Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pot Of Gold Big Brother Slot Machine: "One Arm Bandit" -

The One Arm Bandit, slot / fruit machine is not regulate operation within the UK (Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland) laws (Gambling Act 2005), but falsely accuse and blame customers when unable to control the same machinery that strip of money illegal!! -   http://tinyurl.com/jk4ur2t

Remembrance Day- Poppy Day 2015 

What it was a pleasure years ago to play the "fruit machines (one arm bandits)" of such places from noble organizations (Amusements Arcades), today become no-noble-at-all and complete nightmare, when in reality STRIP your money complete, removes your human rights as money stolen from "One Arm Bandit", the law won't accept / acknowledge crime, abuse, manipulation, control and robbery! - http://tinyurl.com/zaarbcb

When victims do not enjoy life again when playing (http://gascotland.org/) the fruit machines, when in reality that was the intention at the beginning and called, "Amusements Arcades" for a reason/s, when victims do not have a place to escape violence (from "family problems" as myself years ago, when married the ex/husband, now divorce!) and in general, when peoples / victims do no have a place to unwind, perhaps relax for a bit, meet new people and socialise, even elderly peoples got no where to go, but ripped badly of own money, as there is not alternative!!-  http://tinyurl.com/zyvazab

I believe strong GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS (http://gascotland.org/) staff confuse peoples even more, when think is our fault, perhaps something wrong with us, "perfect well adjusted citizens of our community", but the Amusements Arcades Slot Machines (one arm bandits) staff "adjust same machines" to the point that, "One Arm Bandit won't pay you" not matter how much money you put inside the machine, "WONT PAY YOU, full stop (and this is because is not properly regulate by the law to pay you, "for every pound you spend inside the machine should be by law, some percent pay you back", as the law state!!)", which is one thing (http://gascotland.org/) - complete different to another (One Arm Bandit won't pay you not matter how much money you put inside the machine and reasons why you lose your own money, otherwise if I am wrong, then why there is not more winners that play fruit machines, than losers?!!-  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_machine  

In other words and in plain English, the customer do not own a slot machine to program inside the same and believe me, I owned several fruit machines in the past and in order to speak this way, "as all is programmed INSIDE to act / pay that way!" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_machine  Now if you intent to use such places ("One Arm Bandit" ) in order to lose a couple of pounds for the trill, perhaps socialise for a bit is not too bad the deal, but trouble comes, when you lose all even yourself inside the premisses, then becomes by law, a no-place to enter, because is not regulate properly by nobody in the UK and Politicians only insults (http://tinyurl.com/ztt2qde) the community as "crack cocaine of gambling", when no research matters properly and due to ignorance of the real / true facts, because one thing is crack and another thing is gambling! -

At the end: "One Arm Bandit" is the only winner (not matter how much money you spend inside the machine - won't pay!), when in reality you could avoid all the stress, sweat of the game and even gambling FREE guilt afterwards, by own one!- http://tinyurl.com/gutgc6m  The new Computer games of today, "acts the same therapeutic ways", as any fruit machines of the past, "when relax brain after playing the game", except fruit machines comes complete with inside control program (as I was told by the ex/husband!!) to adjust own requirements, contrary of the computer games, that need to purchase box and games separate, before used!-


- As the main photo indicate, I was taken my photo by the Amusements Arcades staff, which never happens to me before in the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland), without my permit, consent and knowledge of the matters as the law state.  I need a form of prove over matters against my persona when unable to go places without the harassment that comes from same places, staff  and peoples, the reasons why you are seeing my main photo, together with this note and explain.

- It is a continue "non-stop" bullying against my persona, as the ex/husband told me before divorce that whenever I am, he will be there (control areas with help from Trafford council staff, that travels everywhere even Mallorca, Spain holiday 2010, if we remember!), exactly the same as ex/husband mother told me, when complaint about her two children bullying ( http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr ) and fighting each other all day "non-stop", but not my responsibility as I am divorce - neither my children need to protect own father past life: "When murder, abuse and criminal activity against own family for no reasons except lies (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc) to destroy reputation, that is not family, but criminal activity!  -

- On the 18/5/2016, after a short trip to the shops and stop to play, "One Arm Bandit (see photo at the top)", a person which is unknown to me and out of the blue, hit me in the shoulder harder and told me" stop playing", when I made a complain to staff somehow would not understand my spanglish (but no problem to exchange money!!) and told me why I never told them before (because happened that day and not before?), after seeing video recorder at own shop, the staff (bullies) went against me - false accused me of hitting the individual? - In reality, I told him to stop waving my hand in the air, "after" he touched me and not "before", in which bullies ( http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr ) are trying hard to show me as "troubled maker / problem (the same as Trafford area by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, with respect to the Queen but explain in link:  http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg   )" but against the law, slander, lies, defamation against my reputation, including any physical contact is way out of question legally! -

- Since arrived to the area (Oct, 2015), the cleaning operatives always follows me inside the shopping precinct, even use a talky - talky to impress me (same as sister lupy, when I went to sell my piece of  VW land!), except this time (21/5/2016) as soon as I got the camera (see photo) ready to take the photo, he just turned away in complete different direction and at this point in my mind, I understood matters, games and problems, because nobody has any RIGHTS to follow, stalk and use any kind of threads and harassment against you even as cleaning operatives, exactly the same when ex/husband tells my children "what to tell me ("to work as cleaner", complete interference into my private life that confuse the rest and stop me to gain peace and develop further, but divorce?!) and hides behind them all the time" and expose us after, "if any problem/s arise from the same abuse and own actions, that reflects very much when his sister social worker (http://tinyurl.com/ndpyqmx) tell him to go and tell me things (pretty much as; "Dad can you tell him  http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr " in order to frame him in the past with own dad - now is me with her bullshit!!)", in order to attack, frame, bully, abuse and divert own "family problems" that comes from their own childhood, not me:  "Dad can you tell him!!?"-  http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr 

Again yesterday 23/5/2016 (and since Oct, 2015) , the cleaning operatives in the place where I live and shop came out of nowhere as photo explains, when waiting for the cash machine customer to finish - the cleaner came behind me, as own door enters and closes from almost same place, but in Manchester UK (Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland) cleaning staff works after shopping precinct is closed and not during opening times, perhaps same reasons.  Stalk / Harassment (protection from harassment act 1997) against the law worldwide: "illegal procedure with any excuses and equal to ASBOS" - I am watching (23/5/2016) my T.V. and the monitor goes blank as soon as I remove myself for a few minutes, 4 TIMES HAPPENED, when never before? - When I go out shopping and the central heating switch off, only when I go out, not matter how many days I stay indoors, but as soon as I left the stuff switch off, incredible? - I write (23/5/2016) and post letters that need to be address and my kind somehow knows matters by own father and makes phone call to tell me "we are family mum (?)" and since when we stopped being a proper family (?), I wonder what "family" has to do when I need to "request services in the community", complete different one matter to another matter and is my own business such matters, not "a family affair" but "my own PRIVATE affair" and the ex/husband acts that way to remove all my matters after, with the "we are family" and so what I am supposed to think out of the blue (we are family, when in reality him and I divorce!!??) and who is monitor my life because I believe he knows everything from me as happened in the past when married and full fact that own father tells them: when to call me, what to tell me, etc, etc, etc, etc ...!!!? - "Would you love somebody like that personality and I am not talking about my children, but the ex/husband and since when he changed, or "we are family", when exclude my persona and name even from his own mother funeral and the rest?!" -

IMAGINE: your STALKER BULLY is your own family member and unable to gain justice, deter the bully and own bullshit, control matters, stop the abuse as even hide with services in the community, because own parents passed away (RIP), the lack of justice and some members of your family acts as WALLS to protect the intolerance with any excuses and simple, you can not walk out of that situation even divorce, when your own children are forced to get involve - telling you that "we are family", not "when crime, abuse and criminal activity takes place, but after, when far too late, when all is lost with respect (RIP): HRH Princess Diana of Wales was used paparazzi (http://tinyurl.com/jk9bzg6) and for me neighbourhood ( http://tinyurl.com/p4rcdva ) as you can see photos, that even travels / continue abuse!" -  The UK government wants foreign peoples (UK citizenship) to get involve into community affairs, learn language, work, shop and develop properly / normally, from my own experience since arrived (1985) the UK - up to now (2016), I don't see how with endless lies (5 boys, the river, etc), follows, stalks, spy, slander, bullying, particularly when removal of all my human rights, laws, regulations, services and without a chance to clean my name in a court of law! - The reasons why, I would not have contact with any family, except my children, unless I know full well what happened to my brother (http://tinyurl.com/ofx7nwy) that comes with "fruit / slot machines when in Mexico" that is almost unknown to us the arcade games and why I end up with removal of everything: "As Tyranny is not healthy, but destroys humanity!!" but somehow, "we are family?" and with my full respect to my children, but I address direct to the ex/husband "not when there is economic abuse, male privilege (http://tinyurl.com/j95hxvs) - machismo, control, power, emotional abuse, use children (as if was not enough my unborn children, but like cannibals wants more?!!) crime, criminal activity, abuse, intolerance, etc!" -

- I don't have to take this kind of crap for a system any more, that use exactly the same council ordeal against me as Trafford area and where I come from with respect to, The Queen Elizabeth II, but showing the following link:  http://tinyurl.com/oxfyppg  and requesting proper protection laws, as ex/husband told me before I divorce that the "english system for the english peoples" after I pay my duties to the estate and while I believe was a joke, today is a sad reality, when unable to gain any services in the area and my children tells me "where are family" as worry, but falsely accused - blame of  no working, but at the same time removing everything from me: benefits, job opportunities (too old, too disabled, too many excuses!!) and business start plans with no cash flows, so where you heard matters before, as you can see the wave of hatred preachers that follows after, because who will takes photos out of the blue and who will follow you when cleaning times is "after" premisses are closed not before?! - Where I am sick of this "family problems" that reflect with The Queen Elizabeth II own problems with respect and in order for you to understand the gravity of the problems, as brothers / sisters against own brothers / sisters and then I get blame and my own children forced to help after the crime and pursuit is gained, which is not our business, neither "our family" when crime, abuse and financial exploitation (http://tinyurl.com/hrb727s   ) gained, because I have not seeing my family for a long time (1985 - 2016), neither I am looking forwards after the wave of abuse, intolerance, and criminal activity! -

As you can read cash flows problems with Prince Andrew (http://tinyurl.com/jlkvtlm) also expose own children (very much like me and my children, unable to do anything right "because we are family" with the wave of intolerance that blocks and follows after, that reasons enough removes all our opportunity, help and services from the community, not the bullies as ex/husband and his own sister social worker, but me and my children, after they said: "we are family!" when left you in point blank, zero, nada, pure fresh air!!!-), but never Prince Charles and his own wealth (Pot Of Gold Big Brother .. ) with respect, that portrait "stable income" by so many sources, wealth, ability and even resources (http://tinyurl.com/j6x3efs) and is not ENVY by me, but calls RESPECT to my own private - personal life.  As I am the same as the rest with CONSTANT interference (from the ex/husband and his sister social worker: Pot Of Gold Big Brother Slot Machine) that removes all and confuse our environment with: "we are family!" and respect to my children, as we still the same strong bond of mother and daughters, nothing is broke, but stable, complete and unite!  -

Pot Of Gold Big Brother Slot Machine: "One Arm Bandit" should do what it said by the law for every single pound spend and mean to help (http://tinyurl.com/pz55fy4) peoples to gain a bit of extra cash in fun ways, particularly now with the benefits cuts, but becomes an ordeal when removes your living as different from lottery tickets, bingo and horse betting that cost so much a go, contrary of slot machines that are not regulate by nobody and programme to win only, not you but them, then as the name said: "One Arm Bandit ( http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr )!!"-   ( If any questions about the photos are mine with no permit to use, because after the ordeal, at least I got the same to show the world of the abuse!! )  The following video speak of my laws as Mexican (http://tinyurl.com/z77nd5q), within the treatment that I receive in the UK unable to go anywhere without the abuse that follows after and as the ex/husband told me "the english system for the english peoples" that acts as wall unable to gain anything after pay my contributions to the UK state (1985 - 2016) even taxes when shopping and poll tax, also the moto, "we are family" then I stood no chance with the continue interference into my own private life, horrendous the manipulation by the bullies ( http://tinyurl.com/kvbazhr )! -  As when my children younger and the removal of all my jobs in the UK and reasons to contact my brother for help (http://tinyurl.com/hqr2ogd  see documents), also I asked financial help to ex/husband mother for the same reasons and need to pay after, with the conditions not to tell carol parker as she will remove all from me, and was not true and somehow "we are family", but I ask legally within the UK law, if this way to act when removed of all and everything is the correct way (http://tinyurl.com/pwy8o7t) to treat a family, now pulling my children to hide from the past and who give them the rights, when works for ( http://tinyurl.com/ndpyqmx ) the community not against!?- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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