Monday, 3 July 2017

Charles Spencer: "Diana, Princess of Wales 56th Heavenly Birthday Anniversary" ..

Happy 56th Birthday Diana! 

It was a report from Diana, Princess of Wales own brother, that speak about "Diana Spencer to have a place in history" -

Well only to clarify with may concern matters and with respect to everyone that, the Lady in question, HRH Princess Diana of Wales already has a place in history, a place gained by her own efforts nobody else, a place in the heart of billions of peoples worldwide and many more to come, for what she is - an excellent example for young generation, no naive words here, but true actions that speak Lauder than my own writing and a place in the future King of England, by her two sons (either Prince William, or Prince Harry), in which today, if she ever see them again would be extremely proud! -

The Title from HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not removed by The Queen Elizabeth II and/or The Royal Family, but "Spencer Ancestry" and as state in the link ( ) and picture with my investigation.   I want to restore HRH Title, direct to Diana, Princess of Wales, that gained matters by own sacrifices, merits, efforts, years and years of hard work, that she truly deserve today, tomorrow and future, nobody and nobody has any rights to remove the same place, a low act from Spencer Family against Diana Spencer, based on envy, but you got no rights to steal the life of the rest, when Title is own by proper efforts, never by "family problems, discord, lies, ill spread, hate propaganda, interference, intolerance, envy and I request today, to repair the damaged! -

This was a woman of substance, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, that saw over Charles Spencer when younger (see photos) and used / abused by the Spencer Family when older, nobody there to help her, left alone with the wrong peoples (see photo of Diana's sister Sarah Spencer with respect, but need to be there in the middle of Diana and Prince Charles, after her sister married him, checking, cashing and guessing, no wonder Prince Charles got confused, he never knew truly well, who he married into and in real life, the sister Diana, or the other sister as Sarah, or both together in one, spoiling Diana's life with her past ..  .. a past that Sarah Spencer never worked for, but went to the press, then after used Diana to cash, imitate and even went to the press like Sarah, pretty much the same, with my sister mara, that used me as her cash machine, with endless lies against my reputation, during my marriage hide in the background not like Sarah Spencer that escorted Diana everywhere and as you can see photos - full aware!! -  Carol Parker controlled the ex-husband like Sarah Spencer, between me and him since day one, without me knowing anything, as he told me before divorce 2012, that she was in charge of him since 1985, so I divorce him and I place her as one of the culprits of my unborn children, terminate by the abuse in which things were gained, the same as Mara / Raul and Rafael in charge of me, based on lies against my reputation to gain "ownership", except that I was unaware, taking full advantage from 1985, as today 2017, when you read my blog, you can still see them in my life roaming, destroying, ripping and blame / frame me after, when nobody told me anything from day one, including stealing from me, that when things happens at home is me to blame / frame  not the real criminal that stole my life, terminate my unborn children since paty arias and hide in the background like coward and as such I place Rafa, Mara / Raul in charge of my unborn children, together with the ex/husband sister, Carol Parker, playing games with "lives ownership", that are not to play, but always - always bullying, destroying, murdering and hitting hard to victims of crime, then after, cowards hide in the background, even with my children, but not this time!- "Ana pia was in charge of my father business in Tierra Blanca, as such in control of everything at home, mean she knew everything that was develop at any time and between family environment, even pay mara when in mexicali everything she ever wanted, then after guadalajara, including clothes, education, car, travel expenses and basically spoiled rotten and for me, everything removed with intent to cause extreme pain, forced to live in poverty the rest of my life and even terminate my unborn children by the ill / sick spread, my brother rafa used the same system as mara / raul against my reputation, the lie gained him the 16 de septiembre and soon after returned from mexicali / guadalajara - not envy here, but time to tell the spoil rotten, lies with defamation and crime with intent, that my father business gone long ago and  today is a crime to gain fortune, with the use of own blood, like me and HRH Princess Diana of Wales, when slave trade, racism and criminal activity is a crime, within Carol Parker, Rafael, Mara / Raul and the Spencer Family, gained "full ownership" of sister blood (me and diana), based on endless lies against us, because in reality, the liability is the cause, effect and reasons why, we stand in this mess today!-  As if the murder of my 3 unborn children was a game by the 3 criminals with intent: mara/raul, rafa, carol parker, the same as the 3 victims in Diana, Princess of Wales life, that was cut short.   Prince Charles went against Diana and into battles, like me with ex-husband, "one Arm Bandit"  hatred came out of own mind, malice, madness, envy, greed and the rest that followed after, with no laws to deter intolerance, violence, bullying, hatred, spread, "because one thing is family, other is murder with intent!?"-  As mara lied with her husband raul nuñez frade, I never went out with him at any time, like Sarah and Diana Spencer, never, but more like mara stole the guy from mela, as she was going with a friend and introduced raul nuñes frade to mara, son after mela broke up with her friend, also manolo and any broke thanks to mara and soco mora, el foco and any broke thanks to rafael and mara and me broke with julian gali, solis cano, ex-husband, thanks to mara, raul, rafael, solana, carol parker and soco and Maccise, soco and beto hazz, soco and dieter broke, thanks to mara, rosy maccise, norma hazz, rocio nuñez that went to Germany to collect tito and riqui, bring them to Beto Hazz, then after soco divorce landed to mara's home, now after my divorce intent same history, same circle of violence, same repetitive criminal activity, same "ownership" with my children, always destroying lives, couples, marriages with no care, totally apart and "into tiny little pieces" by the envy, killed my unborn children with intent from Rafa, Mara against my reputation and Carol Parker against the ex-husband.   The intolerant attitude want always revenge and from own actions, somehow forget, that own matter caused the problem in the first place, as mara went against my father and blame jose of sexual abuse and rafa went against my mother and perhaps copy / paste the same, when intent to touch me in a manner that is illegal between blood and today could land rafa in prison, the reasons why, I end up screaming the place down when near rafa, such low actions from mara and rafa landed in mexicali / guadalajara, instead to report with the police, but it was me blame / frame after, forced to imitate similar things between sisters, like tere and I, with melvin and david, before was mara and mela with raul and his friend, except that I never married melvin, but david, but the idea is to confuse, furthermore when never explain properly to gain advantage, with the same words that I can assimilate very easy, as if mara said to me: "I thought all this would be mine one day" and Diana and I after, need to endure and eat the embarrassment in public, the blame and harassment, when taking advantage? -- ), used as cash machine, my question is today, why you failed her badly, when she need of a protection home not when death, but alive and as such again, where all the Spencer Family were with her in the past, when she really need all of you and yours, but left down badly, alone and sad, today you got the consequences by your own making and attitude, time to recognise the same, furthermore what have you all done in the last 20 years and in order to restore the lady's reputation, place in history and recoup her dignity in one piece, except receiving the wealth, that her famous name comes with, never Spencer, but Diana, Princess of Wales?! -

With respect to all the Spencer heirloom, but without having the same name, wealth and kingdom but look the same image of my family, that I would not know today, who is what by the similarities, envy and place of the world, "always driven as wall", so Diana, Princess of Wales and myself would never ever develop properly, with confidence and own shine armour, but misleading the lady in question, when in reality, she gained all and everything by her own brilliant intelligence, beauty, efforts, never the Spencer name, so tell me today, who was the most clever, intelligent, pretty, caring and good heart of all? -

I am not happy, you need to repair the (criminal) damaged and the reasons why I made this page with respect, ( ), acting as surrogate sister as lack of the same, also as student of law when the same fail us badly, when all the Spencer Family asked Diana Spencer to work harder that the rest and so all of you and yours today, need to get with her level and status, mean you will need to probe your worth, but with the Spencer surname nobody knows who is Diana, but as HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the Mother of the future King of England, either by Prince William and Prince Harry, then everybody assimilate and with respect once again, but not on my yard, the pain is too much, the game went too far and the crimes uncontested in law, that we need to enforced, perhaps to ask for the impossible dream!-

So when Diana, Princess of Wales deserves a place in history, by Charles Spencer paying tribute to his sister ( ) and with respect once again, but in reality, we already placed her in History and since day one, what we don't want today is a forced relationship that lasted 20 YEARS to heal and amend, but a real compassionate, loving and caring one, but thanks anyways! - I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in Law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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