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Mexico magnitude 7.1 earthquake 2017, after 32 years 1985 - RIP ..


It was NOT funny to see and read (see photo-up)  the words (antes de regresar a su vivienda, o edificio, revisen si presentan daños, desconecten la luz y cierren el gas!) from Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto address to the nation, when my services in the UK not Mexico, but cut off my gas (antes de  ... y cierren el gas?) connection and supply by the services (British gas staff came to my place yesterday 21/9/2017, to check my premises supplies, as for the last 2 weeks / times, when I put credits into my "pay as you go card" using my local shop, cold water appear into my home instead of hot, but take the credits and so arrange own staff to check my place, speaking Spanglish as his wife from Cuba and then you guess the connection and why is fixed that way, but not fault to the means supply but the boiler, as such when read the president words, I wonder, I question and I ask: "Why me used, abused and bullied this way, not the peoples that he staff, that get his wages and that he represent in Mexico, but me instead to write this note, free of charge as bullied, highly the present Mexican situation based on abuse against my persona and I wonder if I use the system to them is adequate, correct, educative and respectful, furthermore never ask me for my permit, consent and knowledge, but somehow fix things in the UK that way and not his government staff that get the wages, but me?" - ) provider and then I question, how I landed here and not his peoples that work for him, but use me, except that my elder sister family, that works for Mexican government, mean using his wife and family (javier corona) is adequate, like the ex/husband that use even his children to cover him and his sister, social worker past bullying (as he told me that carol parker represent him since and after married 1985 - 2017 and reasons of my divorce, as no professional can represent own family, or lose own licence for good!) is adequate?-

This unbeliever matter, that not matter how you want to understand the same and I don't blame you, but affect badly one country to another (mexico / uk) in politics affairs relations, mean use peoples like me with no consent, permit, knowledge - until far too late, when I do not work for government (mexico / uk), but free and in order to highly in this note, which is my blog, the present Mexican situation not the correct ways, means and forms as Journalism, like my sister (ana pia) that study the career with the highest results, but me, when I come with basic education removed by same "family lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc)" and against the rest of the family, as me, but somehow me, not such peoples that create the intolerance (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), neither such peoples that comes with duty, salary and power to control, but me to disguise, acting like sister (ana pia), that falsely blame me ( ) of my brother and I wonder how, when lack the means, ways, forms, support, power, job, cash, friends and the rest, furthermore when such 2 countries (mexico / uk) speak each other and since years ago not now, since make own deals for everything, since comes with own connection as probe before, with my services provider (british gas), that supple, monitor, control and spy the community like phantom (mean nobody can see phantom, but you know is there, even feel the presence!!!) and since I am in the UK not Mexico and not since my brother (jose) hurt badly, up to today  (2010 - 2017) and my passport should collaborate the same as form of prof legally, including my children, but hurt reputation with slander? -

The boiler strange case in my holy, almighty and sacred place, started soon after, I wrote those 2 notes, then came problem, after problem, never investigate, never received the "thank you", never give a second look, but attack peoples like myself, with no mercy, respect and care that a-merit the case, nothing:

1 - Boris Johnson FLIES to Caribbean devastated by Hurricane ..

2- Billionaire Richard Branson asks for FINANCIAL help? -

Tuesday (19 /9 /2017) this week, the boiler man (go blue group ltd) came to service my stunning boiler and I told him over the phone last week, that was not an emergency, mean take time for the appointment, "only a service" - no rush, so he gave me the appointment date for next week, mean (from last Thursday till Tuesday 19/9.2017 many days passed to probe legally that, my stunning boiler was working perfectly with hot water, including radiators, but the service man refuse to take this plausible, neither responsibility for the breakdown of my boiler, as his own staff and I touched the hot water running in my kitchen tap, also shows in my radiators and now my boiler is broken irreparable, mean my trust in services provide went to the bin, nowadays you cannot trust nobody, as such, I refuse to keep myself quite for the abusive bullying, unprovoked attack, but expose "the rouge traders", furthermore when I am not rich to blow my money away, apart and on false promises, perhaps to please "family problems" from the ex/husband, that keep asking my children to ask if my boiler works, when after my 2 notes published, acting like the Samaritan and using my child next to him like little lost boy, that if "my dad can help you with the boiler and I told him not but insisted", mean in order to stop the services provide with false pretenses, that he is helping, but leave me on my own devices after, like now, alone, when in reality we are divorce, time to stop interfere and time to stop asking my children for my personal things in order to cause problems, but use my children, instead the correct channel and ways as the law, courts and legally require, but use our children and I ask if was not enough from our unborn children that perished for the same intolerance, petitions, orders, control, power and shows comes my ways with false pretenses, services provider and community harassment and as my blog shows with dates in every single note and as form of probe legally and I ask who is paying for the criminal damaged after, after the ex/husband sent our children to touch my matters, as he keeps telling me, that our child will come and repair, so that child gets the blame after and not him that is using a third peoples, again was not enough our unborn children, still need more to satiate own hatred inside, can not leave matters to rest, cannot use services provider like me but falsely blame, etc?!! -) Tuesday (19 /9 /2017), also gave me a receipt for the same type of work (0120267), but "no describe type of service, neither what was faulty after broken complete my boiler" and who pay for the abuse, when the law is removed from me, also services in the United Kingdom ( ) and so act as if lives are games, mean teach own children this abusive behavior (see boiler below down, from the previous home that I was married into, falsely blame of damaged, mean somebody from the boiler world can tell me, if anyone like me could done the damaged, or is neglect that caused the corrosive action and in order for the ex/husband to take advantage against the rest like myself, with any excuses against own family, children and blood, forcing me to expose the abuse, intolerance, hatred, etc?!" -

When service for a boiler and as I did myself, when booked a professional to come and check my boiler, paying for service not free, mean (why the ex/husband never booked a professional to check the boiler at previous home, as you can see the photo, but neglect and later I was place the blame / frame when faulty?) never gained the service, but left me with a problem, instead bring own spares, repair and parts to fix if need, but failed and even when I asked the person  (go blue group ltd) over the phone if experience into the company name, he told me no problem, in which on Tuesday (19/9/2017) the hot water was running well and radiators warm to touch, so where is the experience that he mention and as legal probe from service man to me, also his staff when at home asked me to come and check the kitchen tap water - was running hot, also radiators warm to touch and as form of probe legally, not just myself, but somebody else (as go blue group ltd), maybe manipulate that way after closed the boiler box and waited own company to send the spare part that was faulty, but what is incredible to believe is when ex-husband keeps asking me for the boiler, after I contact my children, using our children to replay own past ( ), not me and my children, but him and his sister, social worker ( ), never us, but using us, to replay the hatred, intolerance and bullying, then Tuesday (19 /9 /2017) evening, Wednesday, Thursday (the reasons why I spoke to British Gas and sent to me own staff to check my premises, as when I refill the card in the shop, the heat at home stops, becomes cold and as staff told me, boiler fault, unable to open the boiler and check inside, except check British gas equipment!) and Friday (22/9/2017) still not hot water!!?? -

Yesterday evening, I went to my local swim baths (Waterfront Leisure Complex), because I got no hot water, to be burned alive when used a disable shower room, with no consideration whatsoever, that was the only thing that I found in the swimming place to be accessible to my needs and "pay - no free", for a simple swimming section, mean used of a shower after, when the method is used by me and hundreds of service users after swim, so why the scalding racism direct to me (? - racism is the difference in treatment into one person to the other, one nationality to the other, one color to the other, one disabled person to the other, one sexual orientation to the other, one religion to the other, one age to the other, one country of birth to the other, etc) as target, except I wanted a private place to clean myself (and used the disabled room after 7 / 8 pm that usually such peoples are at home, like the local shopping: Oak Mall Shopping Centre Greenock toilet room, for anyone to use the facility and babies, but if I dare to use that room for babies, a mother comes running faster and pretends changing her baby in her lap, as telling me something, intent to make me an unconsidered individual, when such facilities that come from my taxes as well, the same as the rest "council tax", is well enough to anyone that wants and need the place / facility, because usually, I carry my shopping bag that is unable to fix into a normal rest room, mean someone on those premises that comes with own "video surveillance" is checking on my private life that is illegal, paying council tax for the complete abuse, the same as the swimming place controlling the hot / cold water to me, mean understand my needs and necessity very well, so well that is capable to remove the means supply to me, either at home with my boiler and.or the local swimming place and the primer minister is telling us to live with own means and I wonder what exactly means see link:  only for certain peoples apply such local facilities and the rest suffer in extreme measure as me, deliberate exposed like me, hurt badly as me, like Diana, Princess of Wales mention into her own words, never mine, over her past life badly hurt and bullied: "my life is torture" see link: to probe legally and so is my life badly hurt as you can read my blog, mean you remove everything from such peoples like me and Diana, Princess of Wales that comes with no self defense, as cowards bullies use the same methods, the similarity into our life mean in law, must come from same sources, Prince Charles environment and I find the matters as personal attack legally and into my persona, unprovoked attack against a person like myself, that is unable to fight back, not matter if disabled and non- disabled, but I am unable to fight back the bully  as lack of the resources, the bullies knows the matters true well, when study your life and background, but use my resources as community to hit back to me, when I am unable to hit back, but believe that I am not seeing who is the person that hurt and interfere into the life of the rest, as mine and only God knows since when, see link: )pay for the facility as normal swimming place, as home got no hot water, while showering I notice the water came running boiling hot, no control whatsoever, except a simple bottom with red mark, mean someone was observing in the background, removed the means supply from me and unable to control the hot water after, scalding hot (mara's sister friend Anita, her parents from Belgium lived in Puebla, used to take that hot boiling bath, scalding hot and I wonder if sister is not in my matters against me, as petition, as order, as remembrance, etc?!) which is a danger (not just to myself but himself / herself!) and if this matter happens to me, I wonder what a disabled person must be feeling when use the facility, when boiled alive, including facilities unacceptable for any environment, disable or not disabled you would not find this matter in England (the reasons why I lost my job at david lewis centre, when refused to walk with the disabled children in the middle of a country line, such peoples are unaware of the danger and even if aware, impossible to control their own staff that is supposed to protect and cars fleeing and coming so fast, danger not just to yourself, but the peoples that you care and still hold all the letters and paperwork in which I was dismissed, grounds and all, acting like the gestapo during WWII, blame me but not them? - ), because I believe Scotland comes with regulations implant in the community, "as council", so why fail and why hurt me badly after exposed, instead of investigate matters, repair, fix, give thanks and improve services, but badly "target" peoples like myself, when I live in the same community as the rest and pay taxes for the luxury, but fail me! -

As such, I ask the same rights for better protection, equality and respect (not matter if disabled, color, sexual orientation, age, religion, etc), same community facilities as the rest peoples, including shops ( facility and local government to relay into, as I pay taxes, or bail me the need to pay such expensive taxes, as poll tax, facility that come against me after, because who like to pay for hatred against own life?! -

I believe somebody sent the boiler professional to me, while I am talking over the phone with the "apparent" company man / woman, impossible to see the person in real life, neither company and/or ID, perhaps as form of spy and even hear private phone communications by a third peoples / party (, may work in conjunction with the council staff, and even ex/husband (as ex/husband keep asking my children to tell me, how is the boiler ??? .. so what I am supposed to think of him, beauty in wonderland, or hatred near me and why he is so interested in my life, if not part of the same boiler plan, forced my child to ask me, instead of himself to ask me if interested, mean acting to me "as if sponsor my stay in the UK", so why the UK gave me citizenship, or that matter also was removed from me, like the title from HRH Princess Diana of Wales after divorce from Charles  mean break my boiler, no problem, nobody will question the matter legally, like prince charles against diana, like bob geldof against paula yates, with his own molestation acts:  Don't forget that I am above the law  and the rest EXES that after divorce should be removed by the law, but present into our life hurting our environment and so after, who shall we place the criminal damaged?- ) and those little things that happens to me when described in my blog, holds my life apart with endless lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and tears my world into pieces, unable to understand the primer minister words, live by own means (, when in reality nobody can live with so much hatred, furthermore when bullied non-stop by her own peoples, but not protection laws to me, even when paying taxes, no wonder Mary, Queen of Scots was left to own devises, alone, badly hurt and killed after!? -

"I can't stop crying, I cry since FORCED to marry an Englishman by members of my family to take advantage (££$$), sell me with no consideration, respect, FORCED to leave Mexico for good (when I wanted divorce!), by sister (ana pia) driving my father´s car and my mother sitting at the back of the car making sure, I arrive to the Mexican Airport and back to the UK ("an order", as I was told by ana pia, never knew by who's on that time, until today, same peoples that support fully mara and rafa lies against my reputation, joined by the ex/husband sister social worker that represent her brother since and after the marriage, without investigation into such slander against my persona, but full advantage for own work prospectus, mexican government: Corona"), when I wanted to divorce the ex-husband, after a few years married and living in Shaw, Oldham (as I was told by brother jose, that if not worked the marriage, then divorce, even today impossible to remove, perhaps why he passed away with no form of consideration   but wanted / intended to place to me after the blame / frame   after sister ana pia, together with corona family, make endless deals with the rest of the family, government and helpers based on lies against my reputation to achieve matters, hurting family with no respect, not even as blood, without ever knowing reasons why, until too late, blame, frame, attacked, or perished, mean ana pia lived with jose in tierra blanca ver for so many years, but not one day told him the true, never told him why, "mara went to mexicali after blame him of sexual nature", that way and lies supported the abuse, violence and intolerance within family members - taking advantage, basically the shop of my father passed direct to my elder sister josefa, corona, mara and rafa to control and in order to live so well, then after mara and rafa returned from Mexicali / Guadalajara came against me, forced to terminate everything that was mine and passed to them, including 16 de septiembre and raul's office got an extension to rent for students, mean LIVE from your sister, never by hard work, but never jose knew of mara against his reputation, neither the ill / sick hate from rafa against his persona, for me today is far too late, but exposed in the uk as termination / abortion, when in reality I was FORCED to terminate even my unborn children! -  )after that incident, I lost contact with the family, I never wanted to see my family again (and is today, when I truly knew, that such brilliant bullies: mara, rafa and carol parker were cashing together, with the ex/husband and his "family problems", even intent to get the lies further not just with the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, but intent to frame / blame after our children into their own playing games, deals and violence, "with no solicitor for protection", but use the TALE of dishwasher, mean you in law and criminology, how that could be possible as real, how a dishwasher can hurt peoples, when the ex/husband falsely frame and blame me with the matter, the same as the boiler, when in reality I was empty and putting the dishes away and he stood in the middle, "using our children to testify and with no protection from the law, which is illegal and against the law to use of minors for own benefits, to use peoples unaware of the "family problems" to "be frame and blame after", like me and my children, for a simple fight of a husband and wife "on that time" when empty a dishwasher, because now divorce, somehow he is alive, happy, content, but not my brother jose, perished in mexico, never in the UK and I wonder to ask the public, the law and the courts, where is the criminal case for me, as I am falsely blame  but I wonder how, I can hurt anyone, when so far away, mean my brother jose in mexico and me in the uk badly hurt, but make into a dishwasher case when in reality I was empty the same, perhaps by mind reader from one country to another and as I explain before, with the earthquake that affected my services in the uk and the mexican president in mexico advising own peoples, many peoples put as coincidence, well everyone is free to own opinion, but the law not work  by magic ball, flying a carpet and coincidence, but realistic how happened the matters, furthermore as me and my children passport should speak better, than my own words and as form of prove that we were never in mexico during 2010 - 2017, so how, but falsely blame, unable to use a dishwasher otherwise removes the services, unable to visit my country because the family object, unable to deal my life in a proper and healthy way like the rest, but as my blog explain with everyday a case, forced to write of the ordeal and request help that way, not the normal way in a court of law, unable to live independent and properly by the endless lies, intolerance and violence into my life, mean such services provider came into my life and even property, never me into own life and property, while requesting a service, exactly in the same way as the rest, but suffer racism, even a visit to the local community places is a way out of order and unprovoked attack against my persona, a complete boiling hatred and earthquake with destructive behavior, that are a danger to themselves and my life with no consideration, emanate everything that pass and touch with criminal assault, provoked violence with intention and minor matters, many of such issues comes from more than 30 + years of violence, hatred, murder spree and lies against my reputation, limited to keep all inside before the internet, no laws, no protection, no nothing and even worse, josefa elder child sent to me a letter and email threatened me, before my brother passed away and still hold details of the email, but never threatened the real person / sister, mara that went against her own father corona, but me, when I hardly know that family in my lifetime, the rest is lies, as I lived with the azpiri, never corona, except before my 5 birthday, never was me in mexicali / guadalajara, but mara and rafa pay by my father their own services nothing free, so why me and where is the law to protect me and my children from such weird peoples that hurt and lie with intent !!?!-), so I am unaware where the endless lies against my reputation comes from, acting as if we are in touch, when in reality, I will never pardon and I will never speak to them again, even asked my children to handle with care, while such stunning peoples, brains and beauty that calls family will stop to nothing!-
After I left for England, when my sister and mother drove me to the mexican airport, that same sister (ana pia) asked me if she could sell my Volkswagen land, that my mother gave me and purchase a car with the money, a car similar as my father, "what a decency", the reasons why I went to Mexico and sold the land with the help of Lupy's brother in law, not that I care about the money, but the criminal activity against me and mine and never told by anyone, abuse, unsolicited hatred, lies, endless cash to hide the truth within the family atmosphere, when used my father means and ways to all, not just a few (mara, rafa and the rest) blessed and even forced to terminate (abortion) with everything that was mine, passed to the rest (mara, rafa and carol parker) to satiate own lies against my reputation, not that she acted alone, neither with own profit, but hide the intolerance that killed our family apart, instead to expose the bullies: mara, rafa and carol parker and stop in the act?!-

It's the same nightmare as in 1985, all over again but 2017, today 200 + dead in Mexico quake and keep counting the bodies! -  It´s a repetition of the same criminal activity all over again, non-stop and as the ex-husband mother told me of her children (fight all day, non-stop: dad can you tell him? .. ) and me and my children today need to live the experience / nightmare, non-stop and FORCED to pay our respects by the use of social media, "not the ones that create the tales, defamation of character, slander, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), criminal activity and against my reputation", but us (me and my children, control and co-ordinate by the ex/husband petition and in order to look good himself! -), pretty much the same as my parents need to endure with own children (mara and rafa) not difference, except that I need to pay the matters and my children to endure this life with no form of experience, but bullies protect by elder sister (josefa) government and us, who protect us in foreign country?" -  

The way I was set up since child (since paty arias, from mara lies against my reputation, when I never said anything regarding the ordeal of that woman, but falsely blame, hurt with sergio gomes pintado!), with full intention and in order to pay lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), today affect me badly, not them (carol parker, mara and rafa) with own quake Magnitude 7.1, but me, forced to come out in the open, express a few words in my blog, not the ones that forced such hatred words against own blood, but me and mine (children), even shower room that was made by his own father for the same reasons and a form of reminder today, a former DIY enthusiastic peoples the ex/husband family, never ever called for a service in the community, but leave own boiler to rotten (see photo), neglect and decay, when matters goes wrong is me and my children to use, blame, frame after even with dishwasher tale, see toilet photo to probe legally, made by Bernard Parker, ex/husband father to us and reasons why my property is in the will for my children, that was his wishes, as he told me and the ex/husband, if ex/husband cares to remember?! -

My sister son request my friendship on the internet social places, perhaps I see it as tread, if I don't accept, for them is to show me off with the relevant peoples, force matters and even expose me of only God knows of what and if I accept, for them is a reasons to continue against my reputation, so I never same to win here, but them, perhaps to start thinking, if our actions is not the result of our atmosphere not that I am perfect, but I never get involve with anyone and respect? -  

What the Mexican quake has to do with me, but affect badly my services in the UK, miles and miles away from one to another with similarity and I ask the same, but endure to live the nightmare, as explain before, forced by family years and years ago, that memories fade away, bond breaks, weather is not the same, food changed, everything is confuse that way and with a reason, then I ask the law, when I will force family (mara, rafa and carol parker = 3) to take full responsibility for own past actions against my unborn children (3), based on lies against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, now is dishwasher, or else, when ex/husband is alive, well and happy, so where me and my children went wrong with such bullies, but forced to speak with no form of law representative and when younger, perhaps to take advantage, when it's illegal, against the law?!), when apparently we must "share" the pain, then who shall we start, but always me and my world, never the real peoples that caused the problems?-

So we go around in circles with the same hatred, criminal damaged, violence, abuse, so who pay for damages after all of them exploited the situation on time, gained, rewarded, benefit, but request forgiveness and I request the law, if ever existed?-   When continue hiding the news from Mexico, impossible for some peoples like me, to expose the same in public, either to gain aid, help, access, etc! -

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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