Saturday, 21 January 2017

BREXIT: "Theresa May's Speech" ..

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First direct train service, from China to UK arrives in London today.

-  "Envy" and the answer is yes, after closed my eBay shop by Trade Marks, when direct trade with China agency (Bench clotting) and on that time (2010), Chinese peoples was call all the names under the sun, insulted by British ex-husband (against the law, corrupt, illegal, etc) and forced my kind (children) to repeat his own words.  So what changed today and with respect, since when China is clean and not corrupt, as I was told by the British ex/husband, "when warned me so many times", but STEALING my job, business, ideas, ideals, aims and in order to feed my children, but forced to strike the company? -  Including Yorkshire bank staff refused my business account, as I was dealing direct with Chinese peoples, but I need to transfer money from PayPal, with words: against the law, corrupt, illegal, fake and I still hold all our correspondence, but closed my account and the police was sent to me at the branch, when wanted to know reasons of bullying, from Yorkshire bank staff to me?- My business and millions of small business peoples, "on that time (aprox 2010)" closed and even today "panic", when listing items on eBay as "trade ENVY marks" and now you bring the Train from China, as if nothing happened, but complete destruction, world crisis, despicable me attitude, wave of bullies, ASBOS, intolerance, bullying, lies, slander and defamation of character against my reputation and Chinese peoples!! -  What if we stop the Train from China now, requesting a court order, against the UK government / politics affairs, "for lack of evidence (as the Train from China arrived the UK!! - )", regarding Chinese (and mine!) peoples reputation, when slander, lies and defamation of character against reputation (and mine!), as they (I was) were called "Fake (clothing / items)", pretty much the same as, "Fake News (" and then, we get compensation for what we lost in years of trade (May 2010 - January 2017) for the abuse of power and profession, plus hurt our reputation badly with slander and "no evidence" against Chinese peoples and myself of any "fake", but "trade" and treat us like vile criminals in public (when left feedback on eBay!), when in reality stealing our living - misleading the course of the law (the ex/husband forced my children to repeat his own words!!), but then, the Train from China arrived the UK ( and so, is not true of any "fake", but (lies) "trade" and when we recoup the lost and stolen from the UK government against us, then we may let the train depart back again to China and with respect.  So basically we hold the Train from China, exactly the same as the UK government hold me (when closed my eBay shop, 2010) and forced me to make a blog, with 500 + notes during David Cameron (soon after my brother passed away 2010, with false promises to my case, but using me, then Theresa May came to power and shortly after, my sister soco < "detained under the mental health act in the UK" >, passed away RIP ??!!- ) reign, pretty much the same as "Tony Blair" reign and soon after HRH Princess Diana of Wales passed away, together with her party (Dodi Al - fayed and the driver) RIP.   I wonder today, what is the connection between HRH Princess Diana of Wales and me, mean Prince Charles and the ex/husband influence, when the UK government HOLD US as piece of meat, like el chapo, florence cassez, me (as link explain: ) and etc, with respect. No possible to continue from UK government staff, when destroys the living as myself and pretend nothing happens after, leave several years (2010) to calm down the "fake" insults as today (2017), hopping all is under control and then the holy, almighty and ever lasting Train from China to UK sudden appear, so is envy? -

-  "Envy" and the answer is yes, after seeing the UK used - abused badly own 4 corners (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England), as Scottish peoples live presently in poverty compare to England and I am a witness, the same Ireland and Wales, but London? -   Well that is another story in London, which is England and benefit ONLY from trade wealth, as you can read, see and enjoy the "silk road train story" -   "I mean eating the cake alone in London no sheering (with Scotland, Ireland, and Wales!)", so everything arrives to London (even stunning leather trousers!!) submerge in complete wealth, leaving the rest dry (Scotland, Wales, Ireland) and only professional work survive (solicitors, gp's, etc) in the area - nothing else and even insulted (bluf!!?? - ) in public, after misleading the course of the law, when block a Scottish referendum with false promises, that never deliver? -  In my honest opinion, the UK should clean own ( ) system first and then offer a proper investigation into Brexit matters, but someone vote to leave, so I don't know how to repair the mess !?-  As when close the doors ( to Scotland due to Brexit fault, I agree into another referendum, even if I need to leave the place for good, as there is not other way to escape poverty, differences, marginalisation, racism, bigotry, mislead as happened to me in England (holding me for ever and now, even David Cameron left, so who will deal with "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers: 5 boys, the river, kiss, etc?!), furthermore when intent to place a "hard border (wall)" with Ireland (, exactly when changing government, not before, but on time (opportunity?!), as  now, today (22/1/2017), perhaps in order to dis-malt own government, cause chaos, act with negligence, irresponsible attitude, include Wales that speak freely of the same "differences!"-  So I ask in God's name, what the Prime Minister mean: In tough times, everyone has to take their share of the pain, Theresa May.  Then with respect, can I have Theresa May own job and everything from her passed to me, as share, when stolen from me, thanks to her own government staff negligence against my reputation, when I was dealing with David Cameron, but the man long gone and who will repair the mess, crimes, stolen, abuse, bullying, etc!

-  "Envy" and the answer is yes, after seeing the colossal "Chinese Trade Train" with respect (££££££$$$$$$$$$$£$$££$$$) and leave the rest (European Community) behind, furthermore when use trail ( "from and to" silk road train, 12,000 km, China to London via:  Yiwu City, China, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, UK  ), perhaps UK need to pay ROAD TAX for using EU road (Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, etc) and land for transport goods ££$$$ (as UK wants to leave EU: BREXIT ?!), furthermore revenue taxes as business ventures (£££££$$$), like airports (again, UK wants to leave EU: BREXIT !?), "but" while the UK still "holdinto the EU mandate (article 50 !!) by the law, need to SHARE any kind of business, profits, trade, revenues (or EU block any UK trade, as happened to Scotland "put on hold" when referendum, until article 50 is complete / final and allow to act by themselves, if ever, as I never gained any help with "family problems", neither services in the community, or entitlements in the UK "but kept on hold", see letter from DWP staff ignore matters and send copies and copies and copies and copies and copies and copies and more copies, keep holding into peoples lives, matters, things and that is wrong, no professional, but corrupt indeed ?!"-), exactly the same as UK managed to "hold" into me, when on divorce times ( ), no difference the treatment, as I am not your piece of meat to trade and who give you the rights! - 

I want to see, if UK Prime Minister likes to be in my position now, when lost all and everything even my benefits (see letter) and all thanks to trade "ENVY" marks, furthermore destroyed my reputation with "family problems" from ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers against my persona, as I never wanted to be in public and all my future plans went to the bin, when falsely accused (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), with no probe whatsoever at any time legally, except to eat from me, use me as your mercy, pretty much the same as Jewish peoples during the WWII, except that I am Mexican born and we don't come from such worlds ( with respect, "so how come, I landed here", except I married (now divorce) one like Hitler, that removes even life itself!!-  As years ago, the ex/husband send to me the "trade marks", arrived to my home (on that time: 19 sherway) not by train ( as now, but by the use of a car and left me his business card as form of probe for today and on that time, "the trade mark officer" wanted to know "all my trade business details, including China agent" and ex/husband from the home garden was pretending the same, but checking to see my reaction from the ordeal, when all PLANED to frame / blame after, even insult Chinese peoples reputation to the worse possible ways and perhaps "hold" on me with no justice (blame me for everything: trade marks, family problems, my brother, sisters, the kiss, 5 boys, the river, the hand of maradona and etc?), except today UK use The China Train and Empire, so who is desperate and green of envy? -

I question legally, if there is not limitations into the robbery mandate, that belongs to another peoples hard work, because all is robbery from us / my family, as same matter from me, reflects pretty much my elder (josefa) sister business ventures, when lost 13 pharmacies (not 1, or 2, but 13 pharmacies!), then remove after, perhaps want to see how it works to sell the same way, want to use same system when selling, want to steal / remove from others ventures based on lies, as we lost Veracruz business when removed my sister (ana pia) - "passed to others peoples our hard work, because we all helped my parents to build the business, nothing was free" - such peoples are not relate to us / unknown to the business (azpiri, guerrero, pedro, etc), but now holds my father business (as I hold my brother Jose papers of his business and how was transfer to unknown peoples "guerrero, pedro, pancho azpiri, etc, " and before he passed away, "someone knew it will come that way", perhaps forced operation and what are the reasons legally, not even when own money as can be settle in a court of law the pre-payment/s, but forced and I believe strong, by the use of force!!), what if your business removed from you and based on lies, passed to someone else and always the government staff involve, so what is the catch, what is there to hide, who is involve, who is selling us?-  

Can you imagine if your father's business was handled to X person, after the head (jose) of the family ( perished and as such, I question the way my brother perished, perhaps to hide so many lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and blame me after ( ), after stole all my things (friends, jobs, etc) to mislead the course of the law, frame and blame, maybe believe my brother commit a betrayal, as for example: when wanted to help me to divorce back in 1993 (see paperwork and documents at the end of the link, to aid me!! ) and the ex/husband solicitor should have by law, copy of all the relevant documents (1993), so no betrayal, never by us (me and my brother jose) at any time, if so, my brother (jose) would never sent me the relevant paperwork, but now trying to "hold" into me and mine (children) with endless lies, defamation of character and tales, from dishwasher (as if the ex/husband unborn children was not enough and wants more, then I question mental issues, "when the man in question can not satiate his insides", as nobody can go against own children / blood relate!! - ), 5 boys, the river, the kiss and a wave of lies against my reputation, with no form to probe matters, or justice to aid me, but hide in "confidentiality acts (like teresa solana "hide" our friendship from her mother, but no problem with the rest of my family, ex/boyfriend, friends and even relations, to be used after 1978, when we lost complete contact, so how come she still here in my life and inside my matters!?)", the cowards!- When I believe during our marriage "1985 - 2012" the ex/husband got no contact with my kind, but how wrong I was and how well hide the complete scheme, even use against me to frame / blame after!? -   My family fall for the scheme like vile trap, when removed their own way of life (as mention my father business), work and living standards, then followed the trade deals, mean trading own family, blood and belongs and I hope, this abuse never happens to you and yours! -

Nobody can compete with Nostradamus ( nowadays and such matters happened long time ago, the world evolution and our way of life today is different, furthermore when someone holds secrets from another person becomes powerful, almost a necessity to survive and that is wrong today but not before, when mislead, lie, hide, manipulate and control, your next step! -  It got me more than 30 years (1985) to leave the marriage ( to the British ex-husband when divorce (2012) times and even today, "like a scene out of Jurassic Park", still present "massive alligator Humpback ( " into my life, clings to me "when strolls past", by the "stunned tourists in Florida park" and use our kind (children) to gain control - over me and I mean, today, we would not expect to see a "Jurassic park" in present times, but ex-husband still very much present in mine, acting like "alligator (" with control, orchestra and behind the scene, thanks to "UK system, that works for some peoples but not the rest"-  A real movie, that would not disappear and start ex/husband own life elsewhere (, but continue "family problems" and carry in his humpback the massive lies (5 boys, the river, etc), that follows him everywhere (he told me when divorce times, wherever you are, I will be there and so, I am joining his club to see if he likes the stalk?) and into "invisible vendettas (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc)", because nothing is/was real like Jurassic Park, only endless lies that eat from the rest, but removed the UK system from me and unable to reach (  ..  the heat system!!) help, services, anything!? -


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