Thursday, 16 October 2014

Lord Freud apologised about his gaffe: Disabled workers not "worth ("full Wage?") minimum wages - should he keep his ("worth") job?-

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We, Disabled Peoples, do not know what are the intentions of Lord Freud when made his own comments (gaffes) regarding matters of the state (Disabled workers not "worth <full Wage?>" minimum wages) except holds, " 5 of his very best gaffes so far": and because of that matter alone, unable to hold a magic ball, or any other kind of stuff like that to guide us into his kingdom ("why he acts that way towards the most vulnerable peoples of the community?"), but request his dismissal with immediate effect. Where Lord Freud can take his gaffes, racism, jokes and intolerance somewhere else, but not accepted within the government, as he should know better, as he should set an example to the community, as he is not perfect himself and with respect. "We human peoples are no born perfect and every - body comes with something, even feelings of grandiose as Lord Freud should be catalogued: as ASBO to the community, mental attitude towards and against the community and etc. Where we question legally (including my "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers intolerance against me): under the section 63 (3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to select people for appointment who are of "good character (not individuals that comes to work with  full gaffes, jokes, pranks, intolerance, etc)", at any work (paid/unpaid) relate, with anyone that represents the law (or not represent the law) towards the community, even by professionals. Where We, Disabled Peoples are acting in the same manner and ways of Lord Freud with not feelings towards us, respect, or even laws to protect, but within our birth rights to act upon that way (dismissal with immediate effect). As We, Disabled Peoples have not other option, in order to safeguard the community as myself (somehow!) to be consider "disabled" by the same selective program of (Nazi) eugenics. In order to stop, full stop bullying of disabled peoples with anything including and not extent, gaffes like Lord Freud and deter this kind of abnormal behaviour, abuse towards us and intolerance from professionals, that are set and acts like weapons against society, (including disabled peoples). Where disabled peoples said: enough is enough and not excuse to wave in law, this kind of barrage towards disabled peoples, by the professionals in any ways, means, forms, shapes or attitude, as they hold education ("the best"), principles and reputation of the state as a whole and beyond the seas (embarrassing The Queen as usual), but acting against the law.  Where those individuals as you call them Lords, Mayor, Honours, etc (, but lack of understanding towards the rest of the most vulnerable peoples of the community (rich beyond your dreams), in which this portrait as a follows: 

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Etc .. 

Lord Freud Need to Go and gain Community Service experience in society with immediate effect and work with peoples - matters that he insulted in the past and present, to work in the future. We are living times that professionals are entitle to speak their own mind and have their own opinion in matters of the state, but never to offend another human kind without specificness reasons, to have a real motive, to have a proper probe of the matter and reason of the hate speech like (Hitler) Lord Freud. The Hate Speech acts against the most vulnerable peoples of our society (old, disabled, unemployed, fragile, children, sick, etc.) from Lords, Honours, Politicians, Government and their own staff that represent the society - community in general, but insulted as this man (Lord Freud) to the rest, because he should know better. Including and not extent, social workers, social services, social people in general, council staff, police, courts, judges, solicitors, barristers, doctors, dentists, gps, etc. An army - wave of professionals trained to the highest standards with university education, against the most vulnerable peoples of society (the cowards!?), unable to fight back to their own level, well that is really cruel, cruel indeed and what a decency?!-There is not reason of the hate to the most vulnerable peoples of our society by the professionals, because they haven´t got tolls in the same way as those professionals - prima donas like Lord Freud that are unable to listen to our needs, but also entitle to have a say in the matters, defend our reputation, exactly in the same way as him. Instead Lord Freud brings the country to stand still, by his own bureaucracy, defamation, lies, hate spread and cowardice, very much like the ex/husband and his sister social worker "family problems" against me and for the last 28 + long years, since I emigrate from Mexico to the United Kingdom (as explain in this note. I reserve the rights to stop just here, because I am not going to go to the same level of this scum bag - Lord Freud and a wave of hater preachers that loves to go against the most vulnerable peoples of our community, because they knows better as explain before (education, principles, etc) so no excuses, stop bullying, full stop!- 

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I, Myself as regarded in the UK as "disabled" which unknown to me (by the eugenics), as I was born in Mèxico ("A Free Country") with British Nationality, but request however way it comes the removal of this man (Lord Freud) in a form of Lord from Politics (also the "family problems" of the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers from me, as explain and to be supplemented, by a lower peerage as you call us, disabled worker that do not belong to any "family problems" and relate in any way, form, or shape, "earning exactly in the same wage as the rest" and with respect, but those peoples (low life's) do not shows any respect towards us, "disabled"- For the reasons above mention before, I respectfully request (to whom it may concern the matters) the "dismissal" of those peoples like Lord Freud that should know better (holding your own laws: under the section 63 (3) of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005), but acts against our society - community in general, instead to be set an example, used as weapons?- Rosario Castellanos de Parker

"Let's build a Nation, where we are all treat with the same respect - opportunities as the rest not matter age, incapacity, colour of skin, religion, culture, country of origin, nationality, roots, etc. A country, where we are all grow old, strong and wise away from fear, reprisals, or deprivation of liberty (mental capacities, intolerance, hate, abuse, etc) by just holding the magna carta, or abuses against humanity by holding the rule of the law (nobody is above the law), with respect, tolerance and peace"- Rosario Castellanos de Parker.