Sunday, 10 November 2013

The MP of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing to the world leaders: US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Francois Holland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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I, as Israel Online Ambassadors a choice by myself more than anything a private matter, with respect to every wife, women, King, MP, Cleric, President or representative of the world, but my intention is purely to do advocacy, nothing else!- I do not need a reason or set a reasons to do advocacy around the World, as I was born in a free country called Mexico and including the one I live today, which is the United Kingdom. I want the President and MP of Israel including his wife that everything is in order or as it should be from this side of the world in the UK. The wonderful thing that internet provide us is the constant monitor into each other countries, in order to do advocacy and protect the whole wide world. Except when the Middle East, Israel need to hold all by themselves alone and no aid of the Arabs or nobody, that the pressure start to show. Instead to unite the Arabs and Jews to make their own homeland of the Middle East Union (European union) to work for themselves and protect, educate and flourish by their own principles, instead of leaving Israel alone to hold the reins. I do understand Israel have the capacity, but with own means to protect their own people, not the whole Middle East. It's unfair to leave Israel alone (John Kerry) and my words into the matter supported by the United States of America President, Mr Obama (with thanks). American President Obama Cites Christian Faith In Support Of Gay Marriage, while CNN Blames Christians for Obamacare Problems. The matter could be a comeback of Hilary Clinton. I particularly, I do not care as if the person is Christian, Muslim, Islam or Judaism, as soon as we do not mix, religion with politics. My children said: Mum you are on your own, but I want to warranty you that there are millions just like me changing the world for better. It is understandable that People of Israel perished in the hands of the Inquisition, WWII and now the criminal activity use Palestine to help in the "hate propaganda" and the fear of something bad will happen is there, even today. It is quite understandable and respect should be given to all Israeli People around the globe due to the circumstances in which their own people died, with 6 million victims of the German Nazi by Hitler himself, but nobody wants to take notice of the matter, not even today. The victims of the Second World War II badly affected, by their own European leaders on that time: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Francisco Franco with a wave of Hate Propaganda, Nazism, Fascism, Racism, Intolerance and Racial Discrimination with more than 70 million victims of war in total. The Spanish Civil War and the Franquism in Spain on that time of the WWII moment and years, but shut the doors on the Victims too, by Mr Spanish Justice. The Principles of Laws and even His Honour, Mr Justice gone away from own responsibilities regarding the victims of war in all Europe. Today, we have the consequences of their own actions trying to cover the mess, instead to use justice to all. I won't be surprise if all the victims of war are resurrecting by their own families, trying to gain justice, memory and non/repetition of the same crimes. The Peoples of Israel were  badly affected during the WWII, but blame of everything that happen in the world and not the bullies. The Jews Victims of war perished during the WWII in the most horrendous ways known to man, before the German Nazi while the rest were shoot - crimes against humanity. My reflection is very much the same as the Jews people during the WWII, where my unborn children were killed by lies of the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his family, but blame after of the criminal activity, even open the doors for the continuance. I will never full understand the extent of their own actions in order to eat from the abuse of power and profession, where the ex/husband even deny like Judas of their own existence, in order to survive, but never protect own unborn children. The Vatican was involve in the matter, as the "family problems" used anything or anybody to eat from each other with no decency. In the same way as the German Nazi and Roman Vatican full responsible of the Jews and racial extermination and for any reason/s. The reason/s why, I am not Christian anymore until changes and laws, not treaties, but laws, well implemented and ratify, by the International Law to protect Israeli People, or anybody of different Religion. We live in a community in the world, our responsibility is to stop the continuance and intolerance of racist media thanks to bullies that mislead the world with lies of me, Jew or anybody reputation. When in reality Israel is protecting own country as mention before, 6 million of their own people perished in the most horrendous crimes known to man, plus the Inquisition from Centuries ago and now Palestine excuse in order to continue. Where the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution defining Zionism as Racism on 10/11/1975.  The ignorance of the full facts is costing Israel reputation badly in the media, open to abuse. Where if we check: Zionism Hebrew: ציונות‎, Tsiyonut; Arabic: صهيونية‎, Ṣahyūniyya is a form of nationalism of Jews and Jewish culture that supports a Jewish nation state in the territory defined as the Land of Israel, so where is the racism here?- As you can see even with small words printed in the wrong way, affect people badly for centuries to come, so is better start using the Grammar properly. People hurt, lives killed and ignorant walk away from the law. I believe strong the matter of Israeli community protecting own people from the Middle East treat (Palestine, Iran, etc.) is quite understandable, as they lost so much. When people panic and press the bottom to safe/ward own people with no reasons why, but the result of a bully society that hurt and undermine peoples by any means, ways or even forms. Palestine belongs to the Arabs and they should look after their own people, not Israeli community. I want to reassure anybody of a Jew background that in any circumstances at any time, there is people that will protect you and not necessarily of your own kind, but the whole wide world, as we do not accept racism of any kind, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

The Holy Father of the Vatican Pope Francis I, meet Palestine President Abu Mazen, to discuss matters of the Middle East ..

Israel Primer Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry in Jerusalem.