Friday, 21 November 2014

A frost reception to Ed Miliband from Myleene Klass (3 million house) programmable malfunction, or perhaps another game of the thrones, that divide the UK in social class, benefits and taxes?-

What a lack of respect to Old Peoples: "Hospital bed blockers face legal action?"-

Mireille Mathieu La Paloma adieu .. 

Myleene Klass says mansion tax would hit elderly, while Mansion Tax would be paid even by the Royal Family, rich entrepreneurs and the cream of United Kingdom social class, in which Miliband promises £2.5bn (froggies) to save NHS. The sad reality of all this Government  - Social - Community and their own T.V. shows is that the NHS is currently - time present (21/11/2014) evicting elderly from the UK Hospitals owned by the NHS? I was a career in my younger years and times in the UK, in which I was accused falsely by Trafford council staff of endless lies, defamation against my persona and unable to know - using "confidentiality acts" to hide the criminal act and own activity. With little respect by the professionals to all the elderly people in my charge, private, agency, or by the same (Trafford) council - direct payments scheme ended, removed from me, with "confidentiality acts, tales, lies and defamation" and landed in the hospitals. In which inside the hospitals, the ex/husband sister social worker (Macclesfield Hospital) received the elderly peoples, with open arms (stealing all mine with lies: 5 boys, the river, etc.). On those times it was a strong believe to force elderly peoples to sell own properties to pay for own care and expenses, if we remember well, many old peoples were forced to pass property to own children fast as we can count to ten, as I was told by many of them as they confide in me. I am not betraying the "confidentiality of my clients", but exposing the abuse in care. "Now (21/11/2014) it probe to be true that peoples in my care were bullied endlessly by the state, professionals, politics and government", as many are your parents, not mine you and yours!- As "eviction order" placed by the same professionals bullies (, while the "fragile generation (with respect)" got no more cash, or properties to sustain themselves, but dumped as rubbish in care homes, but who cares?!!-
etc .. 

My question is who is negligent for all this crap for (local) government that gives the community so little (nada - zero) and they get all, even enormous - bigger salaries for working zero hours, with cheap politics that deliver nothing  - except zero targets and professional malpractice - negligence that carried on jobs by hiring bullies on zero hours and targets millions of victims, but blame innocents peoples like me in the past, to hide corrupt professionals, with "confidentiality acts" like Harry Potter, the cowards!?-As human person, I suffer an accident at work when looking after elderly, that hurt my right hand by "accident", maybe in a way to force - stop me working with old peoples, by envy, tales and defame lies as spread, about my reputation, from the ex/husband and his sister social worker. I am taking my old jobs to Employment tribunal in the UK, not the elderly at any time, for the abuse of power and profession by the professionals and to unmask the "confidentiality acts" cowards, as I have the rights to know by law in the UK of the charges - grounds in which, I lost all my jobs and to clean my name. I want to mention that when my hand was on the mend, my children not matter age (were trained in the same higher standards as me, with NVQ's by their own mother which is me, also respect to life and peoples, based on my own philosophy as Mexican born, not British national, because those old - fragile peoples were treated as my own family and even accompanied me to collect my own children to school, as if they were own grannies - grandchildren, with full respect of the law, not as trash!) were looking after my clients and I was supervising, exactly in the same way as they did to their own grandma, before she passed away. When I understood the game of the ex/husband sister social worker lies (5 boys, the river, etc) against me and mine since day one (after marriage 1985), now divorce (thanks God! 2012), but the ex/husband copy (the dishwasher tales) matters, in which me and mine (unborn children and brother family perished and tried hard to implicate my own children to spread defame lies and tales, when the ex/husband is alive and my brother perished, so how?- When I tried to help the elderly lady mother of the ex/husband and as mother to me, it was far too late, but recorder in my blog, so I have nothing to hide this time and went viral in the full open (not in paranoia state as hide) so me or my children are not to blame today, tomorrow, later, or at any time. It is now to my understandable state of mind (as I am Mexican born, with British Nationality) the cheap and grotesque ways to use elderly people many your own parents, with little respect, as if they were pieces of chess and the commodity of the professionals. As it was recorder in the ex/husband will of his own parents, by Bernard own words and his wife present, also the ex/husband sitting in the same table as me: that own daughter (carol) social worker to look after the family: mother, father and brother and the will monies distribute by the ex/husband, explit 50 - 50% by each child (carol and david) and their own family. However, when the ex/husband father (Bernard) passed away, his own mother (Betty) with full contact of the daughter all the time not me (as I saw both families "mexican and english" very little), she landed in the hospital so many times with broken bones, medical scares and a wave of illness, problems and intolerance, but I was to blame?-Remember I got no profession, as all was removed from me by defame lie and hide the coward in "confidentiality act" as if "elderly peoples" were a game of thrones - fun and with little respect, but I was to blame?- Here, in this note is not about Ed Miliband and Myleene Klass and her big millions, but words that she said on the program that attracted my attention (with respect to old peoples): "mansion tax would hit little grannies"- And since when those professionals care about elderly peoples (with respect), but dumping them in care programs as trash (as mention before), or professionals talk about tax allowances, when the poor and middle class forced with the local "poll tax", but my children forced to study in another area pay by my own pockets ("Thanks to All the Elderly Peoples of my Past Jobs!"), when free in the area?- I have no regrets in paying for my children education but forced, when free to all Trafford residents and you come to my country to live super well, almost as king, with facilities, entitlements and even the cream, but deny to me and mine my human rights in the UK. Where my sister detained under the mental health act, brother perished and full wave of hate, intolerance and criminal activity towards me and mine since day one (1985-2014). When the ex/husband told me within a year before our divorce, that the services in the UK for the British born, in that case I should request a back pay in all my monies and taxes dues, as unaware of the enormous racist attitude in the UK ( that holds towards the community, against foreign nationals as myself, unaware of terms and conditions of this country and how works, included laws, benefits and taxes, unaware of any other kind of "family problems" but the reasons of my divorce as slander regarded my reputation: 5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss and etc. Big excuse to hit me and mine badly ( by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister and helpers (trafford council, family members, neighborhood, etc) and come back later with a pathetic excuse. The Queen Elizabeth II is not liable in law, when the rest of peoples that work for the benefit of the country (, not against, as we are not numbers, gaffes, jokes, fun, laughing stock, or piece of meat, but individuals that request and demand "respect"-Where it is time today to fix all premises where professionals works (NHS, DWP, etc), with up to date video cameras to monitor any malpractice against the community. As "the community - patient and professional - staff" irremediable broken the trust, by the level of abuse within the community and standards,  where we said: enough is enough, bullying is not acceptable any more, zero tolerance in law. As the community ask for a simple service, forget the cream ("we reserve - leave the mater for the posh"), just plain service will do and with thanks!-Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Sorry the note is so tinny! .. 

Much better now, everybody can reads the note! .. 

This is how, 3 human peoples seek the "same matters" in the world: with political views (David Cameron), with religious beliefs (insulted our Pope), with country of birth and everything in the middle (Mexico)!-Can you imagine billions of the same stuff as professionals, no wonder we are going a tinny bit locos and with my fullest respect, because life is simple not complicate, the rest is abuse, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.  


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