Friday, 25 December 2015

To Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II and Her beloved husband (King), Prince Philip of Edinburgh: "A Merry Christmas!" ..

God Save The Queen

I want to apologies to The Queen Elizabeth II, for the abrupt note posed in my FB today, in which I am not going to hide it, because I am desperate, which is different to be uneducated, impolite, or unprofessional, but simple desperate, like the rest! - 

My note today:

I never in my wild times, I believe that one day, I would need to address with my full respect to Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II regarding my personal matters.

Unfortunately today is the day that I understood why was not possible of my matters and is racism. In which the ex-husband told me after married, that whatever is found in foreign countries (addressing to me) belong to The Queen and I believe strong slavery, which is a crime, abolished more than hundred years ago, by your own peoples? -

I made a blog to address such important matters to me (2010 - 2015) with respect to may concern, which was the same services, jobs, business opportunity, help, protection laws and equality as any UK born citizen, to no avail. Everything that belongs to me, removed, separate, used, abused and even killed, with no respect, pity, or small concern.

I am placed in a public spot, without my full permit, consent, knowledge, justice, protection laws and small chance to clean my name and reputation in a court of law, but deny.

I am unable to understand reasons why to hold UK citizenship, if not available to me such matters with equality, but used to own personal advantage, may-be removed from me due to the same lies, tales and defamation from the ex-husband and his sister social worker "family problems" - In which the ex-husband told me if I divorce, I will leave with nothing, exactly the same as 6 million Jews after the WWII -

The "family problems" of the ex-husband and his sister social worker belongs to the UK state, never to me, or my children of a Mexican mother that lacks education, opportunities, jobs and everything, as my blog explain properly removed by the UK (local) government staff and pretend it is them, when it is me, stolen all my hard work.

As you can see at this stage, I arrived the point of no return, when even my children are separate from me now by the lack of opportunities, when I already lost unborn children by the same "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that stole all and everything from me.

Saying this matter to Her Majesty the Queen, as it is Christmas today, unable to see my children, or as you call the light at the end of the tunnel may for you, but for me as victim bullied by your state, government and peoples including "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, which a sad, terrible and despicable way to act and behave towards - against the world, because I also lost unborn children.

I am terribly upset for the lack of support from the UK state in times of need and with respect.

I am glad the TV comes with no channels, even if paying tv licence, because again, I receive no services whatsoever and left me in the hands of corrupt peoples, that use even my children to hide and play games.

I understand this is not your concern or your matters, because this is the reasons why nothing happens to me, in other words no aid arrive to me living in a foreign country, but used/abused when suited, unable to clean my reputation in a court of law.  Exactly the same happened to Fergie and HRH Princess Diana of Wales when removed from her own children in Christmas times, or any other periods of times and as form of punishment.

My question is what I ever done to you and yours with respect, to deserve this Bullying from "family problems"of the ex/husband and his sister social worker ( ) and in which grounds in law, I need to carry on playing the games, but unable to reach the law for help, when you yourself holds the greatest command in law, with respect?- 

As you can see, and read in my blog, always addressing to you and yours with my fullest respect, but unable to gain the same respect in the UK? -

Apologies if this sound too bad, too fun, too grotesque, but when all is removed from you as I lost everything myself including my unborn children, I wonder if you will behave the same way as me, with respect?-

I arrived a time with respect, that I ask the same respect as you and yours, even if I don't come from your own kind, in the same way as my blog address (

) to all of yours with my fullest respect and hold your "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker that are not mine, or my children at any time but forced, because I am born in Mexico and my children born from a Mexican mother which is me, not the UK.

I am not holding any more issues that concern the UK, until I am granted justice, memory and reparation for my unborn children, exactly in the same way as any UK peoples, that lost children in any form, way, shape, or circumstances.

If I am going to live in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England), I have the rights to request the same rights as any UK peoples, including education, services and a proper job, to provide for my living ones not matter age, instead separate by such excuses! -  

As the ex/husband told me that he will leave my children with his own sister social worker, when she herself can have her own family, husband and children with respect, but always me need to pay for whatever happens to her, even castrate pets to please in form of revenge, with the perfect excuse to destroy!-

I wonder why the ex/husband sister social worker never used the ex/husband friends when younger to find a proper suitor, or bully them in the same way as me and mine (1985 - 2015), but not Roy, Frank, Mike, July?-

As you can see "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, with any excuses against me and mine (children) do not belong to us anymore, but the UK state.  I request The Queen Elizabeth II to do own duty, which is the ex/husband and his sister social worker, instead of me and mine children to receive this kind of bullying, hate and abnormal behaviour that is against the law the abuse.

I am divorced now and time to leave me and my children alone from the hate propaganda of the ex/husband  and his sister social worker, but the state to be held responsible, as own parents passed (RIP) away and even family pets suffer the abuse, with no control.

As one thing is to get revenge for whatever is the problem of the ex/husband sister, social worker against me and mine, but unable to discuse in a court of law to clarify and another matter very serious and different is to castrate "kittens" when much younger, in order to satiate/please the bully as work for the community, not against ( ), even killed my unborn children from the same matters, but what I ever done to you and yours?!- 

I never wanted to address this feelings out in the open, but as I lost all today, there is not light at the end of the tunnel, but a misery life.

I wonder what I ever done to you and yours with respect, in order to receive this kind of bullies and why me and my children need to hold this violence instead of the UK state and in which grounds in law the abuse, corruption, spread, hate propaganda, intolerance, murder, crime, criminality, very much like the nazi germany during WWII ( 1939 -45 ), when I come from Mexico and my children from a Mexican mother, so why the racism?!"-

Why it is me always that need to address this level of abuse to me and mine and even HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed and the driver, and not the state to comply with own duty, but racism? -

I understand that you and your husband not need this matters at this stage of your life and quite understandable, but why me to hold matters instead of the state and not the real culprits, that hide in confidentiality acts?  - Rosario Castellanos de Parker 


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