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Sinead O´Connor: "Mental Attitude, The Pope and His Angel " .. and with respect!-

Whitney Houston: Jesus Loves Me ..

There is not "positive mental attitude", neither you can define a "mental state" and furthermore do not exist in living memory the "mental Napoleon", mean a  Napoleon is a strong person capable to hold anything after carnage develops and his mental state keeps intact after destruction, because that is a lie, "the pain is so strong, that holds you for ever in the limbo", when the most strong professional Napoleon can fail into pieces at the first time, after a member of our family comes against our reputation (nothing prepare you for the madness, that comes after the false accusations against my reputation with the lie, from 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl and a wave of tales against my persona, now the bullies  with intent want to use my children and drag them into another weird - weird world with the tale of the dishwasher and in order to re-direct own madness, lies, tales, defamation of character, criminal activity and bullying against my reputation and for so many years of abuse the UK services  to own benefit, because was not enough to kill 3 unborn children from me with the lie, but want more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and satiate own insides, steal everything from me  based on lies against my persona and take advantage of everything, "as nothing satiate such criminals that steal with intent"   that not even my Psychology studies of all my life and since child by myself, could make me to understand why "a blood can go against own blood"  hold my pain after destruction, prepare me for the strong blunder and murder spree against my unborn children, weird world that develops from such fine minds and criminals, "good for the bad, but never good for the benefit of humanity, but destroy with intent", that hold "no conscience from own actions" and when folded "the malice with intent acts"against my reputation, the plan and the criminal activity is way beyond understanding to any normal mind, furthermore the madness after and between themselves:  mara, rafa and carol parker  waited 30 + years after to tell me of their own lies, tales, ill spread, malice and weird world against my reputation to take full advantage, which was "2010", not when develop since day one and after "1985" as their own suspicious world, but after 30 + glorious years of full advantage of everything, "tell me if was not planed the murder spree, the criminal activity, the lies and deceit", when the carnage develops against my unborn children, "with no mercy, pity, care, love, respect for blood, nothing", mean "they were full aware of the matters and how far they wanted to get with the bullying"  but waited until the very end to tell me, "before divorce and reasons of my divorce" and "never thinking in the future consequences when happened and as far, as today", but own bank balances against own blood, acting like the Cain and Abel of modern times.  I ask today, where is the law to gain justice, not the divine Angels  and with respect, but to keep us distracted, the real world that we habitat today with justice from the crown courts, for the murder of my unborn children by mara, rafa and carol parker never the invisible world that lack justice and as promise by religion, community affairs and country that we habitat, perhaps hide within same government, Vatican and whoever protecting criminals, but even in law "is a crime who commit the same crime, as whoever dare to hide the criminal with intent and their own crimes" -  I ask today and again, where is God, Divine Lord and own Angels to protect, gain justice and continue life  ..  .. but a packet of lies that hide the real criminal, "when hold us this way", waiting for the invisible world to come and aid us, because the real one is already purchased, taken and used by the same professionals, as if real, then should be gain justice since my first note here in my blog and not after 570+ notes, that helped the same system when exploit peoples like myself as slave, which is against the law such old practices and in the past cashed with more than 6 million of Jews peoples and during the WWII, mean hide our world with intent to cash, steal, destroy, murder and kill with intent!!-   In the past, family relate stole all my past and friends since child (solana, solis, gomes pintado, etc, not that I care, or calling back, but when bad things happens within my family  is me to blame / frame after, not the robbers that stole, but me that is falsely blame today bonded, used, abused and purchase for so many years, with endless favors and freebies, using my reputation and unborn children as excuse, "as lack of conscience", where I should receive by law the help not family that stole and paid in advance own services and from years ago, when them and family used me to gain own things, instead of me, but love to cash and eat from me based on lies against my persona, with the tales of 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc, like vile carnivores eat my unborn children, no conscience of own murder spree, so tell me where in reality is that famous "God" that makes justice, perhaps hide as well, as used before by members of my family, that today, I was left with nothing after the robbery and used to fish own life, like WWII victims walked out in limbo, poor and exploited, after the war?!-), only Justice can heal our world back, no Pardon, God, Divinity, Angels (, lies and tales, but Justice, Memory, Compensation and Non-repetition of the same crimes against us ever again and in my case, that I lost unborn children after the ill / sick, game and unsolicited hatred against me, from rafa (sexual, mental and physical abuse against my reputation!!), mara (paty arias excuse, mara used sergio gomes pintado for rape against my world!) and carol parker (against her brother,  and the Judas deny, deny and deny own blood, unborn children and in order protect the criminals, as his sister, social worker, not the victims!?-).

In question of mental illness as you call and I mean PAIN inside our body, heart and soul, after a big matter happened into our world, life and environment, that let's be honest not even Goliath, as the Army is pardon, furthermore the rest and with respect:
etc ..

Once I confide a sister (ana maria) years ago, that I missed my father very much and she put as, I was suffering from depression and I wonder to ask worldwide of such peoples that miss own mother, father, sister, brother and family in general, if also "suffer depression, or miss own family", which one and choose fast, because after picking comes the devastate world of the victim and as my case, my world destroyed by the false assumption, when is a commune domination, mean everybody feel the pain, some more than the others, but nobody is pardon!!? -

In which, I see today with the case of  Sinead O´Connor, that her own world mis-interpret her matters, illness and sadness (, pretty much the same as sister (ana maria) to me in the past with no respect for living and death, she gained the most higher qualifications ever gained in Journalism, mean you will disguise me with my writing, as she teach me the same when younger, with respect, but in question of Psychology she is zero, mean someone unable to understand the rest and in my case, as how I see Sinead O´Connor in terrible pain not mental issues, for whatever reasons and matters that happened to her in the past, today in the present she is in terrible pain by the actions of the rest, inside and out and like her is the rest worldwide, when in pain, no medicine / treatment to cure, but time to heal, patience, listening, let's them talk and put yourself in that place, mean understand with respect:

etc ..

As I have children, I need to be responsible of own health and the consequences of my blog, when I am exposing my family for what they done to me in the past and as such, I need they to understand fully well and when reading the same, what is happening within own life right now, within our family environment and within our world, because we are not living alone with the sickness, madness and dysfunctional environment, but many comes with all kind of pain due to own family issues and as explain before, we are not the only peoples in the world with this kind of malice, abuse, criminal activity, murder spree and bullying, but even the lowest, highest and almighty comes in all sorts, shapes and sizes, so please I ask respect, as you never lived the tale, lie and defamation of character, then you are not in any position to judge another life, except to use the law by the victim, not tablets, no medication, no angels and no invisible world is going to cure and heal the victim, but the law and when gain justice and in my case, I request, command and order when against my reputation and unborn children by: mara, rafa and carol parker. 

I protect myself and my children with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

.............................  .......................................  ............................... ............................  ........................

I wrote the following in my FB wall and up to you if want to read (, but talks of the same as before and said:  that will shock you and warn you with the video, but have you ever seen yourself when crying and in terrible pain, perhaps will surprise you when see the same image and look as me, Rio Ferdinand, Sinead O´Connor and the rest victims and with respect, so please respect and if you can not handle, then wait until mature enough to understand pain.

I don´t think Sinead O´Connor got any mental issues to worry about, but more to do with the way her family behave against her, to the point to shut her down from own lives and that makes anyone to lose own marbles, which is cruel as nobody is born perfect, inventing illness by professionals when in reality is direct to family matters, that do not help either, but stuff the person with the wrong treatment, nothing more than anyone, that is going hell and back and due to same reasons as she explain and describe perfectly well here, now and by herself.

As I understand Psychology, I learned to live my life separate from my family since I was 8 / 9 years old, but such peoples keep follow me wherever I am in the whole wide world, to the point to steal all and everything that is mine without me knowing and when things happens badly at home, then I am blame and frame by own irresponsible attitude, where they don't measure the consequences, but blame me after?.-

I don't see Sinead O´Connor caused anything to her family to deserve the ill treatment, otherwise she would not be here talking over the matters, but I welcome their own opinion, because as student of law, require 2 parties in the matter not just one, furthermore to understand how she is seeing as ill person, as such sickos is the cause and effect of the illness that cause the rest, again if not truth my words, why she is so sad, badly hurt and ignored by her family, again who is born perfect? -

So, I am unable to see where is the illness from Sinead O´Connor and with respect, as the same as Diana, Princess of Wales was badly hurt by her family, trashed without mercy and at the end lost her life by "their own stupid attitude and lack of feelings towards own flesh, blood and family, mean irresponsible", that today we are collecting the breakable and we are making sure - the Lady gain justice.

I forced myself more 7 years ago, to write and make a blog ( ), after my family blame me of all their own misfortune that happens to them (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and after no seeing anyone for more than 30 years, or very little over that time, I mean a quick hello, good bye and how are you, not enough to cause the lies, slander and tales that they wanted me to believe and in order to hurt, hunt and bully me? -

I don't understand how, but somehow, the same as Sinead O´Connor I could not believe their own sick heart and hatred towards and against me, furthermore to say, that I lasted years and years in tears and heartache for the same pain inside, cruelty and lack of remorse, love, care, until I forced myself to gain courage as today and fight back again, because nobody has any rights to destroy the rest and based on lies, nobody!!.-

I question why, we need to keep silence when pain inside, but request help as Sinead O´Connor is doing now, as HRH Princess Diana of Wales done in the past and me when I wrote my blog and still today, to no avail, so I salute any brave women / man worldwide, that do not let bullies to intimidate and bully us, furthermore to bring own pain to us, just because own life is going nowhere not necessarily us need to pay for own lives?-

How we can help Sinead O´Connor and many lives like her, mine and the rest is to let peoples speak, speak and speak, take them seriously and respect own pain as if was yours, maybe want to make a book, blog, song or anything to take everything out and express herself in the open, public and force her own family to face own consequences, for their own stupid attitude, when segregate family members that way, again I don't see the lady ill, but in terrible pain inside and need to take the stuff out somehow, if want to carry on living normal, the same as the rest, that we are facing our bullies in life and with respect to may concern matters, Rosario X


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