Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My own Brexit from Family problems: "NEVER AGAIN" ..

IL SILENZIO - Trumpet Solo ..

I hope you like the choose of my music today, as was my brother (jose) favourite playing instrument: "the trumpet" and as young man (and you can see his photos) when practice, believe it or not, but sounded more like a cat meowing, than a roaring lion, but my Lord is my witness, he was so proud, without knowing until a few years ago of the reflection into our ancestry (sefardí horn) and what lies under his heart, even today.

 As such my brother, my sister (soco) and my unborn children left a big gap in my heart unable to close again, with respect.  

In order to find justice for me and my family in the UK, with more than 459 notes in my blog as example, but impossible to break the CODE of SILENCE towards my unborn children, my dear brother (  ) and my always stunning gorgeous sister (soco) of mine, that was unfairly detained under the mental health act in the UK and I was blame and frame by the ex/husband sister, social worker (Carol Parker) of the matters.  Particularly, when I don't have Carol Parker, the social worker and sister of the ex/husband, her own country of birth, as mine is Mexico not the UK - similar wars (WWII) even as family, because Mexico is in America no Europe, neither I don't have her qualifications, blood, reasons, motives, or similar, with respect to The Queen, as the following link   is not my making, but the social worker, sister (carol parker) of the ex/husband. 

As you can see my photo on the upper left, you hit me point blank when my sister (soco) passed away (RIP), that was the last shit I could take from the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helper and thanks God I am fast to recoup myself as you can see the rest of the photos, but how I restore lives lost, stolen and broken into tiny little pieces, because who is going to look after my sister (soco) and brother (jose) own children, any ideas!!? - 

As my y blog was an idea of mine to communicate with those peoples that have issues with myself and set the record straight, but my sister (soco) after my brother (jose) passed away (2010) and detained (year 2000's) under the mental heath act, particularly when she never spoke to me again to solve the problems, so today even worse, I got no chance, she gone!!- 

I can take anything, except the false accusations and defamation against my reputation by the same "family (holocaust) problems" that left me on my knees, like a war (WWII) victim, when removed all and everything from my reach even my unborn children, brother (jose) and sister (soco) hitting the lowest of the low, like a vile cowards and bullies ( towards foreign nationals, like myself, but who give you the rights! -

Today, your parents and I parents / family are not here with us ANYMORE and in order to safeguard and protect us, but we stand all ALONE "you and I" - me in Scotland and you in England and before our Lord to explain the matters, "as what exactly happened" no more lies, taking advantage of the situation, or continue corrupting the course of the law, because you like it or not Carol Parker, but you will address to me direct. 

I am laundry my own "family problems" - 

I don't hold your (birthday card) card (see photo) as pastime, fun and/or joke but intent to EXPOSE to the world of your vile heart, because my unborn children, brother (jose) and sister (soco) are not your pastime, your winning ticket / card, or your jokes, neither my children or your brother - ex/husband. As unfortunately you like it or not, I was married to that guy (ex/husband) for so long, that we become a fixtures in our own home - nobody could BREAK US except you and as such is going to be very hard your word against mine ( ).  As I promise to his mother to look after her baby (ex/husband), but not when mine are attacked, killed, destroyed and abused to no end the bullying.  Something that you always despised and hate so much from me, as you love to win (se the birthday card once again!), destroy and break, now that they are on holiday (ex/husband and our kind), the war still on and keep me wondering, who may could be the person that comes against me all the time, but only you, when for no reasons, comes against me and mine all the time and why, what are the reasons and who do you think you are misleading the course of the law and abusing endlessness the UK system, when the resources are going so low?-

So Carol Parker taking the opportunity, as we are all alone in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England), "you and I only" as your brother on holiday with my kind and wondering if you can tell me what is your problem against me and mine, that SEGREGATE my culture and destroys everything that belongs to me? -  Furthermore, I want to make sure that you understand, that I don't accustom to knock doors, but I use my blog "in public and for public concern", because my unborn children, brother (jose) and sister (soco) are not going anywhere without justice, reparation, memory and non-repetition of the same crimes!- 

As such tell me Carol Parker how is going to be your call, because I am unable to forgive and forget the past (One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present. Golda Meir) to accommodate your present and save your precious life, when mine exterminated, killed, corrupted and destroyed as today and all because of your silence. 

As even today, I question the way your mother (Betty Parker) passed away, with so many "accidents" and landed in the (stockport) hospital with endless fractures and I remember telling the ex/husband that one more time and I will speak to the police direct, but then another matters came her way as well - unable to prove, as I am not a doctor, but she was always "frightened" not to tell carol of things and matters and today, I understand fully well the severity of the problem. As you can see your dad in the photo seeing the river of lies from your own making (5 boys and the river) and followed after the carnage of blood and destruction of your own country ( and all for what, to silence and continue the criminal activity against me and mine, do you think is RIGHT to go against your own Queen, peoples, land, glory, brother, nieces, me, your mother and your father, but from which planet are you coming from?- 

As your father passed away the same day when I was removed a cyst from me, the same cyst that over grow before I married your brother in Mexico and I was falsely accused my reputation and about to lose my life with the anaesthetic (in puebla) and apparently my sister (ana pia) was with me on that time, as the "only person" and witness, but perhaps you as well in the carnage and well orchestrated scheme against me, then your mother landed in the (stockport) hospital so many times and treatments that today, I feel fear from the NHS and in order to make a complete fest-in of family blood, to be blame after and you and your mother and your brother, perhaps your father to continue vendettas, excuses and murders, very much the same as when develop the WWII against humanity.

What hurts most is who got the blame and removed all my jobs, living and system, including my unborn children, brother and sister, but who do you think you are, The Queen of England, over-passing Her Majesty with your lies and who do you think you will use this time, my children to continue satiate your corrupt behaviour and silence the true?-

I always put the matrimonial problems from me and your brother as interfere from your mum, but she long gone and not today with us ( RIP, so who is the real trouble maker, bully and coward that is unable to satiate her insides, now using not just your brother to protect you, but my children to cover you own past, again, who do you think you are? - 

You think of me so little, perhaps, but even the small French perfumes comes very unpredictable and extremely expensive to purchase and as student of law, I will not sell myself for cheap products, but I request and demand in a form of an order, to know the true and only true of the real facts regarding my unborn children and brother and sister, also what was used to accomplish the same river of blood against my own family all the time; no lies, no tales and no defamation, but what actually happened, including your 5 boys and the river! - 

As I am unaware of where you got the tale of the river, unless the home address of my sister in puebla (rio nazas) and the 5 boys, when such peoples belong to me and mine past, but your lies against my reputation closed me the doors and after married, I was unable to contact my family, friends, land, nothing, as all passed to you with endless demands. In fact my family got hijacked as your request and I lost all today and thanks to you, with the excuse to protect your brother, but in reality is you that need to be protect, when free ride to destroy all me and mine for so long (1985 - 2016), that becomes the norm of the indecency and help from your brother, that passed my private information to your request, when you are always - always inside my life, to destroy all me and mine! -

It is either you destroy your country with your silence and-or me with music and the true, as both are going down the drainage and direct into the ocean, so you stop, or I press charges.

We are 4 months different in age, fully formed adults and you are not my responsibility, neither my children to hide inside on them and take your almighty against them with your same pathetic approach, endless lies and system that works for you at the touch of the bottom, because you gained so much information, experience and secrets as social worker, in order to destroy even the world, so whatever your parents went to war for is going to the bin, by your own performance.

Today my OLD computer cannot carry on the same violent circle of abuse, from your SEGREGATE culture against me and mine, when I walk the road, everybody recognise me, but not you that started the problems, lies and false accusations against my reputation.  As everybody can see you in my photos, as my bridesmaid and good mother of my child, but removed as I was unaware of the BETRAYAL ( that unfolds your life against mine, no mother can expose own children to that kind of sick environment and godmother that sell own brother and his children for pittances, forget about me, but your real blood and him to hide the bully, when you are a social worker and the ex/husband did Jury service, so no excuses?.

I was not aware of any "family problems", except when you Carol Parker found out "the best time (just months before the start of my divorce 2010 - 2012 and not far when my brother passed away, what strange the circumstances, so who was silence at the end and what are the reasons in law for the criminology and why!? -  )" to hit me and my peoples, not when your suspicions (5 boys, the river, etc) against me started (1985) and perhaps to tell me about the matters in a form of communication - but silence, left more than 27 years to pass and trash me and my family / unborn children to the worse possible ways, imaginary to mind, what a decency and when you were expecting to tell me of the same "family problems", but with sordid details?!!-

 I uphold my Lord and my believes to the higher place on earth to even consider to sell my own blood and peoples and I will not tolerate nobody to come against my own family not matter excuses, when the law exist and is not invisible, hide, excluded, corrupt, purchase or even broken. Until I don't know what happened to my brother (jose) and my sister (soco), also my unborn children, then I am not in any condition to negotiate, in order to gain Justice.  As the same as HRH Princess Diana of Wales (  ) own children far too small to even consider to start any "family problems" when she passed away RIP and with respect, so please leave mine alone, furthermore when I lost unborn children in the same "family fiasco", NEVER AGAIN! - 

If something happens to me and mine, then we knows fully well where all comes from, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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