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Charlie Hebdo Attack, 7 of January, 2015 (RIP): Je Suis Le France ..

Napoleon Bonaparte : La Marseillaise ..

President Hollande said that Charlie Hebdo attack was an act of extreme barbarity. As it happened: Charlie Hebdo attack. I believe strong in Freedom of Expression, but at the same time, I believe in respect to human kind, not matter color of skin, religion, incapacity, sex. age, etc. However, I am against all violence, because no matter how big, or small the case fortunately, the courts exist - not invisible to anyone, real and there for everybody to use them. The treatment should be the same in law, but unfortunately and the sad reality is totally different. As the law exist as we all know, but the real law departed long time ago, because otherwise, nobody would be taken the law in their own hands and attack innocent civilians, for small tinny matters, as "pencil"-The thing is not the pencil who commit the crime, but whoever dare to provoke another human kind, because is not you God, you got no rights!-I, Myself out with any religion for good, as the matter is not worth, life is harmonic, happy and peaceful to carry such heavy weigh and responsibility, but again is not your God, then please respect, because you got not rights!- "Because is not the PENCIL who commit the crime, but the FULL ACTION that over passed the limits of provocation to another human being, religion, principles and even status!"- I condemn the action enormously of the murder spree, "after the provocation" instead to use the correct channels that are the courts, but in reality, where is the law, which side is the law nowadays, who hijacked the law, who corrupted the law, who divided the law, who started first removing the law to civilians, who incited the God and peoples first, who bully in the name of religion, who acted wrongly first in law, who's?-Until the relevant peoples do not show me that the law exist, then I am done with the matter, because is not one LAW for you and another different LAW for me?-I studied the holly and almighty "Bachelors of Laws" from the OU in England to defend myself, but the reality is different. In paper the "Bachelors of Laws" is all colorful and extreme beautiful, but in the real life and courts, all my cases dismissed, or never heard from such matters again?-The local Citizens Advice Borough (CAB) rape my own freedoms, liberties and birth rights, by hiding the law from me and making the cases old enough to consider by the courts, even holding the paperwork in front of a Judge (?), but acted wrongly in law, totally corrupt the case, with no principles in the matters, because crime is crime in any language and again, where is the law?!-

Today, this century that the world population is mature enough to understand that if you molest another person, then time to take the full responsibility of the "after" effects and stop acting like little child, when full mature and adult?-As example: I commit the stupid mistake: "due to ignorance of the true facts" .. with 2 people, friends of the family. I apologies on time for the matter in person, to each of those peoples when I could easily keep silence. I fully acknowledge my stupid mistake, because I am not God, but what do you expect: when you see them holding hands, then transforming their own lives that is not my business, neither my children, but going out with one of my children to confuse, then blame - frame us after?- Well if that is not confuse the example before, bully, incite, provocation and molest peoples lives before, causing a reaction and even disturbing our way of life, then what is it in law?-I understand that the confusion is done and implemented fully by the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, in order to continue bringing to me and mine ( children ), a wave of confusion. When in reality, we are not educate to hold such matters, but the professionals. When the ex/husband and his sister social worker that works for the benefit of the community, but molest, bully and incite me and my children, by bringing a continuance of peoples from Mexico, Canada, Germany, Cancun and even local for us to hold their own problems, leaving a breakable of wave of criminal activity. As the following link did not made itself, but the social worker sister of he ex/husband that went against the community, as we are one of them, not matter as family, in law counts the crime committed, as my brother perished.  Now their own past of the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker (the dishwasher, 5 boys, the river, etc.) and helpers (the kiss, the china girl, ec) full of problems passed to my children to hold and in which grounds in law the abuse?-When in reality is the state the problem to hold as the parents (RIP) of the ex/husband and his sister social worker perished and I am divorce, also the children are out of the problem, that we do not create at any time, but the rest and where is the law?-I did not create my children to be used as weapons against the law - community, but desperate to protect own family, because of the past that do not belong to them, but the "family problems"?- I was not aware of any "family problems" in the first place and the reasons why I requested Trafford council to investigate my matters (see link, but they refused and I did instead in 2012, then a professional holds paperwork to probe matters legally (with time in law!) and I will use such matters with a court order, if I need to probe. I am desperate to protect my children, as I have obligation with my God, because I lost unborn children by the same "family problems" that I am not in any position to gamble, but where is the Law, where is the Pope - Vatican and where the protection of unborn children?- As I understand that the "family problems" wants to hold my children as guarantor by the same level of abuse in the past. Can you leave your own children in that kind of environment, or shall I request a guarantee as well and place the full responsibility of my children lives to the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that keep messing in my life, past and present?- A continuance of the ex/husband sister social worker that hide in "confidentiality acts" the coward, after bully, molest, injury, stalk, hurt badly all me and mine (unborn children and brother), the same way as Charlie Hebdo Attack, except that all was removed from me, unable to use the law, or gain justice in any way, form or shape?- Now the "family problems" trying to confuse peoples 15 + years after, passing legacy and matters to my own children to deal, when they were not even born and in which grounds in law the abuse?-I am not responsible if the "family problems of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, like the local Authority of Trafford council" use the race card, protecting the ex/husband as British born (blond, blue and white), instead of me Mexican born (brown, brown and brown) with British nationality, preferences, ideas, ideals, ideology, and even colors, but the sad reality of Charlie Hebdo Racial Attacks. Where is the law nowadays to tackle, Charlie Hebdo Racial Attacks, because everybody is using their own law, then don't question why of the matters, because the pain is bigger than any reason, or set of reasons legally!!-As who gives you the rights to kill, murder, bully, molest, laugh, joke, abuse, incite, provoke, stalk, hunt, corrupt, lie, spread intolerance, hate and rumors? -  Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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