Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The best speech in British Politics goes to: "Dennis Skinner" ..

  Por Una Cabeza played in Schindler's List ..
Congratulations to Dennis Skinner, I think he's a very brave man fighting the French Company called ATOS in the Political Government World with matters of the State that are way out of our reach, he left me with no breath afterwards. I am considered a fiery person, but honest to my God, I pass him the Crown and with respect to the Queen. As Dennis Skinner said my own words in one minute sixteen seconds, to be exact, while he left David Cameron MP mumbling for words and those words with no meaning at all. It is very rich to speak "of people that qualify" for benefits from our Primer Minister, David Cameron, when his own (Ivan) claim State Benefits like the rest of us (RIP), but all in the past. This is why the benefits are removed from us to show the world what we are supposed to be "benefit scroungers", instead of "Human People with Incapacities" like his "own flesh and bone", while I believe strong that the Bullies are "posh, out-of-touch, rich and privileged"- Only a "Coward Person" will attack someone who lacks means to defend himself-herself and those people are "small groups" of the UK Government and their own staff. I, Myself made a note regarding the matter of ATOS/Unemployment/Bedroom Tax crimes, that stands at 10,600 and still counting. I even exposed the case to The Home Secretary, Theresa May as she was "Shocked, By Type 1 diabetes Diagnosis", with sick victims like her, but with no means, status and poor. I wanted to see if Theresa May could help with the ATOS matter given "from own illness", like me doing FREE advocacy to no avail. However, Michael Meacher MP speech helps a lot to expose this criminal activity, by Nazi Eugenics that works for DWP. If I was s Solicitor, I would be taking the DWP Minister (Iain Duncan Smith) to the Courts, for the 10,600 victims and still counting. The legal matter of 10,600 crimes is an Holocaust with the International Law. It's an offence to the United Kingdom People and own families. In fact, it's a disgrace. The matter legally is impossible to believe such crimes, particularly on this XXI Century. Where belongs the attitude of the DWP Minister Duncan Smith to Hitler's, Stalin's, Mussolini's, Franco's and the Taliban's times that was on the WWII and passed long time ago, with respect, but he do not shows any respect to us?- I am a Disabled person myself and may speaking on behalf of the most vulnerable people of the UK, if nobody is driven by Racist attitude towards me. As I do not conform to the UK rules of blue, blond and white but brown, brown and brown. I believe strong that the Primer Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron is not aware of the present situation in which his own Government staff deals with affairs of the State, including Duncan Smith Minister of the DWP, towards "Disabled Claimants" as the ATOS exams creator. I refused to take part of the exam, as ATOS is only an Agency, not Medical qualify Professionals, that stands at 30 credits at Level 6 of a degree award?-What kind of qualification is that: a cheap quick scheme, or get rich quick and kill the country (reputation)?- The money given to ATOS exams could be well used on training to the most vulnerable people of our society, like unemployed, disabled, poor and receive the education that they need to make the new changes "after", not before, as we stand now. The rest of the country disabled people who takes the ATOS exams are exposed to criminal activity of the DWP staff and may lose benefit, by bad spread. The bad spread keeps on their own DSS Records and may for a life the lie. After the War (WWII) finished the country was left in bad state, in which took 60 + years to what is today. I do understand the UK Government wants a new changes, but all takes time, even our Lord made the World in 7 days, not 1. The most vulnerable people of our society stands to lose all, as the rules were that way and for many years, but blame of benefits Cheats?- I am saying this as David Cameron addressed back to Dennis Skinner relate to the same matter, as you can see the video back if you wish, but, left me confuse.  Please let's me explain the why, as I do not believe the MP David Cameron is aware of matters of the State, simple as that. I want to prove the matter legally. On one occasion, our Primer Minister said: “Anyone with severely disabled children is exempt from the spare room subsidy.” and the matter went viral. Now, Grant Shapps admitted (8/3/2013) that the Primer Minister, David Cameron made a big mistake on "bedroom tax" and he said: David Cameron made a mistake in saying families with disabled children were exempt from the so-called "bedroom tax"- Each one of those Ministers got an excellent background, qualifications, lifestyle, money, salary, training, with hundreds of extras to claim for them and their own families, in order to represent the Queen Elizabeth II to the highest commando of law and reputation Worldwide, not just the UK. "Poverty is not an excuse for the UK Ministers to do the jobs half way, or nothing at all, as they get paid an excellent salary for a few hours here and then"-A place where the Tax Payer expect excellence for their own money and not mistakes, but we are in financial crisis?-The same apply to their own staff of the UK Ministers, as 90% are professionals, according to own C.V. but the reality is that the staff are friends of the same Upper Class and they are selected by them, more than the media, qualification, or experience in the matter. "My Question is as we stand/s losing all, who is ruling the Country?"-The reasons why we are in crisis in the world, but benefits claimants stand accused by Government own mistakes, failures and ignorance, incredible?- Where we have in the UK hundred of Ministers and the rest is staff that are positioned below of them. When one pulls the other the matter tends to break the chain and before you knows, we are in a mess today, thanks to all of them and together. We stand losing all and the country is on sale, as nobody knows how to rule the country. I swore the Bible when I became UK Citizen to protect the Queen, Country, Land and Glory and I intent to do what I said I will do it, but the colour of my persona is not what you are expecting to have. Apologies as this is how my Lord made me and I am unable to change the course of life itself, but the cause of racism towards with people like myself. I refuse to hide myself in the corner, to please the Racists, Bullies, Anarchists, Nazis, Hitler´s, Stalin´s, Mussolini´s, Franco´s and Taliban´s of our Society that we live nowadays, as we are multicultural, according to my Lords Principles. As you do not go to my country and hide from us, so why we have to hide in the UK and in order to survive your racism?- Yes, Taliban´s as the Primer Minister is trying to convert all of us to the Islam/Muslim world with a Bond?- In which, I just left the Christians world for the same matter, 6 million Jews died of "hate" and not on my name. I do not intent to enter to no Bonds, as my persona is not for sale, let alone The Queen or Her Peoples (my children). I believe strong that the Freedom of Religious Studies (Bonds) are Universal and I oppose wars. All the Religious matters are made with respect to the same Institutions, but not to me and nobody can force me to take something that ferment "hate, blood, violence"- In my country Mexico we do not mix our Constitution or Politics with Religion, for the same level of violence, but today, we stand/s in wars. The reason/s to request help the Queen Elizabeth II. I retract myself, as the help to my Country peoples need to come from the UK, not from me, because of the level of criminal activity. I am unable to understand how a top University of "London School of Economics" open the doors to the main creator and reasons, why my country Mexico stands in blood, drugs, violence, hate and intolerance. I felt betrayed by the UK State. I would never bring this wave of hate to you to the UK, from my country. The ex/husband sister social worker opened the doors to her own "family problems" in order for those people to collaborate her own lies and hurt my reputation badly, in exchange of tax payer services.  I was not even aware, until now. I swore to God, with the Bible in the Hand. Carlos Salinas was an ex/President of Mexico that opened the doors to Trade in America, but sold my country to peanuts and stands as teacher in London?- The next President stand to no better, with more than 100, 000 deaths and teaches at the Harvard University in America, no wonder the level of criminal activity in the world?- Unfortunately, many UK Ministers are unaware of the matters national or international level and before long, all is pulled out by their own mess, as I show you with the case of Cameron and Shapps. Mr Cameron was not lying (“Anyone with severely disabled children is exempt from the spare room subsidy.”), but unaware of the matter, which is different, but the UK state is hanging in the woods for the same matter, "Ignorance" - I am entitle to earn a living either by work, benefits, education or whatever means, while I am living in the UK in the same way as you got the ex/presidents teaching in a very reputable Universities in London and Worldwide. The ex/Presidents mention before stand as crimes against humanity. What is the reason/s of why, I am unable to work, gain Justice, Services in Trafford and Life in general in the UK?- The "Family problems" and reasons of my divorce, removed all the services from me at the Trafford Area. I can actually prove the matter. I am taking the Council to the (Manchester Civil Justice) Courts for the same level of racism (CO/7411/2013). On the hearing date 10/10/2013 with 58 documents at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre with the case: CO/7411/2013), a prove to the Judge, but the case was dismissed?-Not one or three, but 58 documents as evidence against Trafford Council from me, but those papers mean nothing in the UK, as my colour of skin is not for the Judges to take?-What a corrupt world we live nowadays in the UK?-My country Mexico enjoys status of corrupt by the ex/husband, but lacks of the same facilities of the British, but the UK what excuses got to be corrupt?-All my notes are made with the same level of respect to the Queen Elizabeth II and to whom it may concern, but I need to highly the issues that are destroying our community, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.