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BREXIT: "Spy *~* Activity (Powers)" -

Brexit Secretary David Davis just took Theresa May to the EU Court of Justice (parts of the Snooper's Charter are unlawful!!) and won (with thanks!)!! -    

Andrè Rieu - you'll never walk alone ..

As I am typing, someone else is typing over me, perhaps guiding the same pursuit "as me" and I mean in law, "to reach you" and "without my permit, consent and knowledge" acting like little phantom (in the opera!), "spy and check what I am typing" and "before comes out my note (as if some Lottery winner is going to come, from the same!!)", when "using my personal matters, not their own personal matters", but recording my laptop, emails, t.v (see *~* .. photo? -), phone calls (Only God knows, who's I am talking with, who's in the other end and who's I am refer to, as different Internet system from skype and where is the COURT ORDER for me to see matters, as the law order, request and command to protect peoples like myself, but cowards bullies  HIDE in "confidentiality acts" to STEAL your life and what's the reasons, grounds and motives of the same, "Spy Activity <Powers>" against me, other than ROB my peace, prosperity, ideas, ideals, aims and in order to frame, blame, used, abused after and that is a "normal action, procedure and attitude  in law, against the community" as me?-), etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!-

The Government staff (Theresa May) is there for me, you and the rest victims - worldwide, from long  - long time ago (, against the community affairs; "Spy Activity (Powers)" and with respect to may concern matters! -   I question legally, with the use of the English law:  what are the grounds / reasons of the same abuse from power and position ("Spy Activity <Powers>"), furthermore where is the court order to read and acknowledge the same facts, grounds, reasons, stalk, pursuit, paranoia, abuse of power and position, etc!! -

According to the English law, nobody has any reasons to enter to a private home / flat / premises without a COURT ORDER, not even the police is allowed, so how in the name of God, the "Spy Activity (Powers) Charters", ENTERS our PRIVATE life, without the relevant paperwork (order) - stamped by the Courts and for us (the community) to read the grounds (in which was gained), reasons and facts (no lies!!), as no difference when enters a private place by the police without a court order, the same anyone that enters to spy ("Spy Activity <Powers>), as where is the holy CHARTERS to protect us and say otherwise?!! -
etc ..

I am sorry to disappoint you profundity, but we do not govern alone worldwide, even religious freedoms (mean the RIGHT to pray to whoever you want and with holy peace!) protects like the Vatican (see previous link: Code of Canon Law) and the rest should follow the same standards, charters, freedoms and birth rights, because nobody has any rights to destroy the same living standards, nobody!! -

Incredible, but power and position comes with no limitations, expectations and even resources!!- Where FREE speech is a thing of the past, perhaps the elders went to battle (WWI - WWII) for nothing (the Human Rights Acts comes from the WWII), as the jobs are purchased, instead won by merit!-   Theresa May Prime Minister ask us: "to live within our means (see note and link inside the same  ..  ") after a lifetime of work, sweat and raise a family, then removal of system and benefits without warnings, but ("share the pain", see inside note and link: "In tough times, everyone has to take their share of the pain, Theresa May" - ) in the other hand, steal / rob ALL my ideas and even means, when spy ("Spy Activity <Powers>") my blog, notes, phone calls, Internet, even when I use the toilet as lack of privacy laws and where is the UK law to protect me - as community, perhaps HIDE in "confidentiality acts" themselves?!! -  And to probe legally of the previous words, that what I wrote in the following link and note (with regards David Cameron, MP) is the true of the matters ..  .. and that my Lord is my witness, now David Cameron is offer a Nato job (see dates of my blog and when news came out days?)? -  No, I am not trying to remove his (David Cameron) job, but probe legally of the abuse of power and profession between themselves (Tax avoids is the reasons why, former Prime Minister, David Cameron left his post but now looks as if Theresa May the same? - ), when steal, snatch, rob, corrupt, so if that happens to them as government / politics affairs, what hopes I got for me as member of the community, "when I am still waiting for help for my matters (see letter from the DWP staff to me:", when no even the thank you for the matter (David Cameron new job!), but unemployed, need to share the pain and live within own means and with no means in reality, no cash as stolen from my benefits and no nothing, but ONLY them allowed and entitle and the rest of us what, when, why (not) and how!! -

We are living in an era of paranoia, deceit, corruption and hatred and we should not blame ourselves, but the peoples in charge of the UK system, which is not us - the community, but them government / politics affairs and if we move from when holding them, any idea what may could happens?- As I am sick to be frame/blame in the past (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) and now left to my own devices (unemployed, need to share the pain and live within own means!!), with no boat, map, directions, instructions, nothing?! -

My sister (soco) was detained under the mental health act in the UK, when even her (soco) own child placed doubts of her fears ( ) in the open and in front of me told me (tito, riqui, tere, etc) several times, that his (tito) mother was not well (mentally), when in reality such matters exist ("spy activity <powers>""not in the open as today, but hide as yesterday (misleading the public and the course of the law! -  )" and soon after, he (tito and riqui) went to live with own father in Veracruz, Mexico.  Today, I am (left in the COMPLETE limbo!!) falsely accused, blame and frame of my sister (soco) health and I am not a social worker except sister ( of ex/husband and ex/neighbour (DWP staff, neighbourhood leader, neighbour friend of the ex/husband, by her own husband, see letter  controlling my benefit allowance, but never ex/husband pension cash when left the Airport, as he was allowed to cash plus the extras, but no me today, manipulate system with full control!!) on that time (and still this time, staff of DWP!!), when she went against my sister (soco, read hand writing letter  and with respect to the Queen!).

I am not like any of my sisters with respect, neither my children (as mention so many times before, manipulate and used to hide own father's family fortunes and past abuse matters!!) are going to get involve in personal matters, that do not belong / concern to them at any time, or perhaps lay me the law in order to protect (one way of the other, see photo!), when I never use the system to them, as even unemployed to probe matters legally, when the money own to me by the DWP staff was "my hard working social security benefits and contributions", when lack of advice from DWP staff to claim on time (and I was inside own DWP building for Post Office job interview, so who kept my hard working money, who's !!??), not the ex/husband and his sister social worker (they were able to cash own mother's will without contest the court order first, see link:   mean passed the law, but now using my children to hide from the matters with any excuses, as if 2 little children themselves and my children the adults??) , ex/neighbour, some members of my family but mine entitlements alone and when removal of everything by the state as today (unemployed, need to share the pain and live within own means, anything else while we are on the matters?!! ), then stands as equal as pension, lost money when hide the law by DWP staff, removal of human rights, etc! -

No, I am not going to be afraid when exposing the true of matters in "public and for public concern" (as student of English law) and with the use of documents, letters, photos, even the twin brothers (ex/husband and his sister social worker) were jailed (, while I don't wish the matters to anyone, then why them to me, so in a way, I still got hope of Mr. Justice today (as own mother told me of her children: ex/husband and his sister social worker, they fight all day long and as bad as each other  but for me, they act like twin brothers, the krays, "owners of the complete area and beyond your dreams!" -)!! -

Not me, not you, not the media, not the community affairs, not immigration, or any other excuses, but government staff ( "Spy Activity <Powers>" ) and with respect to whom may concern the matters! -  Here in my note explain very clearly, that is not about any other issues from government staff like: vote as presidential (America), vote as brexit (UK) on any other political party, vote, issues, neither country of birth (Russia) involve, or any other matters, stuff, or excuses to hit back members of our community that comes with concerns and responsibilities, because I am a law abide people (as student of English Law!) of the community, but "spy activity (powers)" belongs to government staff system (as we lack of the same, impossible!), as the community (me) lack of computer generation system, which every country in the world comes with of the same matters, problems, issues and DUTY of CARE towards the world, when handle such important and delicate instruments, that are not toys to manipulate, control and dominate, as such, peoples that represent the world will finish matters very peacefully, respectful of each other (colors, cultures, background, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age, etc) and behave in well manner, that your own children are super proud of yourselves and as the law state, order and command!! -

Everyone same to have some issues against the other worldwide ( and with respect and as such, as representatives of the world to deal with such issues in amicable ways, forms, shapes and as soon as possible, places in which to take same matters as "peace resolution" between world leaders is in abundance nowadays, because the role of the job is not about yourself, but the world itself to be protect, care and respect! -  "Out of the 12 Presidents who have held office during Her Majesty's reign, only five were ever invited for a UK State Visit. Will Donald Trump be number six?" -   So you don't need to wait for nobody, time, or perfect moment to represent the world in the best possible manner with DUTY of CARE, but act in a way that is respectful to each other as world leaders and representatives of each country that you govern and please in the name of God, whichever is your God end the discomfort, differences, bullying, mayhem, racism, segregate culture and behave yourselves, like proper grow up adults and representatives of the world, in a way that, your own children are extremely proud of yourselves, copy your excellent behavior and learn the "good seeds of trade pursue (respect, tolerance, etc)", even in politics affairs! -

(I let you to choose the fake and the real news, I got no time, or money to hire a secretary!!)
etc .. 

I have a Queen to protect in the UK (, as UK citizen years ago I swear loyalty to Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II (Never the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, but The Queen Elizabeth II and as such, where is she to protect and address any issues that concern Her Majesty, because I don't get pay for the job, neither I am the Prime Minister, but Theresa May!?), Country, Peoples, Land, and here I am today addressing the issues (may used: "For or Against", as lack of representative?!), but why not the UK government that receive payment for the job, because with respect, nobody works for free!! -  

I saw my bank balance today with great sadness, not that I request charity, but what is my benefit entitlements by laws and rights and please leave John Travolta business for another time (the ex/husband and I saw a movie from John Travolta, that he was communicate in a rail cabin with government staff - requesting cash and some how ex/husband was be-mused and amused when was assaulted and I don't care the meaning of the movie, intention, or reasons, because when I made payments to the country wealth-fare, I never sent to you a movie like John Travolta style, or bullies to hurt you after when received the cash allowance, so please respect! - ), also my laptop is old and nothing good came from my notes like Harry Potter, but even false promises from David Cameron (as he promised his own wealth 30 million to whoever tell, what was the present position of the world crisis and that was back in 2010, soon after become Prime Minister and we still waiting in 2016, with more than 500 notes from my blog and zero hours work, not even the thank you for new job as NATO, but peoples that live so well from the rest!).  If something happens to me and mine (children) when dealing with any matters and issues in my blog, then we know full well where all comes from and with respect, because is time for peace, tolerance and remuneration, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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