Thursday, 9 February 2017

BREXIT: "Only 3 minute election into Brexit, becomes a YES !!!!!!" -

God Save The Queen!

-  Brexit bill: MPs vote in favour of Article 50 bill triggering Britain's exit from European Union.

-   Brexit bill: Find out how your MP voted on approving the bill to start the EU withdrawal process.

The Hypocrisy, when it was TIME for Scotland to EXIT the UK, with a "good chance to become INDEPENDENT", then who purchase the VOTES with "The VOW" signed, stamped and even photos of such individuals concern with false promises, "but TODAY (9/2/2017) left the job (Cameron, CLegg and Miliband)", but what changed with the "STAY TOGETHER PURSUIT (and without any amendments", when OK for UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland) to leave (EXIT) the EU, but not Scotland to leave the UNION (UK), or somebody stealing ideas from the rest and in order to become INDEPENDENT after, or someone trying hard to break the peace with the UK UNION and EUROPEAN UNION, or etc?-

While I don't care which way to go, Scotland INDEPENDENT and/or England BREXIT, but as member of the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) community and what you call The UNION (England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland), then I hope, the Government staff think twice and for once the damaged into such big decisions, with so little investigation into matters, but HOPE take FULL responsibility with the after 's and not start blaming the rest (religion, migration, disabled, age, etc) when falls, breaks and stolen, but UNFORTUNATELY, I am standing in the middle and not a single VOICE, VOW, or VOTE to represent me and into such big steps, why?! -  INDEPENDENT calls BREXIT in England, Wales and Ireland, but somehow was not possible for Scotland, then please tell me more about it, and what is next, perhaps EXIT the Monarchy after and become INDEPENDENT, like Scotland wanted?-  So why BREXIT yes and INDEPENDENT no? - 

I have nothing more to say into matters, but if you are stupid enough - not to know, where BREXIT will lead us into and perhaps become INDEPENDENT after - removing The Monarchy, leaving the rest behind (scotland, wales and ireland), as the European community ( now, then place borders ( after, perhaps you are putting to much trust into your own personal life / affairs with such peoples, that love to gambler ( the lives of the rest, then who will win?! -  As UK citizen, I swear alliance to The Queen and not Her UK government at any time and I take such matters with loyalty and concern.  As student of law, I don't accept peoples take advantage, freedoms and rights that belong from the rest, without a proper reason, or set of reasons.

From the beginning, I wanted justice, memory, compensation and No repetition of crimes committed against me and mine, when killed my unborn children, bullying ( and abuse from "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and group of helpers as criminal activity, but I can see the UK government do not give a shit (the ex/husband told me before our divorce, relate our unborn children gambled into "family problems"- and lead matters to somewhere else, with full intention to take advantage ("Agregó que en materia de seguridad se fortalecen la acciones que garanticen la protección de los miles de turistas que arriban a este municipio, para disfrutar de sus playas, con la realización de operativos permanentes en conjunto con elementos de la Secretaría Municipal de Seguridad Pública y Tránsito, en estrecha coordinación con las corporaciones policiales del Estado, la Federación y las Fuerzas Armadas" - ), steal ideas from my blog:  (I believe strong each country America and Mexico need to safeguard own peoples, with strong measures and responsibility, like the UK police present in Spain and in order to protect peace, order and land, perhaps an example Spain and UK to the world. ), but unemployed in the United Kingdom, unable to gain a way to earn my living (as elder sister josefa told me years ago, "I will get nothing from government work", perhaps mean today, when her husband, children and rest of parasites live from me based on lies; 5 boys, the river, etc against my reputation.  Before the divorce, I asked several peoples if knew what was happening towards and against me, to be deny over and over, then today becomes clear the abuse, paranoia, sick attitude, ill spread and criminal activity. As when me, ex-husband and the children went to Mexico for a tour, the last day landed in Puebla, my brother rafael was walking next to the ex-husband, VERBALLY abused me with "indirect words", but mean and aim DIRECT at me, but pretending when denigrate my reputation to the lowest possible ways, forms and shapes, like puta  and etc, hours later, I asked the ex-husband what it means, to be deny like Judas, today is clear the complete involve with my family direct 1985 - 2017 and when I was not looking, or aware of such kind of friendship, communication and sick spread against me and as result, I lost unborn children by the mislead, lies and assault into my life.  When I was a child, Roberto Azpiri Mercado said such words against my elder sister, flor and passed away soon after, by unknown illness, as my sister flor told me, but when happened to her, I was there listening the complete abuse and my sister flor was fold into 2 of the same pain, horrendous!-  When I was single, the 2 children from my sister lupy; lorena and veronica walked into my sister ana pia´s room to greet her, my brother rafael was there in the same room - as me, spreading such degrading words of putas  against my sister lupy own children, I told my sister ana pia and to be deny after, but it's me who lost unborn children by the abuse, with FULL CONSENT, permit and knowledge from same father figure and men, like ex/husband, sergio gomes pintado and the rest that took advantage?!-  ), neither compensation for the barrage of abuse against my reputation, lost in innocent lives like my unborn children and years wrongly detained in the UK (1985 - 2017), based on lies, ill spread, intolerance, criminal activity, abuse and in order to take advantage (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), but trying to use to gain political mayhem, bullshit and deals and you call that political affairs, or madness, when leading the UK to the same shit hole? - 

As my family (sisters and brothers and even ex/husband and his sister social worker, plus own helpers) lost the way handled my matters during my life-time, but I never gave them any permit, consent and knowledge into my world, neither I was aware of their own persona into my own personal affairs, basically like thieves STOLE all and everything that belongs to me, because nobody asked my side of the story - until now in my blog and based on lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) ripped my unborn children from my tummy, so today, such peoples can not be trusted into my personal matters at any time, perhaps to any kind of work - representation by their own ill spread, manners, pursuit and bullying ( ) against me and society, perhaps can no be call family, when murder 3 of my healthy unborn children by gossip, lies, ill spread against my reputation ( ) and even to think, that such members of my family are in complete state of mind to lead my life, because complete wrong! - 

Today, "family problems" from the ex/husband, his sister social worker, members of my family and own helpers, use my children when bring videos - tapes and in order to highlight, hide, or help same bullies ( and perhaps get in the blame after, like happened to me (when lost unborn children!!), like Paula Yates own children badly affected after (, like HRH Princess Diana of Wales own children (used/abused), because when we went to Mexico, if my kind (children) remember - the Mexican tour (guadalajara, san juan de los lagos jalisco, puerto vallarta, puebla, etc) very young to be blame today (as mention before my brother rafael spreading hate towards and against my reputation in Puebla and ex/husband walked next to him, years after deny and reasons of my divorce!!), the same when Diana's Passed away (RIP), far too young (when such children need to ENJOY LIFE not to be pulled into adult matters, furthermore when witness ABUSE need to confide into someone for help, guidance and how to handle matters, for best to all and both ways fairly and even aid own mother in times of turmoil, can you imagine to carry the load, the guilt, the bullshit and all alone?! - and as such, the law need to help and deal with such matters in professional way and not to take advantage, when leave children no matter age, but alone! -

The man concern "ex/husband" swear to me in mexico tour times (guadalajara, san juan de los lagos jalisco, puerto vallarta, puebla, etc) not to know anything relate his own "family problems", or why my brother rafael was saying such words indirect, but aim DIRECT to me attaking my reputation badly, as I saw them both laughing and walking together, hand in hand, today is a question of law and no more to laugh about, when murder my unborn children such words by the hate, mislead and ill spread, that lie the course of the law, NEVER AGAIN! -  I protect me and my children legally, as I have the rights to expose my matters and reach the law for aid, exactly the same way as the rest, Rosario Castellans de Parker.


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