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Prince Charles and Camilla’s private secretary has left the job, as want to explore new opportunities ..

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I believe as any other job description, applicants will be applying for the new post soon, contrary to peoples like me, as the following email prove in law, that no matter age, color, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other excuses, but the empire of jobs and business are exclusively, for the selected few, in fact whoever is your friend need to apply only.


The Royal Household: Application Update 
( Job rejected )
Aug 18 (2 days ago)

 to me 
Dear Rosario

Thank you for applying to the position of Retail and Admissions Assistant.

We have reviewed all the applications and have now drawn up our initial shortlist. Unfortunately, as we have identified candidates whose applications match our criteria more closely, we will not be progressing with your application.

We would like to thank you for your interest and we wish you every success with your future career.

The Royal Household Recruitment Team

( I am not talking about Prince Charles private life and with respect, only using my personal matters to expose my world and in his country of birth! -  )

After received the previous email, including endless jobs opportunity, that failed: "because of references from my past employment and as this time was used, the Post Office, WHS, Altrincham, Trafford" -  I feel sick to my tummy, that no matter what I do in the UK to gain equal life, as the rest, opportunity, including employment and since arrived (1985 - 2017) from Mexico, emigrate the UK after married an Englishman (now divorce) need to relay with different kind of peoples (as my children told me, when repeat own father words: "to use one of their own friends for work references and I ask why", only because this is how the ex/husband sister, social worker wants to control, check and double check, manipulate and exploit my life, as she represent her brother since after married 1985, reasons of my divorce 2012, together with members of my family mara and rafa wants to continue dominate my life, force my children "to come and to tell me", instead of themselves, with a proper letter detailing own concern like the rest normal peoples, but force to copy the ex/husband sister, social worker child behavior: "dad can you tell him"  when I never teach them that kind of life?!  - "As if a game of children for carol parker, when full adults, together with some members of my family mara and rafa, that plays the sick game and aid each other in the malice and since day one 1985 - 2017, today impossible to break such bond, as sat with everything that belongs to me / us family" see photo from link:   not envy, brains, or another excuse to hurt peoples, but when sitting with our past from some members of our family, like the ex/husband sister, social worker, soco ex/husband sister, norma hazz, sotelo, guerrero, etc and in order to control, hold and manipulate, including primiada that keeps our personal belongs after as rewards  but if something happens within the family is me to blame / frame after  never the person that stole all and everything that belongs to me, sisters and brothers personal life, "as mara, rafa and carol parker"  that kept my past, the family past and even the ex/husband past life, but me to blame / frame after? -   When commit a crime in law, the criminal need to be present and in this case with my brother and Mexico not in the UK, as my passport should speak louder, including my children and ex/husband passport, I am unaware of the rest family members, otherwise I could go against my family for defamation of character, slander and false accusations against my reputation and everything that is mine, including my children, but use the correct peoples that steal our life, furthermore when sister ana maria paid my elder sister josefa, for rafa and mara stay in Mexicali / Guadalajara spoiled rotten with the business of my father in tierra blanca, never me, because me worked in the bank and since 1978 that left my basic education, also forced to terminate friends since 1978, including sold American clothes to subsist my living expenses - never my father business, but my hard work! - So who spoil rafa, mara with my father business and carol parker with her own personal family business  and who witness where all started, like sister mela, when mara put patty arias against my persona, with false accusations, slander and lies against my reputation, forced to pay after with sergio gomes pintado, that today we got a real problem, when hide the crimes, abuse and bullying! -   Today intent to hold the excuse of dishwasher, because the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl and endless tales and lies against my reputation are not enough stealing and murder of my unborn children forced to terminate, but want to continue the intolerance, lies, crime and abuse within family dominance, "pretending helping", but in reality is cashing, holding, controlling freaks, frame / blame and destroy with carnage, acting like Abel and Cain of modern times, from mara, rafa, carol parker against own family! -  Spoil prats that gained everything by own lies, bossy peoples that wants to continue holding into our private lives - as mine and in order to gain dominance, control and hold with any lies, intolerance, excuses and me thinking "slavery" is a crime in modern times, furthermore when hold / sold peoples, so parasites can live well with my past works, belongs, friends, opportunity and everything, because nothing satiate such illness / sickness of society?!" - ), instead live independent by myself  (but soco told me more than 30 + years ago, "that everything will be remove to me / the van a quitarte todo", perhaps she mean today and so how, she knew from that length of time till today, except when planed that way together with mara, rafa, mela and the rest, because how is possible to see the future as today, other than plan the same future, pretty much the same as holding peoples like slavery and against own blood and in order to prove in law, what I mention before from mara, soco, against pola.   Because it's impossible for me to believe, that even my children are forced today to repeat my past, and so the lies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl and etc, from bullies and their own "family problems"  can have our life instead and instead of work for own gains, support, education, living expenses, remuneration, etc, but always driven against own blood, family and relations!!?) with references from my past work, employment and based on my experience, but need to relay with something else, as begging, erase my past and pretend never hold a proper work, removing my birth rights when used "confidentiality acts" and in order to hide the bully ( ), bullies (rafa, mara, carol parker) and own weird world, hide by the rest of the family, that exploit the madness!

The Prime Minister said to live by own means, but a complete lie ( I call it living within our means", Theresa May on austerity  ), no matter if disable, able, color, age, religion, sexual orientation ( I call a wave of hypocrisy, whatever the words "living within our means" - mean in Law, because the reality is complete different, those that hold the UK system, also holds the community future, purse, education, prosperity, enrichment, equality and even endless opportunities!! -   See my blog with more than 570+ notes, including the following note and link:  ), but steal our living standards, sanity, health, past benefits (see letter) and entitlements! -

Basically, what I am trying to do now and at this stage is prove in law, with respect to may concern matters, but none of your peoples in my country Mexico need to beg and in order to live well in Pachuca  (, but my country open the doors, while the UK close me the doors and since day one, with racism, intolerance, crime (lost of my unborn children), lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl and etc, including their own magic ball, that enable them and see the future, when in reality is themselves the cause and effect !!?) and a wave of unprovoked attacks against me and mine, but exactly as you are using me now and in order to expose your world without my permit, consent and knowledge, then by law, any law worldwide, I am using you now, for the same matters, "expose my world", because I never gave any reasons, permissions, or attitude for the same and always explain the reasons why, so who give you the rights!? - 

I am not looking for anyone special from my past, neither members of my family, but whoever stole my life, I demand today, that you return back to me everything and exactly like you find me, not now that is all complete destroyed and/or pay for damages! -  I protect me and my children with the Law, any Law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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