Saturday, 9 November 2013

Israel Primer Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry in Jerusalem.


Libera Coventry Carol ..

We use maximum level of respect towards victims of war, particularly with Syria (RIP) affairs and this note itself, a continuation of my previous one. The aim is to help, assist, aid and highly crimes, murder, genocide, holocaust against the world and criminal activity of the Syrian rebels to own people, from the current Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad own affairs. As He, Bashar al-Assad stands to be accused of the current Massacre of Innocents, but a victim himself of the Syrian rebels. Biblical narrative of Infanticide according to the Holly Gospel Matthew, by Herod the Great and Roman, King of the Jews. Herod ordered all male infants under the age of two in Bethlehem to be killed, Matthew 2:16. "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more," Matthew 2:18. Herod killed children of Bethlehem (4 B.C.) maybe a fiction matter rather than a reality event, record only by Matthew, with no explanation of why the children died in a horrible tragedy, except to eliminate any threat to his Sovereignty and we mean our Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately with the current status of the Syrian War Business (Oil) is not a fiction, but a reality. It´s not a forecast, outlook, prognosis, guess, reading the future, mystic, magic, Rasputin, clairvoyance, second sight, vision, farsightedness, thoughtfulness, after-light, but the sad and hard reality, that is killing our world and calls, "Hate propaganda"-The similarities with the German Jews in the WWII by Hitler himself is only a parallel circumstance, because the victims walk on the same road, carry the same cross, lead the same shame and may feel the same "hate propaganda" towards them, but in different times, country and circumstances. My question is, which excuse we have today the whole wide world for to commit such crimes against humanity, because when we stand to do nothing, then helping the continuance of the "hate propaganda" against the Middle East victims, also responsible for not to stop the Genocide, Criminal Activity and Holocaust itself. I see the continuance of the interference of the American Nations, The G-20, Russia, UN, EU, against the Middle East, Israel and Syria Business to much to bear. I am Israel Online Ambassadors and I work towards the most vulnerable people of the whole wide world, including the Middle East. I see the Middle East as a whole the victims, by the first world countries (American Nations, The G-20, Russia, UN, EU) that should know better, as they are educate to the most finest/exquisite preparation known to man, contrary to me with the second hand books and at home, but maybe to kill. Yes I do understand the Islam/Muslim world and their own methods of mass destruction towards the Human kind, population and the world, so full aware of the same criminal activity and my blogs reflects the same. I do understand that those people hold not education (70%), but lead by their own peoples, rules, laws and is our full responsibility to teach them good principles to gain a good change in the world. The WWII was the product of the Christians interference (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco) lead by the Vatican, with the same Barbaric methods of Islam/Muslim world mass destruction, as mention before, but today is Syria who is suffering.  I am not a Christian anymore until a change is in progress with fresh new laws to protect the Jews, because not on my name the murder again with any excuse, even using today Palestinian people as Martyr's, when in reality the matter is a religion and hate propaganda. Where Christianity and Islam/Muslim Religions Bible/Quran teaches the world: Love, Tolerance, Harmony, Prosperity, Abundance, Happiness, Equality and full Respect, the rest is Hate, Murder, (mass) Destruction, Intolerance, Bulling, Criminal Activity, but not on my name. The Children of tomorrow grow up in a full environment of both ways: good/bad and free to teach/learn by the parents and our society itself that can go both ways, so let's start fermenting good grounds in order to heal the world. I am not criticise the matter as who I am to do such thing, but to protect the human kind. Where the world is lead by professionals, but a criminals as Herod's themselves, but not on my name.  As we stand to witness the murder of more than 100,000 Syrian Victims of War, including innocent children caused by the modern Herod's descendants (Syrian rebels), but nobody does a thing to help and stop the murder, hate and destruction of the place. Prince Charles said: "It is clear from the Koran and indeed the Bible (Christians) too, that humanity has a sacred responsibility for the stewardship of the Earth.-In a keynote speech to Islamic business leaders that the Holocaust had been inexplicably not reported by the media"- The truth fact reflects the direct attack/s on ancient village of Maaloula which is one of the few places in the world, that speak Aramaic, the original language of my Lord Jesus Christ. (Where my Lord Jesus Christ is not taken as a white flag, to incite the world. I am not into a religion anymore, but my Lords and His Principles well fermented that is another matter). The fact alone can give you an idea of medieval life of the Syrian people, by own choice and should be respect, but killed with no respect. The criminal activity pressed President Barack Obama’s administration to the American Congress and order a military strike against Assad regime, which is wrong in law and should be direct to people who are supplying help to the Syrian rebels. As the irresponsible people (first world leaders) treat the matter, as if Syrian War was a game to them, but millions of lives killed everyday, by their own irresponsible Herod's attitude, instead to heal. As American Senators have nothing else better to do with own free time for important matters of the state, as there is: "strong evidence that Syrian rebels are responsible for the attacks see below John Kerry picture (“seems to indicate strong evidence that the Syrian regime is responsible for these attacks.”), but Bashar al-Assad to blame?"- The matter happened to the Middle East leaders: Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, also Egypt, Mubarak, Iraq, Saddam Hussein, Iran, The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Israel, Golda Meir with six million Jews people killed during the WWII. The Jews were excluded from home and land from centuries ago, which is the Middle East by the Christian repercussion. I will be able to probe the matter soon, as Israel the real owners of the Middle East and the Arabs are brothers and sisters of the same, but pulled apart. However this matter of the first world leaders (American Nations, The G-20, Russia, UN, EU) against the Middle East, that believe themselves a divinity of God, but play games, instead of heal, not plausible in law, of any law, as the murder cannot carry on. I am glad that I do not pay taxes in the UK, to kill innocents. The lack of understanding the matter one to another is making the problem even worse with language barriers, traditions, country of birth, laws, education, which is different, but confusing at the times with medieval aims by the Middle East, or lack of interest except the Oil resources and respect to life itself, by the first world leaders. We need to understand that what is acceptable in the first world countries may not be the same matter and principles in the Middle East and here is where we draw a line of "respect/privacy" into each other. We learn from one to another in life, but we cannot push people out of own limits, lack of education, lack of resources, lack of capacity, lack of understanding the matter of the State, as it happens to Syria/The Middle East/Israel/Egypt/Iran/Iraq at the moment. As Israel Online Ambassador, I have the right to protect what I see in a very vulnerable situation and for me is the Middle East, pushing them to own limits or killed. We cannot take the law and pass above peoples lives, as John Kerry is trying to do, interfere with matters of the Middle East, as his American Country is in another side of the World, not the Middle East. John Kerry represents the Interest of American people worldwide to open the doors into the financial market, public relations, business, social, political and religious matters for own prosperity, but not to undermine leaders, interfere in matters of the state, take the law as it please them, murder, genocide and holocaust the Middle East as a whole and with any imaginary reason/s, in the same way the first world countries. Each of those leaders gained the best education money could buy, but my second hands books are prove to be of better value to defend the Human kind than them. The statement mention before below John Kerry photo ( ) contradict leaders in many ways as my words cannot express freely, but assume wrongly: "seems to indicate strong evidence that the Syrian regime is responsible for these attacks" September 7, 2013 When United States Secretary of the State John Kerry, speaks to reporters in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Palace in Vilnius, Lithuania, he said: Evidence of Syria chemical weapons "speaks for itself" September 7, 2013  ( ). The contradict words of United States Secretary of the State John Kerry and the matter maybe not important to us, but important to the Middle East leaders reputation. What's exactly John Kerry means with evidence "speaks for itself", as we cannot just lie reputation of Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, when dangerous substances were made available to the Syrian Father and later his Son (Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad) by the first world countries (1980's)?- Mr Obama said on the same matter, when he was not on Presidential times in the 1980's, but Bush ( ): “We are the United States of America. We cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we’ve seen out of Syria,”- Kerry said the international community was facing a “Munich moment” in Syria, ( ) when in reality America oppose another war, as the Bush family (weapons of mass destruction?):“This is the time to pursue a targeted and limited but clear and effective response that holds dictators like Bashar Assad responsible for the atrocities which they commit?” The problem is not what Kerry words may said anymore, but what those powerful Herod's words can cause to the world, like the Syrian People killed with no mercy and left with no form of defence, but mislead that kill innocents. “There are a number of countries, in the double digits, who are prepared to take military action?” Kerry.  ( ) We worry to know what will happen to us with the mislead, but destroying the Middle East into pieces. When in reality America and Europe are training Syrian rebels to go against own people, including Assad's regime?- When John Kerry said before that Syrian regimen responsible of attacks and how he probe the matter in law, because I can prove in Law that Syrian revels are using violence against own people, country and land and helped by the first world countries:

4-      (U.S. Senator Offers Bill To Arm Syrian Rebels?)
5-  (so whatever's happens, America is not to blame, but Syria rebels?)

The matter happens to us in Mèxico, where our Army trained by the Americans after the trade treaty agreement came into force on January 1, 1994, today a reflection of Syria, with more than 100,000 victims of war or more. The criminal activity against the Syrian people by the revels is against any principles. Where the Middle East people do not come to the first world countries and attack them, but hurt on own land. When the Syrian people, land and glory have no form of defence as the first world countries and lacks opportunities, money, business, education, jobs, army or any form of machinery as form of defence, let alone to produce any kind of chemical weapons, but sold to them in the past to frame them today. Where the first world countries leave Israel alone to defend own people in the Middle East and even more, but lacks of equality as you can see. Israel is the whole Middle East but at the present time, a small stripe as we are all full aware of the matter, but playing cowboy games. The Arabs are not interested in own people, otherwise they could be sent the first world leaders back home. I believe strong that is totally wrong to leave all the matter of the Middle East affairs in the shoulders of Israel, if the Arabs are not prepare to take any action to save own people - the Syrians, then the leaders of the Middle East should be Israeli People. Now if the first world leaders wants a war with the Middle East then, they should wait until both places are made into an equal position like themselves, otherwise we should request the removal of arms to the first world leaders, as Germany went against own people for the same matter and reason/s, "hate propaganda"-I request backing in a free world of advocacy with no means to win anything, but to save lives regarding the matter. Where our taxes are used to kill the most vulnerable people of the UK and the Middle East then that is not Politics, but criminal activity. A deal is a deal and nobody can break a deal, let alone to go against people that lacks resources, numbers, means and ways at the moment, as we are not Oil, but Human People: China has joined Russia in opposing military strikes on Syria, saying it would push up oil prices and create an economic downturn. In equal manner our Human Rights are here to stay with us, which are our Birth Rights that the elders create to safe/ward the world after the WWII. The slave trade finished long time ago back in the 1700's in America and today is what we know the 4th of July 1776, thanks to those brave American people. So as you can see I am not alone in the fight for better quality of life to all, but people were there before me. The world is suffering the racism in which some countries are treated badly, better, worse or non/existence, by the first world countries leaders. I mean the impossibility of save the world as too many restrictions in the matter, financial ambitions and excuses by the Government. We are not precious metal, oil, white, or born in European country, but Mexicans or Middle East. As an example: I have family problems in the UK. I requested help to the UK Primer Minister in the past, but never received a response in the matter, but expelled. What I am trying to do is to expose the level of racial and incapacity discrimination and abuse of power and profession in the UK. We are not in war with the UK Government, but them with us?- Where we live in a country with impossibility of gain nothing, but removal of all our privileges, that were left in the Victorians times. This note of me doing a petition to save the Journalist people in Syria, thanks to the UK MP, but that was years ago, before the Syrian war erupted by own Syrian revels The Primer Minister answer the matter with millions of pounds to help and rescued 2,000 lives, but not to his own people with bedroom tax, cuts, university fee's, ATOS (10,600 victims), or me. Nobody knowledge's the matter of me to help with the present UK situation, not even with a thank you. I am entitle to give my free "opinion" in the matter. I am free to do advocacy to people I think they need more and in this time is the Middle East, but the money is used to exterminate them, with the help of Syrian rebels. I am Christian but if I was Jew, Islam, Buddist, Hindu, as I do not see my God as a religion, but impose by a Bond with millions of money that belongs to the UK State given away with no limits?- The matter of Genocide millions of victims in Afgahnistan, Sudan, Rowanda, Somalia, Lybia, Iraq, Iran. The Syrian affair is 1,429, including 424 children on August 21st 2013 outside Damascus, Syria, but could be more than 100,000 victims of war, which stands as Crimes against humanity, by the first countries (Herod's). In order  to prosecute criminal activity of our modern Holocaust in the world by the first world countries, in the same way as Germany was stopped after the WWII and all own machinery removed and destroyed. In full accordance with (Article 6, 7 and 8) see Nuremberg trials. Syria to the International Criminal Court in accordance with the International Convention of December 9 - December 1948 and the Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949, according to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


The Holy Father of the Vatican Pope Francis I, meet Palestine President Abu Mazen, to discuss matters of the Middle East ..

The MP of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing to the world leaders: US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Francois Holland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron.