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"Alfie's Law" ..

Why God could not save Alfie and Charlie's life, 
because was medicine not God.
In Memory of Alfie´s life 
all those children, 
that perish, 
before time,
 RIP ..

Schubert - Ave Maria

"Alfie's Law" bid launched to give parents more control.

I spoke of another similar case, so no point to make a double note of the same medical case, except that I read on the news, just after Alfie Evans got Italian Citizenship, "that a child born in the UK belongs to the UK", but somehow imposed to a terminal life, like Alfie Evans, with respect to his parents.

It looks to me that, when suit medicine a child's life belongs to the United Kingdom (Italian Citizenship, "that a child born in the UK belongs to the UK") and when not may used as part of research, medicine advancement, otherwise explain to me why two cases are identical, with Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard ( life support withdrawn after, by a court of law ruling! ), either by parents pregnancy, after birth and/or hospital fault after medical care, error, misdiagnosis, but lost hope ( ), Vatican help ( ) and transport stopped (Italian Citizenship, "that a child born in the UK belongs to the UK"), refused by UK doctors, otherwise could rule autopsy (only performed for homicide), by parents rights over children and in order to have an idea, into what happen, caused the illness in the first place, both cases with degenerative genetic condition, semi-vegetative state, seizures, lazy and late developer, but own body fully responsible and for everybody to see, when grow into a normal way, healthy cells that produce skin, hair, bone, body grow and the rest and irresponsible due to lack of medical treatment, stopped the medical treatment for some reasons and/or medical treatment was not qualify for the correct illness and sickness ( and as such, medical practice from the NHS, with excellent reputation, like Alder Hey and Great Ormond Street hospital and left links:
etc ..

And the reasons why I wrote this note was for the ruling, I was not aware (Italian Citizenship, "that a child born in the UK belongs to the UK"), before I became pregnant in the UK soils not by me, as I cannot produce children, because I am a woman, but manhood of the ex/husband that can produce babies ( ), including his family and the place my children forced to be left at the clinic and in order for me to come back Mexico, but terminate (abortion) by the ex-husband and his British rules, principles, regulations, ruling, laws, code of conduct, duty of care, way of life, country of birth, excuses, issues, matters, institution, system and even "family problems", but I was unaware until today - and due to a system, that failed me and mine (unborn children) into a horrible way, without any care, pity, respect, love, because the children (2) were conceived in the UK, never Mexico land and glory, but England and as you can see, the shock today of lies, betrayal (Italian Citizenship, "that a child born in the UK belongs to the UK"), but nobody tell you a thing, by a Judas (ex/husband) and unbearable to accept, admit, take it as plausible in any law, furthermore the treachery, lack of information, respect for life and everything that comes with the matters, but racism and only God knows the rest, that hide in the background, affecting me, as today!!? -

I wish only, the ex-husband acted very much like the father of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard, that went beyond possibility to save their own children, even public display to gain full support with the termination (abortion, as in my case) of life, furthermore as single mothers get help by the UK state, unable to understand today reasons, grounds in law, because ex/husband reaons in law on "that time" was cash, work and even unemployment, but why not the UK state to pay for the man's wrongdoing against me, as rape, as we were not going out in a proper way to be left with a child, neither plans of marriage as he could not afford, duty of anything as he told me was unemployed, except to learn English in the UK and wonder if that was an unprovoked attack against my reputation, affecting badly to third peoples as my unborn children (2) and wonder if follows the same pattern as Mexico, by same sister (mara) that initiate the matter (with sergio gomes pintado) and become very close with ex/husband sister, social worker, carol parker (the same as soco, with norma hazz?), by the use of my family, sisters and own children (that took advantage in the UK, with not one, but 2 university places see link:  all free, using my unborn children as excuse and case to gain sympathy, favors, sell family secrets and kill all me and mine based on sick / ill spread, intolerance, lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc, furthermore the ex/husband took part in the vendetta, together with his sister, social worker and members of my family?-) and today impossible to break the bond with endless excuses, lies, slander: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc and in order to keep you entertained, while they steal the life of the rest, like Roman's times, with no respect for life, family, nothing!!? -

"On that time", my English was very basic, mean when meet the ex/husband, before and after marriage and I even found a job of English teaching, puebla, mexico to his sister, social worker, carol parker, the same place that I was learning the language, months before the wedding, may 18, 1985, today is 2018, more than 30 + years passed, someone mention in the news: "Italian Citizenship, "that a child born in the UK belongs to the UK?", not as how the ex/husband told me "on the beginning", that he got no cash, no job and no nothing, but forgot to be responsible for his manhood, neither mention his social security benefits, that help single mothers and in my case, forgot where he landed his responsibility, intent to blame me, when women can not produce babies at any time, but want to damage my reputation, even escorted me to the clinic, exactly like sister (josefa) escorted my father after left his office, acting with no respect for family life, because again, as a woman, I cannot produce babies, my body cannot produce children, except men, neither my father to fall for the trap of my family (josefa) and even escorted like criminal? -

 No wonder where all initiate, begin, including sister (josefa) helpers (mara, soco, rafa, ana pia, etc) that aid each other, gain and profit, sale family like slavery times, with slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), when is a crime in law, but aid from her husband work, Mexican government, promote the cause, effect, illness, sickness, abuse, connection, murder spree, otherwise this abuse between family members, "as any professional that is not entitle to represent their own family, or lose their own licence, profession", never could be possible in a million years, but power of politics affairs is more than simple salary (with respect to The King of Spain, but see link: )? -

As nobody can hold into a child´s life, except parents, unfortunately this is the way our GOD made the possibility, not professional standards, but never when women are provoked by men manhood to dominate, with intention to leave them with a child, slave, control their own life further, for indefinite time, furthermore with no plans, relationship, or future whatsoever, neither unwanted pregnancies allowed by the law, as rape ( is a crime (ex/husband and sergio gomes pintado), when the man, any man from the whole wide world is full aware of manhood, full control of his manhood, responsible of the cause and effect after, from his manhood, left an innocent woman pregnant for no reasons, plans, by his manhood, mean in law and act very much indeed, as "unprovoked attack", when full aware of where he placed his manhood, without women permit, consent and knowledge, until far too late, become pregnant, servant of his life by the constant bullying, trashing, then after came the reprisals, vendettas, hate propaganda, insults, treads, slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), intolerance, abuse, bullying, "confidentiality acts" to hide the bullies and even used, abused women as trade meat, slave, sexual gratification and whatever the hatred and malicious intent, wants, starting from own family, the first ones to sell their own kind for profit, gain, benefit, gratification, political life and etc?

I am happy with my world today, present time, I do not need to succumb to nobody slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against my reputation, but account to myself alone, when forced to be dragged into their own ab-ism, slander and fatalism in the past, by "family problems" from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers members of my family, reasons why I refuse to leave the UK and leave my children alone in this country, neither I want to see the family from both sides again, when help, assist and bond each other since day one, parasites that live from the rest.

As the ex/husband told me when pregnant, after 2 terminations (abortion) - "you wanted, then you keep them", unaware of what happened today, why the change of heart, hypocrisy, after the hard work is done by me alone in a foreign country, married with him, only by pretenses, because in reality no cash allowance to help lift the load, ( child ) maintenance, except now that I am divorce, never before, neither to own children when was his duty of care and as father figure and this is what I said today, that my children not matter age will stay with own father and as long as they want, alone, exactly as I was forced to live with them, alone, including cooking, laundry, making beds, driving all hours taxi, paying school fees, clothing, trips, food and allowances, with full support, respect that our children deserve, even if older to know better, but he is going to bond with them and alone, to make for all times, lost, as his full responsibility of a father figure to shine and since day one and as the same as me in the past - no problem, but today the ball is in his side, because I am sick, that the world come against me for no reasons and not the real people that create the mess, mischief, intolerance, racism, hate propaganda, spread against my reputation, slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), when is not me, even by "manhood, language and benefits as single mother" and I can probe in law anytime, but forced to act upon, escorted, orders against my life, maybe by same sister (josefa) that escorted my father, even told me (josefa), that a woman (maybe ex/husband mother!!) was helping her (josefa?), neither anyone interested in my side of the story, except now with my blog, as wanted to continue cashing with the story, keep entertained the public and the law changes to social media (after May, as I was told by fb, google, twitter, etc) and stop, expose abuse against my life, but not a law to deter bullying, bullies, intolerance, hate propaganda, unprovoked attacks, etc!? -

And you know what HURTS most is my children, reading all this bullshit and not the children of the sister ( josefa ), that create the matters together with her husband and in order to deviate their own political world (starting from when lost their first child, see link: and may think that are not loved, wanted, care, respect, part of society and for me alone, they so special, came with own light, waiting for them since day one, as they are the wonders of my world, the best present God gave me and the best children that my Lord send to me special and as reward and I can not ask for better, mean you, I believe for so long, that I don't deserve my children, after all the turmoils, ups and downs of my life and hope in the future can see, how far a mother can get just to hold them, for ever, because as the ex/husband told me ,"they are yours, you keep them", then he has not rights today to keep them, as mine alone, but I want him to bond with them, as father figure, for once in his life to do his duty as parent, to see what he missed during his own lifetime, maybe present, but absent father, husband, no even cash allowance, so today need to pay his duty, bond with his children and leave the tale, slander, turmoil that left me and for so long, NEVER AGAIN to another woman! -

And to show you, how far the intolerant people went against me, with sick/ill spread, that used even a "Golden Retriever" for slander, when need exercise, love, attention, baths, but I am petite, impossible and as large dog, so I went to get a small one for the children, to play and me to look after the dog properly and the big dog went to a farm, with plenty grass to run around, exercise, also new owners promised to look after her properly, but when the ex/husband father (bernard) and keeper of his children dog (carol), passed away was his own mother that looked after the big dog and feed him, but bath only by paying someone to do the matters, never the real owner (carol), because this is how they were raised, parents always doing everything for them, but my children are not allowed, left to ex/husband moto of "leave her", when in law someone that leave the responsibility of own kind not matter age is "neglect" a criminal offence, act !! -

And if I need help, I will ask my children, as my family are all in Mexico, as this is how they wanted from the beginning, reasons why I am unable to return, invented all the pregnancy to hold, control, slave and sell me to the best bidder, with intention to hurt my life badly, including their own shows, slander against my reputation, because this is how vindictive they are and of curse, with aid of the ex/husband and his "family problems" and as mention before, same reasons - to keep me here, today after 30 + years remember that got a sister, family abroad, when in reality, they were in full contact with the ex/husband family, planing the intolerance against me and my children, from far distance, now use friends to get even more closed, to know family secrets, when for me, they are complete strange people, absent family, part of my past and so which rights they got today, who is asking and why!?-

"Alfie's Law" bid launched to give parents of terminally-ill children with respect, more say in their end-of-life care and really hope, a lesson to learn in the future, furthermore to recruit medical staff that understand the illness properly, with proper patient care plan.  

It is not for me to explain my children of any wrongdoing and from "family problems", except when come the abuse direct from me, but expose the intolerance, unprovoked attack into our life, but the ex/husband, explain why, he let the bullies ( ) dominate, enter our life with no care, respect, love even for own children, with the use of friends to teach them things, that I never teach them, hold into them and dominate our life, as puppets, to the extent of use simple bread (like communion wafer, mean someone from christian world? -) and how to eat the same and in order to cause an accident, like sister (josefa) family ( intent to cause another accident and always acting with intent to kill, hurt, double meaning, intention, malice, bully, pin in the wall, hurt reputation, lie, slander (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), use of his sister, social worker (like norma hazz against soco), as weapon against me and my children, because the following link:  with respect to the Queen could not create itself, alone and out of nothing, fresh air, but someone that got access into our private life, without our permit, consent, knowledge and from behind, close doors, nobody was watching, monitor the criminal activity, to satiate own insides, but strike like what they are, cowards, without pity, remorse, love and respect for family life, bond, but intolerant bullies ( ) of society. 

I was watching Stephen Lawrence ( case live on T.V. and in fact the program shows that from the beginning of the case, gone without any help whatsoever, protection laws ( ) and exactly the same as Alfie and Charlie indefence victims, like me and my children alone in the UK, bullied, with no form of defense, laws, protection, but leave bullies roam freely against us with any slander and victims face the ordeal alone, contrary of the rest that many use the media to aid, earn, compensate and still insist that bullying should be regarding a crime in law, because the after effects is impossible to live after and only need to see the program from Lawrence family, because bullying come in many ways, forms, shapes and not just children in the school playground, but adults as myself, that lose unborn children in the clinic, with "unprovoked attacks" and the rest by own ordeal and with respect to may concern matters.

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, canon law and rule of law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

(I made no grammar correction, until the law correct my life and receive full compensation, memory, justice and non-repetition of the crimes committed to me and mine, never again! -)


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