Sunday, 2 November 2014

The UK who gave the whole wide world the Magna Carta is not responding properly, when dealing with Foreign Affairs: German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns to David Cameron, "No going back"-

The Magna Carta (Latin for “Great Charter”) was a document that gave certain rights to the English people (Freedoms).  King John of England agreed to it on June 15, 1215. "The Magna Carta stated that the king must follow the law. He could not simply rule as he wished"-

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Britain's David Cameron when limits immigration from European Union nations a "point of no return" that could sharply increase the risk of Britain leaving the EU.  Mr Cameron’s bid to curb levels of migration from the EU is taking Britain to a “point of no return”, according to Der Spiegel. Visibly furious Prime Minister hits out at 'surprise' £1.7billion EU bill and speaks of anger at 'appalling' way Britain has been treated by European Commission In which the quotas (£1.7billion EU bill) must be work out realistic and financially by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron with the relevant European Community Officers as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, also the Immigration status, as he himself prepare well in life to tackle those simple matters in a political way, not with a refusal: Cameron then began his Bachelor of Arts studies in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Brasenose College, Oxford. His tutor, Professor Vernon Bogdanor, described him as "one of the ablest" students he has taught, "moderate and Conservative" political views.(see education)  I, Myself spoke of the matters previous: Shall the United Kingdom peoples afford to stuff, Barrosa, Clegg, Cameron, Osborne, Miliband, Farange and etc? - I, Believe strong that the refusal of mutual co-operation with the European Community by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron will leave the UK in a very bad situation, not just political, but financially in the following points: 

A- Any kind of Business ventures from UK: small and big business alike to the world in general, will be badly affected to no repair, so a - brace yourself.
B- The bad effects of the WWI and WWII started for the same reasons, in which one war (WWI), followed the other (WWII) by the identical situation as today: Immigration and Financial

I already spoke of the same matters before (, as there is no point to repeat again, except to bring the elders in public and speak of the matters. As the past wars (WWI - WWII) matters, belongs to elderly people that went to war to stop the intolerance and with respect. When coming out of the European Community - Euro, the rest of UK peoples will feel the difference, maybe in the same position of Spain with Franco's (1930's-75). My blog expose matters that concern the UK and what The Queen Elizabeth II does with the information is irrelevant to me, but to Her Majesty only, with respect. The same matters happens to the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron need to show aptitude for the job - negotiate with worldwide leaders not to expect me to open doors, as this is not my job. "I do not get paid for the Prime Minister job"-In other words, I do not work for either: Mexican, or British Government, but I feel The Queen Elizabeth II need to know everything. 

I find extremely rude the Prime Minister, David Cameron own words relate to wealth - fare matters, when I made contributions to the state for so many years and the doors closed to me now, when times of need?-(When married just before divorce, the ex/husband told me the state for the English peoples only, when I should know this for the last 28 years to seek alternative, not to be in financial need today?-)

I do not have the millions that the Prime Minister, David Cameron enjoys, or his own education for the government staff to steal all mine in my blog and unemployed?- (I applied for so many jobs in the past in the UK (British citizen), but refused, even business ventures, education, services, but Prince Charles can go to Mèxico?-)

Only the rich can live in style:

It doesn't matter which political party offends the vulnerable, all the same:

Unable to deal with Europe matters as mention before, but somehow can deal with any other matters from different parts of the world (what's strange?):

It is not just the European Community who gets the sack from David Cameron, but the rest of United Kingdom nationals and their own mistakes?-

Where the Prime Minister, David Cameron should consider his own job properly, including his staff, not just come bragging to me - a vulnerable people of the community of matters that belongs to the Prime Minister, not me? A few days after the Prime Minister, David Cameron "accident" with the jogger, sainsbury staff done the same matter to me saying: nearly?"-What the HELL is made the present UK government, that false accuse peoples of own matters and even use revenge days after to vulnerable peoples of the community like myself and where shall I report this incident Where I can see, where all the personal attacks to me comes from in the past - present, but unable to report the matters, as the Prime Minister, David Cameron?- Where the UK peoples attacks all the time foreign individuals as me and mine and this made the news, political correspondence and any government policies, even ideas, what a wave of bullies! ..

What a down grade the Royal Family, British Parliament, Politics, Government, System, State and even legislation becomes today, extremely cheap hate propaganda. I wonder what The Queen Elizabeth II thinks of the gaffes, games, parties and matters, as this is not how She deals with her own Commonwealth of Nations, but respect?- Where I am making a petition to the Prime Minister wife with respect, to keep her husband far away from me, as I am not amused of his behaviour towards my persona, but stop, full stop bullying! -As I mention before, if the UK Prime Minister wants me to help the government but with a proper job, not cheap - free stuff. The false defamation towards my persona as "disabled" person by the government staff is not fun any more, in fact a crime in law.  I lost a lot by intolerance towards me and mine ( ), that even follows to Spain?- As the reality of the bullying to foreign peoples is a show (, a mere show by the government staff against the community (me), even foreign society, but who's in charge of the abuse of power and profession?- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.