Thursday, 11 August 2016

After BREXIT, the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May on holiday! -

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Theresa May follows in Margaret Thatcher's footsteps, as she takes holiday in Switzerland and leaves the UK complete alone! -  During time in office, Mr Cameron took holidays in Lanzarote, Algarve and Corsica, while Mr Blair frequently travelled to Tuscany in Italy and last week Sicily ( ), without care for past wars (Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc). 

Sadly, The Royal Household ( with respect, Parliament and Community affairs are sitting at this time of the year, with endless problems ( and nobody at the office and in order to address and represent such important matters, because on holiday! -

The United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England) high unemployment levels after Brexit, may leave peoples to sell themselves, for nothing!-  It's reported by the police, a massive rise in crime.  Including UK list of TAX avoids, when professionals leave the community affairs with zero hours  - no pay! - And No Prime Minister as Theresa May in order to address foreign issues, which are extremely important to the UK.

I am Not register with a GP where I live (Scotland) local, because still holds my previous one (England), which is in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England), unless the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker removed from me, without my permit, consent and knowledge.   Since I moved last year (Scotland), I only visit the emergency hospital twice in ten months and refuse to take a new GP local, because I don't relay on such professionals, except when emergency:

- I saw the care plan I received local with several services of the NHS pumped with antibiotics and even removed HEALTHY tooth from me and in order to please the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, without checking properly of the state of the matter as professional, when such peoples should know better! - 

- I saw my sister detained under the mental health act for nothing and pumped with strong treatment, when I was told by the same social worker (I believe strong was the sister of the ex/husband, but used another person to hide in "confidentiality acts" and in order to practice with my sister soco, her own career, after finished university, when against the law for anyone to represent own family, as I was still married to the ex/husband and Not Gps' or Not Dr's allowed to practice with own relations or lose own licence, permit, etc) that represent my sister, the hospital (Trafford) staff where my sister was detained confirmed the same and even doctor (Dr Rojo?) of my sister care plan (as Dr Westwod told me, my sister soco was ok, so 2 doctors as, Dr Rojo doesn't match diagnostic?), when all was lies.  I managed to remove my sister from Trafford Hospital, when I understood better "family problems", as explain in the link.   In which, I spoke to several members of my family because I still got emails and form of communication to prove in law of the same matters and months before my brother ( ) and sister (soco) passed away and I hold this blog  that records from day one and even ex/husband mother, told me to speak to her daughter social worker, Carol Parker when I explained to her of the same and it was at that point ( "ex/husband mother told me to speak to her daughter social worker, Carol Parker?" ), that I saw the reality and mess, then months after she passed away.  Today, when record all this problems in my blog, because even my peoples still today accuse me of little communication with ex/husband own family or mine and in order to probe legally of any connections "NIL / ZERO", but I am unable to understand the kind of people that silence own mother and I mean to say for the ex/husband and his sister social worker?!" -

- I saw the mother of the ex/husband trashed with no pity, respect, or love, by her own daughter social worker, that should know better as she works at the hospital (Maclesfield) and the ex/husband and I even told him that one more hospital accidents (Stockport) to his own mother and I will call the police with immediate effect, as I was working as career for older peoples and doing my NVQ'S, but then another issues develop and I am not a doctor to comment any further, but check her own medical history and in order to collaborate my words, when abuse of power and profession is beyond words, as such, who needs the bullies ( ) with own professional problems and who need the abuse (RIP)? - 

- So I develop pain on my foot when cut my nails wrongly (Yes, I pay the price for it, painful!!), went last Thursday (4/8/2016) to the local NHS for treatment and staff gave me an EXCELLENT service - then and there no problems, because one hour before, I register myself with a local GP, and then I asked to see a doctor as in pain, staff refused and next appointment Monday (8/8/2016)? - Soon after register (4/8/2016) with a local (Scottish) GP (now is cancel), I received (9/8/2016) hatred mail to my letter box, requesting test for bowel screening (as my sister flor develop problems) and when never asked for matter (at King Cross, Dundee, DD3-8EA, with ref #:1306605628) and in order to probe legally, that ex/husband sister social worker represent members of my family ("emotional blackmail" against me and mine, need to pay for all the things that happens to them ) and use the UK services (NHS) for vendettas, cosa nostra, abuses, hatred, revenge, family problems and then blame me after? - When years ago, I need to perform smear test (as sister mara told me of herself) and extremely painful and again all those matters as vendettas, etc and it's now that I know how much the ex/husband loved me, in order to please his sister, social worker.

- After bad experience with the NHS staff as I explain before, a waste of money for such brilliant and EXCELLENT resources, when not intimidate ( patients, or interfere in any chosen treatment (, by any kind (ex/husband, his sister social worker and/or helpers), vendettas, cosa nostra, ill hatred, family problems, syndromes of the third kind - as some members of my family (flor, mara, etc) that control ex/husband and his sister social worker, bullies and their own bullshit ( ).  I refuse totally to be register with any GP - Doctor in the UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland): "As I lost their own trust complete and when mislead the course of the law to own benefit" in fact, failed me and mine (ex/husband mother, sister soco, etc) badly, also I moved to Scotland, lost England now with Brexit, so any past GP'S / Doctors complete removed from any list, because I can see the problems that brings such elements and professionals and again, I lost their own trust and I will only use them when emergency, when I really - really need them and stop any more "emotional blackmail", abuses and mistreat the public, while many patients need round the clock care, such services nned to be asses properly and in order to bring cash to another resources more important, but me please no GP / Doctor only when I need the service, with thanks! -

Today Services comes with no form of guarantee and not just the NHS, DWP, HM Revenue & Customs but the rest, when no use the correct tax allowance and even trading standards. I purchase a sofa and 3 months after becomes damaged - see photo and seat, the bed arrive broken and I need to pay for return parcel (?), items become delay or change dates - as you can read emails, I got 3 food steamers with a guarantee of 2 years each, gone in 6 months and all those matters cost package, time and reputation for the number of returns, then who is liable for the consecutive and non - stop bullying? -  As this is what the ex/husband mother used to tell me about her own children (fight all day long, non - stop!), now using mine (children) to hide or to go and tell her (which I believe is me, but mirror when younger: dad can you tell him?-   ), when my kind is no educate to such low standards and again who is liable and how easy is to get access to private life, as you can see my t.v. monitor, every-time I move to reach something, becomes blank and I hold witness? -

The services provider from Google guarantee us privacy, when I don't mind my blog to become public "after" my notes finished, but then how my information can be read "before" by a third party, as shock me to read: Who's in charge while the Prime Minister ..  My same words from my blog and this note as you can read (Theresa May follows in Margaret Thatcher's footsteps, as she takes holiday in Switzerland and leaves the UK complete alone! - etc ..)? -  My note comes with 11 of August 2016 - record time by GOOGLE own set time of  9:47 -  7:00  as you can read the same down below and the Independent note by Andrew Grice, Political Editor of The Independent News since 1998,   comes with date of 11 of august 2016, but Not exact time to check? -  Which mean in UK law, someone is stealing my work "before" comes public and pass my information to third parties, as the Independent and without my permit, consent and knowledge of the same, neither use a link to express of where information comes from, which is/was mine the idea, frame work, alike words, meaning and the same, but STEALING ( the work of the rest as mine, with no form of respect, remuneration of the same and place of society and even worse, "before" my notes comes alive in public as this one.  The STEALING ( of my work as explain before, equal as crime in law, when robbers steal my work "before" becomes public, mislead the public purse and corrupt the course of the UK law and in order, to remove ALL my LIVING and form of SUBSIDE in the UK, when give the rest all my fortunes, my hard work, investigation and my time, without my permit, consent and knowledge of the same (snub / snob) and for me to live in pittances by the social security benefits and pretend of "your good English peoples excellent image and reputation" and "foreign peoples like me - life trashed from your hangouts / benefits culture", when the sad reality is complete opposite.  "The UK peoples lives FREE from foreign nationals - as me with UK citizenship, when BULLIED by ASBOS of your English society and likes, from ex/husband and his sister social worker, that use endless tales / lies against me and mine and in order to pin me in the wall to STEAL my work, when SEGREGATE MY CULTURE badly, based on defamation of character against my reputation and RACIST ATTITUDE, perhaps to have excuse to STEAL (  all from me and mine - form of living, form of subside and form of work and pass our HARD WORK, sweat, investigation, time, to someone else (, in exchange for freebies, favours, pennies and that is a TRUE fact in law, as I am using this note and work to prove of the same, that I feed robbers when STEAL ( my work, and in order to live like KINGS and QUEENS and me from Social Security Benefits hangouts and there is no way to STOP the BULLIES, except expose!!"  -   Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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