Sunday, 20 March 2016

The British Conservative Party Politician and ex-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith (IDS), resign.

"Please spare us the dignity"-

Gela Guralia Adagio  

My question now: 
How we will re-coup benefits wrongly removed since 2010, by Iain Duncan Smith staff.
How we will re-coup the lives lost, by the same benefits cuts. 
How the UK citizens will recoup own believe in the UK broken system, that continue reign of terror against the community. 
How we will re-coup our dignity, pride and joy of life again, when even friends (of my children) selected to cause us pain: 

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax): 
etc ..

The same as my sister (flor) develop problems with own hair due to her own family environment (her husband MACHO attitude - bullying as note explain not me at any time, but force my own children (as if I did not lost unborn children for the same peoples, factories and reasons in order to satiate their own vengeance and malice, but want more problems?) to pay back with the aid of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that use friends selected by the UK system and in order to pretend fashion stuff, but in reality to pay back something that we never did, as I have not seeing my family properly for more than 30 years (1985 - 2016). 

I wonder if the career of the ex/husband sister social worker is for or against the community particularly against my own children which are her brother's and when the social worker wanted to speak to me over the matters to clarify defamation against my reputation, but take the law in own hands and falsely accused, when even my other sister (ana pia) was laughing and making a lot of jokes and fun of that sister (flor), last time I saw my mother, not me, but falsely accused!! -

After the rough ride, crime activity, bullying, abuse of power and profession, intolerance, racism, hate propaganda and murder spree, by the government staff, including the ex-husband and his sister social worker, "family problems", against the community, in which I am one of them,  As to my own family - friends that live in Germany, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere, I wonder how they enter the UK against me and mine (children) with a wave of tales (5 boys, the river, the kiss, the china girl, etc), lies and defamation against my reputation, but need the ex-husband and his own sister social worker "family problems" to aid them in the vendetta and enable them to use and abuse the UK system, with job prospectus, education, etc. 

My problem is not envy as the Pope said ( that we should share, then I request his own job as I am jobless, or Royal (with respect) jobs as again I am with no form of job prospectus, including all the rich and famous ( own wealth as again, I am with no way to sustain myself after the removal (even by accidents!) of all my personal matters (unborn children, country of birth Mexico, family background, friends, jobs, education, etc) since emigrate (1985 - 2016) to the UK and not form to sustain from the ordeal, even request help from my brother but perished.  (read letters, also from P.S.

In which I am still waiting for the factory (of lies!) zermatex and Israel Hotel titles and deeds, as I am tired to feed the hundred of lies against me by "family problems" of the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers (5 boys, the river, etc) and in order to eat and live!!-

The "family problems" of ex-husband and his sister social worker against me and mine (1985 - 2016), that works (apparently) for the "benefit" of the community, not "against (" when removal of all my matters including my unborn children and in order to satisfy own problems, but even use my children to hide own past crime and abuses.

It is not who won when Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) resigned, but how many lives destroyed, killed, murder by the same abuse of power and profession, harsh system and criminal activity and who will address such matters in Parliament and/or bring crime charges against DWP staff, including IDS in a court of law.

When I tried to bring Iain Duncan Smith to the Royal Courts of Justice in London by the use of my personal matters (benefits) when removed, but refused my application based "on time", when sexual predators are very well "on time", even after more than 30 years passed of the assault, but not time to receive help from benefit system, after contributed to the system? -

My sister (soco) arrived from Germany when on that "time" was not acceptable for her to receive benefits, but got everything, including income support, disabled benefits and even hotel and breakfast in Trafford Hospital with generosity of the ex-husband sister social worker, that works for the NHS, but falsely accused, when neighbours made up complaints of my sister (soco) and request me to visit my gp in order to frame me after, today abuse hide in "confidentiality acts (the following note isn't about The Queen with respect, but "family issues" )", using my own peoples (children) now to protect them, after the reign of terror, abuse, criminal activity and murder spree!! -  

The ex/husband sister social worker allowed to work, cash her own benefits for her own illness not matter how much she earns, but not me for my own illness and paying same tax when worked, even today poll tax and my shopping carry tax purposes (including sugar?).  So why the racism in difference of treatment, with one person incapacity as the ex/husband sister social worker and the rest (me) treat different and one allowed to work even if 4 months apart in age, cash her own benefit not matter salary and live happy ever after, but not the rest (me) or seeing as burden to society? - 

You call ENVY over matters, I don't care, because I worked and paid my duties to the UK and all for what, to aid "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, in which the bullies always win, with anything, anyhow and anywhere! - The UK suffer the present government Bullying, I endure the RACISM since arrived to the UK (1985-2016), including the pre-fabricate lies, tales, defamation, hate propaganda ( and not time for parole, or time to stop, full stop! - After all just before the divorce (2012) the ex/husband told me (not when I married "1985" and paid my debt to the community, including contributions, etc) that the English system for the English peoples, then no problem, but nobody should relay on me at any time and for anything, not even to make investigation into why the UK system fails badly and not payment for my job?! - I don't know what I ever done to you BULLIES, that me or mine need to pay for your own bullshit!! - Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Trafford Council (scandals): 

Political (scandals): 

NHS (scandals): 

Social Worker/Care system.  (the note is not about Prince Harry with respect, but present UK system)

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax): 




Domestic - violence/abuse: 

Criminal-Judicial system: 

Middle East Affairs:

etc ..

The note is not about Harvey Price with my full respect, but my P45 !!-

MP David Cameron letter and address to Iain Duncan Smith.


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