Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Benefits Street is a five-part documentary, which starts on Monday 13 January 2014, at 9 pm, on channel 4.


The Benefits Street is a five-part documentary, which starts on Monday 13 January 2014, at 9 pm on channel 4. http://goo.gl/P4bD6M The episode of the series that reveals the reality of life on benefits to small people of our community, that for some reasons or the other and out of their own reach, they relay of the state help. http://goo.gl/Oiak2e The benefits system was not a criminal matter based on contribution by people at work and very much of a necessity, in order to divide the country since Margaret Thatcher's time: "the coals mine times"- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25549596 Now somehow the benefits system is portrayed as a crime by the professionals people, that today do not relay on benefits anymore or financial help from the state, as they are educate - earning a healthy wage, plus expenses and drying the country resources with super kilometric figures and destroying the UK system, by their own greed and envy.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11319918 The students life of the 1980-1990's in which the ex/husband sister/social worker cashed benefits, rented own home in Glossop and lived elsewhere studding in Norfolk and she was able to cash more benefits, wherever she went in the United Kingdom. http://goo.gl/2Xg8VI Now the DWP benefits system and their own doors are lock to us (unemployed, sick, poor, old, family to feed, etc.) and is us that get the bad publicity (channel 4), not the professionals, so how they got career and extremely rich themselves by magic?- http://goo.gl/66l3HN We are the people (state) who contributed for the professionals own studies, benefits and expenses in the past, so they could study in peace, but somehow not possible for us ( unemployed, sick, poor, old, family to feed, etc.) now to gain state help, or insulted (channel 4)?- http://goo.gl/vuZFvx The professionals somehow out of divinity, magically or even using the help of Rasputin to enlighten them, because how they knew of "Benefit street people", unless they lived the part themselves in the past, but make a documentary on channel 4, to show us, not them, incredible?- Where bullies today expose a world that was their own in the past, but they do not remember (somehow?) or hide in dementia (66 million?). http://goo.gl/wvm8Ht Where the Benefit system in the 1980-1990's was not made using the computer system, but relay on paperwork to check claimants, so anybody could cash in every single state of the country as the ex/husband sister/social worker. As the mother of the ex/husband was worry sick of her own daughter filling claims everywhere and breaking the law, but the first one to type her university work and the father done the research. So daughter can gain career in which she could use against me badly: kill my unborn children with spread (5 boys, the river, etc) and brother, bullied daughter at school and detain my sister Soco under the mental health act-even against her code of practice and she was trying with me after?- http://goo.gl/scd1m5 We wonder who monitor the abuse of power and profession of the professionals, or are they left out to run totally wild with no control, to our own peril?-The reasons of the crisis today in the UK, by lack of professionalism that got the paper, but not the knowledge in the fields of work, but choose as: "who is your friend"- http://goo.gl/MOs9Km As the ex/husband sister/social worker keeps follow me everywhere I go, even on FB that is my private life, with tales and lies (5 boys/the river) but not justice to clean my name, in order to steal all that is mine with bad spread. The University is not good for the professional people (the ex/sister), but lies, spread and slander helps a lot, in fact it makes the career nowadays, as lack of knowledge in their own profession, if the matter was not true then why of the fallen system?- http://goo.gl/scd1m5 The professional staff of channel 4 are showing the most vulnerable people of the UK claiming help from the state, exactly in the same way as them years ago, now destroying all, by the envy and greed. Unfortunately the "hate propaganda" of the media would not show genocide, but hide murder that DWP staff is causing to us. http://goo.gl/1UZagC As many of government staff, media or society are neighbours. http://goo.gl/TFNTs9 The same documentary in channel 4 would not show the extent of benefits draw in cash by Professionals, Government and staff on super wages, equivalent of one street complete and per year. http://goo.gl/qzhCBF The benefits is not a salary but a supplement to help people on low income, where 10 benefit claimants of £5,000 per year is not the same as one (1) MP wage in the House of Lords for a clock in and out, without mention extra expenses. http://goo.gl/MrQ1AP So who is more dependant of the state, the whole street that earns exactly as one MP per year - an MP alone or who's?-I believe strong that is quite understandable that with the HIGH Cost of life and TAXES in the UK and not since now, but years ago, some people need to survive with benefits to top up and gain financial help. Otherwise would be impossible the cost of living and life to some UK citizens, like: disabled, old, unemployed, etc, but called all the names under the sun for a "minor amount of financial help", that is blow out of proportion like the modern Britain that cash, or cashed in the past, but not remember?-It makes me sick to my tummy this wave of hate towards own people, instead of help to climb the ladder and become more successful, while from Thatcher times they were forced this kind of life and open to those that stole the country resources, now they are professionals in their own fields, with a wave of barrage and abuse to the minority of class. http://goo.gl/8diR2B I am unable to understand the reasons why the elders went to war for the next generation could be able to gain help and become what they lacked, since the Victorian times. http://goo.gl/INbO69 Now that the next generation become professionals themselves and people of substance, but killing own blood out of hate by own parents (ex/husband mother) old past, teaching children (ex/husband and his sister) to bully the rest (me, colour, disabled, etc). Acting as Hitler's, Stalin's, Mussolini's and Franco's of our broken society, with no way of parole, no way to finish the hate. http://goo.gl/UJ1x1F So what I am expecting for me and mine as Mexican born, with British Nationality, including my unborn children and brother, that perished in the hands of "family problems" of ex/husband and his sister/social worker, that should know better, as their own mother said: as bad as each other-they fight all day long, non stop, but nothing compare murder. http://goo.gl/Xs2pMu The ex-sister social worker career was fixed by her own parents in order to get revenge of her own tales while in Mexico (river-5 boys), as she was living with family (flor-jose) and may killed my brother?-The case of the river mirror of the ex-husband sister-social worker, when in Germany soco invite me to swim river waves in her local pool soon after she married, then in the UK soco was detained by the ex/sister social worker river lies. The "family problems" of the ex-husband full aware of domestic abuse between themselves, including the social worker that should know better, but use criminal activity and tales (river), betrayal even by own children (riqui) that arrived one day before soco was detained, as we went together in the ambulance, but I was blame?-The ex/husband lost his knee and his mother end up in hospital several times soon after her husband died young, as she mention to me leaving her the problem, both her children: as bad as each other-fight all day long, non stop. I divorce the lot. I do not work for the NHS, but the ex/sister and all the accidents comes from there including soco. http://goo.gl/CAKvqp  The reason why the ex-husband mother always complaint of no seeing us often, me and the girls, as one of the sisters told me, mean I had little contact with both families since 28 years ago, the rest is lies. I probe in law the tales of me to be the problem, as I hardly saw any of them in the past, but they destroyed my reputation non/stop?-Now is the perfect time for the ex/mother to enjoy her own son as for 28 years, I was stopping her, so never like today, I want to see if it's true the lie?-"We are not use to this fight non/stop and no healthy to the children, to hear father or mother confide to them of the other and reason of my divorce. I hardly speak to any of them including the children, for the same matter. It's not healthy of the ex/husband to slander my reputation in front of the children, with constant non/stop telling them all about me, pushing them to go against own mother, shouting to me in front of them (4/1/2014) for £20 miser pounds (M&S), illegal in law the domestic abuse, slander, lies and defamation, he should know better, as he done jury service. The ex/husband need to find a qualify person to take all his personal problems against me or to use the court of law as everybody does it, not to use the children, as we are divorce and in law a crime, the same his mother and sister/social worker. The problems has been going on for more than 28 years, so in law should be a matter of concern. It's not professional of the social worker sister of the ex/husband to work against own code of practice and conduct, not matter her personal problems with me as the courts exist to settle matters, not to use her job (NHS) as battleship, because according to the law, I was/am a member of the public, in the same way, the NHS. The continuance non-stop fight of the ex/husband sister/social worker past (5 boys/river) with me, while I hardly see any of them, but an excuse to be right in the centre of my life without my permit, consent or knowledge in the matter, including in a recent court hearing in Manchester (13/12/2013), using a disabled person with her own incapacity, pretending to be her, while again: she is a Social Worker and the circus performance is against her own code of conduct and practice, but what do you expect when the parents done her homework and she is breaking the law?-No, I am not going to see any programs of the channel 4 that damaged the reputation of peoples, by the government staff that use cheap propaganda as they lack of knowledge, as those jobs are gained as "who is your friend", more than education, the reasons of our downfall, Rosario Castellanos de Parker

Abuse in any form of control, even by government staff it must be illegal, as the matter concern all of us to stop abuse in any way, form or shape, including professionals, or the abuse will lead to our downfall, as the country services are on sale  .. http://youtu.be/UdyQd6Xks7A