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Marnie The Dog: "The Most Famous Adopted Dog on the Internet, Social Places and Life" -

И.ГВОЗДЕВА_С.МОЖАРОВСКИЙ - С добрым утром, друзья!

Today the perfect time of the year to have the excuse and buy a pet, to give as "present" to a small child as company, to a friend as love gesture, or to keep the pet for yourself. However, whichever way you want the pet to be: as company, love, or to keep, but please, please, please be 100000% responsible for such gentle tinny little heart, as new member of your extendible family. "Respect the pet with such love that generate, patience at all the times - as we all make mistakes not just pets and furthermore, show humanity, as we are all members of the same Planet Earth"-Animals are in a way as human people and our responsibility to account in a court of law, soon after the purchase, because is not just for Christmas our pets, but for ever!-I remember, I purchase a kitten for me and another kitten of the same family, for a Mexican family that just arrived from Mèxico (La Familia Blanco - Brown Street in Hale) and the headmaster of my local children's primary school (St Hug's, Timperley) wanted me to socialize with them, or else!- Actually the head school teacher (of St Hug's, Timperley) forced me into socialize with the Blanco´s Family from Mèxico, as I was not rude with the family, but comes with no obligation at all!-As nobody socialize with me (disabled as the rest, hard of hearing person) since I arrived from Mèxico (1985-2014), but left alone, totally alone in the UK, with not form of defence from a bunch of bullies (the ex-husband, his sister social worker and helpers). Where the ex/husband sister social worker, blame me of lies, tales and defamation when in Mexico since and after the marriage 1985 (5 boys, the river, etc) and not time for parole just yet (2014), even after the divorce (2012), that we are not relate any more and by law, but keep clinging to me and my children!!-Where my children comes with life and time to leave them alone, from the criminal activity ( that generate the "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that killed members of my family ( and my unborn children. In which the problem of family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker (as they call matters), a matter of the UK state, not me or mine (children) to cling into any more, with respect to their own parents (Betty and Bernard RIP). As I promised to look after their own son, but not when my unborn children killed to score points ( and my brother murder in such cold blood!- I am full aware of the UK Law, Criminology and even Psychology, as I had been studied private alone in order to acknowledge such matters and defend me and mine today of professional misconduct, like the family problems (ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers). The reasons why I am doing this blog, to record the continue - non/stop intolerance, as their own mother used to say (of ex/husband and his sister social worker), as bad as each other, that will not stop bullying society. 

I myself believe strong that the ex/husband and his sister social worker represent very much the krays brothers, as the whole area is brushed with the help of the neighbourhood (house #11) and helpers, to bring a wave of problems to me and mine. Where a simple shopping trip to local places, a major cause of concern, fear as if walking in broken glass syndrome and even crime relate, by the ex/husband, his sister social worker and even council staff!- The matter happened to the ex/husband and his sister social worker own mother that landed several times in the hospital after her own husband (Bernard) passed away, with bruises, broken body parts, major health concern and a wave of terror against her, when she wanted her own daughter to look after herself, but failed, neglect and left to decay. When I understood the matters of family problems and level of abuse was too late, as divorce and soon after, the ex/husband mother passed away (RIP), but I recorder matters in this blog and went viral in full public may ignored by the state, but not at any time by her grandchildren (with thanks!), as I was checking all the way, as if she was our dear mother. The Blanco Mexican family lived locally and on the time that I was forced to befriend the family by the head master, my mirrors of the car broken when visit the family (I have witness!), also strong spread of me against them, but when as I even purchased a kitten?- In which my kitten ( as I purchased two one for me and one for the blanco's family), as pet when grow up, arrived home with multiple fractures, injuries and terrible state, that I need to bring to the local pet sanctuary, may to be put down: "Broken Irreparable"-I am not responsible for the pet, as I handle the animal to the mother of the Blanco's family that she gave to her children after and what happened after, I ignore, but my pet as thank you arrived very poorly as the ex/husband own mother that landed to the hospital several times. I myself since and after the divorce suffer a lot of problems, in which my brother killed, my unborn children perished, sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied in the school (St Hug's, Timperley). I believe my children were bullied and still today, I believe strong that my children were badly attacked inside those premises as school (St Hug's, Timperley), with full intention to hurt them and full knowledge of the teachers and everyone involve in their own care. In which when confronted, the heard teacher told me that he will sued me for the spread, but still today waiting for his threat as the bullying was a personal attack to me and mine, by the same family problems of the ex/husband and his sister social worker lies, defamation and tales, of 5 boys, the river, now the dishwasher to hurt my brother. I am full divorce of such family problems and reasons of the matters, or my children to carry such heavy load that started before the wedding (1985), but the state to be responsible, as this affect not just me, but present society in the UK.

Trafford Council (scandals):

Politics (scandals):


NHS (scandals):

Social Worker/Care system. 
(from links: The lack of luxury of Tradition):

DWP (Unemployment-ATOS exams and Bedroom tax):




Domestic - violence/abuse:

Criminal-Judicial system:

Middle East Affairs:
etc ..

In which the problems lies direct to the state - system as whole not The Queen Elizabeth II, as such peoples understand own job description, as the ex/husband mother told me several times of her own daughter, to no avail. As I am Mexican born with  British citizen and I spend years doing full research into family problems to understand gravity of problems, also learning politics, the English law, psychology and now criminology, because of my brother. I do not qualify into any education relate of the UK Law, Criminology and even Psychology, but full aware of the state and own regulations to peoples as myself called the community and I request the same system, to do own duty of care, principles and regulations that you are formed not me, but you, as I do not get pay to do the job, but the state, system and principles. "I do however represent The Queen Elizabeth II matters and my own children matters, to protect them as both, an oat to my God, when they were born and I become UK citizen, simple as that, nothing attached, but duty of care, as I will seek my Lords when depart this life, no/one else, but me!"-I did not create tools as my children to be used as weapons against society at any time and reasons of me to come out in the open with this blog to protect them. I am not going to play the games of the ex/husband and his sister social worker as they detained my sister under the mental health act, bullied me, my children and pets badly hurt and some killed, also my unborn children and brother ( ) perished in the hate spread (5 boys, the river, the dishwasher, etc), but I will force the UK state to place a stop, full stop to this bullying to me and mine, as we are members of society - community!- Where today, the ex/husband acts different than in the last 28 years that we were married and since before the divorce (2012) used the dishwasher excuse to continue hate propaganda of his sister social worker (5 boys, the river, etc) against me, as he's alive and my brother perished ( ) with the lie, also 4 years passed since the lie (dishwasher) and today, in which he (the ex/husband) still alive today sheering the same house and roof as me, so when I did what they said I did of the matters, but lies, tales and defamation, against my reputation, in order to hold me as random?-In order to probe matters that the ex/husband acts different (that we were married and since before the divorce (2012, used the dishwasher excuse to continue hate propaganda ..), as never before he was on medication, nor even for a pain killer, then used the garage to sleep, as emotional blackmail and a wave of lies, tales in order to help the sister social worker, as cover each other and keep holding me as random?!- As mention before with the Krays brothers ( ) where there is a weak and strong link from both, that together work in the mischief as their own mother used to said to me (of the ex/husband and his sister social worker) and act in such ways to bully (local) society (me and mine), with the help of the correct departments and UK system, because alone (ex/husband and his sister social worker) no possible!- Where the strong person (ex/sister social worker) acts with (mind) games to bully society (me and mine), placing such wave of pressure unable to handle properly as weak and victim himself (ex/husband), that if matters of abuse (of the ex/sister social worker) is not stopped on time and handle properly by professional standards that understand of such matters (as I am divorce!), the problem can escalate, also cause immense misery to the rest of peoples and lives of the community that stand next to the bully and strong concern mentally to the weak link person (ex/husband) that receives the abuse all the time, unable to handle, but blame me instead, in order to re-direct matters?!-Where today, I can demonstrate destructive behaviour (using the law, psychology and even criminology!!) of the strong link (ex/sister social worker) to me and mine (including her brother as weak!). As my unborn children perished to give way to ex/husband sister social worker (to find a boyfriend in Mexico!) and my brother killed by the tale of the river and five boys when she was in Mexico (as she told me!!), my sister detained under the mental health act by a social worker, because I am not ( or hold any profession, as I will never go against my own kind - peoples, except study alone at home to defend me and mine legally, then now the dishwasher excuse, by the ex/husband in order to join the club against me as weak, because he lost a lot himself (his knee, job, unborn children, marriage, etc), by hiding his emotional roller-coaster, spread hater preacher and violent bully as his sister, social worker. In other words and without much explanation, we are victims of crime, from his sister social worker (carol), full stop!-As the ex/husband (weak link) receives the full force of the law as order, maybe as to be the elder sibling against the younger (strong link-carol) that takes FULL advantage of the matters (carol and I are 4 months apart and totally different!), but in this case were crime is committed (strong link-carol) against the weak link-ex/husband (our unborn children) and against society (my sister, my brother, children, pets, etc!!) and against own principles (as lie of career when own parents type and research social worker career. ), then no matter age is irrelevant in law and opposite in theory, when criminal damaged caused to me and mine, with no mercy, respect, apology, or show any remorse and no time to bring this level of abuse to any court of law, any law, but hide in confidentiality acts, the coward!-"Bullying push hard peoples limitations, expectations and attitude in life and even carry such heavy weight with not a clue into how to handle such matters, that acts very much like stress. that builds and kills, but I get the blame?- Instead the ex/husband sister social worker, that steals all mine based on her lies (the five boys, the river, now the dishwasher), instead to seek help and stop abuse, instead to speak open of the ordeal between family members, but hide to cause criminal damaged and hope never to be found, in confidentiality acts?"- As I am divorce (thanks God!), my children not responsible of own father (ex/husband), or aunt (sister social worker), but themselves as full grow up adults. As such, I am placing the UK state, government and system the full responsibility as those peoples (ex/husband and his sister social worker) that are not children any more but full adults peoples capable of lead own life with accordance of the law (as social worker and jury service), or please sit them both in a court of law, by the extent of criminal activity to me and mine, caused direct by the ex/husband sister social worker and the brother that covers - hide all the time, not me or the children but the law.

Where the ex/husband is blame of bully by his own sister since I meet her, but not once I saw him in such matters, not even today, that comes from work and glue on TV, or plays his own games and me, I am upstairs all the time, out of the way, so when of such lies, tales and defamation?-Instead the ex/husband gets on me all the time, with a full wave of false accusations, tales and lies and I know full well is not himself who is causing, but forced to act that way. As the pathetic old man can not differ of the matters and defend himself (me in the past) and the children, but blame, blame and blame the same as his sister, as bad as each other and reflects, as the Kray's brothers?- Where I ask if this is what profession is about, a wave of bullying to society - a vengeful weapon against the community and if time to remove the matters, as does more damaged, than good to society!? - Where I probe in law that the social worker sister of the ex-husband acts and use own profession against society - community (me and mine children) to frame, blame, accuse falsely after, instead to protect and help, that would not stop even today (26/12/2014). A small trip to the town becomes a full performance, that society need to walk in broken glass, by the hate propaganda of the area where I live,  as mention before. As form of thank you from the Blanco Mexican Family from the pet that I purchased to own children (St Hug's, Timperley), my pet that I purchased together with them was destroyed beyond recognition, that I need to bring to pet sanctuary for help in Dane Road in Sale (patches was the name of my pet). Please do me a favour when purchase a pet as present and investigate first the family in which the animal will live permanently, as I do not who was the most despicable animal of all and with respect, but while I was not expecting to receive the "thank you" from the Blanco´s family, neither I was not expecting my pet to be abused beyond recognition, as hate in extreme, that all reflects!- In my personal opinion, all pets (Animals) comes with ANIMALS RIGHTS that are not recognise just yet in law, but hope the Government comes soon with such important Animal Rights, to BENEFIT our friendly pets. I adore and LOVE animals and I think they should be loved and wanted, the rest is abuse in all forms and ways. While it is OK, to show the story of Marnie, The Dog which was a rescue pet, but I do not agree the Financial Pursuit by the new owners and here is where we need the law to protect our pets, from financial exploitation. I am waiting to bring this case of family problems to the courts caused by the Trafford council staff ( as full aware of the matters, as works along with the ex/husband and his sister social worker and helpers, as local authority, but claim was put on hold with little respect to me and mine (  ), also my benefits, etc?-  Rosario Castellanos de Parker.


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