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Care Homes abuse probe in the UK ..

"The lack of proper management allowed a sick culture to develop in nursing homes. Where conduct of abuse allowed to carry on to people of our Society, that could be our parents. Where more screening tests need before offering jobs, training or education to anyone with sick - racist or pervert attitude, because while we learn the skills, some learn to kill and even learn to cover the murder, by lack of tolerance, conscience, human care, values, decency, love and respect. The lack of education in principles of primary health and duty of care, where trust, code of conduct and practice is lost in hospitals, nursing homes or at home of elderly people, that the same matter lead to abuse. Where no matter how much support you have at work, when you lack of proper education the results for all to see: (racial) discrimination, murder by contempt, criminal abuse/activity and covered the trail of hate/abuse of the professionals by the court of law, with confidentiality acts"- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

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The current legislation with care standards for elderly people, even those citizens that live in nursing homes. Where the place should be clean, small and friendly for old people to rest. Including clean rooms, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, spacious lounge, dining areas, plus conservatory (care homes) to view the landscaped garden. The place should be registered with the local authority and regulated by the care quality commission and any Inspection reports can be request to the same place also staff trained to the highest standards, including the manager. The reality of small groups of bullies with a sick culture of hate towards the most vulnerable people of our society, that works in a caring job, any caring job (children, old, disabled, etc.), that leads to a trail of abuse by the professionals (social worker, social services, career, nurse, etc.) is a shock to our society and the community that regulate the matter in general. Where in theory education in any care job or field that we choose to study in life is one thing and when in practice the matter is another complete different. We do not want perfection in a job, but service that pays £2,000 per month in care home fee's (approx.), hospitals (free), or at home with an agency (£15 + per hour). The charge is high, if we compare the service elderly receive, by the news.
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The workforce in care nursing homes for old people, hospitals or even at their own homes, where during war times those people that went to war to deffend Queen, Country and Land and now who deffend them? - Where for many years elder people worked hard to stabilise the UK economy at the end of a war (WWII) to become sucessfull as it's today, but their own children riot the country and may destroy the principles in which the UK was formed after the dark times (1945). I want to mention that I lost all my jobs and qualification in caring (NVQ'S), so it's not me this time. Where I was to blame, but for "confidentiality acts" by the Trafford council staff, unable to know crimes/reasons. In a way, I am helping myself to understand the English system as Mexican born with British citizenship, but unaware of the extent of abuse within the current legislature. I have to force myself to study law in order to survive, the level of abuse, by the professionals. Where I lost all, even the area where I live, but unable to know the reasons why, this time. So as you can see, we are all victims of the UK government staff in the same boat by the abuse of power and profession, not just me, but highlighting the matter, as I need to know. It's my right to know: reasons. I am within my rights to know the reason/s why of things that happens to me and mine, and so everyone in this country not matter age, including those that went to war, for nothing, but all is hide (confidentiality acts), including abuse and victims (me) get blame all the time. We are affected badly in the UK society by an army of perfectionist bullies that are afraid to get infected by the rest, that all is a reflection of war times with: Hitler's, Mussolini's, Stalin's and Franco's children's of the elders that feel the owners of the United Kingdom, against own people that many of them suffer dementia or mental illness nowadays, by the level of abuse in their own lives, not by illness itself, but abuse in a form of bullying in general.  The victims of WWII (1939-45) was an stunning - whopping 70 million, including Jews, disabled, homosexuals, colours and still coming out from own graves to hunt us, in which: a mental disorder is the leading force and cause of disability worldwide, by the extreme abuse of bullying. I want you to know that those leaders of the WWII (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco) were in fact suffering mental problems, but hide to the rest. Where in my humble opinion need to address any matter/s in a court of law, by both cases full knowledge of crime/blame/abuse also to be made present in hearing to testify of the same or against each other, otherwise is corruption, not law. "The law is the balance of two sides, not just one and to hide any corruption, matter or person ID with confidentiality acts or criminal activity that use own status (professional), as the rest is unaware of the matter, or person, then that is not law, but assist in crime/corruption"- "Where the matter of bullying need to be taken into consideration in any Jury service, or perish on your own ignorance"-

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The Old generation that have paid their own taxes all their lives are run by unqualified people, that get the job with cheap qualifications. The place itself offer food cheap, basic clean with smell and  bullied to the end of love for £2000 per month, plus forced to sell their own houses by government to subside the full Army of Nazi Germany Concentration Camps for sub-standard accommodation, then a national disgrace!!- At the times of when old people are the most vulnerable one's, unable to defend themselves in law, but the idea is to enjoy a good rest, clean place, fresh food, baths, peace and may contentment as it should be the motto. Unfortunately not possible as we saw the news, any news as the elders are battered everywhere and victims lose own jobs (me) with tales. I worked with people of dementia myself and the illness itself is not as bad as the stress in their own life, by own children bullying to parents or staff. The emotional black/mail start when the parents choose to live at home after retirement, soon after dementia or mental illness develops by magic and almost at the same time. Mental illness is like a mirror, that reflects what happens around your life. If you are happy anything including the service that you receive will reflect in the person, the same if you are not happy and the victim of bullying may suffer in silence, or shuts down. When victims shuts down for non apparent reasons/explanation of the matter, then mental illness start/develop. Disabled people also may shut downs after an illness, until receive medical attention to correct the damage, the same happens to any mental issue. I refuse to speak to family problems to both sides, that has nothing to do with mental issues (mental illness, dementia, etc.), but criminal activity, abuse and domestic violence, in which I was subjected and different matters in law. I lost unborn children, brother, country of birth, family, marriage of 28 years, friends, jobs, pets and the reason of my divorce, which is different to a person that withdraw for no reasons, but the same level of abuse that shows in a form of bullying. "I was blame for everything that happened to the bullies, that were bullied by another bully and so on, those people blame me for all their own problems, in order to cash from me, England or whoever. The level of abuse to me and mine was for more than 28 years and all the bullies end up believe their own tales, but hide in mental issues, cancer, disability, etc.  What I can not understand is the bullies that hurt my life, with lies of: 5 boyfriends, river, china girl, kiss, professionals like the ex/husband sister/social worker, but own jobs intact and the English law said different, then explain why we have the crisis?-One thing is bullying, another matter is mental issues, and another very different matter is the extent of criminal activity, by use/abuse of power/profession by the professionals that work for community and use old/children/disabled people as punch bags to take all their own mental issues with them, instead to seek professional help. The professionals can not have both ways and use work and victims in their own care, as punch bags and I mean any profession, any field, any responsibility, any way, form or shape. The abuse of power and profession reflects with old peoples mental elapses - mental illness - dementias or however you want to call the abuse itself, caused by bullying, that the same matter happens to anybody (age, colour, religion, disability, etc.) including children: that have behavioural problems/difficult to care for, but in fact bullied. The emotional blackmail acts as bullying itself by whoever is performing the brusque/abuse/cruel task, to a victim. Where you are not thinking rationally by the bleeding worry, to end up in a care home. If you are an elderly and prefer to stay at home, there is always the army of care professionals that will invade your own home without your consent, permit, knowledge or even explain your full rights in law, but need to agree by the agency/council/children or they will blackmail you non/stop and take you to a care home. When the elder people is inside a care home is equivalent of a Army of Nazi Concentration Camps and all depends their own rules, regulations and care system, in fact the place is an Institution, where there is not exit, except death. If we study dementia for example is a syndrome that can be caused by a number of progressive illnesses that affect memory, thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities, which in reality and by my own experience any form of mental issues (illness) including dementia is caused by bullying itself, nothing else!-Old people with any mental issues imaginary to mind can actually perform own everyday activities and love to be independent, in fact they hate day centres and prefer to go to the pub for a glass of wine, meal and dance. "It's a luxury to old people to live at home, with constant worry that their own children are going to send them to care homes, many can not enjoy life at all with the bleeding worry, emotional blackmail, financial burden, bullying, intolerance, hate, lack of patience, respect, etc!"-The parents that choose to stay at home pay a high price when constantly battered fisical, mental or verbal at their homes, by own childrens in close doors, or neglect. Where nobody see the abuse, heard the screams, speak in defence, the same in care homes, no difference each way, in fact the same matter and may hurt the same, bullied to the end of love. As a Mexican born with British Nationality, I could not believe the level of abuse to old people within close doors each way at their own home, or in care homes. My own mother was living in sisters homes and she went from home to home, like pass the parcel, but she was not allowed to live in her own home. I was penniless. I could not have my mother even if I wanted. In fact I need to borrow money from the ex/husband mother with the condition no to tell her own daughter. The ex/husband mother was worry sick (before I divorce) that her own children would sell her home and place her into care, she explicit told me, that she would not like to go into any care home, full stop!-"No emotional blackmail or level of bullying can express the strees that brings to old people, many unable to understand own children behaviour against them, that may brain choose to go that way, so the arm would be less than the feelings to know of what your own child thinks of you. The matter of dementia, alzheimers or any other mental issues or tales affects badly the person, soon after the other half (husband/wife) passed away and gets in the hands of their own children or caring workforce, that is when the mental issues starts. My own mother told me a few times when I saw her that she missed my father badly and how much of a need, he was. The ex/husband mother told me on the funeral of her own husband the same matter and that he left her the "problem", she must speak about her own children because I saw them a few times in 28 years. I would not go into that road again of any kind of "emotional  blackmail/abuse/violence" and reasons of my divorce. I did not witness the care of my own mother, that mean she was never in my care, as my sisters got her financial possesions, but not the burden. The ex/husband sister/social worker get pay for her own mother, but my children stop her granny to go into care, not that we worry the financial problem, but explain. My mother passed away in an accident, when on care. The ex/husband mother suffer several accidents, when she was visiting us. I was about to report the matter to the police at the 3rd time, that she landed in the hospital. I told this matter to the ex/husband and magically stopped. I was concern of the matter, as I was working as a career on that time, learning the NVQ'S so it was impossible for me to miss the signals, inresponsable of me to hide the abuse, furthermore as we live far away from each other, but on charge of her own daughther/social worker. My children can do so much but even the car is getting exausted of the long travel visit of grandmother, saying this as later do not start with tales or twisting words. When we are run in neutral position in the family, mean we are not getting into any "family problems" of nobody's. One thing is to visit the family, other very different is to be involve in "family problems" and another the car itself. There is not criminal offence to protect my own kind (children) not matter age, as I understand some kind, as the ex/husband own "family problems" and reasons of my divorce, but how the children does in that situation?- "There is not medication to cure family problems and the only sane curse of treatment is to tackle the problem into the courts of law, but not to hide with confidentiality acts, like the ex/sister/social worker"- My children and I grow up away from both family problems and very rare saw the family in the past, except special occasions. "When I said this matter is because the ex/husband and their own family problems need to finish bullying into each other and stop blame me, or whoever is next, use any means or take points all the time, particularly when they are professionals and full aware of the law. I know the UK law and I intent to use it all the way to defend what is mine. I have the rights to protect my own kind, as I lost unborn children in the past, thanks to the ex/husband family problems (5 boyfriends, the river, etc.). I am not in the position to lose any more inocents children or to pump them with medication, as a revenge, vendeta or hate propaganda, furthermore to teach me a lesson using them. Simple, because the action alone will probe in law of the crime with my unborn children, as now they (ex/husband, his mother and sister) are going against my living ones, with any imaginary ideas?-The ex/husband need to find a qualify person to take all his personal problems against me, as I am the problem acording to him, but I do not speak to him at all, in the same way his mother and sister/social worker, but they keep follow me and is against the law. In fact, they were complaint of not seeing us before the divorce or their own son/brother, now nobody is stopping them, never been a better time like now. I want to see if it's true, that I am the problem, in fact I lost all thanks to their own ill spread. I am sick of the bleeding lies, I never saw my mother, the ex/mother, or any old people that were in my charge with mental issues, except bullied by their own children that fall beyond control, dominate and abusive behaviour. According to the ex/sister/social worker, her own mother is senile, my sister was detained under the mental health act, me, she was trying with mental capacity 2005, my daughters pumped with medication, her brother lost his job and knee, the ex/mother landed in the hospital with several bone fractures and on her care and I am the problem?- "The thing is with the mental issues in the UK is going with little or no control in care legislation and we are going to put the whole country in a mental institution (old, children, young, etc.), because of small bunch of bullies, that work in care fields (social workers, social services, etc.), unable to live in peace with the rest, but attacking vulnerable people all the time, with any issues and working as a social workers, social services, social world, etc.?-" 
A mother is the maximum expression of love and nobody no matter reasons have any reasons to steal what is inside the person in my case was my unborn children. The reasons why, I came out in the open to silence years of gossip and expose domestic abuse, by "family problems" that should know better. The same people that use professional status to cover their own criminal actions and even murder by consent, by the ex/sister social worker.