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Mystery smell from UK places, that leaks and brings misery to residents! ..

National Anthem of Scotland (Alba) - "Flower of Scotland"  ..
- Rank mystery smell in Irvine air (23/3/2016) leads to environment agency probe. 

 When I live in my flat in Scotland, the problems arrived with the ceilings start breaking by the use of strong force, when fully restore to prime conditions and due to envy from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family that arrived to the UK with their own full support and sponsor.  I wrote to the building regulations and place my complaint, also the damaged.  From there escalate to the rotten egg smell coming from the shower plug hole and I called the local police to come and check matters from me since the beginning of the year 2016, but nothing so far to resolve the problem?-

if you check the trap ( plumbing ) is an old S-Bend invented by Alexander Cummings and date as far as 1775 and today is well known as U-Bend, but nothing to do with me and more probably caused by lack of proper education into their own "English system" by council staff, the owners of the building regulation, or to whom it may concern, that keep BLAMING "foreign peoples" of all own faults, regulations and inventions that today are way out time, when I was not even born on that date (1775), neither in the UK, but Mexico.

It is your own UK ignorance and lack of proper education that any other problems in the whole complete UK system, as those jobs passed from parents to children and matters affects badly the same UK system, "as old as my ancestry", my reputation badly hurt now follows to Scotland (as UK = England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland citizen), even my sister (soco) when she was living in England (#8 Sherway drive, timp) and carried problems with the neighbours for the same reasons "different culture, matters, education, etc, etc, etc, etc, ....", because me and my sister (and myself!!) comes from another culture (Mexico, Germany, New York, Spain, etc) and even different European (Mexican born and German citizen) mixture and nationality and time for you to acknowledge matters.

Whatever my sister (soco) did wrong, she will need to deal with own matters herself, not me, because she speak "perfect" English, understand system as used C.A.B for help, abide by the law and received the same education as me when in Mexico, so no excuses, but I want the UK (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland) to understand , as the reason why I am here today = addressing your matters and I am sick to be in the middle of all problems! -

Police doesn´t act as according to the law, mean when I call them several times from the beginning of 2016 that started the smell problems in the flat and refuse to come to my place, either they are in complot with the peoples that distribute matters, or falling in duty of care to the community (as I am one of them!) and if that is the matter, then by law, I should have a debate into how my taxes are paid, because this pay own salary to act towards the community (me!!) not against.  ( please check
the rest of links! )

As the ex-husband told me "the English system for the English peoples" and I wonder who is in war with you and yours, also why to tell me of the same matters just before divorce (2012), not when married (1985) and paid all my taxes, also the DWP staff when visiting for my benefits, she told me what is in England is the same in Scotland.  So this look to me an arrange game, that fails the law in the UK as whole complete responsibility of those that holds such jobs, not me as unemployed and
reasons to request help with DSS (department social security), as the "arrange matters" within the ex/husband, his sister social worker (council / government staff),  neighbour house #11 of Sherway drive ( ), some members of my family from Mexico and now arriving to this side of the UK (Scotland) to bring more problems to the community (as I am one of them!!).

I ask if this is what the taxes should paid, a wave of intolerance that blast our well adjusted society (as I am one of them!!), as the ex/husband told me "before the divorce (2012) not before", wherever you are I am going to be there and looks like he is/was threaten me and everywhere where I goes even in the shops with the help of the government and council services of the region as they hold the area, not me, but them?!! -

The recommendation of the problem with the leak of rotten smell (read links in the bottom!) that comes from the toilet room is to use a plug, which I am unable to find into the current system (2016) to purchase one, not even the last century (1775), so closed with a small towel and in order for the rest of the building residents to be aware of the problem, as I got no job, business and cash to pay the OLD maintenance building that should comply with the new regulations (see the rest of links),
because my UK benefits stolen!-

Even to sell an item in eBay and earn my living in a honest way corrupted beyond repair, by exposing feedback from years ago (see my item of table and six chairs) that was arranged that way by the same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers ("eBay trade marks"), so today everyone can read of matters and deter to purchase from a power-seller (me)? - When I am 1420 green on FEEDBACK against 2 red marks and this has been going on since 2010 when eBay removed my shop due to trade (ENVY) marks laws.

When in reality and according to the international law not the UK only, such items (of trade marks) belong to peoples that manufacture them (not to whoever owns the logos), except the logos as "owners rights", a simple logo with no price tag, meaning of the good/s - items, or remuneration whatsoever to the manufacturer staff that earn pittances (zero in compensation for any health and safety issues at work, hourly paid current to legislation, break time from work duties, illness or holidays payments the same as the rest, etc)!-

Slave time is a think of the past, that even the UK broke the chains to those peoples (with thanks!), now cutting our humble business (me trying to earn a decent wage and start business back again!) to the core, but eBay was made for the community (me), not business deals, but we are all out today and find matters to keep us out even by the use of feedback bribery, so please tell me about the crisis and who started matters?! -

I enclose several links (at the bottom of the page) relate to the same problem address here with the gas leak in my flat, as this basically is not my problem when the same UK system removed all the services ( "the English system for the English peoples" ) to me and mine (children education, etc) in the past now the present, neither I got the money to repair the matters (apologies!!) and I am using a small towel to cover the hole in a brand new toilet (?) as the Estate Agency staff witness when
sold the flat to me, also my benefits refused to me by the DWP staff (as mention before) and in order to repair your matters, even when paying my taxes in the past and present, but police officer refused to acknowledge my problems (as to keep in record as the law state!!?) even to visit to check matters as the third time with no luck, which is basically the council, government staff and building regulations problems not mine, maybe collaborate with the same organization but this is not my problem, but the law.

As those peoples that let the steam out and right into to my flat with the use of building pipes, should be aware of the small towel that covers the same hole in case if own vengeful actions back to the sender, as the leaks only happens when I write matters in my blog, that peoples said are slander, then why we don't settle matters in a court of law, but takes own law into own hands as the pipes leak (as ex/husband when farts!), walls breaks, removal of all services in the UK to me and a wave of intolerance into my life and this basically pay your taxes, not the community relations and needs of the same society, but "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family (now trying to use my children to continue the hatred!!), that landed in the UK sponsor by the same peoples and without me ever knowing of the matters (except my sister soco that told me, she would be divorce from her German husband, win the house and leave the UK, then detained by the same family problems, as I am not a social worker (  ), not matter how much they are trying to put matters to me, but a simple care worker with no qualification and  until too late, removed all from me and mine, remember?!-

I am writing here in case if something happens to me, my children can claim compensation for the lost of own mother to the UK system, as the shower room comes with no ventilation whatsoever and the ex/husband came to supervise matters at the beginning when accepted to repair my electricity box  as excuse to check all from me, now refused and stolen of our birth rights, because all is removed from us even education and given to somebody else, courtesy of own father's family and problems, but falsely accused.

Because if the government is taking me as supervisor of the community with no wages whatsoever, but a wave of abuse in order to destroy reputation, then by law I am allowed to do the same treatment, as the UK is using me without my permit, consent and knowledge but sent to me a barrage of ASBOS and bullies, which is against the same UK laws, but as the ex/husband said that all the services for the "English peoples" then no point for me to contact the police no more and to do the things pacifically, by exposing the corruption in "Public and for the Public concern" as nobody can pass the law, nobody! -


etc ..

I think time arrived to educate your peoples first and after offer the job, in which I am enclosing a letter of the same peoples responsable of matters with letters of my complaint in the past but no
action in the present and "before" you blame someone else, as this slander, lies and defamation can repercute back to the sender in law, as the building was constructed by your old ENGLISH regulations back 1775, not 2016, but your IGNORANCE is costing my reputation in great measures of the law!! -

Where the UK services in general that started in England and coming to Scotland now for the same services provides and lack of knowledge from government staff, that got no better things to
invest own money except in "family problems" draining the resources of the community badly, but falsely blame (Me) and not support even from the local police to my matters, but leave me on my own devices alone and in order to be blame after?-

This matters make me think in my future so bleak and full of slanderous peoples in order to cash due to lack of capacity and knowledge into own UK system, as the ex/husband and his sister social worker (because members of my family are from Mexico, not the UK!!) that own mother typed university work and her own father researched the subjects (and gained her career of social worker), so today we have the results trying to get even with my children?-

When social workers are for the benefit of the community including my own children, not against them, but even doctors are not allowed to treat own family due to medical regulations, so how comes the ex/husband use own sister (as he told me when on divorce times, that his sister looks after him since after the marriage and I wonder why he did not marry her, with respect?) against his own family for cover and protection (?) and are we confuse, or simple bullies, that gets on with brother's children, or the wife, or the holly  spirit, but always blames the rest?-

So with respect to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, but I am having "my respite time", mean time to rest and in other words "to have a break from family issues including my children that comes from a peacefull Mexican mother (", because even the MP (David Cameron) is in Spain on holiday, when Europe is in great turmoil!! -

I am not the only one that swear loyalthy to The Queen Elizabeth II and with respect, but the rest as well as me, with my fullest form of respect once again, but "I request permit to leave own UK problems for ever, as nobody can work for free and use own UK peoples to deal with matters ("as the english law for the English peoples") that caused the matters in the first place (now trying to use my children to join the club!), as the ex/husband and his sister social worker born in the UK, because I am Mexican born not UK except citizen and my children comes from a Mexican mother and "this whole mess will take me and mine children a century before we can fine a solution for the UK system", but falsely blame, when in reality all comes from your own old system and back "before 1775", not mine, but you and yours and with respect!! -

I leave the links, unable to comment in a solution, as I need the job badly to pay my bills, as even Tony Blair ( earns millions from the Middle East trade deals and selling own country for zero, like the ex/husband and his sister social worker and in order to blame after foreign peoples, when in reality an old system (1775!!), that need to become modern and up to current legislation, laws, rules, etc? -
etc ..

"Mosquita muerta in my country of Mexico means, such peoples that forgot own mischief in the past and the reasons why we are here in the present, but pretends in order to be extent from the law and blames someone else's instead and even hide into illness!" - Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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