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American President, Donald Trump, outraged Phoenix billboard: "Hand signing unity and dollar German sign?" -

God Bless America - Celine Dion

Outrage at Donald Trump billboard  with "dollar and unite signs" in downtown Phoenix! -  While I live in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland), during my lifetime since emigrate from Mexico (1985), now British citizen (2017), when experienced exclusion, outclass, segregate racism, oppression, intolerance, bullying ( and defamation of character against my reputation - since day one (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), even try hard to break my reputation badly in public by "family problems" from British ex/husband (now ex/husband hide past abuse against me, with our children?), his British sister, social ( worker, Mexican members of my family (now live / spread worldwide: and helpers wave of intolerance against me "was and still today", what you call "an issue" in our life, "here and now" and I will not copy such low life, neither respond like such cowards that breed in groups, never alone, but expose for "public and for public concern", as the UK law fail us badly ( and when we said badly is right at the bottom, more low, we cannot get (help) except killed! -

The hatred - envy - bullies treatment, can happens to anyone, anywhere in the world and nobody is safe in the hands of such cowards bullies (, that managed during our lifetime to gain / collect a lot of crap for information and now use against our reputation, because nothing has been probe in a court of law (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), except in this blog and in order to protect me and mine (children) from family members, ex/husband and his family and even ex/friends that finished long time ago friendship, still glue into my life, playing "hide and seek" from us, but very much present spreading hatred and untrue lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) against vulnerable peoples of society like myself and in order to eat from us and even teach own children, the same low life procedure, bullying and educational program! -

I am terrible upset at the horrible billboard, that expose Donald Trump, American President in such state, hate, ill spread, hatred, racism, intolerance, exposure (as the "despicable me" bullies of society  leave you open to the public and in this case is not me in the UK, but Donald Trump, American President - worldwide, with no form of decency, respect, nothing!) and even German issues, when the man himself comes from Scotland / German roots, except born a year after the WWII finished and so how, away from Europe since birth, but living within American soils, land, roots, birth rights, laws, liberties and even freedoms? - 

Donald Trump is not the millionaire man, that we meet him years ago by t.v. programs, business entrepreneur and resolutions, when he was trying to climb fame, fortune and riches, but today he is the President of the United States of America and as such, he demand RESPECT and Tolerance from worldwide business (, peoples, land, nations not matter background, "unity (as the billboard shows!)", color, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, country of birth, as wants to be taken seriously, "for who he is", rather to be an hypocrite, "of what he is not (" - but his role as President to improve the life of American peoples, furthermore to show discontent towards abusive billboards and request a proper answer, apology and compensation.

It's an hypocrisy such leaders, that went to endless wars worldwide, but today respected, hide and even forgotten ( and those that just started into the role, like President Trump, with no past wars, no violence and no human destruction, but public humiliate and made into German issues with little respect, criminal persecution and bullied with billboards - the worse!! -

For me is to live again the persecution and bullying of my childhood friend, that I consider her as sister (tere solana senties, see link with enrique solana senties:, but need to live today her matters, perhaps as blame / frame from past issues, when was not me the bully, that I can take her to the cleaners by the abuse, slander, lies, ill spread, hatred, defamation of character, persecution - as Jesus Christ (see Juan Solana and his puritan saint peter's sandals, with respect, but downfall of his sister and me today:  )! -

This is exactly what I did with such friend (tere solana senties) bullying at school and today, Donald Trump public outcry, exposed hatred that she need to endure at school by her bullies tormentors and asked for help to members of my family (I asked ana pia sister to call teresa solana's mum and request her to look after her daughter, including personal issues, but I am not liable for members of my family and what came after, as I saw sister ana pia making the phone call together with another sister, mara and the rest is the result of today = complete carnage!).  I am not responsible of what came after (with teresa solana senties), because sisters (ana pia and mara) need to contest for any past matters and abuses, as I was forced to terminate her (teresa solana senties) friendship back in 1978, by her own mother - never mine! -  I am unable to understand what the friend (teresa solana senties) is doing into my life today, demonstrate with everything mine passed to her (including ex/boyfriend, luis francisco solis cano ) and the rest bullies lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) taking advantage, but nobody ever asked me for my side of the story, killed my unborn children (3) with little mercy, pity, or respect for life, "forced me to terminate (abort) and to look as abortion", when in "reality was to pay for past issues as lies", with murder spree against me and mine (unborn children), complete abuse from family members and so call friends, with own helpers, today who is going to be responsible for the crimes, including own ANESTHESIOLOGY (julian Gali see link: ), that was also forced to terminate and long - long time ago?!!!

Donald Trump American President refuses to shake ( Angela Merkel's hand.  I refuse totally ever to see again "family members / bullies", that got away with the abuse within family, murder spree and crimes against me and mine (unborn children - RIP), even used me (soco) as the other woman in divorce settlement and win the house of German ex/husband (Dieter), NEVER AGAIN! -

There is from Jews to Jews, please don't confuse with the rest, as if my own father was alive, he would not believe the complete carnage, bullying (, abuse and sell / buy machine from family members, without mention the rest that took advantage! -

I REFUSE to remove sign, as I need to make conscience of what happened to me, by real life matters and members of my family, friends and the rest bullies  (, that take full advantage, killed my unborn children with sick / ill spread and I was forced to terminate (abortion) for lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and for to pay mandalas from sick - sick minds, bodies, hearts and I hope you understand, to no avail-  The sign is not HATE spread from me to anyone not matter background, religion, age, disability, country of birth, color, sexual orientation and pardon me if that looks like, furthermore when I never create the sign ( myself, neither the idea, or place that I am position today and force to expose abuse from family members against my reputation (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc) and such hatred that killed my unborn children, by sick - sick minds, when continue hatred against me with any excuses, slander, lies, but not law to assist, neither own parents (corona, azpiri, matamoros, hazz, nuñez, delgadillo, parker, etc) to control, take responsibility, but pinned in the wall like Jesus Christ (juan solana; with respect, but such peoples shows no respect towards us, even from window appear "Ash Wednesday (", as if neighbor upstairs hold no ashtray, told to act that way ( like riqui hazz when left cigarette ends everywhere, if land in any window and cause fire, "kill with intention" like my unborn children, so again, where to complaint about ASBOS?! -

Donald Trump billboard  with "dollar and unite signs" in downtown Phoenix was made to own excuses, reasons and grounds, contrary of the one create to explain own purposes (, but my intention is to make full conscience of our blood, family and ancestry, understand fully well how fragile our roots stand against the world, and this true fact, demonstrate by the Spanish inquisition that started the extermination, then our ancestry lost the Middle East and left our peoples unprotected, WWII killed more than 6 million Jews victims of war and in fact, everyone relate to that war, by Jews only, when other factors and peoples apply, but show how famous we become, when left doors open to abuse now is Palestine used, selling own blood, roots, family, friends and ancestry, because Arabs, Jews, Palestine and anyone born in the Middle East is relate to our rich past, by same Father Abraham and if we don´t stand together, helping each other, instead taking every single advantage / opportunity that develops, can impose great danger to all of us together, as happened to me by "family problems" from ex-husband, his sister social worker, members of my family (now using my children to hide own past!!) and their own helpers and I ask, if this is what you want, or stand together, helps each other with patience, love, respect and tolerance, instead of destroying our world into small pieces (as tito told me: "the vamos a hacerte pedasitos" and since when we relate into each other, talk to each other and from when abuse against own aunts / uncles develop into illness against family, as happened to me and where is Beto Hazz to look after his children not matter age, as this true matter demonstrate when my sister passed away and left me message  because we don't talk much into any circumstance, to a-merit the abusive words "the vamos a hacerte pedasitos" and in order to stop hatred, that lacks any kind of respect ?"), instead teach children respect and stop bullying! -' 

When we said antisemitism, I think such responsible of the hate and not necessarily from outside peoples, places and background, but same Jews nationals should be thinking of that matters before murder, before went against own peoples by own actions and killed more than 6 million victims of war during the WWII, including my unborn children, perished for lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the chin girl, etc), perished for opportunity to steal everything from me and from them, perished for bullies to take full advantage in everything, control and dominate with fear, when learned how to sell family members, because I was born in Mexico no German roots, so I am unable to understand connection and my sister (soco) married years after, except azpiri mercado owned a restaurant in puebla together with German nationals, that worked from V.W.  It is now, that I am forced to learn past history, understand individuals that went against own peoples, as I am unable to understand how I landed here today, except "family problems", but who sold me, because no German roots?-  NEVER AGAIN! -

I am saying this matter as for example, I made a note in the past, then family moved away from the UK to continue training ( ) - no problem, but I question today, who made them to move away from the UK and separate from family, as I was forced, because the note don't explain any of the matters, but expose family abuse.  I wonder, if soon after my notes comes into public, someone "that I am unaware", but "sells my private information" and she / he must be close in order to distribute information, acting as PR, "selling family secrets"-  As when I made the note is to highly abuse into my life and killed my unborn children not secrets sold here, but expose family abuse, when the UK law / services removed and forced to write a blog!-

Stigmata is what we know for stigma, resembling crucifixion body marks / wounds of Jesus Christ (again, like Juan Solana taking full ADVANTAGE of his position within the church / Vatican and Enrique Solana with Mexican government  and what represent for such peoples, because "if ever stop and think what DAMAGED could do to own family and the rest as me" and in order to kill my unborn children together with members of my family, that are equal of bullies  then we would never be here in the first place, EXPOSING criminal minds, intent, hearts and peoples: ), such strong issues need to correct properly in modern times, with a program, that can help and educate peoples removing strong feelings of disapproval into negative, unfair treatment, belief, shame, disgrace, dishonor, stain, slur, mark a certain person, circumstance, quality of life, making the victim alone, scared for life, bullied, completely worn out by bullies and bullying, even medical condition is doing it's best to hurt you (on antibiotics my brother jose, father, etc), conspiracy, passed from one person to another, because nobody wants to take responsibility for your matters, care, education, etc, as bullies stand like walls, form big chain with slander, so when?- 

Here I am refer the stigma that I am forced to live today, for past actions of third peoples against such friend (teresa solana senties) school bullying times, that reflects the same with American President, Donald Trump worldwide bullies.  As nobody knows the person fully well and I refer to the friend (teresa solana senties) and the American President, Donald Trump with respect, to even consider and speak that way, it's complete madness into the assumption, that acts like a big wave of bullies with own ill(iterate) hate spread against victims and if in war times and I wonder by who's and in my case (as bullies passed to me the ball / responsibility, when was not me the bully, as "I was teresa solana senties ONLY FRIEND at school", but I care for her as if she was my sister and requested to my elder sister ana pia to speak to her own mother, but mara sister was there as well on the time of the phone call. As I believe in primary education, that the mother of teresa solana senties was fully capable and responsible of her own child, if not then, who's the fuck to address the bullying. So what I did wrong, but murdering my unborn children by bullies that took full advantage, "forced termination of everything that was mine, including jobs, friends, ex/boyfriends like julian gali, solis cano and etc, even abortion, when in reality was murder with intent, to pay bully demands from own lie", because nobody asked my own opinion / statement in law and why, I am liable of my sisters ana pia and mara own actions, when took advantage, as you can see the wave of carnage within family?!!-) family, friends, bullies ( ) that took full participation / advantage of the situation and enable them to gain the quality of life stolen from me and my unborn children, also 6 million victims of WWII, lost by such brilliant, intelligent minds and bullies, that as such, bullies should pay for own breakage, damaged and criminal actions and make own words / moto to be true today, when sold Jesus Christ, blood and family for peanuts! - NEVER AGAIN! - 

What I want to achieve with my notes / blog is Justice, Memory, Compensation and Non - Repetition of such horrid crimes committed by family, friends and bullies ) and victims to rest in peace, like in my case, my unborn children (RIP), "forced termination (abortion)", but in reality was "murder with intent" and in order to pay lies from bullies against my reputation, when nobody ever asked my side of the story in a court of law, except today, exposed with my blog to the world, plus 6 million victims of the second world war two, maybe sold by own blood / family for a stripe of land (Israel), when the Middle East is vast and belongs to Jews / Arabs by rights, time and laws, so unable to understand such actions!! -  I hope such low acts never ever happens again in living memory (RIP), "selling your own blood, family, traditions and ancestry for pittances", forced to go that way in order to survive, because the world belong to all of us - equal, but I care the full fact, "when taking full advantage" and really hope, that this is the first and this is the last time such horrendous attitude, abuses, crimes, actions and bullying against own blood, family, friends, tradition, roots, ancestry (solana senties also comes from Jews, see list: ) ever happens again and need to stop on time and not, when there is nobody left to account and speak from such destructive behavior, but expose abuse within family members in a proper court of law, properly recorder and accounted as "murder with intent" not matter intentions and in order to gain justice, compensation, memory and non - repetition from such brilliant brains, minds and bullies born with no heart, love, respect and tolerance for own family blood, but driven by malice!! - NEVER AGAIN! - 

I am not removing any feelings against such peoples that went against their own family, murdering innocents with their own "trademark" like cain / abel sick actions (,  "as if such cowards bullies think of the pros and cons before the murder spree, I can assure you, that we would never be here in this blog: "counting the victims, counting the bodies and counting the tears" and not just by me, but Rosario Castellanos ( and when there is murder within family, that is not my family that kills for the trill and that is not friendship that murder with intent and that is not country of birth like Mexico, that kills own peoples as if there is not tomorrow, sorry but NOT on my name, or my parents name, as if such peoples that call themselves "family" but are not mine, because I never learn such hatred, ill spread and abuse from my parents, neither my brothers and sisters, as we all gained the same education, standards and principles, so I am unable to understand, but forced to cover and hide, driven by family members own ambition, pursuit and bad blood / heart against the rest, then own actions never mine and as such, need to be contest in a court of law for the intent, criminal action and abuse and I will not lie next to the rest until show me different and what is the true and I will not lie the law to rest, until justice is fully gained for my unborn children and those bullies, that went against innocents are fully accounted by the law and such cowards responsible of the murder spree detained with no form of parole, because even today, I don't know where to lay flowers in a form of respect and I don't care if another women acts that way, such peoples are not my responsibility and/or who I am to condemn and I don't care, if I am the only one in the whole wide world with the petition and intention for justice, memory, compensation and non / repetition for the murder of my unborn children, as before exposed and explain the reasons and grounds in law and so be it in law, that my Lord is my witness, so help me God! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker


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