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The Republican American Politician, Sarah Palin, insults Mexican - American Natives, as to be regarded: "Immigrants" ..

Neil Diamond Coming to America .. 

The Republican American Politician, Sarah Palin, insults Mexican - American Natives, as to be regarded: "Immigrants" ..  and what is she in the land of my Ancestry, the right owner of the US?! .. "Before we begin and began this note, I want to clarify that at any time, I stated this fight of "right owners country-ship", but the lady in question: "As Sarah Palin, Republican, American Politician and previous Governor of Alaska (2006 -2009)"- So with my fullest respect this note is addressed to whom it may concern the matters legally, including and not extent: Politics, Government and the American Congress, with a full apology from myself, if necessarily in place. But I will not tolerate to be insulted, incite by tales and defame lies, or even humiliate me and my peoples in full public as "Immigrants" by Sarah Palin, because that is a BIG Apple Lie, but yourselves and with respect. I am not liable in law, any law worldwide, if you do not educate your own peoples as, "Newcomers Immigrants as Sarah Palin" with the right form of education, principles and basic knowledge of where all begin and began from the beginning of American life, but your responsibility, not mine, yours!-So this public display is not addressed at any time from me, neither comes from me at any time and I will not take this matter to me and mine in a form of acceptance, because that is a big fat lie. As, We, Mexicans - Americans Natives are not Immigrants in any State of America, but living within our full birth rights and inside our beautiful country legally, the rest is lies, full stop!-However, I hope, I really hope that "One Day in a form of a beautiful Dream" as Martin Luther King ( and all my Ancestry wanted, that some sense prevails soon and with good understanding between races, peoples and civilization, of all kind of different statutes around the planet - properly addressed by the American Congress, not me, your own country, by your own laws, order and hope with some basic principles in life, that are drying fast. As we can see the public display of Sarah Palin, which I believe is an American Politician, but barraging my peoples, reputation and country of birth in full public, "as rags dolls", all over the American State as Hitler did to the Jews peoples during the WWII and trying to make us, Mexican - American Natives to be the problem. When in reality the problem lays in the "Newcomers side" that are as ignorant as their own "Big Apple Lie", because we are not "Immigrants" as Sarah Palin state, but within our birth rights, country and land, so be it in law, any law, at any time. As you the American Congress worked hard in the past with and against, the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" including and not extent, to your own advantage, lies and corruption, but not on our names!- I represent my Mexican - American peoples in a form of free advocacy, that my laws and country permit, with full respect to all it may concern the matters, but as you can see even in law, my peoples lacks form of protection within an American courts, laws and constitution, removed all human and civil rights. As you can read the lies of Sarah Palin splattered all over the news, "as if we are some kind of criminals", with no reasons and set of reasons legally in law, any law, to act that way, but with the same standards, principles and courtesy that we treat you when arrived from far, far, far, away, remember?- 

Coming to America: Neil Diamond (see photos as probe in law).

I do not work for any Mexican - British government except The Queen Elizabeth II, as any other Immigrant that holds Nationality in a form of: The Oath of Allegiance (Judicial or Official Oath, a promise by virtue, to be loyal to the British Monarch and successors, sworn by public ..). I do however represent the Mexican state as whole, as the Immigration status belongs to all of us Mexicans - Americans Natives, including the President of Mèxico, Enrique Peña Nieto, but nowhere to be seeing in the same legislature, representation and process of the matters, that I got the freedom, that my law (British - Mexican - American) permits  if you do not mind to help me and mine to fight for our birth rights!-We, The Mexicans - Americans Natives are doing the matters as whole, together and particularly me in the full open as Sarah Palin, to highly the abuse to my peoples living in the American soils, when the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" protect us?- I do understand matters fully well of what "racism" does to your own self, destroy souls in half, a bully practice that should be regulate in law, as Sarah Palin owns an apology and form of compensation to my Mexican - American peoples - natives in community service. As if Politicians wants the job no problem, but apart of qualifications, also comes with regulations, standards, virtue of the matter - reasons and cut the abuse in power and profession, because the President of America, Barack Obama is doing the right thing to negotiate, but not we us (Mexican - American Natives), as we are legal, but the newcomers. 

The "Newcomers" are the "Immigrants" of the United States of America as whole - complete, like Sarah Palin with respect, not us Natives Americans - Mexicans and by law, holding the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" as probe in law, any law, that the country, place and land existed but stolen from us with false promises and now result that us (Mexicans - Americans Natives), the Immigrants and since when?-While we (Mexicans - American Natives) don't mind to share America - Mexico following our requirements of entrance (as we learned the lessons in the hard way, with 400 American - Mexican tribe killed by the newcomers, to steal all from us?-) this time (passport, visa, criminal check, large cheque to support you and yours, with the standards of: "pay your own way this time, not us and return all land stolen to the natives, to start in ground cero again"), but call me "immigrant" by the "newcomers", well that is/was another story, that hurt to the most, because somehow, today I need passport, visa and a wave of regulations to enter America, that was stolen that birth right, from me by the "newcomers" like Sarah Palin years ago, "with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" from Mexico - America. The bleeding deal of such Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was "to stop the war" and stopped, really stopped the bleeding war, but not where I can see it with, Sarah Palin and my full respect?- What weird, really weird and confuse world we live today, where we (me) are the foreign "immigrants" and you (newcomers) are the owner of America, like an act of Harry Potter in the Chambers of Lies: "puff by almighty magic, all gone, segregates - racially harassed, we (Martin Luther King, Mexican & American Natives) are all in America and hold us, "as problem", but who in reality is the problem!?"- Where after a few years ago passed, the magicians and rasputins trying to hide the reality of America - Mèxico backgrounds, with an act of dishonesty, stealing my land and call me "immigrant" after, while in reality is the bully, that stole all from us?-Where is the American - Mexican law that the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo said will protect my birth rights, but lies, lies and more lies!?-

By Our BIG Chief: "Turns out you are all illegal ", not me this time, but my peoples speak, as I regard all brothers and sisters.  As the same as me, Mexicans - American Natives lost all today, everything gone and trying to put us on the ground, but no more pain, we are all coming to get such racist "newcomers" and their own thousands lies, in order to steal  from us, our beautiful country, that stands as: "America - The Dream!"- ( Castellanos de Parker.


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