Thursday, 31 October 2013

Monarch Koning Willem Alexander declare the End of the Welfare State, Freedom of Speech, Internet Sensors, Jobs, Business, Education, Training, University fee's, Pensions and even the holly Electricity/Power, for All the Royal Family ..

寺井尚子 ラ・クンパルシータ Naoko Terai La Cumparsita

Monarch Koning Willem Alexander declare the End of the Welafare State, for All the Royal Family. Can you imagine if the matter happened to the Royal Family in Europe and not to us "simple commoners?"-As the contributions comes from the tax payer direct to the State and never from the Royal Family, to their own Peoples, not even a cent. I am unable to understand the Monarch Koning Willem Alexander and with full respect, but how He declare to End the Welfare State, when nothing comes from His pocket and in which grounds in Law?-Unfortunately the matter is happening to all Humble European commoners, just like you and me, not to the Royal Family. The coincidence is not a gossip anymore, but a sad reality. In fact the UK is for sale by our Primer Minister that have 60 million pounds worth of money/property/hereditary himself and his wife, so no worries to the Public State (us?), but stands to receive wages, expenses, etc. The strain to live your life in Europe with less money, than the average of the Royal Family. The Royal Family in all Europe was born into Royalty and not a single day need to go to work to subside own salary, as it should be. The most wealthiest people in Europe works to maintain own Castles, but not the Royal Family. Prince Charles owns: The Duchy of Cornwall which is a private estate that funds the public, charitable and private that consists of approx., 53,154 hectares of land in 24 counties (almost nothing), mostly in the South West of England. The money that generate that State alone any King could live happily ever after, plus cash allowance by the Civil List. The removal of the UK Social Security Benefits or as you call European (Dutch, Spanish, Greeks, Italian, Portuguese, German, etc.) Welfare State help to the most vulnerable people of our community is the most coward way seeing to man/woman before. The matter is not happening to the European Royal Family, but the rest of commoners that pay taxes and contribute. All this is done in order for the rich to live well and not necessarily the European Royal Family, but rich people that works in Politics, Society, Government and their own Staff, means less money to pay for taxes to the State?-I can not understand how the new program of removal of our Birth Rights will affect direct to the European Royal Family in the long way. As 90% in Europe do not work and not by our faults either, but the same failure of Government staff. The European commoners stand to lose all (us), by the continue removal of all rights as Koning Willem Alexander declare, including State support, affecting badly the most vulnerable and poor in Society, but not to them. The Dutch Family earns without never need to work in grace and favours a whopping annual salary of 825,000 Euros ($1.1 million), though maintain the Royal House,  Castles, Parades and all costs the government more than 100 million Euros annually. The cost of life itself is so great, with so many taxes, that nobody can breath properly of the strain. The welfare state was like a cushion to help those more in need, but removed. I understand that abuse had been happening by those people that work in Government places (small groups), but what the rest of us commoners has to do with the matter. Furthermore to attack direct to the most poor citizens of our Society, what a cowardice. The Netherlands Monarch Koning Willem Alexander declares the end of Welfare State, when after the WWII was the beginning of what we know today, as Independence. The European Union also was born to unite the countries and stop the war, but not to the Kings (Koning Willem Alexander, Prince Charles, King of Spain, etc.) to come and removes all, as they never been in war themselves to know what is like to come from the dark hole. "The shift to a participation Society is especially visible in Social Security and long-term care"-What about the poor and most vulnerable people of the European Countries?-The one's as you call: the forgotten Society, in which part they participate with little or non/education?-I believe the European Royal Family as a whole should set an example themselves and participate direct within own peoples, as stands to be the most rich people of our Society, but never worked. A series of recent polls have shown that confidence within the European Parliament, European Union and the Euro or Government own policies of: Spain, Greece, Portugal, England, Germany, Italy, etc is at low records.  All of those people that works for the Government and their own Staff gained an excellent education that the rest only dream, with low records performance?-This reflect why "German election: Angela Merkel secures historic third win", to safe - ward German own interest, as there is a few people with those high records. The commoners peoples along political parties (conservatives/labour/liberals in the UK) unions, employer's, associations and even economists, believe the Cabinet's Austerity Draconian Policies is worsened, even as recovery false speculations. The reports comes from the most reputable News and in my case the United Kingdom. We stand in Britain to lose all, not just the Welfare State, but the Freedom of Speech, Internet Sensors, Jobs, Business, Education, Training, University fee's, Pensions and even the holly Electricity/Power The soaring prices in our living standards from the Draconian Policies, unable to understand the poor or most vulnerable people of our Society, but close all doors and with our respect (Koning Willem Alexander, Prince Charles, King of Spain, etc.), but they do not shows us any respect.
1- Press regulation Royal charter given go-ahead by the Queen?-
2- The Queen Signs Royal Charter On Regulation Of Britain's Press.
3- The Queen's Speech 2013.
I want you to know that the Queen's speech is wrong and insult Her Peoples. The unemployment, trade marks and a wave of lies as The Queen's speech stands is against the UK Citizens, but wrong in law. I can prove the matter. The matter was not caused by us, but failures of the UK Government staff, but blame. The same UK Government that works along with Prince Charles, to destroy all Her Majesty hard work to her peoples and from years ago. In the same Queen's Speech, Her Majesty gave some duties to Her son Prince Charles to cover His criminal activity and betrayal to His own Mother from years ago with matters of the State. The Monarchy and the State are total separate according to the Law. Prince Charles need to decide to be the next King or Politician, but can not be both. Can you imagen if The Queen Elizabeth II gives all the Reigns to Prince Charles, as we stands to lose all by His immediate actions?- What I mean to say is the Firm wants us to believe that all comes from the Queen Elizabeth II, impossible but to blame. The same matter happened to Lady Di. All the blame was passed to Princess Diana of Wales shoulders only, not to Camilla's ultimatum to Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. When in reality was Prince Charles/Camilla/Paparazzi's (groups of Prince Charles helpers), who killed Princess Diana of Wales in an accident to give way to Camilla. The action itself gave way to be born the Anarchism in the UK and from years ago. Anarchism stands as people believe themselves to be with no laws to abide and obey or to be above the law, which is the Queen Elizabeth II, the one that holds the Constitution. As Prince Charles married Camilla when the matter was not possible to His Uncle Edward VIII or Aunt Margaret Windsor own rules, but a betrayal to the Constitution. The criminal activity of the Anarchism today stands the action itself in more abuses of power and profession, that leads to crimes. We need to understand that the Queen Elizabeth II is alive and well, in the same way as her own mother, The Queen Mother and The Queen Victoria that both lived, happy and with long years in Reign. I believe strong the matter should be allowed in the same peaceful way and with Respect that our Monarch deserves: The Queen Elizabeth II, if she wants to continue as she wishes, instead to be pushed on and off with lies or misleads, as mention before with the Queen's Speech. The Queen Elizabeth II comes with a large Royal Family to help Her on duties, not to interfere in matters of the State. "I favour Prince Andrew to be with His Mother at all the times and to be His main Career, to let The Queen Elizabeth II to carry on Her duties and in peace, as she should be doing Her job. I become British Citizen to protect the Queen's affairs in any possible ways and I intent to do what I swore in Law. The UK financial crisis and criminal activity do not comes from us commoners as we do not hold the power, but Government staff. What happens in Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, or even Dutch lands stay on those countries. The British people is united with the European Union States, to stop any Wars and to be working along side - each other, in total harmony with open mind, market, education and prosperity in general, but without losing our identity, traditions, blood, land, roots, etc. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.