Saturday, 13 December 2014

David Miliband (Ed´s Brother) hints return to British Politics, which stands currently: "As £3.7million bill deficit" -

A frost reception to Ed Miliband from Myleene Klass (3 million house) programmable malfunction, or perhaps another game of the thrones, that divide the UK in social class, benefits and taxes?-

♫ Scottish Bagpipes - Ye Jacobites By Name ♫ ..

While it's understandable that the two brothers (Ed and David Miliband) relationship may improved with the separation, no problem, but we are concern politics affairs as the matter refers not family at any time, as David Miliband hints return to British politics. What the Miliband family does in their own private life ( is not our concern, but the same as them, I was forced to come out in the open - public as lack of English laws to handle: "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, and reasons on my divorce. In which, I am extremely happy with the divorce, but I worry of my status in the UK, as Mexican born (, British citizen and mother of UK children that refuse to let them go alone (not matter age), but removed of my birth rights and never knew the reasons why and legally.  "In fact as the UK law state, mandate and govern us: in which grounds in law the full abuse, intimidation to my persona for more than 28 years (1985 - 2014), bullying non/stop, removal of everything in Trafford area by the council - government staff and assault to me and mine family, including our birth rights!?"- As in my country Mèxico our children's are for ever not just for Christmas, as your laws are not mine with my full respect, refer of social workers (social services, council staff, etc), as parents in charge of own children contrary to the UK, that removes, separate, breaks family, roots and bonds apart with no mercy and lack tradition and then, you wonder why the abuse?- (Social Worker/Care systemfrom links, The lack of luxury of Tradition: I am not here to lecture - judge your own system, laws and principles, but to fight for my children rights not matter age, because somehow for a long time, I was allocate with divorce children, or one parent family (by Trafford council staff) maybe in the hope to break the marriage, with lies of the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers (council staff, neighbourhood also government staff house #11, Trafford area, family, etc), that played the part?-As the same abuse, hate propaganda, disturbance, spread and matters only appear to the community, very much the same as, if "walking in broken glass syndrome by the exuberant abuse of politics, (local) government and community staff (social workers, social services, police, ec) flashing own cards to society"-When exist as broken windows theory ( any crime relate by law, but not as broken glass theory of mine in physiology and by law. In order to determine one of the other in law (broken windows theory) when dealing with crimes matters and physiology (broken glass theory - syndrome, but do not exist, only my theory?!) when dealing with disorder matters. As one is a disorder in physiology that has nothing to do with law and another is a crime in law that has nothing to do with physiology, that stands both as theory (one by me in physiology and one by the English system in law, but different each other!), but differ one from the other (polos apart like: white/black, negative/positive, water/oil, etc), complete opposite direction! -My aim is not to impress you because I will never abuse my position in law, or physiology, but to probe in law and physiology the level of disturbance (as disorder) in society, with endless lunation that we can hardly breath of the level of abuse - time present (13/12/2-14) in society. Particularly in the UK is surround of that "perfectionism world and white as white world, no in colour, but in perfection - immaculate almost divine"-As Mèxico is point blank mean, we do not have the system (thanks God!), abuse, criminal activity as broken window syndrome - theory (only with the professionals), including the paranoia in a court of law, that removes children in the UK and pulls families apart ( and hide in "confidentiality acts" the cowards (social workers, social services, council, government and politics staff, the police, neighbourhood, etc)?!- As an example: The removal of family - children would not happens to the Prime Minister, (local) government staff, professional, or rich peoples ( ), but the normal family environment when dealing with social workers, social services and social world in general, removed in the most grotesque ways of own children - pulled apart - driven by malice (broken glass syndrome) that is difficult to probe in law physiology by the same lack of laws and regulations to understand matters. When in reality all this circus display is lack of education as the ex/husband sister social worker never studied the career but her parents that done the research and typed own work and she gained the degree, no wonder we are in crisis?-When in reality anyone can make hundreds mistakes in life as we are born normal, not abnormal (immaculate - always perfect!), because this mental issues (illness) as you call dementia - mental issues is stress, nothing else!-As if you shake hard a bottle of coke, when you open it, then do not surprise yourself of what it comes after, well the same the rest, because if you keep molesting, provoking and assaulting society, then wait to see what it comes after, a full blast!- Because stupid small mistakes that anybody can do at any time as Primer Minister in a form of stress, forgiveness, or not putting attention to matters as usual, but falsely accused by professionals and their own paranoia, then expect blast!- Where even staff in the pub holds the Primer minister own child until arrived to collect the same, so no problem, but a millions problems to the rest of our society - community and why and in which grounds in law the molestation - abuse of power and profession, before even find out the true facts of the matters, but jumping to conclusions as usual, or washed - hide in "confidentiality acts"- The assault to our own lives - society by professionals menopause, hormonal and old relate symptoms is costing us not just our freedoms (confidentiality acts?!) and reputation, but our sanity as always walking in broken glass and we think, if this is what the taxes pays (paranoia - broken glass syndrome), a wave of bullies that destroys our life, that destroy society, that destroys our reputation and sanity and in which grounds in law?-I am talking about small groups of professionals with their own hormones, menopause and old relate age sin-toms, not the rest. Where I myself request video machine in any professional practice (not robots), as I lost unborn children, brother, pets, sister detained by the mental health act and a wave of paranoia, of the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that today trying to bring my own children to join the groups and reasons of me of this blog, as I did not create my own children to be used as tools against society. Where I do not mind friends of my children, as we all comes with "issues" ( in life, but when trying to confuse - abuse matters, or even use my children as unaware of how to deal with such delicate matters but the professionals and even the ex/husband sister social worker wants others to help (as works in children department) and probe in law that she did not make the career, but use all of mine in order to be blame after, or accuse me (1985 - 2014), now the children?- The reasons why, I am against of any profession to be used by own family - friends relate, as gps and doctors are forced in law and by own career to avoid any more abuse to own family, the same any other relate profession, including politics, as Miliband brother's. Where family, government and politics are different matters to deal with in society, not just one, but several issues that affects badly (the bureaucracy of ) the English system, with £3.7million bill for loved ones and the country with not essentials! - Where the royal family mean super well to give all and everyone in the UK an opportunity (, but some abused the same system. Where the system is broken not by me that I am exposing the matter as I lost all today, as explain before, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that gained so much (see links ). Where The Queen Elizabeth II should not take any responsibility of the matters, but the professionals. I want to mention that I worked all my life as self - employed since arrived from Mèxico (1985) and up to the removal of all my matters by the system with lies (2014), even my business in eBay gone, including any kind of financial help by the DWP staff as neighbour house #11, who is friend of "family problems"  of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, that left me penniless! -  The reasons why not to use friends, or family relate in any form, shape, or ways relate in any profession, as the gp's and doctors are forced by law, with own families, as the abuse is way out of order, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 


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