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Angry mum write a note to her child´s best - best - bestest friend, that went public and we ask, "why?" -

Mother's Eyes / Tamara Gverdciteli

I read a note that gave me strength to copy the same, with Thanks! -

It is regarding the turmoil to be "parents of non - perfect family syndrome, including endless failures as human being (pardon us!!)"-

And as such (pardon us again!!!), we were not born "as perfect - perfect parents and family syndrome", that you may wish to be born into, but even HRH Prince Charles of Wales was not happy with own mother (, incredible!- I wish, I could have The Queen's persona for a week, or two, as "a mother figure", to see if my luck changes for a bit!-Can you imagine what I can do and reach: "The Stars", but spoiled!!-

As you can see NXXX, "to be a non-perfect parent - family syndrome", we lack of help, maps, directions, or even internet software (on that time, not this time!) to search and re-search for any kind of ailments, turmoils and misconceptions - after birth. In which, "every single new parents experience the matters in this life (not the other life, but this one!)" and as such, we need to face the sad reality, to be simple parents with no form of directions, tools, magic balls, or internet software, except, the power of my Lord´s to connect.

I must accept and I put my hands in the air, as to be regarded with a mum - ish personality, but when you lose children, as I did myself with my unborn children, then you become attached to your own living ones in a way, that is born as well the extra icon with it, that makes you to be fully aware and ready to protect.

However, as you know NXXX, I am writing to you not as "mother of my children´s dear friend", but as mother figure, because for more I am trying to figure out the reasons why, you had been parking in what it was our doorstep for a long time and such matters thrills me to bits!-

Believe me when I am telling you NXXX, that contrary to what you may, or you may not think (as I don't own a MAGIC BALL to know the reality, reasons and why, may assume matters as any normal HUMAN person does in this life!) about of me - "as person", irrelevant even in law, when you are going out with my own child.

As mother figure to my own, I have the FULL RIGHTS to know of my children whereabouts and belongs, including friends, without suffering the repression, reprisals, bullying and violence.

I believe it's my full rights to know the peoples my children socialise nowadays, not matter age and normal procedure even in your doorstep, as the mother of your best friend (james higgins!) once, she (julie higgins!) told me herself and accepted matters.

The reasons why my children do not get along with her (julie higgins!) child, it's not my problem, but own choice and freedoms to choose alone, because nobody is born attached to another person, because the law protect us in many ways and infinite reasons and be-causes. In which, even us as parents, witness the several repetitive and innumerable phone calls that this boy (james higgins!) gave to my child, "demanding where we were on that moment (not this moment!?)", unable to escape from what it was a futbol match near Trafford area (if we remember!).

Unnecessarily hundreds of phone calls to my child, by own friend (james higgins!), that drove us round the belt and complete nuts within the matters, in a short space of time (almost an hour!), also gave us an insight of what I believe was harassment direct to me and mine (children), because we already told him  (james higgins!) that we were unable to come out of the area (as football match) and need to wait, to no avail (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!).

The reason why of this note NXXX it´s, as my child put that way a few days ago, when all of a sudden, I took your photo: "we don't speak much" and that matter alone ( "we don't speak much" ), thrills me to bits.

As mean even in law ( "we don't speak much" ), that I don't follow, molest, stalk, hunt, harass, gives hundreds of phone calls, interfere, or even sit next to you, in order to check "that all is ok", as the ex/husband and his sister social worker, "family problems", but gave you my complete trust and from day one.

"We don't speak much" mean even in law NXXX, that I leave you TOTALLY alone (since day one!) and I will give you grieve (if ever!), except and only, when I believe it's time to talk and sort any kind of matters, as we have done in the past.

In which, I even reach you NXXX as mother figure, only in times of need, "as the University dropping off and placing you back again in the carrill of educational purposes (for the first time if we remember, not this second time!) and even, we give you a little push and strength to finish your driving exams, "acting as cheerleaders (as my children calls me!)", nothing else, because I believe strong you got a wonderful mother to relay on and not just me, the rest is lies.

I will say this time and only NXXX, in order to reassure you for a million times, that I don't have any problems with you and if you with me, then time for a chat, but I will not tolerate bullying in any form, way, or even shape "as form of book", as the photo mention.

My child commented that I never "out of the blue" took photos of you NXXX (see photo) in the past and I speak of the same, as I never saw you writing and taking notes in the past and the reasons why is unknown to me, but I will accept no bullying, from nobody. 

- I was bullied at the courts by a barrister in law, as the link explain and someone sitting next to us taking notes, very much the same, as NXXXX with the notebook as the photo shows, also Trafford council meetings of DAG (, run by Gaynor Burton "someone" taking notes and same bullying from the ex/husband and his sister social worker when younger, but I got the blame?!-  

In which, our neighbour (house #11) and neighbourhood told (on that time 2007-2012, not this time) a full class and audience of Trafford council DAG meetings, that "I abused old peoples" and since when, also the reasons why all my jobs gone, "one by one", by the ill spread of such peoples that represent the UK government, but where is the probe?-

What I can understand now is the sad reality of the ex/husband mother, that she told me when married (now divorce), that I was like a daughter to her, in order perhaps to bring all the shit from her own daughter, direct to blame me and reasons of me today, suffering bullying, by the lies of the bullies (5 boys, the river, etc) and their own bullshit. 

What started as ill spread by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family (1985), today (2015) is murder, weapons, hate propaganda, malice contempt, intolerance, abuse of power and profession ( swipping work card, gainst me and mine <children> and hide in "confidentiality acts") -

And if you got respect for me NXXX, as the "mother of your friends, as my children", then either you come back later (as what I told my friends, because "family problems" belongs to us "as family" and the law, nobody else!!) when "family problems" sorted by themselves, or respect the matters, "as it is" and "without taking sides (me or the ex/husband)"-

As I mention the "family problems" belongs to the law and I have friends that holds such power and if I want, I could use them as form of tread, exactly in the same way as the bullies to me at the courts, when on divorce times (, "taking notes", but I don't have such feelings on me.

What I have is respect direct to "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and whoever holds such matters ( ), because I am not and they are not going to confuse my environment with lies and as such, this SHIT and MESS, belongs to them, "as adults peoples themselves" and all ALONE, they are going to clean their own mess, not us, but them!-

Unfortunately, what I have is matters against the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker, members of my family and helpers ( and they do not like the matters, but my idea is to stop such hate feelings, violence and intolerance into each other and not to continue bringing to me their own mess and violence, as far as Mexico, Germany, UK, etc.

As when the ex/husband sister social worker brings such hate propaganda against me and mine, as far as Mexico, Germany and elsewhere, with the "go and tell her" - (very much the same as "dad can you tell him" ), in a form of deceit to own brother's family (me and mine children), for whatever is her own reasons and again, who's in their own right frame of mind will go against own peoples, who's?-

As the same happens to Prince Philip with all kind of matters against his persona (with respect), but who was married to HRH Princess Diana of Wales RIP ( and when the man handled the best possible way, the divorce procedure - departure, between Lady Di and Prince Charles, with his own words and photo explains, not me, but him?-

When The Queen and Prince Philip behave in such a way that changed the time, history and memory of today's (, for a bunch of "family problems" that are unable to handle themselves: "Lady Sarah Spencer, Camilla Parker and Prince Charles - the trio (3 peoples in the party). As HRH Princess Diana of Wales was not on the picture at any time, but (bullied) forced to say the 3 of us a bit crowded, but never her at any time, neither myself with the ex/husband and his (hysterical) sister social worker.
What I would like to do, is to remove the law, exactly in the same way as the bullies to me and mine in the past ( ) and from my brother, RIP ( ). I will let the bullies destroy themselves, as they done to my family, without a small trace, chance, remorse, pity, hope, nothing!-

The reasons why, I'm using the blog as channel - way to enter and expose matters in full public, for the "public concern", as "nobody is above the law" -  In order to avoid taking sides, to avoid abuse the law and position and may help to clarify matters of "family problems" properly, from the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, but the peoples that bring this criminal activity to society by the bullies, not me.   

While it's clear that the ex/husband sister has a (mental) problem - attitude (dad can you tell him?"), but as the ex/husband told me, regarding my unborn children that "he doesn't give a shit", neither myself! -

- As I don't arrive to your mother's house - place (or any other relate!!) NXXX and bring more shit to her, that she can possibly cope right now, as you told me of  "domestic abuse" at your place, with your own father and step-dad, so please respect! -

- I use a blog to communicate any matters that concern the community and public, for "public concern" as not matter position in life, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, colour, etc, "bullying exist", but not from me, neither HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Paula Yates and millions of victims around the planet, that lost RIP (unborn children and my brother).

- Now, when I first meet you NXXX, you told me to go and to go exactly where and in which grounds in law the matters?-

As if you were acting for another person (julie higgins!), or the same "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that do not belong to you, me, or my children at any time, as such matters comes from well, "before" 1985 and not today 2015.  

The "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and some members of my family belongs, "to them direct as adults peoples" and nobody else gets involved, as such peoples brings crimes, corruption, misleading, hate, lies and for you to be aware!- 

We are all at certain times in our life live with "domestic abuse" and members of our family get bullied, the reasons why everything comes to me, as the repetition of what the ex/husband need to address at his home, "before" married, as I witness.

We are not going to hide no more bullying into our life NXXX, but face the bullies that haunt us with no mercy, no pity and no reasons to act that way to you and yours, because you have as much rights to live with your own mother, as your small brother, because "domestic abuse" in our doorstep is not a form of virtue, but a criminal matter and time the law deals with such matters and abuses, instead to bring to me, in order to deal with you? -

I see nothing wrong with you NXXX, neither with the ex/husband except when brings such abnormal matters for me to address in public, as you can see I am also bullied by his own sister social worker and some members of my family, except that I don't let them, but expose bullying tactics to me and mine.

I myself, a victim of bullying - domestic abuse lost unborn children, brother, my sisters (mara and soco) detained under the mental health act (as the other sister has communication with the ex/husband sister, social worker and they were helping each other and scoring points!), me and my own (children) bullied, my pets hurt badly, killed, or destroyed, a pure life of devastation, murder, vengeance and intolerance, very much the same, as if we were/are in the WWII!! -

I myself as Mexican born, unable to create this kind of desync-functional world (WWII), not even by reading on the subject will I ever create, such hard times and worlds (with respect), but expressed by such peoples that lived the ordeal, hate and spread. In which the ex/husband and his sister social worker did such matters, towards - against own parents (on and on and on ...), as I witness.

As I witness the innumerable times (over and over and over, etc) the ex/husband and his sister social worker reached own parents (particularly carol parker), remind them of such hard times (WWII) the bullies and even excuses to "ration our food (me and my children), that need to live the ordeal, matters and consecutive non/stop bullying"-

As happened to the ex/husband parents the WWII, somehow we (me and my children) need to pay the price and "ration" our existence and in which grounds in law the abuse and why not to them (ex/husband and his sister social worker): "Racism, Hate and Spread?"

In which up to now, I don't remember the ex/husband bullying own sister, not even once, but me instead, because she ask him to do so ("and you goes and tell her" ), as pay back (5 boys, the river, etc), excuses, eternal lies and defamation against my persona and reasons of my divorce.

- As the river (rio nazas #5105) in Veracruz never happened, because my brother and I stay within the hotel premises, not the river, also when his wife (pilar guerrero) and ex/husband sister (carol parker) arrived of swimming from the river, I notice own hair styled?-

- The 5 boys from the ex/husband sister was another lie, as such people's comes from my own group of friends, that I was forced to separate and terminate after school (1978) and/or family in Mexico after the wedding (1985 ), such peoples passed direct to the ex/husband sister social worker, after she used pressure to my family with a wave of tales, that followed the kiss from my sister (as Lady Sarah Spencer, against HRH Princess Diana of Wales), but used the 5 boys and the river instead? - 

The pressure that the ex/husband sister social worker used to blackmail my family (1985 - 2015) in Mexico was and I believe strong, the memory of my unborn children.

As she falsely accused me, when in reality the ex/husband told me, that the reasons of termination (abortion) was to give way to his sister (carol parker), to go to Mexico (before the wedding) and find a husband, study and gain life, she even managed to spoil, annoy and destroy all from us, even we need to have the same car (rover), life (living as brother and sister) and everything.

The same matter is express to my children now, that need to follow the same systematic pattern as my past (and the same past of the ex/husband parents during and after the WWII, freaky similarities?-), when the ex/husband sister social worker managed to find the (mix/match) same looking guy, as one ex/friend of mine, that looks exactly the same as you and in order to confuse, mislead and even hide?!! -

I placed photos of my past life and relationship with the ex/husband parents to be shunned after 27 longers years. What a cunning, cheat and betrayal peoples I landed with, that by own making will be exposed!!-

I am using the ex/husband own Bible ( not me this time, but his own words and his sister own making to blame, as their own mother told me: "As bad as each other and fight all day long", for me like the Krays brothers. No pity, no remorce and no nothing, in which they even removed me (see add) after (27 longest years, that  the bullying lasted, 1985 - 2015) the divorce and used all me and mine instead, scoping and scoring points, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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