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Pope Francis: "First Homeless Jesus, Installed in Glasgow City Centre" -

Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord - Boney M

Britain's FIRST 'Homeless Jesus' unveiled in Glasgow: "Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said (  It sends a powerful message – that homelessness could affect any of us at any given time of our lives ( What is equally significant about this particular piece of art is that there are now over 75 of these statues worldwide, from India to Australia and even in the Vatican, demonstrating that homelessness is not just a challenge for a few countries – it is a truly global issue which requires all of our attention" -

And I said:   "I went to Glasgow shopping center a few days ago, the view with the homeless is not any better, never pardon the truth fact that is Christmas, disgusting indeed, shame to the UK government and staff, because peoples lives are not political paws"-

Furthermore when intent to label the rest and even parents (, because many need to borrow cash to own children for basic (SOFA) necessities and I can probe in law my words, so down the slander, lies and intolerance, as the community should not be penalize for the (local) government mistakes! -

We can take anyone to the courts of law and prove otherwise, furthermore when spread malicious intent against humanity (, furthermore when speak for everyone with intent to harm the rest, because in reality is only a few UK parents that can afford Christmas presents (, neither my problem into how, benefit agency staff access and conduct own business affairs, but mislead the course of the law with lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) is against the law! -

I am not the Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Joan of Arc, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, neither represent the Vatican, or work in conjunction with Pope Francis and in order to be used, then abused after, when my notes express what the rest is thinking about, furthermore when news should be according to the truth and reality of the case, never mislead the course of the law to earn more and hide the sad / bad situation, because slander is costing nowadays and the rest own living standards, life and progression, so let's be an example ( to the world and not a cause and effect to regret after!-

Because falsely accuse community for own failures ( is not the correct answer to any crisis, when disabled, able, color, age, religion, sexual orientation and the rest are Not politicians, neither represent the community in (local) government affairs, furthermore responsible for the UK's productivity problems, much more when the UK system comes a long way with the issues, matters and problems, before Margaret Thatcher ruled the UK and I emigrate from Mexico to be blame / frame after, then en-forced (peoples: "to live within our means - In tough times, everyone has to take their share of the pain, Theresa May"-  I wonder why me and my children involve, when UK services removed, otherwise I would not be here writing in my blog the horrid ordeal, with respect to the Queen Elizabeth II  but born in Mexico not from English mother to know better and learning the English law to protect my kind.  As I can see with my children making my own mistakes by the mislead, lies and intolerance from the rest, unaware of the English law, rules, regulations properly, even in employment - after an accident, because even the "wear and tear" need to be reported at work and GP and asap, but repeat own father words of "leave her / him", mean leave peoples to own mess and that leave her / him is neglect and that neglect is a crime.   As community-watch, we are all responsible for the welfare of the rest, even ex/husband, because his mother an English woman and jury service to know better, but report to the police for forcing my children to leave the rest to own mess, when is a crime, neglect and abuse, then blame and frame after?-   I left my sister soco when emigrate to the UK from Germany, forced by the ex/husband "to leave her alone", so many times saw me in fragrant delivering her food parcels to be grilled after, he was watching me from a distance, perhaps spy and followed by the same staff from grocery stores, trafford hospital and everywhere I went, then my direct family after, falsely accused me of slander, lies, blame and frame, nobody ever bother to ask me the reasons/ grounds, until now writing in my blog with more than 600 + notes, but carry on manipulate the ex/husband family to own pleasure, cashing ££$$ and as link shows.  Since then and with the wave of intolerance into my life, with endless LIES against my reputation, that followed after and cashed "££$$$" to own advantage  that I don't follow orders anymore, but follow my own instincts and learn the rules, laws and regulations of the UK, because I am not paying my taxes for to leave peoples in own mess "leave her / him", furthermore my children not matter age are going to be used, abused, frame and blame after, but educate properly by the REAL laws, not somebody else laws as own father, ex/husband with cruelty against human peoples, twist believe of ""leave her / him" in own mess, no help whatsoever, even homeless comes with rights and responsibilities.   I can take to the courts of law, whoever want to challenge me and whoever is responsible for mislead the course of the law to own advantage, irresponsible attitude of "leave her / him" in own mess, but pay for own mistakes, twisted believes, irresponsible attitude, mislead to frame and blame after innocents peoples, like me and my children forced!-  As where is responsible peoples paying, sharing, living ordeal but intent to use peoples even for political introduction  when SLAVERY is a crime, mean hold peoples as political paws to trade, deal, introduce each other, reflects inability to perform jobs properly!!- I mean to say that matter alone and with respect, because on the 3/12/2017 I went to the local betting place and spend some time away from home  the machine at the end was broken after spend a small fortune.   I was upset, but staff repaired soon after, mean show me how to cancel betting and control by just lifting the "press" buttons, cleaned, instead remove the damaged slot machine? -  In my case, upset, but never used force, police, or made a further complaint and somehow matters end, when staff gave me certain coins to use after, never recoup my lost, including my brother, badly hurt -  - never your staff, so can you see the reaction into one and another, mean education, respect? - I understand that one case was in mexico and another in the uk, only I am showing you the political paws, that at any time hurt anyone from your peoples, but behave in a proper way with respect and left premises when machine was damaged, why no for my brother, but perhaps wanted the introduction, trade, deals and more, furthermore how I probe this to my family, also which family member/s put me into this place to be frame / blame after, with a slot machine?! -  Up to know, I am unable to know why of the connection, me and my brother, when everybody gamble, play lottery and enjoy life - no problem, no political paws, no worries and with respect to the Queen  except when maybe used as political paws, because days after brexit deal was fully granted and even gained  and I wonder the exact time, circumstances, reasons, matter and only when I play the machine slots, perhaps as trade deals, political paws, like Johnson in 'frank talks' on jailed Briton Zaghari-Ratcliffe. I knew it will come to it after used amusement arcade and UK government may granted the exit from Brussels with brexit, by political paws and even left weeks till now to mention, mean to make sure, even probe in law, as my bank statement from 3/12/2017, including video recording from premises, may delete by now, but no government deals, when taking peoples as political paws - slaves!?- ) and since 2010 change the course of benefit system using ATOS to help, soon after removed entitlements, benefits, social security and forced peoples into work with no basic education, training, shadowing and I wonder how many professionals would be happy to work that way, with such extreme conditions, but expect wonders from the rest, then who in reality responsible of UK problems? -

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, including Canon Law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law,  Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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