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The UK Legislation wants to implement a Bill: "The Gagging Law" ..

people in your life will try,
what´s wrong with you, 
 they cannot HANDLE, 
what´s RIGHT with you! ..  
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Andre Rieu - Scotland the Brave - Amazing Grace - Adieu, Mein Kleiner ..

The UK Legislation is imposing a new Bill: "The Gagging Law"-A Law reform to continue hiding the bad practices of government and professional misconduct - standards, as we can not see any other way the reason or set of reasons. Where the United Kingdom as a whole cannot continue to work properly, by the vast amount of corruption within services of our community from: Government staff, Councils, Care Practices (NHS), Education, Law, Order, Benefit System (DWP) and in general almost all the services badly affected and may corrupt, including, The Queen Elizabeth II own personal life: "The Queen’s advisers are failing to control her finances while the royal palaces are “crumbling”-  http://goo.gl/iIdFFn Here, I am not talking about The Queen´s amount of money she is worth in pounds or her vast fortune that is part of the state, but the administration into her own personal finances that she receives from the state which is different and is down to almost zero, but the Palaces and Castles in badly need of repair, or non/central heating at all. http://goo.gl/WCeg The Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip of Edinburgh are consider to be pensioners and by law in the UK, both of them should receive financial help to heat home (Palaces) like the rest. http://goo.gl/uaL97d The matter has been going on for years in which we are all feeling the cold winter months and since the storms, or gas prices went higher, but the government buildings hot as pancakes and not the palaces-castles and own residents which are pensioners, particularly when left the Victorians times thanks to Her Majesty good will. http://goo.gl/sIEc2M It is important to maintain and continue offering high standards of living to the community and avoid mistakes or over expending, while the country goes on financial crisis, by the same mistakes. "The community means the whole UK citizens, including The Queen and her Royal Family: "I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong." (Queen Elizabeth II)"-In which the matter reflects very much with the role played in the community by a series of professional misconduct, malpractice, negligence or scandals in the UK, occurring from the 1980-90's on-wards up to today (2014) and feeling worse the matter with the crisis (apparently), while there is nothing wrong with the services, but small groups of the same government staff that brings own "family problems" to work (ex/husband and his sister/social worker, neighbor #11, neighborhood, council staff, etc.) and become the place a war zones. According to my own personal investigation the matter started since and from, Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher times, ending a collegiate role-model of self-regulation of any profession, that endured for more than 150 glorious years in the UK and times, reduced to a wave of tales, lies and defamation, instead of knowledge, capacity and self-progression, but sink to the lowest of the low and it reflects with the crisis. "The original motive to endorse professional self-regulation privileges to act as reliable guarantor, competence, good conduct and furthermore good collegiate role model of excellence, founded during the 19th Century Profession"- http://goo.gl/jC6RCu  In which professionals undertook the act means they are full aware of own principles, responsibilities, code of practices/conduct, regulations, otherwise they do not get qualification, but unstoppable and unable to control, with huge public discontent, anger and a wave of scandals or acting poorly with little care. As for example: the ex/husband sister/social worker her parents done the research and typing and she gained the career and today, we have the crisis for the same lack of knowledge, formation, information, principles, values, etc. As many service users (me) are left every day in fatally vulnerable situations and insulted, the problem or bad rotten apples, that in profession shows the inability to perform properly, not by us, unemployed, disabled or the most vulnerable people of our society, but those people that call themselves professionals, because that is not profession, but bullying. The level of abuse within the UK system and services in general is greater in law and unable to hide from society anymore, by the level of abuses to the community, where the professionals failed, not us: Where we question legally any fitness to practice: under the section 63(3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character", in every work field including charities, work, experience, apprentice or similar that deals direct with the members of the public. The scale of abuse in the workplaces that we are in the position to request back again: the good collegiate role model of excellence that the professionals intended to be from the beginning, but betraying badly the trust of The Queen Elizabeth IIThe Peers and Service users (me). http://goo.gl/d7uwI3 In which the Regulatory Authority ( http://goo.gl/kAHvDQ ) are not any better and you may need friends on those places to get a simple service and in law is what we call: Abuse of power/profession, to the public's trust. "The United Kingdom system is the best in the whole wide world, but the small minority groups that works on those places that use/abuse the service with any kind of family problems, like the ex/husband (Manchester Airport) and his sister/social worker (NHS), where I lost all today and not just me ( http://goo.gl/j3f147 ), but the whole UK as we are in crisis, that even The Queen Elizabeth II request help (with thanks) to the most vulnerable people of our Society"- http://goo.gl/dKeexZ I am not register as Solicitor but studying The Bachelors of Laws at home private in order to survive family problems of the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, with the help of government staff and professionals bodies that breaks any professional standards, duty of care, services, conduct, code of practice, regulations, rules and constitution to the core, that the only way forwards is to fight back to them with the same books, knowledge and literacy, even without the paper. "It's incredible to believe that the lack of knowledge is replaced nowadays with constant war zones at work (family problems, vendettas, cosa nostra, etc.), as they use the services, children or old people in order to manipulate the whole complete environment, as we don't have in Mexico the services and very difficult to spot the matter, unless born in the UK and the reasons why I could not understand before, but now"-What sadden me is to know that the Queen and her Royal family has been set a good example and she kept her words to her people as mention before, but small groups destroying the UK services as if they own the place (like the ex/husband family problems), that not even the Unions (RIP) are safe, but using even our children's to help and with the well orchestrate council staff and services and then why we are in crisis?"-

etc ..

Where profession and power are used or abused badly (http://goo.gl/rzM4lb) and with no time of parole to us, residents of the UK, but all restored with a "Gagging law", to hide the mess, or continue the abuse and the reason/s why we said no to "Gagging Law", as we need to protect The Queen, Country, Land, Glory and the community in general and the professionals need to learn to respect us (the community), or accept the consequences of own actions and the law. http://goo.gl/EV78KX Where I have at home a full suitcase of documents to collaborate and support every single words printed here, so no lies from me and the links helps to rest my case. Where I was badly shaken by those people that swore to become Professionals like the ex/husband (manchester airport) and his sister/social worker (macclesfield nhs hospital) together with any professionals helpers from: council (trafford), government staff, family problems, partnerships, neighbor (house#11), neighborhoods (house #11), job-center-plus-staff (house #11), friend of the ex/husband (house #11), vendettas, cosa-nostra, personal own issues (family problems): 5 boys, the river, kiss, china and even the helper of my mother but living in the UK, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Cancun and Worldwide. "I do not question legally friendship, but what that friendship does to others. Particularly vulnerable people of our society, as those professionals hides in "confidentiality acts" and Acts as "riots" that "destroys all" from us in the community and The Queen, what the hell she has to do with the matter?"-I need my children to understand that in law is a criminal offense, to cover in the same way as to do (the crime) any professional misconduct not matter if it is the father, child or the holly almighty and the reasons to come open in the public to expose the matter/s of the ex/husband and his "family problems" helped and protect by his own groups of helpers as mention before, but a crime according to the law. "A crime the harassment (acts), bullying, intolerance, domestic abuse/violence, or not a crime according to who does it and how many helpers the person comes with (ex/family problems), but the law cannot be purchase, corrupt, hide, divide, manipulate, shred into pieces, lie, misguide, or even put in the bin when it suits the individuals, because that is not law, but corruption"-Where vendettas arrived to the United Kingdom from Mexico, Germany, Cancun, Canada, China, England and worldwide with a wave of slander, hate, lies, tales, defamation, bullying direct to me and mine, with aid of ex/husband and his sister/social worker. In order to help them and climb the ladder fast at work for lack of capacity to understand human people, knowledge as own parents done the research and typing, professionalism as the same ignorance and lack of respect to own Queen, Country, Land and Glory. I was to blame of the matter and not a court hearing to defend my case or even to have the decency to acknowledge the matter, but the cowards hide in "confidentiality acts" in the "Harry Potter" chambers of laws, and I lost all myself and not them, but gained: career, house, status and respect using me, then please do not question the crisis, because like me, we are all the same!!-I went to ATOS exam (7/2/2014) and the doctor ask me questions and says: "you keep repeating yourself", in which the words are the same that Carol Parker sister of the ex/husband social worker used to mention to me before the divorce?-"In which, I am not on the ex/husband or his sister/social worker personal life at any time and I use this system in the open to expose their own bullying to me and mine, but not hide with "confidentiality indecent acts", like they do to me. Where I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health act, children, pets and me bullied, etc. The ex/husband and sister have not my permission, consent or knowledge to follow me, stalk, hunt and illegal procedure in law to interfere, mislead, lie, falsely accuse or gain access to my private life, by deceit of own profession and misconduct also against the code of conduct, regulations, laws and even constitution, etc. In fact the matter is equal as riots and asbos in law, but where is the law nowadays, that hide with professionals that manipulate the system to own advantage and then why we are in crisis, by the corruption!!?" - My question is: How many people are wrongly diagnosed ("you keep repeating yourself") by ignorant people, that lack of capacity, knowledge or profession like the ex/husband or his sister/social worker due to her own parents done the research and typed the work (cheat) for her to gain the career of social worker and hunt me with tales, lies and defamation and for more than 28 years the assault (1985), but in knowledge those people gained zero. "Where the matter in a profession  ("you keep repeating yourself") is very important to spot the difference into an illness, or a gift from God and to avoid mental capacity acts of any kind, size or levels of abuse, bullying and idiot people to govern us"-Where I am not liable in law for the lack of education from the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, plus groups of helpers, that are unable to "spot: when writers, bloggers, poets and even journalism itself like myself, repeat words not just one time, but millions of times for the same matter, aim and reasons, but bad diagnosed thanks to lack of education nowadays?"-I lost unborn children and my brother by the ex/husband and his own sister ill spread, lies, tales, hate, violence, intolerance and abuse of power and profession and the reasons why the United Kingdom is living with the crisis and professional misconduct by lack of proper regulation, education and professionalism, but plenty wars, racist attitude, vendettas, stigmas, tales, lies, defamation, intolerance and hate propaganda. I really hope one day, you pardon me, but the pain inside me is more than words can spell and when you lose so much that even the dignity goes to the bin. In order to protect own living children and The Queen, Country, Land, Glory, which is our Community and where we said: No to Gagging Laws for the same reasons above. I do not care, if I repeat myself in words thousands times, but the aim is to understand the matters, the rest I do not mind as I understand is ignorance of the truth facts and with respect"-

Where the "Rule of the Law" said: nobody is above the law and if The Queen Elizabeth II never abuse the law, then what rights anyone else has to abuse power and profession?-"I Lost Unborn children and a brother and I hope you understand the deep of the matter, where not even Sympathy, can win points, when I lost so much, because there is not one law for you and another very different to me when touching UK soils, but the same law apply!"-As the same as me half of the country lives nowadays in hardship, separate from families, abuse relationships and remove all from Birth and Rights by the Hitlers, Magicians, Rasputin/s and Harry Potters, plus the Queen is down to her last million as mention before, living with not central heating as she is a senior of respect, plus she is asked by Government staff to leave own home/Palace to show tourist?-Well that is not good administration by the government staff or to whom concern the matter of her expenses, but stealing in broad day light, plus Gagging laws to hide the corruption like magic and you expect me to accept this matter, after I swore the Bible to protect The Queen, Country, Land and Glory, so how? - What if we may ask Ministers and Government Staff or those people that agree: The Queen leaving current house (Palaces) and show own houses better to Tourists, also to live with no central heating, plus reduce benefits, income, jobs, and add ATOS exams to own life, extra taxes (bedroom tax) and wave of bullying (riots) then, you can ask me to go easy, but not before, well the same apply to The Queen Elizabeth II and the whole community. The Queen Elizabeth II gave all to her peoples and you become what you are today: Mr. Justice, Honours, Sirs, Madams, Ladies, Solicitors, Barristers, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and etc, to become someone and somebody in society and to be respected for your own work, but not to abuse own power against, The Queen's own peoples. Starting from the Prime Minister that own family received a large amount of money (with respect) to release color people, that today's standards would be a crime against humanity. We may ask David Cameron own Family to return the slave money plus interest to the Head of the Country, which is the Queen Elizabeth II, because if you are going to be nasty to the maximum figure of the country and request her to leave her home (Palaces), then we can be the same and use the same low standards. We need to think what I could do, if I request all the money handled years ago for slavery, using the "Treasure Act 1996", not just to David Cameron family, but the rest as well, in order to re-coup all the payments in a form of property or any other ways, forms, shapes or means, including and non/extent as Human people, made of skin and bone were trade with no mercy and the crisis today would be solved for a little while, don't you think?- http://goo.gl/RmDbX No, I do not agree that the fault belongs to the Monarchy of the present financial crisis, as those people receive income from other countries as well and not just the UK taxes, but subside by the commonwealth of nations, if you do not know your laws properly and with this in mind, I probe that The Royal Family works hard for own country. I understand that the job is not easy, but please in the name of God take staff that can helps you, not bring down the Conservatives / Liberals that even Labour,  as bad as each other without mention UKIP with racist ways, but no realistic aims into nothing until 2015. The yellow, red, blue and violet holds the country in ransom to win Votes for 2015 and living in great poverty, as if we were trophies, numbers and colors and not human people, made of skin and bone, that comes with feelings as well.

A new Bill of Rights need to satisfy legally that is not going to go against, The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own Peoples as the Gagging Law does it, because we will be in the position that may/may not see the Royal Family in public again or monitor situation, danger or political matters.

The Political issue happened to the Romanov family and I apologies to become before my time, but better to knowledge the matter, than said sorry after. 

The Political matters happened to Spain (1930's-1975) when Franco closed own country, so as you can see I panic.

EU Referendum Bill is not advisable to leave the European Community but request better deals, as it was create by the elders to keep the peace in Europe and avoid a War.
EU Referendum Bill killed off in the House of Lords UK News Daily Express
- http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/27/angela-merkel-david-cameron-eu-referendum-social-protection (with thanks to Merkel)

The Gagging Law is useless as we need to protect The Queen and the Community in general, so we said: "No to Gagging law"- 
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"It's dangerous to accept Gagging Law until we are 1000000000% sure that he matter is not going to go against the Queen Elizabeth II and Her Peoples, Country, Land and Glory, Amen and not on my name as we are all BORN free, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

All beings want to live undisturbed in peace and happiness. Therefore, the concept of human rights is universal. It should apply to everyone who experiences pain or pleasure. This is why developing sincere concern for others gives us peace of mind; it brings with it trust and a sense of peace. Cultivating warm-heartedness contributes to our own well-being, Dalai Lama.