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Sweeping Victorian´s Chimney Slave Labor And Their Own Bullies For Good! ..

Slave labor is a crime in today´s living times, but still use matter, to promote hate towards - against the community. 

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Particularly when abuse (any kind of abuse) comes direct from own family as bullies, in order to lose respect in society (show you off!) and no consideration even for own parents, any kind of parents. When in reality domestic abuse should be a crime within society - community as the abuse is passed the legacy from parents to children, even brothers and sisters, "as set example"- Now against the law and illegal practice the hate against own mother (me), from father (ex/husband) teaching our children the wave of abuse, defamation, lies, slander, hate propaganda!-I do not use that system with the ex/husband and in order to probe legally the matter, as my own children want to stay with him, not with me, but against me?- Stop Bullying, Full Stop!-  

Today the boiler could not cope no/more and broke up badly, without repair, but falsely blame. The boiler comes with a long standing problem that the ex/husband made that way, in order to attack all mine, including my clothing: "As unable to do any kind of "home repairs"- As you can see the following note, link , photos and date of made (boiler) damaging my clothing by the level of water, mud and shit (sorry!) that comes from the same boiler, but nobody gave a cent about my problems, except the ex/husband is blessed, listened, care, protect, etc. I am not important, full stop, except the ex/husband matters got protections laws in the UK, not mine, then that is racism, racist attitude, intolerance, hate, cruelty, defamation, evil motives and even lies against society - community (me)"- 

I leave copy of the matter, photos and even link 30/8/2014 and today is 15/5/2015 in case if you forgot (see the plastic tray holding the blessed and almighty water!!), also the ex-husband purchase (January 2015) part of the property ( because is not the real value. The "long standing family problems" comes from 1985 (after the marriage) - 2015 (now divorce), to no avail. In which it became a complete habit every so often to empty the plastic tray, today was the infamous day but falsely accused, when part of the house is not mine anymore (by the way the divorce agreement was made: corrupt!), not even my responsibility and I shall leave the matter (any matters!) "as it is" in the future to avoid any more blames, lies, tales and emotional blackmail!- 

I am unable to find a solicitor to purchase or rent a home and move out of this place, as everything is controlled. As explain in the following links the ex/husband and I had agreements after the divorce, that not even the family can break as legal requirements and documents, also stamped by the courts, but falsely blame - accused?-

-After putting my brother to help, then the family (problems) came to collect him to Tierra Blanca and kept his own family instead (guerrero). 

-After putting my sister soco to help in the tobogan in Germany with the swimming pool against me, as pretend the "river of Carol Parker (" then the family came to collect my sister in England (not Germany, Mexico, or elsewhere, but England!) in order to blame me after, when detained my sister under the mental health act and by the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers (riqui), using the neighbors. 

-After putting myself to help in the same "family (bleeding) problems", then the family want to come and collect me, including the monies from my divorce (as they are blocking my way in the UK), in the same way as happened to tere with her own properties (mela), tito (with mara and raul), etc. 

Such peoples that call family, but destroying the life of every one of the rest of the family, not the elders sisters (josefa, lupy and flor) and own secretaries (anny, carol parker, etc), but the rest of the family (mela, tere, soco, mara, jose, rafa, me, etc) need to suffer - perish the bullying by them, as my brother, unborn children, sister detained, etc. Including own children as "la primiada" and helpers (david parker and carol parker,  beto and norma hazz , guerrero family, "as form of groups made in two's, as twins") destroying family life of the rest of the family, even by murder. The ex/husband mother used to tell me of own children as "bad as each other and fight all day long" for me with respect (RIP), as mention many times before, the ex/husband and his sister social worker ( acts as, "the Krays twins brother's ( )" and such people were twins, always working in two's? -  

It's the same repetition of abuse from "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and own helpers, with the over and over and over problems and long standing problems (1985 - 2015) as the boiler mention, with no end, except the ex/husband and his sister social worker parents are not here to help and I am divorce from the lot, but sit myself with the problem ("Dad can you tell him? .., falsely accused of everything!?-"Pinned in the wall, unable to move, or have a life, by the level of abuse to me and mine?"- 

I remember making this blog as asking for help (see following links) when I understood a bit the game (2012) and divorce after. In fact a professional have a bunch of copy of letters to probe in law, that I did my own investigation because Trafford council staff refused. Including, I went to see a solicitor in Altrincham to stop problems (see Dobsons Solicitors #4 of the following link, to no avail and my brother was killed ( ) soon after (RIP), as negligence, lies and defamation, because the ex/husband is alive, well, rich and very happy! .. 

following links:
etc ..

-And Not Just My Things Came With The Investigation Of My Own Life As Trafford Council Staff Refused, But You And Yours Came As Well, So Probe In Law That I Am A Problem, When A Victim Of Society Like The Rest?!!..

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Ancient Assyrians Empire of northern Iraq became large during the period of the Israelite Kings.

Today in the morning (again) when cleaning the boiler removing the water as usual, "as long standing problem", that was not cured on time, but messing all my clothing when I was owner of the home (1993-2015) that was ripped from me (as mention before), without paying the correct value of the same house (Sherway Drive, Timperley, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, WA15 - 7NU ), matter, price, judge order and financial agreement, but gained help even from my children. "I leave details as mention before a "long standing (family) problem (1985-2015)" that keeps follow me everywhere, destroying my reputation badly, as such peoples use "confidentiality acts to hide the (bleeding) cowards" and their own "family problems", leaving all my details in the full open with no respect, no pity and no mercy. So basically by law, I am copy their own (dirty) system and showing the public and for "public concern" the kind of crap system (council services) we got, because without the council services, the "family problems" would not arrive, nowhere! -

Soon after today in the afternoon as well, my feet brushed off by the (rhode island caffee) staff when having a relaxing time and 3 peoples as witness (as showing me off!). I even asked the (rhode island caffee) staff, if I should remove myself from the chair and table after paying for my items, so she can finish in peace the "cleanse process?"- This is not the first time the brush and mop follows me everywhere, bullying me even in primark when buying clothes a few days ago, as the children confide all of us "private matters" to a third peoples, but wonder when I bring this level of abuse to anyone in the UK, when?-"In which, I record and place this incident today "for the public concern" as the law in the UK can not be bullied, intimidate, mislead, lied, hide, corrupted and even removed from me and mine, as mention before, so be it in law!!- 


Today (18/5/2015) the boiler same to be stable, running as normal and not a single drop of water, mud, or shit relate comes from the machine, as the plastic container shows: "EMPTY"- This matter means in law, any law worldwide, that is not age relate of the boiler, or any other excuses - issues that the bullies comes with, but malicious intent direct from the ex-husband and his "family problems" to me, showing our children the trade, including his ants ( predators and a complete wave of lunatics against my persona. All is relate to the wave of lies from his own groups of "family problems (5 boys, the river, the kiss, etc)", against me and mine from day one (1985-2015), but lies, in order to have "excuse" to inflict pain. eat from the lie and corrode the law. "I wonder if this hate against your own peoples, blood and family is normal?"- I hold no contact with members of my family since years ago (1985), or friends after school term finished (1978), not even relate to neighbors at any time (1993-2015), the rest is lies. I use this blog to report any matters, for the public, as "public concern" as nobody can remove the law from you, nobody. Where in the UK the law closed the doors to me and mine with "confidentiality acts", but as student of law, I can not contemplate this assault, abuse, intolerance direct to my persona, but reporting to whom it may concern. As the problem with the boiler was since we moved (1993) to this house (sherway drive), the same all kind of abuses (, that if the law exist for me, I do not know where it went, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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