Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wins damages for clandestine photographs, that breached privacy.

Innocence (Princess Diana and boys)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, welcome the French court verdict, winning €100,000 (£91,000) in damages, for the clandestine photographs, that breached own privacy, and when on holiday, with thanks to the following link:

I already spoke over the matters and years ago, including Prince Harry, so no point to drag the same matters today, but only comment that justice is done for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, which make me very please and hope soon for Diana, Princess of Wales.

When I saw the matters "on the news anchor" and for Prince Harry and Prince William´s wife issues, made me to write in my blog, which is this one, open a FB page ( and come forwards, speak open of the issues, may I look as interference and "pardon me", but not when own mother, HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away (RIP) and left Her children with no form of defense, protection laws and care, contrary of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge that comes with own parents, but to use own children for own advantage ( is not correct to any mother and father figure (, because we are supposed to set the good seeds and excellent example,

Always remember your background very well and firm in the soils that gave you birth and for who you are not, for who you want to become after, that is 2 different things, while nobody choose the background that we are born into, millions would love to have your life and your place anytime, while you are free to marry own choice, but such peoples need to be remember and always, that they marry into a Royal Family, not the Monarchy into them at any time and if not happy, with any issues relate position, then speak open "before the commitment", as we don´t want to said, that "your own mother Diana, Princess of Wales died for nothing", but to give her place and to her own children, both Prince Harry and Prince William, not matter who is the next King of England, that is the last to worry, as both, as good, as each other, but who will represent own mother in life and the other will need to follow in the background, next to own brother and in order to give FULL support and in her memory.

Remember rule # 1, your father ( and mother are something that you respect, protect and care in life, regarded of rank, position and stardom, whatever are their own problems is never of your concern, neither to interfere, opaque, take sides, because is not healthy to nobody, but let the law to assist ( and for once to do their own jobs properly, like Kate, Duchess of Cambridge that won compensation for her ordeal - as photos, the same should be for Princess Diana of Wales own accident (, as children only responsibility towards own parents is love, care, protect, respect, never accept to get invlve and never judge lightly to mother and father, but let the Judges  ( to do own jobs and as what is intended, also why they get paid for and in order to sort society problems, never the family, because no professional is allowed to represent own family and in order avoid take full advantage.

The difference between Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Felipe VI, King of Spain photos ( is that, the Duchess of Cambridge never gave her permit, consent and knowledge into any clandestine photos, that breach privacy and the other one (Reina Letizia gave full permit, consent and knowledge into such photos (, that bring revenue to her purse - when she was in Mexico, for whatever reasons is not our concern / business, but to get against her Royal connections, status and family due to her own foolish actions, without taking responsibility for the photos, past, present and future, mean "think before you act", when intent to get against the Spanish Monarchy and in order to deviate her own past and to take against innocents (, also mean in law, that she is taking advantage of her position and against an old Spanish Institution, which is and represent today, the Spanish Monarchy (, something that nobody can take lightly, not even the law, including the reason, or set of reasons, but time to take responsibility for own actions.

Once ( happened, twice  ( is way too much for the public unable to see and notice where the news anchor want to get into, mean not every journalist acts that way, but with the intention to expose the same news as me, which is good because protect, but someone that hide the same news is not good, never protects and in this case is the Royal Family from Spain, as the Queen Letizia is a previous news anchor, mean comes with experience to manipulate the same news.   My elder sister (ana pia) is another person, that gained into the same news anchor - world, top journalist with the highest qualifications ever seeing in our family, the one that teach me when before my teens, so I hold half of my life into that way of life, before married an English man (now divorce), so today, I can see where this matter want to lead, perhaps arrive (as you can see the photos  of the Spanish Monarchy, before and after is obvious the matters, opportunity, advantage, stealing, pursuit, lack of financial and protection help, may in the future disappear the Royal Institution, etc!) and with respect to may concern matters.

The Spanish Monarchy since centuries ago, relate somehow into our family background and you can see in certain parts of Spain, our beautiful emblem (Castellanos) plastered into any household, a repayment for our protection towards the Spanish Monarchy is well known even today, as me, when I am doing advocacy for the same Spanish Royal Household - as The English Royal Household and as the previous links mention.    As such, I do not accept anyone members of my family direct / indirect, to cash into, when never help into the same position, that is gained by own efforts not stealing from me, my father (during the Cardenas government and the only time Mexico lived, with equality, peace, prosperity and harmony!) and whoever worked hard for the matters.

I protect me and my children from the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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