Sunday, 4 January 2015

Scotland Yard Investigation: Prince Andrew, "The Duke of York" ..

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The Duke of York is no stranger to headlines with nicknames like: “Airmiles Andy” because of his love of luxury travel, “Randy Andy” after string of glamorous girlfriends. It is alleged Prince Andrew's own personal life together with his own children expenses, cost the tax payer a fortune, but unfortunately he do not have the Duchy of Cornwall, like his brother HRH Prince Charles of Wales, that considering the fortune, also gets tax allowances. In which, I believe strong that this bicker-y between brothers do not shows any unity, neither helps in any way, form, or shape own parents, let alone the place, position and birth right that is born into and somehow, a civil matter need to be keep at all the times, particularly in public places. Now if we go to the "Randy - Airmiles - Andy" may find with any kind of luck, the raunchy past of Prince Charles of Wales. In which, BBC postpones documentary claiming Prince Charles used spin doctor, after Diana's death?- Not happy with it, it comes the damaged letters that Prince Charles posted to government staff, in order to influence matters of the state. When Prince Charles own mother, The Queen Elizabeth II never posted one single letter of interference in politics affairs, but she is entire to know everything of government duties in order to protect Herself, Her Royal Family, Country, Land, Glory and that's a law. (Apologies the previous note: The Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, as The Queen of Scotland ..  music was turned off, in the same way as Prince Andrew own children removed of personal matters continually, by the envy, as we can see now with their own father scandal, exactly in the same place, where both girls are living; "America?" - ). The matter emerge soon after the Scotland vote fiasco, gambling government The Queen's own Ancestry and Scottish Roots of Her own mother, The last Queen of Scotland, The Queen Elizabeth to the best bidder and without consulting first the Monarch?-When Government and Royal life are two separate matters and at the present time, the Scots wants to be part of the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales). Because of the level of abuse when The Queen Elizabeth II handled the key of her own personal life direct to the government staff and this in exchange wants to jeopardize her own state as Scotland fiasco, then The Queen Elizabeth II and The Royal Family comes with rights to stop and protect own country, legacy, roots as Scotland, without suffering reprisals, because is not the Royal Family this time who over - passed the line of trust, but government staff.  In which, I would suggest Prince Charles to keep clear of the matters of government with posting letters, or any other interference in order to avoid the same matters, or continuance further of the same matters, in exchange for government staff, to keep The Queen Elizabeth II up to date, with everything!!-Under age girl has a passport to probe age, "before" consenting any sex?- As one thing is to have a friend with dark matters of sexual nature and another very different matter is to be engage into those worlds, furthermore in business, that you are dealing with the person, not personal life, but business? - Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused, but then, don't we all been abused as well?- As matters happened to Prince Harry in America, but nobody came and defended the individual, remember?- As by law, any law worldwide when filming, or even online spying, a big sign should be provide to warn peoples, also my blog refer of all the matters that happened to me in the past, including taken photos, films, phone calls and without my consent, permit and knowledge of the matters, so when I will get Justice in the UK?- In other words, why I have to feel pity for you, when for me not justice after years of abuse, why?-Now regarding Prince Harry matters of own mother nature with James Hewitt: as one matter is affair ( ) and another matter different is to be the real father. As unfortunately, all the play with James Hewitt and Lady Diana Spencer was made that way, to hunt HRH Princess Diana of Wales today time present. Presenting Diana as the worse of the worse and not Camilla, but I can prove different, because of preparation for the Crown - one of the reasons. In fact all was a game for HRH Princess Diana of Wales (RIP) and for me as well as I am taking this case with me, as my own family and blood. What it hurt most is the cowards bullies acted in cold blood towards Lady Diana Spencer and not The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, The Royal Family, but Prince Charles and Camilla as it was their own plan for today. I want to protect me and mine legally with this note, as one thing is to write and another very different is to be accused of matters. As this matter of Lady Diana Spencer was a plan from Prince Charles and Camilla for today Crown, not me or mine at any time and time for to be adult responsible to account in law, for such extent of abuse. Because, if I will continue exposing these matters of the state of such delicate and fragile understandable in mind, very much the same as Salman Rushdie's (, then I request protection in law by The Queen Elizabeth II and payment from my own work, with thanks. Because, if Prince Andrew could face a Scotland Yard investigation over sex abuse claims, ( ), then I request them to hold matters before, we can investigate Prince Charles and Camilla Parker for the accident of: HRH Princess Diana of Wales, Dodi Al - Fayed, the Driver, his cousin William of Gloucester  and even Kanga ( ) just to start, with respect. As I repeat, this level of violence - bullying in a form of accident has nothing to do with me at any time, but Prince Charles and Camilla Parker own past, so please leave me out of your own matters and respect my work, also my environment and furthermore, take those peoples that passed away (RIP), with a bit of respect, Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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