against my persona by a group of hate preachers as the ex/husband sister social worker and helpers ( (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc), as "family" in order to gain benefits ($$£££££$). My question: this is the work of a social worker - sister of the ex/husband to be against society me and mine (unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental heath acts, children bullied, pets killed, or badly hurt, etc), not for the benefit of the same?- As the palm tree (see all photos) belongs to the ex/husband parents since small (1985 - 2015), where the plant grow into a wave of tales, lies and defamation to my persona in a form of Anti-Semitism. To remain day and night of the same lies of own daughter sister of the ex/husband ( and some members of my family that played the part in order to cash the holly palm tree, that went against me and all mine, lasting more than 28 years the assault to my persona, but today using my children that were not even born to help them?- In which, I was cancelling the wedding (1985) for the same reasons and I told the ex/husband that his sister was spreading pure hate against him and his own parents, to no avail, today is too late, far too late!-The mother of the ex/husband before marriage (1983 -84) used to comment of own children: as bad as each other and fight all day long, for me looks both of them as the Krays brothers and with respect, but such peoples do not respect society - family. Today, we reached the end of the road and any Anti-Semitism to me and mine is against the law, full stop!-  

A crime in society any Anti-Semitism to me and mine, by the level of murders in the family and by the same abuse of power and profession ( in order to bring confusion to our community, because if the ex/husband sister social worker and members of my family never spoke ill of me and mine (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc) in the past, the holly tree would never be purchase in the first place by the ex/husband parents when alive, never existed in their own home in order to remain of the past -non stop- of when in Mexico!-Where the "family problems" used me and mine 28 long years non stop the assault and I am doing the same to them, in order to show society what such peoples did to me as justice is weak and what Anti-Semitism looks like in our society. 

Official is call racial group "Semites," but in practice refer to pure hatred and hostility towards Jews and Judaism, but in my case as "Mexican National" by the ex/husband and his sister social worker lies, tales and defamation against me and mine (5 boys, the river, dishwasher, palm tree, etc.), that started in Mexico - Veracruz, before the wedding (1985). As French ancestry - national, or even Jew blood by my own parents in Spain that I can not be more proud indeed of such mixture, that I refuse to accept the hate. Because I am made of skin and bone the same as the rest peoples of this civilisation, as my colour, disability, age, sexual orientation, or even religion is not a passport for me to gain a better life, but in fact legally is my full HUMAN RIGHT!- Now divorce (2012) the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, also helpers, continues the hate propaganda against me as "semites" and illness - parasites against society (2015). As speak wrong against own parents that never educate the ex/husband and his sister social worker that way, but with the finest, as if they were my own parents, also my parents worked hard to give us all, so unable to understand such abuses within our family environment, that even use my own children to help, but the holly palm tree stand as such problems existed (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, the palm tree, etc)?-The parents of the ex/husband and his sister social worker passed away (RIP) leaving to me the problem, or my children to deal, when we object profoundly such matter and heavy load, as belongs to the UK state, full stop!-

When in reality neither of me or my children goes against own family, as mention before I did not create tools as my children, to go against (own father, mother, aunt, etc) society and not on my name, but a problem of the UK state, not me, or mine: as my unborn children and brother perished for the same reason, abuse and hate.  As I am member of the community and even was part of the community when started such Hate - Anti-Semitism towards me and mine by the family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, but left badly down as you can see the ex/husband and his sister social worker lives well and me and the children need to conform with such control freaks, paranoia and abuses: where everything of mine, leaves a trail - connection, as mention before, but lacks of privacy. The Anti-Semitism was first seen in 1879 in Germany as part of anti-Jewish political campaigns in central Europe, that origin from Wilhlem Marr. However it comes the Anti-Semitism is against the law - a crime in society the abuses, full stop! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

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