Saturday, 14 October 2017

Adam Jammeh: "Tesco Supermarket Incident" -

                        NO MUSIC WHEN BULLYING!

Sacked TESCO worker, Adam Jammeh, arrested over Tesco roof protest, instead to open a case for unfair dismissal and avoid the law, persecution, police, protest, incident, public shame, blame, frame, uncomfortable position and the need to show himself off in the public life, news, radio, t.v., press, that matter could be avoided, extremely cheap, embarrassing, downgraded, uncomfortable, stressful, painful, sad and racist (as only him, Adam Jammeh and pretty much like me in the UK with "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, now intent to force my children to join the club of unsolicited hatred bullies  and own bullshit! -  ), because never an English person need to suffer the same kind of abuse, bullying, harassment acts, ASBOS, ill / sick spread, hatred, intolerance and unsolicited attack! -

Adam Jammeh may no be aware, that in case of "unfair dismissal at work", the next step is to open a case for Employment Tribunal.

Because after the unfair dismissal, Adam Jammeh stood outside the Tesco premises for so many days ( to no end, parading himself in public life, "demanding his job back", but ignored totally by Tesco staff, neither on time contact the police for the incident and/or report the apparent stealing in which his reputation was badly framed, blamed, accused, damaged and lost his job as a result, mean nobody followed the law properly, but passed the law, with intention that was easy to sack him with no care, pity, consideration and what may come / become after the incident when exposed in the press, furthermore received no legal aid, statuary rights and guidance when lost his job and as the case a-merit, neither the public gave any help, assistance, directions, when Adam Jammeh stood outside the Tesco shop for so long, acting like fixture, never explain dismissal grounds / reasons by Tesco employer, exactly like happened to me before divorce, when lost everything by the "family problems", forced to represent me in law and all my cases dismissed one, by one, soon  after passed the acceptance (tell me if was not twisted, corrupted, hide and manipulate the UK law and removed from my reach?!!  - ) limits, then "family problems" have the decency to blame / frame me AFTER for everything ( with intent, even when unrealistic matters, like the case of my brother (, because me, the ex/husband (I was still married!) and my children were living in the UK (mean our passports should speak louder than my own words!), never Mexico and even today, still in the UK (again our passports should speak of our travel arrangements, never my words!), but falsely blame, frame and hurt my reputation badly, to the point to make my blog, come out in the open and expose the horrid abuse, even placed myself in the roof if possible, because the pain inside, when I know fully well of such family betrayals is unrelieved, unquestionable in law and unprovoked the vicious attack!? -

(As you read the previous letter, the neighbor nuisance was my sisters that lived in the same sherway drive, UK as me, when on good time, I wanted and intended to have a form of communication between the family, my intention was purely in good will, never intended malicious in any way, form, or shape, furthermore when I was not aware of the abuse direct to me and since I was a child / young woman, forced to terminate / abortion = 3 innocents in the family vendetta against my reputation, otherwise I will leave bullies  in their own mess, mean the ex/husband sister, carol parker, mara and rafa  = 3, that came against my unborn children = 3, but stupid of me, intent to force them to speak, speak, speak and speak of any family issues that concern, but instead my brother jose was badly hurt within a year to silence, months after saw the solicitor help - "please see / read letter properly" - for dates and as result he died RIP, then I was falsely blame / frame instead to sit and have a simple dialogue of the matters, but killed instead not just my brother, but today I understand fully well that my unborn children = 3 forced to terminate by the same Cain and Abel in the family betrayal, pretend an abortion to hide the real crime and criminals, also members of my family badly affected, mean the "family problems" prefer to hurt, kill and cash ££$$££$$, instead of a simple dialogue, tell me if we are not dictate by mad, weird, vengeful and unreasonable peoples, that are driven by money only, more than family values, when intent to twist things to take full advantage, instead to help, sit, and have a simple dialogue, because my aim "on that time" not "this time" as too late now, but was to stop any "family problems" and speak of the matters, while the rest aim was to continue and cash and this was reflect, when sister mara's daughter rocio came to the UK in 2012 see the following link:  my brother died in 2010, check the dates, as wanted to continue cashing the family with no respect, because sister mara and her husband raul got no form of paying such educational fees, impossible, when mara´s child got the place of my brother's child at the university, because he lost his father, my brother jose, when I spoke to X person of the matters "see Pope's photo link" and I was thinking that he was that person, because that person "see Pope's photo link" is my probe in law today, when forced to terminate him when younger 1978 not that I miss him, but a probe in law and I believe I was communicate by the use of an email, but mislead, mean person "see Pope's photo link" could be family that got hold of that person "see Pope's photo link" when forced to terminate 1978 and passed to mara and rafa's my matters after emigrate from mexicali / guadalajara and as form of punishment to me, mean I was blame to hide the real persons, falsely blame by mara and rafa when lived with luxury with josefa´s, so I am unable to understand what is the complaint but continue to cash, lie and badly hurt my reputation after, even forced to terminate my unborn children by mara and rafa and carol parker, by the ex-husband sister social worker, pretty much like sergio gomes pintado passed to a niece, as pepita jr told me herself "that she kept him", so as you can see why I don´t make any more friends as later stolen from me, so what is the point, and by niece pepita jr own words never mine, acting as if some kind of trophy - rewards to keep my past, including the lives of my unborn children by the sicko carnivores, that walk in life together, with the same criminals as form of groups, including my past life with no form of respect and/or same family, that got the university place as mara's child stole his ID "see Pope's photo link" and for me today is a form of probe legally, nothing else and with the intention never ever to seek them again, but gain justice, because if such peoples prefer my family, I will never stop them - is all yours, as he - "see Pope's photo link"  - was pretending to see me after married in the bus terminal, ADO and I want to know today the reasons why, if not cash friends, well I hope you come back later with no scratches, never badly hurt, or abuse or insult your persona, furthermore never ever come back later and tell me the ordeal, pain and abuse, because if they like that inquisition and sadistic life is own problem, never mine, mean exchange me for my family at your own peril, never mine and never come back and tell me of anything, because was not me, but such peoples that you placed your trust and wanted to keep, so good bye!!? -)

The previous letter should speak lauder than my own words here, when on good time (2009) I wanted to sit the family problems and address any issues between ourselves (my brother jose died in 2010), "with a simple form of dialogue ( )", but twisted my words, intentions to their own advantage, exactly as I intent now in Spain and avoid the complete nightmare, unsolicited / unprovoked attack, fiasco! -

When Adam Jammeh worked for TESCO Supermarket and I am unaware for how long for and in order to get the maxim compensation (like me I lost everything!), apart that he comes with family commitments, but sacked with no warnings, also paid his taxes, contributions and duty to the state during his employment, so where is the system and state for his rights today, perhaps listen his case, but instead detained by the police (, when all this shows could be well avoided from the first day and if anyone bother to help, assist, guide, direct to the correct channels and respect his human rights? -

I believe in my case, I had to endure a complete lifetime of madness in the United Kingdom, with no proper protection laws, system and understanding from the English language to defend myself, but worked since day one, even if everything was removed from me after, with no reasons / grounds whatsoever and into the hands of bad peoples  (as ex/husband told me before divorce 2012 and not from day one 1985 after marriage, also reasons of the same, that his sister, social worker, carol parker  was representing him, when illegal and against the law by the abuse and advantage, but destroyed our life with no mercy, care, pity, as if left in the care of a metal institution, with endless security guards to spy, check, follows and lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc, by bullies.  I wonder today where is the law to gain compensation, memory and justice, because was not just the finances lost, instability, lack of respect, but my unborn children removed from my womb, by such heartless peoples! -.  The world ask me today, how I terminate / abortion my 3 unborn children and I wonder to ask legally, where shall I start, who shall I blame and where I start with matters, as I am Mexican not UK, or Spanish born to understand better, mean you the WWII, or Franco from Spain, like ana pia that her ex-boyfriend, manolo comes from Spain, may passed something, a lot or nothing, but reflects, when I lost so much and in order to pay for rafa and mara everything, starting since mexicali -guadalajara and nothing for me? - ), that took advantage!!-

The nightmare followed me everywhere after emigrate from Mexico, even my education removed to pay for the rest lies, left me SOLO in foreign land, then you ask why I prefer to live this way and away from such Francos that calls family, mean even my children are chosen own friends, life, jobs (as need to follow after, what the rest members of my family happened to them, so is not just me badly affected when forced to carry heavy boxes at work, as littlewoods and broke my back, but my kind need to carry such heavy burden after and I believe strong comes from the same "family problems", perhaps start from the elder member of the family and such peoples that bonded with them in mexicali / guadalajara, as reflects with soco, she told me that in germany need to carry heavy pans at her work, now reflects with my children at own work, so goes around in circles the sick / ill spread, no justice whatsoever to clean my name, and happened recently, when I wanted to know where was coming from the orders, as I requested my child to purchase water battles for me and told her to ask her father for help as heavy, but the last round, she was left by herself alone, mean the ex/husband and members of my family while I am not looking, but in constant communication, even a local trip is a fest-in, as explain with niece, pepita jr, when she told me that kept sergio gomes pintado from me, may explain the dominance and freak control from the ex/husband to me in the past, including endless rows, accidents and murder spree, mean the sick spread against me still today, when in the past falsely blame flor sister of interference, but today she is not here, so who is the bully that kept the business at home, so the lies can eat and continue punishment against the family, perhaps this is what such slander lives from, but no court of law to explain, clear own name, rectify, nothing, but pinned in the wall, not even respect to own child, mean pay for another member of my family, protecting them, more that own blood and goes around in circles, the sick depraves, mean no way to gain the law and gain more information over the issues, but assume, falsely blame, hurt, kill, murder, take own law, satiate own inside, etc!? - ) and complete control, madness that is manipulate, programmed that way, furthermore when I am not allowed to know who is the person/s, as  hide in "confidentiality acts" the coward, with endless lies against my reputation, instead to have a basic dialogue, like I am trying with Spain, but such Franco's destroy's the life of the rest and I mean mara, rafa and ex/husband sister, carol parker that started the faena against own family and the rest helped and took advantage, including the one (ana pia) that ex/boyfriend is from Spain (manolo) may advice into own country matters (, because the rest of the family see us, as form of war, instead of what we are, "family" and I wonder how I landed here today, when I was born in Mexico not Spain, but intent to bring the culprit out, when run wild and against own blood family (, from a place that don't belongs to any of us, but love to use us and from whoever works (as government) on such places!! -

Today such fanaticism, obsessive disorder, envy and intolerance, brings no prosperity, fulfillment, or satisfaction into my life whatsoever, but lost everything, only received termination after termination, accident, after accident, pretty much like, HRH Diana, Princess of Wales ( that perished together with her party = 3 peoples RIP, mean I am Mexican (?), my country don't come from this kind of world, not even today and my unborn children perished as a result and the world may want to know how I landed here, then how I explain the nightmare, where shall I start, who shall I blame, furthermore when Mexican land do not produce Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco's and  must be the same for Adam Jammeh of Tesco's fiasco, that want his job to pass into somebody, like my family that kept all me and mine, when both come with basic necessity, including gain justice, memory, compensation, remuneration and never ever happen same crimes again and I mean my unborn children, because is not just the cash to recoup our life back again, but the fact that we need justice to make sure the criminals stop, as we are human peoples the same as the rest, not matter if we are Jewish (, Mexican, color, disabled, religious, age, sexual orientate, or any other excuse to hurt, but human peoples!! -

I protect me and my children from the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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