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According to former reporter Clive Goodman, HRH Princess Diana of Wales leaked information on Prince Charles to the "News of the World" .. 
Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Diana of Wales, Lady Diana Frances Windsor (Spencer), Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester and Baroness of Renfrew. Lady Diana Frances Spencer, before married to Prince Charles of Wales. HRH Princess Diana of Wales was well known to Her Peoples as: The People's Princess, Princess Di, The Queen of Hearts, Lady Di, The Princess of Hearts. A small tribute from me - unknown writer, to a great woman of substance, to a great example of humanity, love, tolerance and respect to the world, to a brave woman on her times, the best sister, mother, wife, aunt, daughter to the UK, land, glory and above the seas and by her two sons: HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry, as the mirror of own Mother, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Princess Diana, William & Harry .. 

After watching videos of the latest Princess Diana of Wales, as I was not involve into that kind of world or life in the past, as I was very busy with the children living in a foreign country (England), disabled and trying to survive the "family problems" of the ex-husband and his sister-social worker of tales of me, my family and country, including our rivers, boys and the holly almighty. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the matter, but the reasons of my divorce of 27 years. When I was going passing the ups and downs of this horrible stage of my life full of abuse to me and mine, that I decide to find out the true and to my surprise the Trafford Council refused investigations, but I was a problem?-I spend over 2 long and painful years of investigate the matter and I decide to learn the law if I wanted to success the matter, but I was not expecting to find half of the UK citizens to be like me, including our beautiful Princess Diana, that her life mirror with mine and that was the frightening bit. At the beginning was confusing as I am not a royalty, but "domestic abuse/bullying" affects all, not matter background. I was not even aware of abuse/domestic abuse/bullying or anything similar to me and mine and here not matter beauty, money or stardom, but the matter hits anybody, anyone and anyhow and with the same power and destroy lives, as Princess Diana (RIP). The ex/husband told me that if I divorce he will be there, wherever I was or I does in the future, so no point to move an inch as he already carry on breaking everything in the house and the law, incredible to believe it or not, but he gets away with the criminal assault as there is not laws to deter violence in the UK. We live together sheering the house after the divorce, as I lost all thanks to his "family problems"-The same riots of his own "family problems", that entered my life and destroyed all that was mine including references, but people ask if I work!?-What I was not expecting was the law to be on the side of the violence which is the ex/husband and his sister/social worker, that studied the career to hit me of all her own personal issues against me, since I emigrate to the UK (1985). All is relate to slander, lies and tales, but the ex/husband sister/social worker job gets the FREE PASS at the courts, police, council and everywhere, even if her own parents done the career for her (research and typing) and she got the degree that way, which in law is equal to "cheating", then you ask why we are in the UK with crisis?-As who is minding the country, because half of the workers brings own personal issues, family problems and vendettas to work, or use work as war zone, destroying morality, values and the system into two, as the prime donas are first and the country is second, or third, fourth, fifth, etc.The matter of financial crisis affect all of us in the UK and not just me, but I am at home full time until 5 am studying the matter and doing the holly research for free to help: The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own peoples, trying to find out how to come out from the mess, with flying colors, that we are all in thanks to the hundreds of "family problems" of the professionals misconducts and not laws to deter or protect the community, that is the frightening matter. As I become UK Citizen and I swore the Holly Bible to protect The Queen, Country, Land and Glory and the reasons why of the full time matter, education and studying the law to protect Her Majesty, but is not my responsibility alone, but all the UK. In the same way I believe strong Princess Diana of Wales was born with "duty" to The Queen Elizabeth II and believe it or not, she done a wonderful job. I invite you to watch several videos of Lady Di own life and "duty" to her Queen, Country, Land and Glory as if she was holding the complete state for all of us to live well. What a pleasure for a woman of substance was Lady Diana Spencer and I consider the person to be like Ambassadors to the Queen Elizabeth II. I refuse to continue the note until you sit and watch all the videos to remember Lady Diana of Wales own life and what she did for The Queen, Country, Land and Glory and after then, I will explain of Clive Goodman, the reporter, but not before:

Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Princess Diana's spechees

So, as you can see Princess Diana of Wales was the best Ambassador's for the UK and represented The Queen in the highest places of the world and many times alone, she was not emotional "unstable", but the husband, Prince Charles was going out with somebody (Camilla) and she was forced to live in sin, or survive in a world that was not hers and all alone. As Princess Diana watched all her friends become on Prince Charles side, manipulate by the system or purchase grace and favors, etc. Lady Diana Spencer was not born into that environment, but learned the trade or perished. Where that somebody (Camilla) was manipulating the matter in a way, that Prince Charles could not see anything good in Lady Di, except criticism and jealousy. How can you work with somebody that way, when all the time the person see the bad and not the goodness of this woman was bringing to her own country and even the Duchy of Cornwall?- So prosperous in Business Prince Charles with the Duchy of Cornwall, thanks to Diana Princess of Wales, her name, her reputation, her hard work, everything was done by herself, from a very and extremely shy person to become an Ambassador of the UK, in a way to manipulate the government to work with the most vulnerable people of the UK (like myself), for somebody to come and steal all that is not yours like Camilla and myself, the ex-husband sister-social worker that she is in everything that is mine and in which reasons in law, because the similarities is only a reflection?!-I do not find myself in a very good position as nothing of this Camilla - Lady Diana - Prince Charles was mine, but them. I was never a Royalist, but I was born in the same way as Princess Diana with "duty" that comes from centuries ago in Spain, then my father in Mèxico and now myself in the United Kingdom and worldwide. I am not living by my father´s name, but mine and in the same way as Princess Diana Spencer, that all was done to her own merit, hard work and discipline, not the Spencer Legacy. Now they are all living from her good name and with respect: "Diana is buried at Althorp in a grave concealed in the center of a lake across which visitors can peer (as if she was a trophy?)"- The "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister, together with members of my family cashed on me, with endless of tales and all benefit from the tales, lies and defamation. So, YES, I do understand the matter very well and I know it can hurt reputation badly, where I lost unborn children and my brother and the reason why I come in deference of Lady Di and the most vulnerable people of the world. People that cannot defend themselves somehow in law and I do for them with my writing. I acknowledge the matter not matter, how much it hurts me or I perish in the hands of those unscrupulous individuals, that eat from the gentile. After watching the videos, I admire the woman and all her hard work: "HRH Lady Diana of Wales" and I think she deserve better, not crumbles. Where to say something like: "Princess Diana Leaked Royal Phone Book, well the reporter will need to probe the matter in law, or I will sue him for lies, tales and defamation to the reputation to "HRH Lady Diana of wales", that she is not with us (RIP), but I am here to hold her tight, because as you can see nobody of her Spencer Family has been coming forward in her defense, in the same way as mine, but eat from the gentile. The "Gentile" is someone that cannot defend themselves for some reasons or the others, people that are not with us in person or hold form of defense, not even in law. I am not happy with the job, as I hold respect to The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own Royal Family, including Prince Charles, but somebody need to do the matter and finish with the continue form of lies, defamation, slander, hate propaganda and intimidation to: HRH Diana of Wales and her children"-

I would never know what Princess Diana saw on Prince Charles when she had the opportunity to do better with his younger brothers, neither what Charles saw on Camilla, but again this is not my problem and I should not be account for it, or how the things lead, when my aim is to do advocacy for HRH Diana of Wales, nothing else!-I do not believe in Cinderellas, but for the first time in the UK was holding one: Princess Diana of Spencer (RIP). I found impossible to believe the reasons why of the murder in a form of accident, as Princess Diana was going out with Dodi Fayed and Prince Charles to Camilla, but on holiday with her children weeks before?-I found extremely difficult or maybe impossible for me to believe that actually exist people who damage the reputation of others, just by envy, that kills, destroys, murder or separate. I am saying this matter, as Prince Charles removed all from Lady Diana after the divorce (in the same way as the ex/husband to me) and now the rest of the Royal family are losing contact with parents (The Queen/Prince Philip), similarity never, but pure control!?-I am unable to understand reasons either, as Princess Diana was a role model, a good daughter, an excellent mother, extremely and educate wife, who was in depth love with Prince Charles, while millions worldwide wanted her, she wanted him and she was the Queen's substitute, that respected the Monarchy to the core and she knew how to perform to her best. Where Princess Diana gave so much to the UK and never took advantage in any way, form or shape of: The Queen Elizabeth II or her place, never, not even once!-Prince Charles and Princess Diana may distance from each other, but I think was more like Camilla drove a big gap between themselves as she saw the opportunity, because Prince Charles lacks of self-confidence and he was not very happy to past seconds. Where, Princess Diana wanted Clive Goodman as ally against Prince Charles and the tales of, when the UK was thinking that we passed the page to that chapter, but still in the same matter. When the Lady in question is resting in peace (RIP), particularly when she is not in position to: respond back of the claim/s?-Where I could take Clive Goodman the reporter to the Courts for leaking tales of information, against Princess Diana of Wales. When is clear as water that this man Clive Goodman is helping Prince Charles and his groups. As they need to take a newspaper that do not exist anymore: News of the World and why not the Express, Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Sun, Moon and the Stars instead, because they will take the man (Clive Goodman) to court for label?"-How much Clive Goodman is charging for an hour for leaking tales of information, because nobody does anything for free to: "The Queen Elizabeth II, like Princess Diana or myself with the notes"- Where the news are worldwide including Spanish, but I can take the liar to a court of law even in English, as there is not respect to Princess Diana that gave so much to: The Queen, Country, Land and Glory. The Royal Family including Prince Charles are born into duty dynastic background and not with any kind of special privileges, in the same way as Princess Margaret renounced (love) her proposed engagement to Captain Peter Townsend and Edward VIII abdicate (1936) to marry a divorce: Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. Where we live in a country that need to do the things according to own Constitution, not to purchase, hide or corrupt the laws, as I mention before, we are alive even in Spanish language and need to set example. Including and not extent: "The provisions of Marriage Act 1949" in England and Wales that need to be performed the marriage by Anglican Clergy, but Prince Charles and Camilla jumped the queue. Where according to the law the action itself is: inconceivable, illegal and against the United Kingdom Constitution, Bachelors of Laws, Rule of the Law (where nobody is above the law), or any other kind of Laws to apply. As far as we know the regulations from centuries ago and not just duty to own country, but again passing the law as if the matter is invisible by Prince Charles and Camilla own helpers and then you request the UK (young) people to behave, when no example is show first, so how?- Furthermore to commit act of bigamy, when both: "Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles" were fully married ( ) with own family, husband/wife and aware of the law, regulations, duty, responsibilities, nobility and where the matter leads (renounced or abdicate), but holding secret relationships for many years to come, that in the end killed Lady Diana of Wales and may destroy the backbone of: "The Royal Institution, Monarchy and Dynasty"-Where the wife of Prince Charles of Wales, HRH Princess Diana was notify of the same matter several times, but unable to perform properly to own duties as: wife, mother, sister, aunt, or individual and labeled as unstable by the cowards bullies to hide the sad reality and bigamy, when fully married, but conducting as "Love Birds", instead to respect what is not yours and by law. "Now result that HRH Princess Diana of Wales is parade in full public misconception, as the worse of the worse (leaked information), somebody who is not rationed with clear mind (incredible!), but the woman's husband, father of her children and friend stolen from her own reach in full day light and in public places the assault, bleeding robbery, stolen goods, happiness and even own life, but not Camilla Parker Bowles (what's strange?)!?"- The funny thing was that the police was not involve in this matter that was a clear example: "Domestic abuse/violence/bullying" in society, not matter range, culture or background, because Camilla Parker Bowles never gets this kind of bullying, harassment (Acts), hunting, paparazzi or human degradation, as Lady Di. Today's time to stop the continuance of misconception to a great woman of substance like: HRH Diana of Wales, that gave all to her own Queen's peoples, Country, Land and Glory. I hope in the name of our Lord, that The Queen Elizabeth II acknowledges the matter one day and not when is too late, as the UK Citizens would not accept Camilla Parker Bowles as own Queen, but HRH Princess Diana of Wales by Her two sons: HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry. 

The Photo shows Princess Diana and Prince Charles in overseas (Australia) tour back in 1983, as if both of them were sitting in amusement ride, where some people would hate to be driven to that speed, but bullied with all kind of misconceptions or called names: unstable, by the bullies and just because you hate the level of that speed, but not Camilla's?-I would be doing the same advocacy to Camilla or Prince Charles if the case was of them, but unfortunately a great woman of substance was killed to their own expenses: Princess Diana of Wales and in order to keep all of hers, by her own merit and not by Camilla's. "I believe strong that's in nature to leak information  (, as there is not laws in the UK to tackle: "family problems, domestic abuse or violence, even violence at work or from receiving government services" and the matter is demonstrate by the Life of Princes Diana of Wales, not by me a humble nobody. Where Prince Charles and Camilla passed the law with little care since years ago and then do not ask why, we got the financial and world crisis.  So how we do it, when a thief steals all from us, plus bullying, criminal abuse, murder with concept, murder with intention, murder with malice, murder to remove children from mother's, murder to mislead, murder to hide, remove or cancel own intentions and with many years to come, as Princess Diana said: "Any sane person would have left long ago. But I cannot. I have my sons (?)"-The United Kingdom Constitution has been taken by the Americans, French and even Australia, New Zealand and Canada to benefit own system, then please in the name of God show me that the "Bachelors of Laws" really exist in the UK and the system is not corrupted in law: "As the Rule of the Law", said that nobody is above the law, not even Prince Charles and The Queen never used/abused the law to own benefit. The Society in general is unable to fully understand racism of Camilla's with better protection laws, but not to HRH Princess Diana of Wales and killed in a way to mislead as accident, taken the lives of Dodi Fayed and the Driver as well, not just one person in the murder charges, but 3 people were killed in the same way, form or shape. Where Princess Diana of Wales own children are in the position to unable and defend own mother, but witness the slaughter in full public and you may think the UK did not felt the impact, then you are well misunderstood, as they were not pretending, but in pain?- Where the Brother of Lady Di means well to protect own sister, but not to cash. I could make a book regarding this matter and maybe help me to pay the mortgage, but I believe the Lady in question: Princess Diana of Wales do not deserve by the amount of things that she gave to the UK, also I am teaching my own children never to sell own family and she was a family to her own peoples, me including. If I ever write a book would be to clarify the matters, because the law can not be purchase. As I write here the words, I am finding very hard and extremely difficult to understand "love" that "kills" life?-Unfortunately this matter was not the case of the majority of women down the road, so the matter is very difficult to acknowledge and the feelings of despair, betrayal and sadness that lead to Lady Di own murder in a form of paparazzi and well programmed circus of accident in a far away country, that should know better. As France holds the backbone of: "Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen de 1789 (Art 1/17) and French Constitution (1791), which is a dual combo of British and American system ..." and where Lady Di, Dodi Al Fayed and the Driver died, but never received Justice. I was falsely accused by sisters of mine for 28 years to be the other woman (soco-china, mara-the kiss, carol-the river, 5 boys, etc.) and even used in divorce settlements, but not a court of law hearing where both of us are present and not hide laws to clarify the abuse of power/profession/misconduct, because: I lost unborn children and brother. In the same way Lady Di: I have the case ready to sit Prince Charles and Camilla in a court of law, for the murder of: HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Fayed and the Driver and where the rule of the law, said that nobody is above the law. The British Constitution comes with no laws to tackle: "family problems" only in Mèxico, but unable to save the lives of my peoples?-(Decreto numero 198.-Ley para la prevencion y erradicaciòn de la violencia familiar) The same happens with the continuance of bullying somebody that the person is not with us anymore, but falsely accused. As Where is the probe of the parcel belongs to HRH Princess Diana (RIP) to testify the matter in a court of law (, because the parcel may come from Lady Di direction but not necessarily from her own self, action, means or ways, but what about the literature (tapes) from Prince Charles and Camilla to Princess Diana of Wales in a form of paparazzi, bullying, etc. I do not care of the matter (leak information) as murder with intention/consent in a form of an accident to cancel the real criminals and nature is 1000 times worse in law and only shows the lowest of the peoples hearts. My question is: This is what you want for King and Queen of England, that mislead, corrupt and hide the law and shows the young generation bad example, because the law cannot be purchased, corrupted, mislead, hide, binned and etc. I care the truth fact of the murder of our future Queen of England by Her two sons: HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry, also Dodi Fayed and the Driver, not tales, slander, defamation.  Where the Rule of the Law said: that nobody is above the law. I protect me and mine, when doing free advocacy with this case, as the matter is not mine, but Prince Charles and Camilla and those people that help them in the criminal action as against principles in law, that my Lord is my witness, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.