Monday, 15 September 2014

The Queen of Scotland: "She hope Scottish peoples think careful about Independence and Referendum" -

Long Live The Queen: "Defender of Faith - Guardian of Truth - Striving for Truth and Fidelity"-

National Anthem of the UK - "God save the Queen"

Chapter I. Part of the reply given by Queen Elizabeth II to the loyal addresses given on behalf of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons to commemorate Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee (1/5/1977). The speech made highly notable reference to calls for Scottish and Welsh devolution. 

("The problems of progress, the complexities of modern administration, the feeling that Metropolitan Government is too remote from the lives of ordinary men and women, these among other things have helped to revive an awareness of historic national identities in these Islands. They provide the background for the continuing and keen discussion of proposals for devolution to Scotland and Wales within the United Kingdom"-)

 I number Kings and Queens of England and of Scotland, and Princes of Wales among my ancestors and so I can readily understand these aspirations. But I cannot forget that I was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Perhaps this Jubilee is a time to remind ourselves of the benefits which union has conferred, at home and in our international dealings, on the inhabitants of all parts of this United Kingdom. A Jubilee is also a time to look forward! We should certainly do this with determination and I believe we can also do so with hope. We have so many advantages, the basic stability of our institutions, our traditions of public service and concern for others, our family life and, above all, the freedom which you and your predecessors in Parliament have, through the ages, so fearlessly upheld. My Lords, Members of the House of Commons. For me the 25th anniversary of my Accession is a moving occasion. It is also, I hope, for all of us a joyous one. May it also be a time in which we can all draw closer together. Thank you again. I begin these celebrations much encouraged by your good wishes and expressions of loyalty, The Queen"-

These Colours don't run,  
They stand firm on the floor, 
They fight back, 
They defend the Country. 
Proud to be British Citizen, 
because is not just the Passport
 to a better life, 
but warts and all! ..
For Country, Land and Glory, 
let's to define ourselves later, 
but today,
 we defend what is ours and by law!
Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Trooping The Colour 1974 (1974) .. 

Chapter II. I already spoke about the matters in previous notes and I gave my honest opinion about the referendum. The Queen Elizabeth II uneasy of the Scottish Referendum (18/9/2014) and may be the last Queen of Scotland. The Queen Of Scotland: "great deal of concern, as Scotland decides"- The Royal Family works hard for a better United Kingdom, so I am unable to see which referendum is about, or who's person is taken the liberty - freedom of the rest of Scottish peoples, but the government. Now what The Queen Elizabeth II and Her Royal family has to do with government affairs, in order for Scotland to request out in a referedum?- In which way, The Queen stepped out the line in the past with the UK, but gave all to you, that al least She deserve: "A Big Thank you" - I am doing advocacy to The Queen Elizabeth II, as She is entitle to fight her corner back with Alex Salmon and the Scottish peoples, She has the Rights to defend Her Country, Land and Glory: "UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England). Long Live The Queen!I do despair seeing the world that we habitat totally messed up, by corrupt - inept government and politicians, with policy different to the United Kingdom (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Britain). I do understand that the same Thatcherism and Blairism opened the doors to Alex Salmon, that comes with brains and David Cameron with rains to stop matters, but better that way, than destroy the ilussion of another Scotland is possible, for to be so clever!- The present situation is not the fault of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, or Edward Miliband, but the sad reality of past corruption and ways, hard to destroy the dependency, plus the new changes that takes years to build not seconds. The daughter of one of Alex Salmond's childhood teachers said: "My late father was rector of Linlith­gow Academy."He also taught Alex Salmond and other members of the Salmond family. I have heard on occasion that Mr Salmond still refers to my father's teaching and beliefs regarding education, suggesting he still holds my father in high regard."Dad was an honest and fair man who hated bullying and wanted the best for his pupils and his community. He hated any form of segregation or sectarianism."Mr Salmond has succeeded in creating divisions across Scotland that were not there before and that will still exist after the referendum, no matter which way the vote goes."Stories of intimidation, violence and vandalism are rife. Freedom of speech is under threat. Relationships between neighbours are now threatened if you indicate which way you are voting."For these reasons and many others, on behalf of my family I respectfully request that Mr Salmond never mentions my father in public again as, were he alive, he would be appalled at what is happening across our country."For the record, Dad always said Alex wasn't the politician in the Salmond family. Fiona Scott." So It's not me, or the rest, but the Government even in Scotland totally messed up. In the same way as the rest, I need a job in which to advice properly and earn my living, as I am unemployed, that even Tony Blair charges millions. The matter is not about cash, or payments, but to make sure matters will not spread any further.

Chapter III. Unfortunately we are in the same position of the German Nazi back in 1939's full of professionals that backed the man (Hitler) into WWII, as if we remember. England, France and the rest were just ordinary peoples and the reasons why won the WWII. Salmon is acting very intelligent very professional and very clever, so we might win the war this time, once more time. The WWII finished in 1945, but for Spain was not so lucky and continue up to 1975, when Franco passed away. The similarities into Scotland, UK and Catalonia, Spain is alike, even today. Spain won the republic back in the 1930's, which is very much of Salmon politics, to enter Franco after, as if the door was left open for the opportunity, that even today unable to gain any kind of Justice. In total Spain was in dominance with Franco just after the Spanish Civil war, then Franquism for more than 40 years the ordeal, with years and years of torture.

My question to Scotland (and Catalonia): if this kind of misery life do you want for the future of your children where only exist murders, killings, recesion, analfabetism, poverty, slaverism, hate, racism, and (, if this is the kind of liberty and freedoms, that you are talking about?-

Chapter IV.  With respect to anyone concern of Scotland referendum including Mr Alex Salmon, but The Queen is not negotiable. "The Queen Elizabeth II is someone that you treat with full respect of the law, not when no need, then leave"- The Queen Elizabeth II did not worked hard all Her Life to give you everything after the Victorians times, for you to point a finger to Her, when it suit Scotland. The referendum itself shows the lack of understanding, with the role of a Queen. When for more than 60 + years Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II carried a heavy Crown over Her head to give you everything. The referendum shows the lack of appreciation in the matters and how coward you are to ditch a fragile person, in times of need. Now putting all the chapters together, I really hope Scotland choose the best, which is The Queen, what more do you want?-Please request the matters that concern to you and yours, all direct to Government, not The Queen, She may have the power, but She do not work on those places. The Queen has the rights to fight her corner in the same way as Scotland and we are all here to assist Her in the matters and not to be intimidate after. The Queen Elizabeth II is a fighter, not a quitter, She is not a loser, but a Winner! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.