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John Fashanu paid to his brother CASH, in order to silence prejudice ..

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John Fashanu who is net worth £20 million, PAID his (tragic) brother Justin only £75,000, in order to prevent him coming out as gay? -

 - SEXUAL ORIENTATION (segregation):  I wonder in real life,  "How many years John Fashanu PAID to be released from guilt by own actions ( ), how may years John Fashanu got to be release from paranoia that exist even today and when "label" peoples called "gays", how many LIVES as same as John Fashanu's brother killed in order to "satiate" own racism towards individuals, just because they are "guys" and how much more we need to PAY the price of abuse, hate propaganda and even misconception of how life should be relate and accommodate into the lifestyle of the others, as John Fashanu?" -

- RELIGION:  I made a note as when a Priest is coming out of the closet, exactly the same as John Fashanu's brother, except that religion comes with own principles, mean such peoples are not entitled to be married and have the normal life as the rest, because of the same celibacy convictions that was made from day one, but centuries after religious representatives are trying hard to change matters into something else, in order to accommodate own lifestyle, exactly the same as, John Fashanu's own family and confuse the rest.

Where we need to learn to divide one matters to another, mean religion and sexual orientation are 2 different matters, people's lives, religious status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, stigmas and racism that society portrait, when suit them and another time bring such racial discrimination / hatred / stigma, that some countries in the world kills for the (trill), stigma that contrae such ideas, ideals, ideology and fanaticism. In fact, Germany was one of such countries that killed racial hatred: "As Jews, Homosexuals and Disabled peoples the first in the line to be persecuted, killed and stolen own possessions, as be classify the lowest of the low.

"As to be who you are in LIFE, it gives you no rights whatsoever, any rights at all in law, in order to accommodate your own family lifestyle into you and yours, as John Fashanu's brother, none at all but a sad reality"

1 - In fact many brothers and sisters as John Fashanu's brother pay a very HIGH price for the trill, kill and silence, exactly the same way as my own family in Puebla, Mexico that dominate our lifestyle and background in horrendous ways, because the same matters never happens in Veracruz, Mexico, where peoples are more relax towards the rest and my family "also" grew up on such pastures.  So as you can see, I am unable to understand the contrast, neither any kind of "family problems (and since when started the crap?)". let alone the criminal activity against my own, but I wonder, how my own family went that way, with endless prejudices, stigmas, racism, etc?!-

2 - I believe the same matters happens with the ex/husband family, otherwise we would never be here today in full public and for "public concern" for the amount of criminal activity that happens to both families (ex/husband and I).  As the UK system is not recognised in my country Mexico at all, in fact is an alien up to now 31/10/2015, in which we don't have any kind of social worker (sister of the ex/husband) - community services (sister of the ex/husband as social worker) background, system, partnership and/or environment, but the abuse that brings such violent world into my own is way out of your imagination, enormous pressure against my own peoples and in order for them to understand properly.

-Where I have to get to the extreme measure and redact a blog (I lost 3 blogs since day one, 2011), in order to safeguard both families and acknowledge charges, crimes, abuse and everything, exactly in the same way as my Journalist sister (ana pia), that I believe works together with the ex/husband sister social worker (carol parker) and brings to me and mine (family both sides) a wave of dysfunctional world, that do not exist (in Mexico, just to start!) except in their own minds, as "nobody is born perfect, not even themselves (with respect)", but hitting both families with no mercy, no respect, no pity and no compassion"-

-Where as I mention before, I need to make a blog in order to safeguard both families and to know each other malice, also to be aware and protect, but I don't know how many more blogs I need to lose before I can reach them and in order to speak OPEN of this dysfunctional that calls, "family problems", scoring points all the time and dominate our lives and backgrounds with full paranoia. Where I am position in a place, that I need to divorce myself to come out of the place, as I would not have any of this matters in a million years, full stop!-

-As for such peoples that called themselves "family problems" are games, for me is a murder spree, crime, criminology, abuse of power and position, hate propaganda and full intolerance against the community, because I lost my unborn children, my brother, my sisters (2) detained under the mental health act (one in Mexico and another in the UK), and by the same UK system (carol parker, social worker - community services) that in Mexico do not exist (?), also me and mine bullied even by the neighbours, neighbourhood, (local) government, school, employments and well you name it, as if the loco went into full rampage.

Please before you said anything of me: I am unemployed as I lost all my jobs - business in the UK, also I am moving away of the area of Trafford, as today I lost all, so how and since when it's me, me and me?-

3 - The intolerance of "family problems" do not stop to me and you only, as John Fashanu mention, but affect all of us in the same way, as The Royal Family badly affected by even Kings and Queens of the past - present. As I have been request, Prince Philip to be our King of England, exactly in the same way as The Queen Mother was, when she married The King George VI not more and not less, but the same standards and principles demonstrate, but The Queen's own son, Prince Charles would not have it, as He (with respect) stands in the middle (?) of such request.

4 - We have the tragic (RIP) example of HRH Princess Diana of Wales own family would not want her to come out in the full public (the same as mine with my blogs, all removed!) and speak open of her own bullies, BULLYING and bullshit, but order Prince Philip to deal with matters, "so after this man get all the blame (?)"-  As "the same as Diana Spence was Sarah Spencer that spoke to the press when going out with Prince Charles (if we remember!!??), but one girl perished (HRH Princess Diana of Wales) and the other (sarah spencer) blessed and protected by the almighty presence of Prince Charles"-  Where today the past is all forgotten, hide into 20 keys and even blame Prince Philip to divert matters, when in reality the bullies went into carnage spree and killed reputations?--

So as you can see with these 4 examples the matters in our families happened to all, not matter background, colour, age, incapacity, gender, sexual orientation, poor, rich, white, blue, green, tall, small, blond, brown, mean there is not barriers when and where you are born into, but the sad reality of society that frames, labels and accommodate people's LIVES, with their own stigmas, RACISM, abuse, hate, intolerance and time to say, STOP to bullying, full stop!-

I wonder who is the lowest of the low in this case, as when on HITLER times such extreme racism, or as when living in the XXI century, like John Fashanu mention ( ), this time is acceptable to come out clean as "gay", but years ago was not permitted.  So John Fashanu should not feel guilty, because the same as me "today" unable to speak free of  "family problems" without suffering repression, regression and removal of my blogs, as bullies would not accept responsibility of past criminal actions, but falsely blame me, when I am not a journalist (ana pia), or social worker ( ), so how?-

We can talk "family problems" with "apparently freedoms", but in reality today the best of my ability, as the same family and their own problems, checks all and everything from me and mine with help, even from services of the community and without my permit, consent, or knowledge, in order to frame me after? -  

It makes everything sound funny, easy going (  ), amused, happy and cool, but in reality the "family problems ( )" is a frightening experience by the level of abuse and bullying, within peoples that we should trust, but wreaks our lives apart and when bullies, bullshit and bullying finish fully "satiate", the intolerance leaves as nothing ever happened, even hides with the law, by the use of "confidentiality acts (the cowards)?", that removes malice, crime, criminal activity and criminology and unfortunately as it comes from both families (me and the ex/husband), I know full well who is the bully, who brings own bullshit to eat and who bullied whos'.

While in reality the police need to have a warrant ( ), to search even phone calls, but trafford council staff in my place, used  "confidentiality acts" to frame my reputation badly and today continue to "hold into me", even with "child tax credit" as you can read letters from them address to me.  While I know full well that all comes from the same "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker (carol parker) and helpers (ana pia), but unable to know, so when on killing spree of our family members ( ), I get the blame after? -

So the bullies tactics against UK residents from (trafford) council staff will not let it go the bread and butter, that place nicely to own food everyday, which is me and hundreds of me in the UK that are frame, used and abused to own purposes, when spy is against the law?-

Basically the council and government are using me (without my consent, permit and knowledge) and everyone as victim of crime ( "apparently", in order for them to access, help and aid own work. As government staff fails to deliver proper targets, investigate (my case) cases properly and even protect (my rights) the community - society.

When in reality is to remove all services (ebay, etc) from you by council staff, as happened to me in the past - present, "after falsely blame my reputation", hiding real bully in "confidentiality acts", but all was a show to keep services (ebay, etc) after and for own purposes, work, business, opportunity ventures.

As John Fashanu talks about his brother (RIP), while it was not possible in the past many things, today is possible as ebay, fb and skype matters, mealtime, the government staff keep DESTROYING the life of the rest as me and mine, with no mercy, compassion and pity?-

As happened with my ebay shop (trade marks), FB and now skype, but holding 30 million in trade affairs, when years ago shut all the middle man from ebay as "trade marks wars", today forgotten, when I lost all and everything thanks to such paranoid hatred bullies and own bullshit that destroys society?-

My question is who pays the criminal damaged to me and millions of small business that lost today badly, by the slander, hate and bullying of government staff, stealing the life of the rest, where today is OK, but not the past?-

Where I can not comment in a anything that happens to me right now, because soon after is removed, sold, taken away, stolen and even arrived late or sent the matter to the gestapo (UK government), mean everything I do, act, or even say is taken into consideration, fun, joke, stolen, repeat after as punish (joke, etc), or taken matters as form of idea by the lack of own education and judgement?-

After a while the same stolen matters, ideas and bad judgement can hit anyone, but what the past has to do with present, as John Fashanu speaks open of own brother, but bullying that killed and drive the victim to despair for whatever the criminal activity wants.

My question is who is responsible for the brother of John Fashanu, bullying that may drove to such extremes, suicide, hate himself and many victims that perish for the same intolerance?- 

In my case, the ex/husband arranged matters this way of full control of my life without my consent, permission and knowledge but hide himself, his sister ( ) social worker and helpers (ana pia) inside any kind of  "confidentiality acts" destroying my life to the worse, exctly the same as John Fashanu's brother, but who pays for the crimes, mislead, abuse?!-

The ex/husband told me after married, not before, that I need to respect his own peoples, as form of some kind of slaverism towards me, also that everything is found in foreign countries belong to The Queen, in which slave times long ago passed, in fact, the UK paid hundred of millions to release HUMAN PEOPLE from such hard times, matters, abuse, slavery and even racism.

This matter has been prompted by the ex/husband and his family problems (sister social worker), that used me of anything even to lie of my reputation (5 boys, the river, etc), where today after the divorce and removal of all from me, I need to relay from ex/husband help, the same as Prince Philip with Diana, but unable to use the law in the proper way, leaving victims of crime as myself and HRH Princess Diana of Wales totally exposed to anything, after used, cashed and abused, so matters must be coming from Prince Charles, because of similarities?-

As you can see reason/s of me to follow matters, because my brother (  ) was killed (2010) and promote to start an investigation from me to any member of my family, services in the community, or government staff, as Trafford council staff refused (2012) as you read before links and letters, they regard murder of my brother as "none - important matters?"-

It's a psychosis culture create in the UK because in my country Mexico, we don't have "community services - social worker", as carol parker, social worker, sister of the ex/husband and her own brother is alive and well, mine death with a purpose, to inflict pain to me and mine family and use my own children after, to make matters bigger and complicated when in reality was a normal everyday "fight" between ex/husband and I and happened exactly when I was empty the dishwasher, but for such peoples was an opportunity to strike again and use me once more time and as weapon to hurt our peoples.

Where I am not in the position to wait many years to be in the place of what John Fashanu described, to what it was not good in the past, but today is OK and demand justice, because of those bullies, today is hitting my family badly! -

Not just to me but worldwide is the abuse ( ) as you can see the hundreds of millions of victims of war, by the UK government fleeing own countries and we are not in a position to accept apologies anymore, or to be in a position that is "acceptable" after many - many years passed, but everyone to carry own abuse, burden, crimes, criminology, hate propaganda and intolerance.

The Trafford council staff own words to me as result, "I need to start again (2015)", but not the peoples that started (1985) the criminal activity, crimes, disturbances, criminology, murder, ASBOS and bullying ( ), when it was not ok such times as John Fashanu mention, today after the criminal damaged is OK?-

 Apologies and sorry but as own mother said to me years ago of own children as bad as each other and fight all day long ( ), also "paying time" -

It is now that I understand now, why members of our family are disappearing so fast, as hiding any kind of witness (, that can damaged own reputation, but not on my yard sorry and reasons of my divorce and even counting pennies, but not on me, because the song said: you left so many lights on that I do not know how I will switch off from such hatred!-

As you can see is a ball that goes around the crime, abuse, criminal activity and bullying, that destroys everything from us and will not stop, but I am divorce now and matters of the ex/husband and his sister, social worker is not my problem anymore, neither my children are used to cover matters, as Prince Philip with HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP), but the "problem" belongs to the state, not us anymore.

Where the ex-husband went to see my new place, with excuse to help me and unpack (27/10/2015), as all the services in the Trafford area removed ( based on hundreds of lies and reported back this week, because the new home address passed to my bank account no problem, while the same bank and account refused matters 2 weeks ago and I still hold the letter from them? -

My question is: can I do the same to the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and members of my family and "take over your own life, based on hundred of lies, tales and even defamation against you and yours and hold you, by removing all and everything from you, including the law?"-

The reasons why, I will not move until the Internet is fully installed and working properly, as I need to check my family ( and keep in contact, to any emergency, because this "family problems" passed the sale by date, now is full control, as we "foreign peoples" have the rights to protect our peoples as well and not just the UK neighbourhood ( ) that destroyed all me and mine, including and non extent, The Queen Elizabeth II with respect, as She need to know all the time (, in order to protect Her Peoples, Country, Glory and Land.

Where John Fashanu paid his brother CASH, in order to silence prejudice, but I will not live the rest of my life with regrets .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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