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Germany: "Pope Francis Auschwitz Visit" ..

Auschwitz note represent so much for the victims of war (Above all, this country is our own. Nobody has to get up in the morning and worry what his neighbours think of him. Being a Jew is no problem here. Golda Meir) - including myself badly affected by the matters and extremely hard for me to start and finish this note and perhaps overdue, sorry! - 

Carol of the Bells ..

It´s true that without the Press today, millions of victims of war ( won´t be saved and contrary of my case that online social media was not born, but forced to terminate my unborn children from "family problems" against me and mine.   While for you may difficult to believe the WWII ever existed, for me as Mexican born was the worse nightmare that ever existed in my life and I understand now the connection and similarity and in order to offer advocacy, when the world need.

Exactly the same as victims of war (WWII), unable to reach social media help and save themselves during the holocaust times (, because "nobody knew" of the criminal activity against them when behind close doors and all was made away from public perception, view, press, or internet social media. 

Pope Francis visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp ( ), when nothing good came out from such horrid place and in order to sustain today even the financial crisis when lives and money stolen, but access the level of abuse from politics, government and staff, furthermore when meet the Holocaust Victims of  ("horrors") War RIP.  When books teach you the story, nothing match the movies so real, when I saw the Auschwitz BBC program, it gave me a complete different outlook, horrendous! -

I am not trying to take advantage of the pain, suffering and lost of the Auschwitz (WWII) victims, but years ago I become Israel Online Ambassadors ( ) and I was not aware of where I was landing as Mexican born, the enormous responsibility to represent every one of those victims of war and heavy commitment into the advocacy job and thanks God we are almost there (I never did anything alone. Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively, Golda Meir), when Pope Francis is prepare to help.

In my case, with what I lost when my unborn children, brother ( and sister (soco), nothing can repay lost - stolen due to severity of the case, now the ex-husband and his sister social worker (as explain before similarities of WWII and the ex-husband and his sister social worker, "post - war effects", perhaps passed by own parents in order to understand what is like to be in that horrid situation, never to go against humanity, because I am Mexican born and trying to frame me, impossible!) are trying to use my children (from a Mexican mother, impossible!) in order to cover and hide their own past against me and mine, when similarities can not be hide from the sad reality, Not matter how much they (ex-husband and his sister, social worker) deny, unfortunately the SCAR is there for everyone to see and shows!  -  As the following link (with respect to The Queen) could not be MADE itself out of fresh air, but need a social worker (sister of the ex/husband) and community / social services to aid.

I remember years ago (not when started in 1985, as wanted to cash $$$) and months before my brother passed away (, I was approached in the kitchen house (19 sherway drive) by the ex/husband sister, social worker when slander my reputation badly with 5 boys, the river and a wave of insults against me, when I hardly see the woman at any time (1985 - 2016), then my sister (mara) followed, by the use of emails (that I still got the matters to probe in law) and phone calls, falsely accused me to kiss her husband Raul Nuñez Frade when it was the other way opposite, but a wave of lies and defamation of character against my reputation and Not when started (1985) matters to clarify, but after, perhaps the parasite wanted to cash $$$ the same as the rest (as her daughter  study University in ENGLAND - TWO TIMES and FREE - nothing to re-pay after, but not my children born in the UK and all sponsor FREE of cash from ex/husband sister social worker, acting as if she was The Queen of England with respect and owner of the LAND, without paying a penny from own pockets and expect me to pay for matters and the state / tax payer to fix the bill, never the selfish woman help her own nieces, blood, brother and her family, but somebody else instead, in order to hurt as mention link ( ) against me and mine, when I hardly see any of them (1985-2016) ? -   

After the MURDER SPREE and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY against me and mine, acting as Auschwitz gestapos, I want you to tell me how I shall address such peoples that calls "family" when suit them and when Not, use/abuse (me) in great measures of the law and hide in confidentiality acts the vile cowards? -  

So PARDON ME today, if I repay the same generosity that I received from the ex/husband and his sister social worker against me and mine (children), but the man (ex/husband) actually doesn't GIVE a shit (when I asked the ex/husband about our unborn children before divorce, he responded: "Who Gives a shit??!!") about matters and in order to please his bully ( ) sister, the social worker against me and mine (my children!!), but abuse, murder with lies and purchased my family - friends with favours and in order to come against me after, as today, so be it in law! -

 The lies, tales and slander against my reputation by peoples that calls family and when suit them (ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers!), when bridesmaid, or when godmother to my child (see pics   ) and in order to prove in law of unaware of "family problems" before and reasons of my divorce today.  As I call BETRAYAL when abused trust (bridesmaid / godmother ) to own purposes and malice and not for what was intent and Not that I give a shit (as the ex/husband told me!) about any of them (ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers!), but unfortunately I lost unborn children, country of birth, family, friends, weather, language, environment, jobs, opportunities, remuneration, services and someone (One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present, Golda Meir) need to answer for the matters legally!! - 

As the whole past (One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present, Golda Meir) may affect my children, when never - ever done anything to deserve the matters, instead of the real culprits (ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers!), that hide from own responsibilities! - 

As the Holly Pope Francis - ask GOD for forgiveness (, but I am not ready to pardon nobody of such peoples that calls family and destroys any form of decency, within family background / environment, as I ask justice, compensation, non-repetition of the crimes and memory, because  I am entitle to remember my lost, without suffering reprisals, emotional blackmail, or any other issue! -  After the incidents by sister (mara) and sister of the ex/husband (carol) against my reputation - almost at the same time (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), I went to see help even from Trafford council staff (Gaynor Burton, Michael MacDonald and Anne Tober) to no avail, the slander and defamation of character against my reputation "Purchase the Complete Trafford Area" and reasons why, they told me at exact time (months before my brother was hurt  ) and not from day one (1985), in order to make sure all was done properly (, including the factory (see link  ZERMATEX) of lies that went against any form of credibility! - 

I was not aware of who to approach in the UK for "family problems (I never received any help!)", as always need to run to the machines ( and escape the bullies, but Not this time!  My idea before my brother  ) badly hurt was to STOP "family problems" and I contact even family members (elder sisters and own children) by phone and emails that I still got the probe legally, even gave them a Mallorca priest name to aid us and "the Sol de Puebla" newspaper blocked from my reach, today all the bullies ( ) will have to pay and answer legally for neglect, failure, abuse, crime and criminal activity, because even my t.v. monitor goes blank every time I move from my seat and in order to reach something from the kitchen and I got witness, the action itself annoyed, as comes from Internet supplier (Virgin communications) and/or movie places (Netflix) - see photos of several times and mean I am controlled / spy even by T/V. monitor, that the ex/husband gave to me and when on divorce times and by the way is not illegal the procedure of spy t.v´s, laptops, (mobile) phones, private letters and emails, personal stuff, etc?! -

Can you imagine if I spy the life and work of the rest, like JK Rowling's ideas, books, venues and  "before" comes into the shops and sales ( and/or perhaps Adele's music and the rest, when is my work, my time, my investigation, my sweat and for the rest to get rewards, premiums and everything, when SPY the PERSONAL life of the rest (me) and what the law said about it when I never gave my permission, consent and knowledge, but against the law! -

Hitler comes with own spy to help him ( when on war times (Even paranoids have real enemies, Golda Meir), but matters happened years ago and different from today form of reality, so let´s make a pact here with all the after - effects, unable to heal properly and conduct as the law state, order and mandate.  As many victims of war, unable to pardon just yet ( for past criminal activity against own peoples, when badly affected Auschwitz war (WWII) times and the after effects as me (It's no accident many accuse me of conducting public affairs with my heart instead of my head. Well, what if I do? Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either, Golda Meir) and mine by the ex-husband and his sister social worker as explain before, now using my children to hide their own past (One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present, Golda Meir).   Perhaps today the Vatican is starting to repair the damaged against my Lord´s peoples, from our Jewish Ancestry, so the communication is rolling positive and started, hope soon all repair to what everyone wants, as me is justice, memory, compensation and non - repetition of past crimes committed against me and mine, NEVER EVER AGAIN! -

"Between Parenthesise" -  Pope Francis with respect, appoints panel to study ordaining women as deacons.  When impossible to believe that such matters of ordaining women as deacons and study of the same (as if we are some kind of cheap material to trade business, investigate of the same and exploit us $$£££ and not men? - ), as Pope Joan was a woman of substance and super well develop for her own times, age and century and she need to hide her persona, her maternity and she even gave birth in "full public and for public concern (The book gives an account of Pope Joan giving birth to a son in plain view of all those around, accompanied by a detailed engraving showing a rather surprised looking baby peeking out from under the Pope's robes )" and I am interested to know, what exactly happened to the mother - Pope Joan and her child - and by law, because women can not continue living in a world of dark ages.  I saw the movie of this great woman of substance, Pope Joan over a month ago, with thanks to Netflix and she left me with no speech whatsoever, unfortunately the movie stopped point blank and the end cut and in real life, we don't know what happened to mother (Pope Joan) and baby and today still acts as dark ages and times, nothing changed with relate to women, even giving birth in the middle of the street looks so bad ("when women can not control own body / birth time?"), then why my LORD gave us our HOLLY bodies to be shame after, same with men own instrument to be responsible and in order for them not to abuse women of any age, nationality, country of birth, (, perhaps we women study ordaining men and may (with any luck!) become deacons, as you can see nothing has been change from dark ages and today relate women? - Rosario Castellanos de Parker

P.S. I nearly forgot, but (Golda Meir) quotes comes from with my full form of respect and thank you!! -


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