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The extraordinary life of Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip ..

The Queen,  le documentaire ..

The Question: Now Denmark plans to stop paying its royals, let's discuss the £40m our own take from the taxpayer every year.

My Answer: I am unaware of how much Denmark Royal Family brings to own country, land and glory with respect, but speaking on the behalf of the UK Royal Family, particularly The Queen Elizabeth II and Her own ancestry and descendants!!-

Please continue reading: The article was posted in FB by the Republic ( Campaign and perhaps you got a point here, no problem and well taken, but don't forget the Victorian´s Times and what it was before the Elizabeth´s Times, which is now and today.  While it is true The Queen brings so much wealth, help and benefits to own country in order to benefit equal, but unfortunately there is small rich entrepreneurs that stole all and everything from the rest including opportunities, jobs and education, which is not the fault of the Royal Family, but direct to the one´s that made the fall, not the one´s that bring all and for all in equal parts.

This is what I wrote to them and not, I am not a patriotic person with UK citizenship, but someone that read so much of those peoples that you call Royal Family and in order to speak this way:

- I, the same as you that ENVY the lifestyle of the Royal Family when counting pennies thanks to one of you and yours, "an Englishman (ex/husband)", but in more I read of your stunning Monarchy, as UK Citizen and born in Mexico, then MORE I am convince that is the best part of the UK and their own PEOPLES.

- As you need to be realistic, what the lot of you - including the ex/husband (against me all the time, using my children to hide from the abuse!) brings to the UK Queen, Peoples, Country, Land, and even Community affairs, except complain, moan and slander public reputation and in this case the ROYAL FAMILY, that are unable to return back to your nasty comments (At £334m "the royal family isn’t worth it. If Denmark can see that, why can’t we?"), otherwise you would not write what you wrote here and with respect.

- Now you mention the 334m pounds for the ROYAL FAMILY maintenance, then again how many millions you bring to your own country to enable you the hate propaganda against your own peoples, your own blood, your own Queen and your own nation, as if you don't check well and properly, The Queen Elizabeth II and Her family alone, brings 100 times more than amount you mention (334m pounds) and if you want Republic no problem, but then you will have to pay all back (334m pounds x 100 times and for every single year in complete charge of the UK peoples, since Her Father, The King George VI passed away!!) as NOBODY including me - can WORK for FREE in a country full of FREEDOMS, RIGHTS AND LAWS, as SLAVE LABOUR, with RACIST PURSUIT as yourselves and "SEGREGATE community affairs that discriminate peoples" not matter the backgrounds, levels, colour, age, disability, sexual orientation and even religion, because those matters are a things of the past and you are taking it with you - all your hate propaganda, goodbye! - As I can see the Royal Family works every single day to benefit the community affairs and you only need to read the press to believe my own words, today a crime to speak that way of anyone that represent your country and I believe strong is The Queen, but honestly can you afford the cash (334m pounds x 100 times and for every single year in complete charge of the UK peoples, since Her Father, The King George VI passed away!!) to enable you the same hatred preached pursuit, with no police interference, or are we soft with the laws nowadays? ..

- As what The Queen receives from the public purse believe it or not, all goes down DIRECT to the maintenance of the Palaces and your public places, plus pay your staff a healthy salary that for me is a luxury even as UK citizen, but need to live in a SEGREGATE country, mean She GIVES work to your peoples and not just brings so much wealth to the UK with millions and millions and millions of pounds in CASH, but benefits as well, as you only need to see the video in French of what other countries of the world think of Her Majesty, The Queen and Her Royal Family! -

- Remember the Victorian's times and how it was, nope, then ask your elders, otherwise if you continue and success with the hatred preached pursuit, I am not going to be surprise if the lot of you finish that way back again - losing everything.  Particularly what you got today THANKS to your elders with the help of The Queen Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband, Prince (King) Philip, that WORKED hard to bring all this fountain of wealth to you and yours after the WWII ended, when exist peoples that lost everything today it's true, like myself, but should be deal direct with peoples in charge of that matters, not The Queen, because those peoples in charge works for The Queen, not the opposite way! -

Here is where I place myself with respect to this Blog that contain more than 454 notes to address the issues of "SEGREGATE community affairs that discriminate peoples and in this case was me and mine (children)"- As in every one of those notes from my blog, I was right to accuse the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, including Trafford council staff - friend (#11 sherway drive) of the same "Englishman" that I married, now divorce! -  Please let me explain properly, if you read here in this link  said: " All schools in England will either have to convert by 2020 or be committed to converting by 2022, "effectively ending the link between local authorities and schools that began in 1902" mean in law for me, to defend my fundamental BIRTH RIGHTS TO EXPOSE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY WHEN (Trafford council staff) SEGREGATE ME BADLY ( in the past and with more than 454 notes that express the same in my BLOG (the one that you are reading right now!  ) and feelings of the same Graham Brady MP against me and mine:

Trafford Education: 

As you can read, the LOCAL AUTHORITY "Trafford Council staff" messed my life badly in the UK with all kind of racism (as the ex/husband told me before divorce: The English System for the English peoples", removing all and everything from me with that excuses, after I pay all my duties and taxes to the UK country and not before when I married "1985", but after "2010", what a cruel individual that removes all and everything from a tax payer due to own segregate and racist upbringing) against me and mine (children) even with education purposes and paying all your (poll) endless taxes. I wonder what all this matter mention before by me has to do with David Cameron MP, but taking opportunity by Graham Brady MP: 


When education and university fee's should be FREE to the residents of the community in my case as ex/trafford resident not foreign person, but UK citizen first, then after the rest if anything is left, as we already paid taxes due to council staff, if we remember, but not to bring a wave of hatred towards us - as tax payer:

Trafford Council (scandals): 
etc ..

As in my note said (  when start: "Esto dicho antes se refleja" and explain that my nice that lives presently in Mexico (not UK), somehow comes to UK without me knowing of the matters properly, but HIDE and takes opportunity like thief and gained two not just one, but two University places in England and all for FREE - sponsor from the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that acts in benefit not against the community  as my children, but goes against my own, as children of the ex/husband and brother of the social worker, that comes with own personal problems since children and today, I address the same in "public and for public concern".  "And this matter alone proves in the UK law of the constant removal of me and mine (children) opportunities and human rights, when segregate us in the corner and due to own personal problems, not me, but them!"  All my notes reflects not ENVY whatsoever, but calls hard work and maintain your own children as I did myself and in the case of the sister (mara) of mine, that took full opportunity and advantage with own daughter ( two university places in the UK not just one, but two and FREE as explain before and when you see this kind of abuse, when born and breed in the UK, but blame me after?!-

I never have the luxury of FREE EDUCATION and UNIVERSITY places in ENGLAND for my UK BORN children, because I paid St Bede's college (the ex/husband only paid 2008 and I paid the rest with pleasure as my children, but not when other children are taking full advantage based on lies: the 5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) with my own work, due to lack of places in Trafford area (as you can read, Brady, the Airport and ex/husband that works for the Airport,  see my meaning here and when I went to see Brady wished me "good Luck!" with my children education, but abuse of power and profession, racist attitude when discriminate my own peoples and segregate the same!!) after paid taxes, otherwise pinned in the wall to earn certain amount of money, unable to develop properly by fear to pay all back and I ask WHY the abuse and reasons why, I divorce the lies, slander, tales, defamation of character and bullies with own bullshits full of tales (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc), while me and mine (children) SEGREGATE and excluded from society, left with bills and not just University, but high school (St Bede's) that need to study in Manchester, not Trafford and what I am your imbecile and all due to your segregate racist attitude (from Trafford council staff), that likes to gamble our future?!-

Now, any problems relate this matters please direct to the one's that are RESPONSIBLE of the country affairs (Government, Politics, Council, Professionals, etc) causing the minus, not the extras (The Queen and Her Royal Family), otherwise I will think that you are all complete insane, lost, downgrade and confuse, with respect:

Political (scandals):

NHS (scandals): 

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax):

I think this is going to be one of the last time I post in my blog, as my sister (soco) who was detained under the mental health act by Trafford council staff just passed away (RIP) and explain of the matters in the link with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II, leaving her case in the hands of Trafford council staff as I am able to probe today. As I went to the Manchester courts to gain compensation for the medical abuse and expose Trafford council staff when matters went wrong against me and mine, including my sister (soco) when detained under the mental health act, by a social worker sister of the ex/husband that wanted to frame me badly and together with neighbour friend of the ex/husband (house # 11 of sherway) but refused by the same courts "confidentiality acts" hiding the bully, when I represent myself with no qualifications and only as student of law, now with this note, I am able to probe the same against me and mine, even my brother ( ).

Now if something happens to me and mine (children) - we know full well where all this matter is coming from, because I am sick to be blame after of all your failures and with respect? - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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