Friday, 8 July 2016

Foreign peoples want to leave the UK, after Brexit vote ..

Jewish (Arabs) peoples intent to leave the United Kingdom (Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England), after BREXIT vote.

Jerusalem — Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

I understand the UK system separate families in the past and in order to create the perfect world which obvious don't exist and reasons why Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco's killed a whopping 70 million victims of war, furthermore when no parent is born perfect - not even for a future King of England (, but 17 children removed over the years and the judge allowed the same abuse, over and over again without anybody checking the same low standards, then do not complain why today of the results, furthermore the lack of control to children from parents, when neglect and abandon own peoples by the UK system.   I am nobody to judge the UK peoples, as I am Mexican born with English citizenship and even different education, culture and standards, but someone that want to mention matters, as mine capable to lead own life safely, work and behave in society, not that we are born perfect - quite contrary and nothing here is achieve alone, furthermore when educate our peoples, I believe strong is our sole responsibility as a parent and not the state: "It is our children, not somebody else's children, but us!!" -

When you see the following video (, I want you to disconnect from any kind of nationality, background, colour, religious preferences, hate, age, disability and even violent outburst, but see video for what it means - pretend is your favourite music and singer/s to make easier the passage and listen complete, with open mind, furthermore male not female and not discrimination here, but I want to show you the control in masses, respect, tolerance and excellent behaviour.  I believe strong that when you challenge men - women alike with music, positive vibes, happy atmosphere and open environment, you create a content and prosperous community, that grows together in harmonic ways and in order, to aid the rest and believe me, we need to focus into the positive - almost angelic matters, particularly at this present time, with so much hate towards foreign nationals.

Furthermore, I don´t want to change your life, religion, or anything that you don´t want - as this is not my intenton here, but to give me a chance to prove that Jewish (Arabs) peoples are not what you think we are and perhaps, an oportunity to prove in law otherwise, also to remember that as anyone else in the world, we have the right to protect what is ours - peoples and by protection laws and rights (, furthermore when more than 6 million victims of war perished during the WWII, the Inquisition times and now Palestine used to continue the hatred in the Middle East / worldwide.

The powerful music and video (Please watch the next video of males only and see how they behave - polite! demonstrate a singer, that is capable to captivate / motivate a complete wide audience without own parents to check, neither discriminate anybody and all participate to sing, express themselves, remove any issues, be free, fly, dance own heart content and be happy for a moment, or two .. perhaps more!-  The content in which to be happy anywhere in the world and another is to destroy the place almost complete, including reputation and leave after, as if nothing ever happened, without any kind of pity, remorse, or respect towards community! -  

And not only abroad the "despicable me attitude", but anywhere in the UK (Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales) as you can see the photo, "a day after (hangover) BREXIT VOTE for European referendum", the "rubbish place burned down" when you vote never me (see following link and my own vote card still intact ), so what's wrong with you peoples and since when you behave this low and how matters arrived this way, so down, so bad and so violent?!! -

I hate when someone is telling me complete different from the Middle East peoples (Israel / Arabs) and not that they are perfect quite contrary, but at least check each other for any kind of references, furthermore when I see the prosperity, close community, religious principles and respect to one another, as they can sit in the chair without posting flies, trowing empty cans, blowing dusting bins at night, swear, but behave and sing ( together in harmony, as this is what we need right now: "control, respect and tolerance", from all the colours of the rainbow, to act together and stop violence, bullying and criminal activity! -

As I was born in Mexico, basically I grow up between Jewish, Arabs, European (Spanish) and Mexicans, for me is impossible to believe such lies and defamation of character against foreign nationals like Blair / Bush "war on terror and mass destruction", but brotherhood, sisterhood and peace.  I believe that the good and bad exist in life no problem, but not only in the Middle East, Mexico and worldwide, but everywhere and when trying to single out such ideas, ideals and aims into just one person, just one country, just one continent and just one world, basically denigrate the true meaning of existence from life, with a wave of defamation of character, lies, hatred and tales against the rest and destroyed me and my family apart as the following link .. .. as mention, when I am not the social worker, but the ex/husband sister.

I mean to point the matters, that guide me when nail the true and lie from human kind regarding the rest and before I follow the gossip and/or comments, I always prefer to have a few moments of my own and think even with reasoning laws, if such lies exist or not in reality, particularly with Tony Blair, George Bush and own "war on terror" helpers, with "mass of destruction" that almost wiped the Middle East, when in reality such peoples comes with "family problems" (like ex/husband and his sister social worker, that used the UK system to go against me and mine, all alone in the UK?!) and protect own business.

- I said the matter because, Nuremberg ( trials forbids Germany to carry on - any kind of weapons for the same criminal activity that develop during the WWI and followed after with WWII  and killed more than 70 million victims of war, today perhaps the same abuse with Bush and Blair "terror groups and mass production of tales", in order to mislead the public when on war times with the Middle East and use freely such tools (terror groups") for themselves and protect own business when exterminate humanity, which are WAR CRIMES, by the International Law.

- So today,  we could used the same standards "as the Nuremberg trials", into the UK government in order to control and stop anyone to go against humanity, which is bullying the Middle East victims of war, like Blair / Bush factory (like mine Zermatex read note: ) of lies, that mislead the course of the law and the public, pretty much the same as the ex/husband sister social worker against me and mine (5 boys, the river, etc. ) since day one (1985 - 2016), now using my children to hide own criminal activity.

It is too rich even to consider the UK integrate with the European community only on certain things, in fact an hypocrisy (David Cameron will declare Britain will remain with Nato despite leaving the brexit .. as the rest may wants out, otherwise attacks to foreign nationals would never happens in the country, but want to accommodate own vote ( wishes, when the Middle East victims of war was left with no vote, no wishes, or devices to survive and alone (, for so long, no form of defence, or protection laws, tools to protect own peoples and living in total poverty - when stolen own possessions, living and family, furthermore survive "Immigration" clemency direct to Europe and never the opportunity to join Nato's to safeguard own country, but I wonder who is going to be responsible for the criminal activity, when France gets the morning after hangover!!! -

As I mention yesterday with my note that indicate, the love affair between HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Dodi Al - Fayed with the "accident in Paris" perhaps an "excuse" to hurt French peoples, for what it represent perhaps, by Tony Blair, UK Government, Religion affairs (Muslim) and even their own family (Prince Charles, Camilla and the Spencer family) and she and her party (Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver) LEFT totally ALONE in Paris (RIP) and with respect and my link mention over matters.

For the level of abuse against this remarkable woman and mother, that we know her today as HRH Princess Diana of Wales, when she went the same fate as me, bullied by own family tradition, religion and issues, also she comes with same Jewish roots as my peoples (that somehow we protect each other), but me in Spain (, that I hope you pardon me today, particularly the pain and understand the level of criminal activity can not continue at any time, within any reasons, motives and meaning of the law, any law worldwide, as it is not just myself that want JUSTICE, MEMORY, REMUNERATION AND NON - REPETITION of the same crimes committed against my peoples, but HRH Princess Diana of Wales and her party (Dodi Al - Fayed, the driver) and the Middle East as complete represented by me, because passed years with no results whatsoever with Blair / Bush matters.

Long time ago, I made a comment without malice, that if not careful, HRH Prince Charles will may damaged The Royal Family ( reputation complete - to no repair and perhaps, his own government ( affairs by interference, perhaps he mean well / bad but the rest of the world comes with own different maps, politic affairs, government deals, community issues, means, ways, aims, ideas or ideals and today may prove matters with respect once again.

I spoke of the referendum and Tony Blair, perhaps one of my final notes, in order to concentrate in my private life with respect to The Queen and it is not just myself that sworn alliance when I became UK citizen, but the rest as well and I don´t get any payments when advice from my notes like Tony Blair  made millions (, I only want a respectable wages, as I got bills to pay the same as the rest and I wonder with Scotland Prime Minister, I will be able to have my life back and start my own matters, in order to earn my living, or I will continue begging vouchers, tokens, benefits and etc, to leave the UK? -

The way in which, United Kingdom (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) foundation was made since centuries ago cannot be change (, alter, modify, purchase, or corrupted and even on those times, anything relate to The Queen (on those times was used: "The King"), Country, Land and Glory cannot be change in order to please a few select peoples not matter social status as explain before, neither was hide from the public view the charges against any person and everyone was invited to hear anything relate as community affairs, as such, today for me to use that same system, I need to go to any relate social places to bring the matters alive and "in full public and for public concern", pretty much the same as the old times, except today, I am over - judge by the media, the "ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family with own problems" hiding in confidentiality acts the cowards, when create this wave of factory tales (read this link:, when at any time are mine, or recognise those peoples that call themselves family (see photos in link:, but falsely accused and blame me in order to cash, abuse, exterminate, destroy, kill, murder and like me - the rest victims of war, with own genocide.

Now the Order Of The Garter still very much alive today as was yesterday with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II and part of the Royal Family, also the Magna Carta, Rule of the law, Human Rights acts / laws, Code of Canon Law and etc, mean nobody can pass the law ( at any time and not matter status of life, but nobody!-


I NEVER made the rules into any UK legislation, regulations, laws, politics, government affairs and/or vote for referendum to be blame as foreign national, with UK citizenship, but learned your legal requirements from second hand books (see photos and in order to survive, aid and assist me with my personal matters as mention before "family problems", neither I was born in the UK but citizen with dual nationality.   

I do not belong into any Royal life at any time with respect, to be over - judge by matters beyond my reach, but The Queen and Her Royal Family, in which, I was forced into marriage in order to spare the peoples that represent such matters and born in this country (, when pass the status from parents to children, mine in Mexico not UK, like full obligation direct from the ex-husband and his sister social worker - own parents, even my children born from a Mexican mother with complete different standards, but abused like Florence Cassez.  I need to hide myself into slot machines ( in order to survive the domestic abuse, today is over and during those years (1985-2016), when gamble my life and lost those that I loved the most with that excuse and forced by the same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family tales (5 boys, the river, etc), when in reality all was lies to trap, frame and force peoples into extreme measure, pretty much like HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Middle East victims of war, my unborn children, brother, sister.

I believe the UK is trying to gain protection from NATO (, when left us (HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed and the driver, me and mine and the Middle East victims of war, etc) with no NATO'S protection laws of anything, but expose to crime with no pity, mercy, help, respect, medical attention, jobs, benefits, nothing at all, removed even human rights, what a decency! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.

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