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Prince Harry: "My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin (RIP)" ..

Princess Diana and Her Boys ..

"My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television. I don't think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don't think it would happen today." Prince Harry.

I Agree totally with the contest from Prince Harry own words, feelings and emotions, that express freely in public and fly open into the world, what his heart ache from day one, after his mother passed away, not your mother and with respect (, but his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales died when her children smaller, unable to handle the pressure, unable to gain the resources to guide, unable to fulfill life and duty again and as intended, when Prince Harry and Prince William need to endure, live and walk alone the lane (, that no children should be forced into anything, against own wishes, but ask first, before any command.

I am unaware of who's idea was of the matters ( "My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin" .. ), that forced Prince Philip to walk next to Prince William and Prince Harry for full support, safety nest, guardianship of minors and protection laws, no difference from today, when the children live next to grandparents environment and with respect to may concern matters.  It is a rebellious saying of such words (No Royal Wants Throne), more, much more, that what in reality intent, it s a strong pain inside, that is not healed but continue, it´s a cry for help, in which I am here to represent Diana, Princess of Wales own children and not a burden but a duty, as if my own kind.

Furthermore, when Prince Charles was divorce from his ex/wife, HRH Princess Diana of Wales, unable to understand the reasons why, he was constant in her shadow, unable to continue her life as single - when fully divorce, like when "he need to walk a long way and behind her coffin", including went to France with Diana's sisters to collect her body, somehow today, still represent his ex/wife from everything, everywhere, anywhere, with the hold from their own children dragged with the past, - including gossip ( ) and in order to cash even more (£££$$$$$$£££$$$$), but somehow refused to carry on living next to her presence, showing her as problem, expose her debilitate personality, when not human person can handle bullying, but forced to endure, then dispose her unworthy into divorce, after she was used / abused and by "the 3 of us (Charles, Camilla and Sarah Spencer)?" -

In other words and plain English, the blame is placed direct to Prince Charles, Camilla's ultimatum, that forced the divorce between Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales and the Spencer family, as Sarah Spencer (, plus the key players as ex/Prime Minister, Tony Blair and the rest, that intent to hide the complete abuse, bullying, cashing, mayhem and murder spree.

The control of those 3 peoples (Charles, Camilla and Sarah Spencer) against Diana, Princess of Wales is complete unforgiving, unquestionable legally and without any merit the abuse, bullying and criminal activity, when the victim even mistook the 3 of us in her public interview, but with respect, she (Diana, Princess of Wales) was not in the trio (Sara Spencer, Camilla and Prince Charles), but used / abused! -

(As the ex/husband said to me, when confronted the man regarding my unborn children and before divorce, detailed properly in this link  the "juicy details" .. but as he said: "who gives a shit!"  - )

The same as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, left me with my trio (mara, rafael and carol parker), that cashed (££$$££$$$ .. as "who gives a shit!" ) on my reputation and my unborn children like vile carnivals, abused any norms of decency if ever existed and I am exposing as the mayor killers of my unborn children, by own lies against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), after used / abused my persona (as following link explain:  ).  

As a mother, I intent what is best for me and my 3 children that perished in the family holocaust and not the 3 bullies (rafael, mara and carol parker  .. ) that caused the family genocide, but me the victim.  I want the law and in order to gain Justice, Memory, Non-repetition of the same crimes and full Remuneration (££$$$£££$$$$) for my loss and pain, mean cash in them now and in order to satiate my inside, as criminal case against innocent children unable to fight back, not what the bullies intent, want and continue dominate the frame work, but what is best for my unborn children, that own life was cut short and terminate (abortion) abrupt and in order to satiate lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and even forced me to gain FULL COVER in Facebook, after all the movies that they create from own drama, what a decency! -

No wonder my unborn children end up "in public and for public concern" in my blog, with more than 560 + notes redacted and online social places, like juicy (££££EEE$$$$$) Facebook, covering all the mayor events, politics affairs, murder spree, gossips, lies, tales, news, subjects, divorces, excuses, intolerance, abuse and mayhem, when ("who give a shit?!" ) used / abused like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, now her children need to continue the legacy, problematic life and full center of the matters ( to protect and hide own father, together with the real collaborators into the romantic history, from Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowlers (, that hurt the rest with no consideration and respect whatsoever to life - not even when the victims are death today (, but continue into the sordid romance, that very soon, we are all going to finish saying, exactly the same words as the ex/husband told me years ago ("who give a shit?!") and with respect.

Because in reality, who should be here, now and today is not me, my unborn children, Diana Spencer and her children, but her sister Sarah Spencer (, that brings the molestation order against Diana, Princess of Wales since and before the wedding with Prince Charles took place, time and moment, in order to cash from her blood sister after (  .. "I thought all this would be mine one day?" ..), exactly like my sister (mara) that aid from my brother (rafael) and went against my father, against my brother, (jose), against my elder sister (josefa) and against my reputation after, badly trashed in public (with slander, defamation and lies against my reputation, that "I kissed her husband Raul Nuñez Frade, when he kissed me", then soon after, mara and raul gained the excuse that they need to hold into me, enable them to gain full control over my mother, as she forced me to terminate my unborn children, friends, education and sent me to canada, planed the criminal activity against my persona with unsolicited campaign and groups of criminal activity, sold me to satiate own sick insides, trashed my reputation badly with the ill spread and I hold the complete family as witness and even Beto Mora of such horrendous times and in order to protect mara's lies, together with the rest bullies: 5 boys, the river, the kiss and etc, left me and my unborn children alone in the limbo, unprotected, hanging into the unknown places and to my own peril by the ill / sick spread, weird attitude, violent outburst, madness, sickness, lies, defamation of character, because never nobody ever asked me, for my side of the story and as the law command, intent and order, but passed the law, except today open in the social media, as the law and services in the UK removed "with intention" to "silence the madness", wanted to cash own blood, like the rest that took full advantage with any excuses!?-), as show today, because in reality the love from Camilla and Prince Charles "on that time not this time", would never even perform properly, only on dreams, as stand in the middle, The Queen Mother, Prince Edward VIII ( and Princess Margaret love life, including own past story, so no more lies (begged her to call off her wedding, wept the night before he married Diana and etc, etc, etc )! -

Because if you can not feel the pain of those victims, that own parents live in constant battle between themselves and own imaginary "family problems", even when own mother is killed, murdered in cold blood and left alone lying on the floor, with no help whatsoever in time of need, exactly in the same way as my unborn children that perished to score points, lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), by the constant bullying of the bullies ( ) and own bullshit, then you are not playing full attention to the real matters / issues here, now and today, because Camilla's children no need to endure the madness, then you are not worth of me and in order to continue explaining the issues, with my pen and paper as form of blog, explaining matters over and over again, with more than 560 + notes of the same "topics" - nothing changes, perhaps to entertain you and you cashing (£$£$£$£$$$£££) machine when use victims, including big egos, ecoooosssssss and system, issues and injury of feelings, because that's what you are, full pain (in the a...!) !!-

I don't believe all the blame is placed into Prince Charles and his mistress alone, because before the law and the church, neither is married with the other (your UK laws not mine!), but living together, because own mother, The Queen Elizabeth II was not present during celebrations, including the Spencer Family need to contest the criminal charges against own blood sister, HRH Princess Diana of Wales and the UK government, as Tony Blair in full charge when Diana's accident, but left the woman sick, badly hurt, ill, alone, strained and in foreign land - until next day, the same as my trios (mara, rafael and carol parker) that told me of "family problems" just before divorce (2009 aprox) and no since day one (1985 - up to today 2017) and as I said before, my unborn children are not for you and yours to dispose as you wish, but mine wishes alone now, as the ex/husband told me very clearly ("who give a shit?!") , so plainly, he is not interested, so only me and alone in my crusade to gain Justice, memory, Compensation, Remuneration and Non - repetition of the same crimes! -

It's understood and reported recently in the news and not when actually happened, expending millions in legal fields, feeding rich unsolicited law representative, that MI5 Agent Confesses: ‘I Killed Princess Diana" -   With respect to may concern matters, the disclose information from the M15 agent need to be investigate fully and proper, furthermore to explain in plain English, how he based his own words - not by gossip but a form of prove legally and against Prince Philip ( My boss told me, she had to die!- ), unfair, no acceptable the defamation, lies and slander, without proper legality! -

I read previously, that Diana's Family relay into Prince Charles for everything, like mine (mara and rafa) with the ex/husband and his sister social worker, carol parker that bonded together with endless lies against my reputation (1985 - 2017) - when I was not looking, when I was not aware of such friendship and when nobody told me except, before divorce (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) as you call, "family treachery", but when things goes wrong is me to blame / frame after not them, but me, as following link mention:

NO ROYAL WANTS THRONE: With respect to may concern matters, but the UK throne is not a "want" but a "duty" that you are born into and your mother would be extremely proud to see you in full action, as she was during the marriage with your father and belong to a great Royal Family and Monarchy, including the Spencer Family ancestry, roots, belongs and upbringing, unless state otherwise by The Queen Elizabeth II, continue the legacy.   

Never act against peoples, that never hurt you in any way, form or shape, but stood on your ground since day one, protect and gave you everything that you wanted, requested and demanded, including today a balanced life, somehow, as nobody is born perfect, but bring a country after war horrid times (,_Duke_of_Edinburgh), now on such matters that matter and stand very dear to your heart and ways of life and in order to gain a happy, stable, rich, prosperous and harmonic life, then speak direct with the peoples involve and in this case came against "your mother (RIP)", private and solve matters fully, never leave things for tomorrow, demand to know the true, also how is going to be solved the problem and remember who is calling the shoots this time, "above all is your mother", mean you are in charge and your brother, as how things need to be done and in order to help you to gain peace, with peoples that trashed your life badly, removed your mother from your reach, otherwise if not possible, then take matters to the courts ( I wish I could do the same, but removed all my services in the UK with intention!!) and intent fully to solve the problems that way, including compensation for your big lost, mean in law, take direct with peoples that caused the real problems, never the victims, but always remember, that your mother never want you to go against your father, as King Charless III, but respect each other at all the times, force is not going to solve matters, but make worse! -

A father should love, respect and cherish own children not matter boy, or girl, so in exchange can teach own children same loving background, environment and pursuit, never jealousy! -

Jealousy happens only, when peoples are not secure of themselves and I am pretty sure, Prince Charles knows fully well, all his ability!-  It is better to show a UNITE upfront, so no leave the door open for the opportunity to enter your home and remove your family, harmony and peace, so I condemn any kind of force! -

A child may looks similar to a father, or their own mother, but is not his / hers fault at any time, but hereditary genes, as such, we must need to believe strong at all the times, that our children are born with own personality, persona and as you call one-self, never treat them as if you own them, never used them as scapegoats, never use them to hide yourself from mischief, never compare from the rest brothers and sisters, but enjoy, cherish and give thanks to God for the big present that a child represent in your life, learn to understand each other, make compromises to change certain ways that is impossible for you to deal with, tell them, speak, dialogue, see peoples direct in the eye never hide and always abide by the rules in which you are born into and address into each other with full respect at all the times.

So it was a breath of fresh air, to see Prince Charles complete changed for the best, in full gloom with own Mother (, so proud next to Her and treating The Queen with full respect that She deserve, with thanks!-   It´s well known that the old Prince Charles and the new one is within difference, while I touch the subject with Princess Diana of Wales with respect (RIP), you are touching mine with my unborn children and no respect, but trade even in politics affairs, instead to get the real culprits (mara, rafa and carol parker), while I don't judge the rest women worldwide with own choices, in fact support, above all they are unable to create babies out of fresh air, but need the men manhood, so we should get the real culprits in that matters never the victims, then why in the name of God, I am over - Judged, exposed to a groups of criminals that follows me since day one and in order to eat like carnivore, from the pain of the rest?! -

I remember before my divorce with the ex/husband, I asked his sister, social worker of her work, but she told me that she was transfer with children's department now, instead of old peoples, mean she follows me, copy my work and even leaves me in charge, for later to come and collect the good seeds and pretend is her who does the matters, so better I write as well.  I hate to be compare, into what I am not in real life, but steal my own ID'S since day one, while me surviving in the UK, but the ex/husband sister social worker life so well, enrich and stable, trading her brother affairs all the time, as he told me before divorce (2012) that she represent him, never told me the same matters after married (1985) and I question the abuse that place us both into, "killed my unborn children" by the negligent acts, while him so happy to help, assist and comply, mean in law, somebody placed me here today, "as I am writing now of issues that do not concern me, because I am Mexican born (just as example!!)", but helping? -

As if previous arranged this way, enter into a facet that is not mine (Mexican no English, but UK citizen), because I never truly care about my elder sisters, brothers, like Diana Spencer with her elder sister Sarah - complete besotted, I was not that way, for me was "the far as possible the better" even today and not because I am rude person, but "as you can see the complete chaos today, irreplaceable, irreparable, without future, envied, killed, destroyed, hold into possession, hide, hijacked, controlled, and keep in captivity based on endless lies (the kiss, the 5 boys, the river, the china girl, etc), mean a life complete destroyed with no future to flourish and what life is that one, that murder with intent everything that belongs to you, like my unborn children, reputation and affect horrendous not just me, but the rest, as some members of my family that played the games and hide the madness, today misunderstood and perished, like Diana share own clothes with own sister/s and even copied things that mistook her for mental issues, that belong to her family only, including anorexia that came after married and all and everything was in order to please her elder sister/s, mother, family, when in reality that person "who copied everything from elders sisters was never me, but my other sister (mara), that loved to use my elder sisters clothes, use make up to look older, share secrets and pretend to be an adult when she was a child herself", even stole my friends, boyfriends forced to be terminate and ex/husband forced to divorce with hate spread against my reputation, stole everything that pretend we still in touch, when in reality never stood to any of such "family problems", today with help from own sister, social worker caused the complete crash into our lives, not that I want to come back, but explain, demand and expect to repair the criminal damaged after, furthermore she (mara) loved to go out with my elder sisters everywhere, me I relate with friends all the time at home, friends that same to appear and then disappear after like magic, somehow today close bond with members of my family, that stole my life, but when things goes wrong is me to blame, frame and kill my matters after, never the bullies (mara, rafael and carol parker|) that stole my ID, but them get my rewards, full medals, hard work, such clever peoples (, that stole your life for the worse possible ways, forms and shapes, need to be acknowledge in a court of law for the criminal damaged, into my life, never hide, but expose!!? -

I protect me and mine (children) with the law, any law worldwide, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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