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David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK: "Panama papers exposed to the public and for public concern" ..

National Anthem of the UK - "God save the Queen" ..

The "TAX evasion" is what we know in plain English as "Money Laundry", which in law, any law worldwide is a crime, but different laws apply when relate to Panama papers?!-  As a result, Panama government announces "panel of experts" over TAX leaks ( "Unauthorised access to proprietary documents and information taken from company") reaction, by "inside job" may same peoples and/or company:

As a results of the biggest Tax Evation ("Money Laundry",) ever scandal and relate to corrupt deals from government and politics affairs that, Iceland PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson resigns over Panama papers.  

In my point of view as I worked in Banking system in my country Mèxico, Foreign Exchange system with Thomas Cook at the Manchester Airport and  WHS Post Office in Altrincham branch, that appeal such peoples that hide the tax evasion and money laundry, when both matters are crimes in law, but somehow except from persecution, incredible?!!-  It is an hypocrisy in law, politics and government affairs, when hundreds of peoples that you call tax evaders and money laundry criminals, already behind bars and for the same crimes? -

"It appeal to me that, there is one law for you and another law very different for the rest, when the same law apply!!"  -


I have not study properly the tax evasion and money laundry of Panama papers, but looks to me a big hole in finances over the country that appeal the case.  In the UK comes with a list of such peoples that evade tax in the past and laundry own money to foreign countries in the present, including the man who continue a tradition from father to father (, representing a 70-year trail connection, so no excuses! -  As the law is the law and we cannot change the rules of the law, in order to accommodate the rest ("own money laundry and tax evasion"), as the same law apply, furthermore when the Prime Minister, David Cameron comes from a family that holds the law, as TOP QC (Alexander Cameron) for advice! -

Unfortunately for the money laundry and tax evasion happens in the UK, you need to know a person of trust ( ) that holds the law in order to make the transactions, as there is not any other way to avoid the law, scrutiny, persecution and public concern, when in reality a crime in law, either whoever make the transaction and the other half that hide the crime, as any Top QC knows and full well!-

In which, I already spoke of David Cameron MP and his brother, the Top QC Alex Cameron in my previous notes, as result of legal aid and government cuts:

etc ..

Alexander Cameron QC argues in a court of law, "that state can fail to provide defendants with adequate representation, if legal aid cuts goes ahead (", securing his own and enormous rich salary, including and non-extent the rest of legal representatives, leaving the rest (me) behind with no form of representation whatsoever, otherwise I would not be here making notes and more notes in my blog and in order to prove my matters, instead of GAIN privacy, justice and respect as the rest, but deny to me and I ask why of the abuse of power and profession and what are the reasons in law of the racial discrimination, when we come from the same world?! -

As the ex-husband told me before divorce that, "the English system for the English peoples" and not when arrived (1985) from Mexico, worked without speaking proper English and paid all my taxes due, also UK citizen, but when suit the English system ("the English system for the English peoples" )? -

In fact, all my court cases before (2010) and after divorce (2012 - 2015) dismissed by influence and interference from top legal fields and I can think of Cameron's brothers, helping ex/husband "family problems" to win own case, "instead the case itself as form of trial", which legally against own principles, including the phone hacking defence! -  What a decency to control the UK law to own pursuit, as looks to me, everything in the UK services purchased with a plain note that said: "Only English Apply ("the English system for the English peoples!" ) and the rest where shall we go for help?!"-

"We are not learnt nothing, from the past, with more than 6 million Jews peoples racially abused, intimidate, corrupted beyond belief and exterminate, not to mention the 70 million victims of same war that came from Europe during WWII (1939 -45)!!"

So as you can see, leaving all my matters including my unborn children personal matters in the open fields, with little care, no pity, no remorse, no memory, no justice, no compensation and non - repetition of the same crimes ever again, but removed of my children all over again as lack of any support in the UK with any excuses  ("the English system for the English peoples!" ), at any stage of life and by anyone, otherwise I would not be here writing! -  When can be deal such painfully matters in a court of law in complete privacy and with respect that the case a-merit for my unborn children - even my living one´s, but somehow was not possible by the interference even from government, politics and "family problems" of ex-husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family, now  using my children to hide from the past (with respect to The Queen Elizabeth II).

So who give you the RIGHTS to make your own life "private" and "only English apply ("the English system for the English peoples!" ) in order to racial discriminate my UK citizenship, my unborn children badly and my reputation in great measures of the law.

It is not a PRIVATE matter the Panama papers in the United Kingdom: "When concern The Queen Elizabeth II reputation and interest to help Her peoples, when concern The UK state as a whole including the cash to help the poor, disadvantage and in need, when concern money laundry statues, as I remember when working at the WHS post office was a priority in crime, in fact a "big issue" so why no today (?), when concern millions of peoples that are left behind bars with no form of parole and for the same crimes of "panama (money laundry - tax evasion) papers" and like me the rest, falsely accused (5 boys, the river, etc) in order to bring case somewhere else!! -

It is not my concern the panama papers with the Prime Minister with respect, furthermore when I had been discriminate ("the English system for the English peoples!" ) since day one (1985 - 2016) and unaware of charges, but today hide bullies ( ) in "confidentiality acts" and left me on my own devices to handle my case (as mention before) with my unborn children and brother ( in "public and for public concern", no respect whatsoever at any time and went complete unnoticed, then from which "privacy laws" are we talking about here and if so, which ones apply to you and not to me?  -

Including more than 420 notes in my personal blog, but making deals ( with my own personal matters, roots and traditions, then shall I do the same with your own family if that is the case?! -

David Cameron left dangerously exposed by Panama Papers fallout, exactly the same as me with the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, including members of my family that entered the UK against my reputation and I was forced to make endless notes to clarify my position, as lack of protection laws (as the English system for the English peoples), so who give you the rights and with respect !!?? -  

David Cameron MP deny anything relate to his father ( past business and unable to declared the extra 30 million ( ) cash hereditary money maybe perhaps from offshore deals as Panama letters, equal happened to his wife that heredity 30 + million from own family, also George Osborne and the rest, but all the info removed from wikipedia??!! - 

I do not what more to say over the matters but intent to investigate the issues of "Panama Papers" properly, because this is money due over tax evasion - money laundry since only God knows when and not a game of children, but a real cash machine that helps the UK with many issues, including poverty! -  I don't think the problem of Panama papers comes from Blair and Brown only, but accelerate the opportunity into the Gold pot.  I am unable to understand any of this matters of "tax evasion and money laundry" when is a crime in law even finances that nobody same to talk about the issues, but generate many if's, when's, how's and why's in journalism, but not the real issue of CRIME, criminal activity, criminology, bribery, abuse of power and profession within the law, police, courts, judges, solicitors, nothing, nil, nada, zero, fresh air, puff, gone, disappear in tin air!!.-

(It is not accurate and you may find the same links, sorry!)

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 A complete ROBBERY in day light to the UK peoples, not that is my business any more (as the English system for the English peoples), but exposing matters, when the money from day one is/was for the same UK country that The Queen Elizabeth II, Her Husband Prince (King) Philip and own Royal Family worked hard to stabilise matters after the WWII and for a bunch of rich spoil children to destroy the lot in just one go! -  Fortunately own parents alive, well, content and super rich and can deal with own children behaviour when on "tax evade and money laundry", mean returning money to the original sender and pay the correct taxes and use the correct way and pay commission!!?-

In that way, we will see each other today, as the same community, government and politics (Trafford) affairs removed all and everything from me, without knowing of the charges, to use and abuse my persona and gain deals (, without my permit, consent and knowledge, but pure abuse of power and profession and I wonder to see, what it feels like to be me "today" and placed in the spot since day one (1985 - 2016), anyone! -

And by the way, what about a COMPLETE BAN on Men that ABUSE ( Women in order to finish with termination (abortion) issues and the reasons why I am here today, because when not "planed the baby arrival" then rape and who said me to speed matters and impose a ban with machos men!!??!! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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