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Michelle Obama, Robin Williams and Celebrity Bitches Laundry, let's Talk Slave Trade - Racism like adults: "Are You Listening World?"-

Celebrity Bitches Laundry, Psychologists, Robin Williams, let's Talk Mental Illness Like Adults: "Are You Listening Doctor?"-

Amira Willighagen - I have a dream 

I Understand that when I am writing, I am also dealing with another world as America and their own regulations, laws and intentions. I apologies, if I ever over-step the line of decency in order to speak open of the slave trade and racism issues that still today, a world concern. In my country Mexico when a young girl, I grow up with all kind of helpers from my mother (with thanks!) and as such tender age, I formed a strong bond with a special one, that I remember her with gratitude as Pola, that was her name. "I can assure you that Pola was unique and even today, I miss her terrible and my mother adore her and she would not let her go for the same reasons, as she was special not for racism but in her personality"-Where my sisters (mara and soco) need to buy her ticket back to Veracruz, as Pola hated Puebla, just like me, I can not stand the place for the level of racism!"- It is now that I understand the reasons why Pola hated Puebla, as very small minority of people like her own background lived in that city, the one that you call from Africa, that made me to be ashamed of my colour of skin. Where I wrote the short life of Trayvon Martin ( and I will not remove anything, even a small word from that note. As I believe strong, the case of Trayvon Martin won just by colour of skin and not the matter itself, until the American system shows me different, as I understand the law. Where my mother told me to accompany Pola everywhere as company, as she was continuously molested by society in the shops and everywhere, as I am a witness!-As mention before, my sisters (soco and mara) purchase Pola her ticket back to Veracruz and I am surprise today, that the same people, rejected staff at Trafford hospital as my sister (soco) told me, that she could not stand near the person and the other one (mara) used me, as MEAL ticket with a lie of a kiss - sold me like slave, the same the rest of helpers (soco - the china, carol parker - the 5 boys and the river, dave parker - the dishwasher, etc), that bring a wave of hate to me and mine, from Mexico, Cancun, Canada, Germany, UK and everywhere!?- A very similar matters happened at my elder sister (flor) home, where I witness her staff cleaning her own carpets, on all fours and with own bare hands as slaves, when the community uses the cleaning machine to do the jobs, even 30 + years ago?-Soon after, I confronted my sister with the matter of her home carpets, my mother told me to request her own staff to clean her carpets by bare hands and all fours, as I interfere with my sister life (flor) and staff, in order to shame - frame me as racist, when it was the other sister (flor), not me. In fact, I never used service, I clean my home myself and once my sister cousin to look after my children (, not for service?- Where people arrive to me and mine (as laksmi)  hating our environment - persona, that I question mentality, reasons and level of abuse and malice, when no communications at all with such peoples, but in order to frame -de/frame me?- In fact my sister (flor) kicked me out of her own home soon after, I confronted her with her carpets matters, "using peoples as slaves", as I was living permanently at her home (to pay education for her own children, as slave!), that the assimilate now is identical - mirror, as she use the ex/husband and his sister social worker to help with her vendetta, cosa nostra and groups that land in the UK of haters preachers (caritas! against me (against society!?) to feed her own and themselves (ex/husband and his sister social worker), as I am kicked out of Trafford area and again? Where the ex/husband mother told me several times of her own daughter social worker, that she is a social worker and she knows full well what she is doing, really against society, as I am member of the community?-The whole idea is to show the world the disease that still today prevails, with strong issues of the matters, that even kills, as Racism!- The idea is not to over step the line of decency, but to make conscience of the slave trade issues, as keeping inside yourself well hide is not good to anyone and time to stop the abuse, full stop!-I can assure you that this note is made with my uttermost respect in the issue of racism, sympathy to whoever had been experience the abuse (me), important and above all, to expose illness (physically, mentally and verbal) that affect the complete whole wide world and financially oppress peoples. As we can see Africa in total poverty, including and not extent the destructive effect and behaviour that the issue does to Human peoples as slave trade, way out of order legally!-Because I believe strong, that the colour of skin is not a passport for a better life, but a natural way of how we are create by our Lord. And as such, to develop in a normal way, without prejudices, racial stigma, or slave trade issues, but with clear mind. Unfortunately, the reality is totally different for peoples and stereo types that differ form the normal colour pattern, until someone as me, bring the issue to light with my blogs broken irreparable so many times, now the Obama Family, with thanks!- In other words, matter over passed the issue of slave trade and time for a change of attitude in life. I spoke of Martin Luther King matters ( in my note, as  Spanish. I apologies for the language issue, but I wanted to show my Mexican peoples worldwide, that we still got hope, even with Rosa Parks attitude!- "Even by name calling, as you call my peoples (Indians, etc), that I find the subject way out of times, impossible to digest, as if this is the way to treat the Mother that create America (as the Native Americans), no wonder 400 American Tribes perished in the new-comers holocaust and with respect"-

So please, let's talk slave trade - racism matters like adults, without fear of reprisals worldwide and eradicate the illness - sickness to our society - community and for ever, amèn!-
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Estados Unidos aprobò Reforma Migratoria y el Mexicano perdiò, en un futuro incierto (27/6/2013)..
I believe if I send an email, it will be monitored: Jimmy Carter (6/4/2014) ..
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Edgar Arias Tamayo and 51 Mexican people waiting for appeal to the Texas execution laws, to avoid the death penalty.
The short life of Trayvon Martin ..
"El Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo" (2/10/12)...
"The Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo" (2/10/2012)..
President Obama refused to give up his Presidential seat, the same as Rosa Parks did 57 Years ago (5/12/2012)..
La tragedia del Pemex se viò hasta en la Torre Latinoamericana (2/2/2013)..
The President of the United States of America, Mr Obama signs the "Monsanto Protection Act" (29/3/2013)..
etc ..

As Mexican born, I have the rights to ask in the way America is handle by the newcomers, as this matters affect us - Mexicans from more than 200 years ago, that we still in wars. Where the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is good for nothing, as nothing came out of the issue, as mention in the links, but killed 400 American Tribes, enslave peoples from Africa and Mèxico is going that way as well, with the currents presidents that plays the part?- So as you can see the racism issue worldwide, affect badly certain peoples and not necessarily by colour, but stigma, magic, rasputin, defame lies, mumbo jumbo and tales. As Israel On-line supporter ( and Jews descendant, as my parents parents from Spain. I feel extremely honoured to come from such privileged backgrounds as you call us "Jews", that we are not going to hide any more due to Extreme Racism towards us all the time by the media, but somehow we will overcome the race card and issue, even if we need to come all together as one and stop, full stop the bullying direct to us.

As the race issue not matter who we are, or where we come from, but affect us badly the bullying, even mental to society, killed 6 million Jews victims of war during WWII and 70 million Europeans in total perished of the same war (1939-45), due to incapacity, colour, sexual orientation, religion (as Jews) or any other supremacy, intolerance and hate. Where the man gets fined ( when trying to stop the verbal abuse from Galloway MP, against Jews community (, but Galloway continues hate propaganda since 28 longest years ago, non-stop, falsely accuse Israel of matters and in full public, as Hitler did during the WWII, but walks Free?- As always works that way, where someone did the matters in the past and hide the coward in "confidentiality acts", but falsely accuse anyone as victims, as myself. Where the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker when both younger (, non - stop molesting each other and as bad as each other as their own mother used to tell me. Where my unborn children perished in the family holocaust of the ex-husband and his sister social worker, also affected badly with the dishwasher tale to my brother ( ), as if nothing works for such peoples (The ex/husband and his sister social worker), then lie with another tale, as scoring points and now using my children to help?- My question is: would you leave your own children not matter age in that hate environment (the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers), knowing full well that before them, my unborn children died in the same "scoring points, as game?" -Where I question all the time, if the church protects unborn children, or is another big lie to cash?" In England, the MP Galloway received all kind of justice ( ), but never me, in the same situation and in full public display, the hate?- As 3 healthy toots removed in less than 12 months for no reasons, except to cause pain, intolerance, bullying, hate propaganda, neglect and to promote fear of supremacy?- As the matter of tooth infection when not treat properly can kill the person and drive to suicide!- Where I need to go to Spain to receive treatment as lack in the UK, but still there follows, by using - frame the children to help in the vendetta?- I am not surprise at any time, if vendetta comes from "family problems (as the ex/husband and his sister social worker)", but they get away with the crime as social worker, that use profession - swapping card against me and mine, hide in confidentiality acts and against society, as I am one of them?- Now the family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, try hard to get involve my children, even if they were not born when the hate propaganda started 28 (1985) years ago (the river, 5 boys, etc  ) and reasons of my divorce (2012), but they will not stop bullying, full stop!?-Where I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained, me and the children bullied and a wave of hate propaganda, but still blame me and mine of the matters?-In the same way Israel lost everything since the diaspora times, inquisition times, WWII times, now Palestine used in this time, to continue the incitement, but still blame Jews peoples?-Where I believe strong the problem of the ex/husband and his sister social worker belongs direct to the state now, as own parents passed away (RIP), not me used to control them as I am not the social worker (my career was simple NVQ's?), or my children University degree is not relate with community services and with respect to their own parents, as if they were mine parents (Betty and Bernard) but not the problem, as such heavy load and alone?!-As I will not use my expertise of law, nvq's, or psychology against society as those matters are regulate by the state and reasons of me doing the blog in full open fields, to protect me and mine (children).

As when I understood the game of family problems tried to help the mother of the ex/husband, then she passed away (RIP  ), also I was divorce (thanks God!) with respect, and for not to be blame after as usual, so no chance?- Where not just the ex/husband mother molested, but my unborn children perished, brother ( badly, sister detained under the mental health act, children and I bullied, so when all this racism - bullying towards me and mine, as society - members of community will stop (1985 - 2014)?-I am not slow learned, but I never have doubts of the ex/husband and I pay a heavy price, because he is acting strange since after the divorce, not before?-Where today, I can not go anywhere without follows and when arrive the restaurant, place, shops staff acts as if expecting me, with such poor - racist service, as racism?-I do not need to carry with this matter as I am divorce or the children, as the ex/husband and his sister social worker are full adults. Where again, the ex/husband acts strange after the divorce (never before!?) in order to cover for his sister social worker wave of hate towards me (5 boys, the river, etc) and mine, since day one!-Where I promise the ex/husband mother to look after her son, but not when murders spree towards me and mine ( unaware of the matters, before, except now!?-As my children and I, choose a different career path in life, because the NVQ's were removed from me by Trafford council - Skills Solutions, as "confidentiality acts?"- In other words, I did not create my children, or myself as tools to go against society and we are not going to play the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers own games, but intent to use the law, but where is the law nowadays for me?- Slave labour - trade is a crime in society - community in general standards and regulations and my blog comes free to read, to acknowledge matters and to understand the law, nvq's and even psychology, but bills to pay the same as the rest, unemployed (, no benefits in the UK, no education as removed all in the past (just now?), nothing to hold in the Trafford area!!- I need to chase peoples for the same matters, when the UK system as whole work in accordance with the laws, but professionals plays infinite games as (sister social worker) bullying - race card and mess with society - community in general. Please tell me, which country works that way, with such racist attitude and lack of understanding different races, peoples and backgrounds, as professionals!?- My matters do not relate only to disability, or any other issue - excuse by the government - professional staff, but colour as racism!-

One of the biggest problems in the UK where all the services for the citizens, as the ex/husband told me just before our divorce, so unable even to live in the area. Where the children gained good education, but only the ex/husband and his sister social worker got such jobs, even if the parents research and type the career of social worker, for own daughter to go against me, as revenge for all her lies (5 boys, the river, etc), as racism towards me and mine, today crisis!- As cheating against University as the ex/husband sister social worker (against the law), for a reason, today is crisis in the community!- However in the country such jobs passed to their own kind and I am not trying to be nasty - negative to my own children, (I wish matters were different but we need to be realistic!) as they are born in this country (but mother Mexican, as me!), but would be a good idea if start own business and not to expect much from the University standards, except to hold own qualification, as education standards - primordial in life, not negotiable!-  One thing the University does at the beginning of any career is false promises to children, into where their own education could lead at the end of the degree, but removed (as example, the 11 plus exam in primary by local education frame work of Trafford council and paying taxes?-). As your own grandparents wanted the best for you and got a bit of cash now, use it wisely, accept no for an answer in life, be aware of family problems and start own business and don't let life holds your own dreams, because racism is the mayor problem of society until not tackled properly in law (, we will continue with the intolerance for ever. Racism attacks not just colour, disability, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, country of birth, etc, etc, but castrate - pins peoples in the wall for ever, if you let them, so the choice is all yours!- At the end is all down to envy Racism, incredible to believe yourself and stupid you may think, but such peoples (ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers) want something that you got and will remove it from you with lies, tales and defamation from helpers (council staff, government, neighbour house #11, etc), as I lost all today!- The Intolerance of racism, as slave trade is not healthy to any human person made of skin and bone regarded of colour, attack the person own integrity, mind, brain, soul, heart, spirit, persona and personality in the same way, no more, no less than the rest and hit in the same level. Racism a series of similar pattern - non stop intolerance and attention seeker, where even the roll and the camera would not change with time of the racist person and reasons why, I know that my children are hit in the same way as me, by the ex/husband and his sister social worker (as their own mother told me!), driven by malice not on behalf of the community, but against. As in groups with members of society and some as my direct family and the matters has been for more than 28 years (1985-2014) and time to stop, full stop bullying and racism, even in family environment!-Particularly the constant, non - stop remainder by society of who you are as they see you as meal ticket, like the ex/husband sister (cash machine!) lies of 5 boys, the river, etc, removing all from me that way. Racism is a constant remainder that you are worth less and many people can not hold such matters, but become violent, shy, abusive and reflect in society today. "Where we need to deal with the matter of Racism in an open field, without suffering reprisals and remove the intolerance, by the use of the law"- I know myself full well of who I am, and I do not need the appreciation of nobody as such strong cookie, but the rest I believe the law is unfair, because I understand psychology and the law, so not problem, but not the rest as my children and the community in general. Where I have to keep explaining matters, reasons and actions all the time, as those that abuse power love to twist matters - words (so be aware!), but not me. As I understand perfectly what I write and understandable to any mind, as I use my family as example in the same way as they used me for 28 long years and killed all mine, even reputation, but it is you that I worry if the abuse do not stop, full stop!- As Hitler German dictator during the WWII was lead by a bunch of professionals, because alone he, himself would never arrive to the next bus stop (put that way!) and between them as "brains" killed a whopping 70 million European people, including 6 million Jews nationals in the most cruel and grotesque ways imaginary to mind and the rest is pure history, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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