Sunday, 14 September 2014

New Victims of Crime Rights and Reforms: "Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling" ..

"Victim´s Rights Reform Unveiled"-

"Amapola" - Nana Mouskouri 

The rights of victims of crime direct to confront offenders (, who damaged their own lives in court is to be "enshrined in law (en.shrine/enshrine = preserve, protect, revere, exalt, consecrate, place, treasure, hold, enclose, consider, cherish as sacred - consagrado por la ley)" said, The Minister of Justice, Chris Grayling. I, Myself welcome the move in order to face the bullies in court, gain Justice, Memory and Reparation of the matters. A big step in law and important one to tackle all kind of bullying, not matter age. Victims of Crime (Bullying) comes in all shapes, religion, backgrounds, country of birth, age, colour of skin, sexual orientation/preference and etc. Apart of to accept the move as one of the best so far in legal fields in the UK, but I request that the law use two peoples at all times in a court of law for hearings of matters and not "confidentiality acts" to protect ID (victim/perpetrator) at any time, not matter excuses, profession, or propaganda, but to face the music in equality. As if one, or the other, accuse the Victim, or Perpetrator, either of them has the rights to clean their own name in a court of law and stop more hate build in our society, but the true prevail, to live in peace. In order to tackle liars, cheats, twisted minds, magicians, rasputins, haters preachers and unsolicited hate propaganda to us, for no reasons. Where the bullies keep forming their own groups and more groups of terrors, that comes from everywhere with "any excuses" to attack us and our reputation. Where we said enough is enough and request: Victim´s Rights Reforms. An important move in law, to stop lies, tales, defamation, twisted minds and words to own advantage and persecute individuals like myself to any extreme of hate with not parole. As happened to me with the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, since day one after the marriage (1985), now divorce (2012) but still exist the wave of hate (2014), that they create during those so many years, that even hit hard their own mother and passed away (2014),with no mercy, not even on age. When I understood the matters of "family problems" and tried to help the ex/mother passed away, too late, but I least I tried!- I feel horrendous "as it is" with the matters and on full public even worse, but the pain is greater by the bullies. I, Myself, Victim of Crime by the ex/husband and his sister/social worker "family problems" is going to be a big step, in order for me to face those bullies that managed to move a complete area against me and mine and beyond the seas (Mexico, Germany, Cancun, Canada, etc). I lost unborn children, my brother, my sister detained under the mental health act, my children bullied in school. I lost everything as Victim of Crime by the bullies, with no mercy like their own mother, even the area, with no reason, or set of reasons legally into why, but I lost everything!- Somehow the ex/husband and his sister social worker managed to bring members of my family as far as Mèxico, Germany, Cancun, Canada, etc, to help them and collaborate their own tales and lies (the 5 boys, the river, the china girl, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, that lasted the ordeal since I married the bully (1985) and even after the divorce (May/2012) still today, with the hate non stop (2014). I made several notes and pleas in my blog that was calogue by the bullies as slander, lies and defamation from me to them and managed to closed 3/4 of my blogs in the past, but to my dismay is the true, actually happened to me and mine and finally, I am heard (Victim´s Rights Reforms), in order to bring Justice to the victims and myself, with thanks!- As I write, I find the matter overwhelming surround by the pain those bullies left me for more than 28 + years non/stop and dare to make me a cushion of their own hate, bullshit and intolerance that their own mother suffer in their own hands as well not just me and mine. I am teaching my children that they will get nowhere by the continuance and they should not learn the trade of their own father, but to bring any family disputes direct where it belongs: "The Courts"-Now I just hope the courts do what the Judges are supposed to do by Law and own principles, not just as educator but in basics of life and principles of life. It's not a necessity Victims Rights Reforms, but an emergency by the workload of those victims of any age, backgrounds and matters that were left down by a corrupt system, me one of them.  Can you see any difference in pain, the abuse is extreme, no matter how it was motivate, verbal, physical or mental and so the pain. So no excuses to victims of crime any age, disability, religion, color, sexual orientation, stop, full stop the Bully! ..


Let's to define ourselves today that "Victims of Crime" is a general rule in law that comes with no barriers of time (color, religion, age, sexual matters, disability, etc) but the pain is the same, the scars never heals and justice soft the matters. We will crack the code of "confidentiality (bullshits) acts" walls, abuse and perpetrators at any time, to gain Justice. Where crime  is crime not matter type of crime, when, or where happened, and even who is the victim irrelevant in law, as that person will not shadow the rest, due to own fame (, money, or fortune, but crime is a crime in equal measure to the rest!- The Law require probe of any kind of situation, times and date as "Victim of Crime"- As my Injunctions orders (ref: MA1300099 - MA14F000236) by Judges at Manchester County Courts "Rejected" with any bague, stupid, insensitive and incoherent manner, because such peoples never experienced the bullshit at any time, so unaware!-A plea to the English Courts and system if they want to succed the rest, is to set own professionals even the older ones, to do community service free no pay if they want to service the community (police, judge, solicitors, barriesters, doctors, gp's, dentist, social worker, social services,council services, transport, etc.)  and based on matters, renue licence of any kind of licence,but no before. I could ask that the same premisses to adjust a camera, as the times of trust the professionals gone!- (see the following link ) I am not a clairvoyant, magician, or mind reader to know intentions of another peoples, that we ned to recorder everything as the law state,for examples: 

- On the 10/9/2014, just outside the home where I reside at the present time, a big meeting was hold. I went to the shops in Timperley Village, which is about 10-15 minutes walk on each way. When on Timperley Village, I did all my shopping with another hour or so, on time. My big surprise was (as never happened before), when I returned back home after the shopping trip from Timperley Village and the same people, I left behind more than an hour ago, standing on the side of the road and on the same spot chatting, on meeting, or socializing?-In law, the matter would be address as intimidation, asbo, or inciting something against my persona. We are going the ex/husband and I with financial pursuits after divorce and the idea is to use anything against my persona, in the same way as my sister detained under the mental health act and by the same neighbour (house #11) as leader of neighbourhood with tales against my persona and help the ex/husband, no to pay me a cent after divorce settlement. All is recycled: the same lies, the same way, the same groups and the same criminal activity, because I do not do the same as them, as they removed all from me: "As Victim of Crime" -

A victim of crime is the person that lost all, like myself due to the actions of the others and this matter  in law is a crime, by the negligence of the others to me and mine, furthermore with the: New Victims of Crime Rights and Reforms. As the ex/husband and his family problems twist words to own advantage, move or hide the law from me, removes all based on lies to confuse, or pretend, etc and move a complete area against me and mine.  Where is the sister social worker as the parents told me that she gained the career of social worker, not me or the children to look after her own brother, ( I am divorce) when both parents done the research and tipped her own work?-Where a wave of hate is starting to produce in the area,against me, not stockport where the sister social worker lives but in trafford where me and the children live and this hate was produced years ago, not now, but trying to use the children and their own friends to help.

On the 13/9/2014 a neighbour brings a box of chocolates as something happened on the day before, in which me or the children heard nothing. in fact no interested in any neighbours problems, because one time the music was loud do not merit the problem,so the chocolates were returned. I use Facebook in the same way as everybody in the UK, not just me. I, or my children are not liable in law if another person, or friend use the same laptop that belongs to my children, in order to communicate with friends on social places (FB, twiiter, et),full stop, but trying to frame us?!-The reasons why, I am on public to teach my own children any age, protect them and acknowledge any problems by the law, not at any time trying to cause problems, but explain matters properly. As now the law permits matters  as "right to report"  - "New Victims of Crime Rights and Reforms (with thanks!)" -Where years ago, my sister was detained under the mental health act and trying hard with me now, with any excuses,but the law is softened, with thanks!- 

1- Trafford Council welcomes confirmation of new 'right to report' -
2- Trafford Council urges local people to get involved in this year's Recovery Walk 2014.

NO point to contact police, the law, or justice (ref: MA1300099 - MA14F000236 Judges at Manchester County Courts "Rejected")as neighbour (house #11), neighbourhood (house #11) and job centre plus staff (house #11) part of local government, the same person (house #11) that pursuit in chasing to my sister years ago and detained under the mental health act, she (house #11)got the area covered against me now ( and not protections laws for me in the UK, as she protect the ex/husband, until now (Victims of Crime Rights and Reforms) !!-

Where the ex.husband and his sister social worker use "family problems" purchasing peoples with favours, education and matters paid by the tax payer,in order to continue the "chasing (me)as their own mother called them both (as bad as each other, fight all the time, etc). I call them the Krays brothers ( as they got the whole area of trafford covered, and brings a wave of hate to me and mine, all the time, using the english system, even their own mother was not safe as mention before with several fractures that she landed in the hospital (stockport), cancer spread and lost part of own body, dental problems all removed, etc The
new neighbors may not aware of neighbours problems ( in the past (cars blow up,etc) that affect  us today in the same way as yesterday, as  house #11 works for jobcentre plus/government and those peoples "acording to own actions to others" may brings to the area the hate (, not peoples like me unemployed,but them;"As I am a Victim of Crime" all removed, even the area with lies. Until we can remove the real problems as neighbourhood to continue with the intimidation, dominance, hate, chassing, cruelty (as attacked all the time), etc, because we are all adults to deal matters direct at the courts; New Victims of Crime Rights and Reforms,also to clarify, of the person who commited the matters and stop accusing me, or anyone, but bring a wave of hate to me and mine. 

On the 12/9/2014, I was  trying to get a new denture in Sainsbury Sale, as I missed one appointment at the local NHS dentist and removed me from the practice, even if the same denture comes from the NHS in broomhood, which is another dental and practice?- The denture do not fix properly by the NHS, but the sainsbury dental practitioner"without asking my permit, consent in the matters" removed the clip and forced me to wear "as it is"the denture for a month?- Can you imagine if I ask 
the dentist to wear a size shoe extremely too big for him and for a whole moth? -Where if any accidents and choke myself who is liable in law by the "advice" and "removal" of the clip to the denture, by sainsbury dental practitioner?- If the person - dental practitioner is adult enough to accept the consequences after and removal of licence in which same to be a community hate propaganda, against my persona, by the same matters of "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, in order to confuse?-Are they all those bullies aware of the law, chasing me all the time, with hate propaganda, and intolerance as regarded as, "Victim of Crime", by all of them together as bullies?- I requested him to make a letter to me of same matters, but I found in the policies of the same dental practice complete different, so who is lying, who is inciting my persona to cause a provocation, to my reputation affecting badly in all the area, services and confuse everyone by the same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers in the community?-

The dental practitioner that made the denture in the first place Broomhood accused me of tales, when in reality my tongue on that moment was full anesthetic to even consider to insult, but lies,I was on pain and trying to understand the attack to my persona by the bullies,which is not the first time, but several times. 

I was attacked by a (gangs) group of (hate culture) dentists myself in the Trafford area of the NHS, Private, or Bupa, since Dr Hunt in Maple road, sale, years ago (2000 +), then followed by Manchester Hospital and the rest of bullies that acted in vendetta ( to aid and assist the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, with a wave of lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc.), to destroy my reputation and health. I went to Spain twice weeks ago (July-August) to gain simple dental procedure and treatment, where even there, the same hate preachers followed me and stopped my dental treatment, like the show of Ashya King.  At the end, I have to request the removal of 4 healthy tooth's, by lack of dental treatment by the same NHS staff, Private, or Bupa, not just left my tooth to decay by the same professionals (malpractice, miscounduct, negligence, that broken code of conduct, duty of care, and any patient/profession relations), but used as well the physical force by one of the bullies (Rachel Gibbs). As you can see my face (, the other picture shows the removal of healthy tooth's due to lack of services ( I now hold my tooth´s removed, which looks healthy, in shape and no broken in any way, form, or shape, but filled with cheap mixture. I am unable to understand the hate and racism, by the "family problems"and in which grounds in law the matters, because in the same way as me, the rest of the country. The Trafford area where I live at the present time, also shows the syndrome of "Israel-free zone", that is a clash in culture - religious matters. I should know by law the reasons why of this continue hate propaganda and personal attack to my persona, by the family problems (ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family), trafford council and government staff (DWP, NHS, etc), even the neighbourhood as mention before (, consider the area full of Continental (Jews) peoples, so the withdraw of any financial assistance the same area would be absolutely nothing, nothing, but a mere:"Zero-free zone"-

My tooth's .. 

Who monitor those illegal matters, illegal practices, illegal code of conduct, illegal attitude, as if create an ill society by the professionals with matters, hate, corruption, intolerance, murders spree, abuse of power and profession and illness itself?- I am unable to see myself going on the streets hatting people, that I never meet before, but those professionals hate me, and the matters right?-Are we creating an ill culture of hate preachers and in which place position myself as "Victim of Crime" by the same low lifes, liars, haters, cheaters, tales, magicians, rasputins, claurovidents, self proclaimed white as white and never breaks a single plate, but the whole complete set without others seeing the abuse. ?- I do not question the Services (NHS, DWP, etc), but the Criminal activity, against me and half of the UK peoples, that the rest of UK citizens ignore, but FALSELY ACCUSED my persona and for how long the abuse in the community?-As others going the same HATE, but managed to move as newly famous?-  My question is who monitor such hate, murders spree, abuses and intolerance by the professional misconduct, illegal code of conduct, breach of contract, but blame me of anything and I need to make letters and more letters to cover myself all the time, because of the past with the neighboursand constant in the public life, instead to gain protection laws?- 

Dentist,NHS, professionals (misconduct) ..
etc ..

Why the Professionals are allowed to have all their own teeth, health and pursue a career in criminal activity against the community?-Why the professionals helps each other, hide criminal activity, crimes and covers matters,or takes matters into their own hands?-When do you see a professional taking a community person like myself to the courts, but the other way around it, because they know full well, that they will lose own licence immediately, by the lies, and use their own friends in profession to help in the vendetta?-In which grounds in law, the professionals attack the rest of the community and expect us to be quite, accept matters, or quite fight, otherwise they all come against your reputation?--Why is the hate from Professionals to the community and in aid off who's person, or the professional gets rewards after the hate against us and can make false claims?-Who regulate professional misconduct and time to use cameras everywhere to stop, full stop the abuse and release from hate, lies and defamation as Victim of Crime like myself. I refuse to enter a doctor, dentist, gp practice that is not supported by a camera, even a hospital. I had enough to be regulate by such hate to the community and the law is powerless as friends each other. I refuse to accept the letter of the dentist Gibbs as inaccurate, lying and the same hate reflects with the rest of bullies,dentist. As the ex/husband, his sister social worker, and extendible groups (as the Kreybrothers), including family that helps and sponsor ( to stay in the UK by the abuse against me and mine, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.