Thursday, 18 September 2014

The UK holidaymakers cancel trips to Scotland, may fear of ill-treatment due to Scottish Referendum! ..

The Queen Elizabeth II and Her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  

"De colores" -

The first declarations ( coming in for the referendum to decide whether Scotland should stay in the United Kingdom, or become an independent country: "No vote 29, 040 and Yes vote 21, 233" .. and still counting. In the same way the first declaration is coming, from the Scottish referendum and the Scottish peoples, to the British people and the world in general. For the first time ever in time history, one of the White Supremacy which is the UK (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, British) has been giving the best example to own peoples and the world, of what is like to be in the receiving end (bullied, color discriminate, no wanted, excluded, harassed, molested, laughed, joked, incite, abused, hunted and etc), in this case Scotland, by the Scottish peoples. For me the winners in the referendum even if the UK scored a "No" to the rest is Scotland, the Scottish peoples and the Scottish land should be set as an example to the world and to own peoples in the UK in general. As the Scottish peoples are the most refined of all, unless the rest of the UK peoples shows the same standards, humanity, caring, attitude and understanding of colours. I am thankful to anyone who vote on my behalf and those UK peoples that were excluded like me, a "No" referendum. As We, The UK citizens, a cosmopolitan community in general do not want to be apart - separate - excluded - racially marginate - colour preference - religious fanaticism - incapacity outcast - sexual preference  - country of birth lottery ticket, but work hard for an equal society. A society that is not afraid to speak, write and give a voice, to the most needed peoples like me now in the UK, by the constant, non-stop bullying, e intolerance of the ex-husband, his sister social worker, groups and helpers, with lies of family problems in order to cash and exploit the system. A sick and twisted society that chase, hunt and follows (me) with any excuses, vendettas, imaginary cosa nostras, al capone mafias, neighbourhood and paparazzi paranoia, that even own children (my unborn children), family (my brother, sister, children) and parents (my parents - ex-husband parents) bullied, badly hurt and perished because of the same manners, matters, twisted, corrupt and violent ways, like the Krays brothers. The ex-husband mother always told me of her two children were as bad as each other, non-stop fighters and unable to control, but for me they are like the Krays brothers. In which the weak is the ex/husband that will do anything and the strong is the ex/husband sister social worker that controls and tell him what to do all the time, plus the helpers that the law is powerless, see notes and photos:
etc ..

As social worker sister of the ex/husband backfire her own practices on behalf of the community, not where I am standing, with the constant, non stop molestation and intolerance from them to me and mine. The law require dates, evidence and the full matters and as law abiding citizen and someone that studied the law alone at home in order to defend myself, that I am ably by the same principles and laws: "as victim of crime" My children at any time comes with any social worker background neither myself, but the ex/husband sister and the reasons why her own parents done the research and tipped her work when she was at the University, for her to have a career and look after her family (own brother, mother and father), not me, or my children (but using them to come and tell me?) = we are neutral. The social worker backgrounds knows full well the UK regulations and the ex/husband sister social worker should use the proper ways by time in training on those places, not me or mine, or intimidate my children with tales, lies and defamation in order to impose fear, control, or command. As I was told on wednesday (17/9/2014) to remove the caveat of the ex/husband mother, by order of a Judge using my children (as concern the ex/husband and his sister social worker matters!!?£$£$) as solicitors, when I am in financial negotiation with the ex/husband. Where a similarity of the past and present of pure emotional blackmail (you do this, or I will do this to you, as Krays brothers syndrome - mental capacity enforcement, or whatever sh.. you want to implant/?!!), taking notes, when there is laws, courts and judges:

In which, I place the Judge responsible of the same order (or the person/s that forced my children to do matters on wednesday 17/9/2014), when full aware of the present matters (financial settlement) by the (Judge) order describe, words implanted and ways explained properly drafted and stamped in the paper. A copy of the same Judge order was handled to both parties (ex/husband and myself) to be aware, including myself response (within 7 days liberty to apply, as the law state) of the same order to the ex/husband (and his sister that protects caveat ££$$) and the courts, with own approval, knowledge and full awareness of the law, to no avail. As papers and words were handled on the same day to be aware (17/9/2014), basically of the father (ex/husband) that done Jury service and his sister social worker that represents the community (?), but I was forced basically into matters and upon matters, including to "withdraw" the caveat (18/9/2014) or else (mental capacity as mention before, fear, enforced acts and a wave of emotional blackmail instead of the law?!!). Where the ex/husband and his sister social worker used my children as solicitors, when there is laws, courts, judges and clerks to do the jobs, not my children (by own choice). The children never done any Jury service, or community work (social worker, etc) in the UK up/to/and 19/9/2014, to be enforced by the law, accused of lies, or strained by the same law, but own father (jury service), or aunt (social worker)?-The children helped grandma when alive by visiting (months before she passed away, not years, but months!) in a career way of life, not as social worker, in order to stop her to be taken to the old homes. I did the note myself, as career ( not as social worker, for the same reason and set of reasons legally and to protect the lady, as regarded as my own mother (RIP), but excluded by their own children. In which, the Lady's brother auncle Jimmy was left monies in the will (£5,000), not matter if the person is alive, or death the money pass to own family to assit them, the same as my children and fighting for/and/to be distribuite as the parents of the ex/husband wanted not him or his sister social worker, but the parents. The reasons why, I am here to protect my children legally and by the law abiding citizen, but the ex/husband and his sister social worker moving matters to separate the 3 of us, removing all from me, based on lies and circus performance and my question is: "in which grounds in law the abuse, when there is laws to act for all of us, but a victim of crime!" Without mention the Courts, now you need to make appointments even on emergency, so what are the courts for and on aid of who's?-

The ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, even use friends of my children (selected by the trafford council, social worker sister of the ex/husband and their own circus performance) that parents are in similar position to us, or missing parents by any reasons as my parents (RIP), selected by the same intolerance and on the same day of the caveat (17/9/2014) walking in and out of the house (as gestapo), checking, chessing and forcing my children upon the matters, even to go against the law, against their own mother and against their own principles, but taking the law into their own hands, when they understand the law perfectly (the ex/husband and his sister - the Krays brothers)?-When as soon as I meet one of my children's friends, he told me: "to go/to leave the house!" .. "to leave and to go, where?" .. after 28 years living in the UK, where the hell, I am going to go!! - leave and why?-In which grounds in law I should leave the present premises, apart from buying my part?-What I ever done to those bullies in order to command me, in which I understand now all comes from the same "family problems" of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, that select peoples based on any bleeding excuses to backfire me and in which grounds in law the abuse?-The matter happened 3 + years ago, and is just over a month ago now, that I confronted the young person as now, a full adult to acknowledge bullying to me and mine in law and the extent of his prejudice towards my persona, that even the ex/husband was sitting in the couch of the house watching the performance (his own performance)?!-"When I sent people in the past/present to do the same crap to the ex/husband and his sister social worker, as everything mine removed by themselves, by the same council services (social workers, etc) and by the same Margory Bagnall excuse of trafford direct payments?"-My question in law: "Where is the parents of that young man to acknowledge matters, as the in and out the house (as gestapo) and taking the law in their own hands by the ex/husband and his sister social worker, can not continue, otherwise close the courts, as everybody is taking the law in their own hands and not as it should be: protect!"- The ex/husband done jury service several times and his sister a social worker that should understand matters of the community (?), but using my children to do the negotiations, even to go against the law, against their own mother and against own principles and where is the law?-I am divorce now and I should not be in this case anymore, but protecting my children above anything and anyone and legally, not matter age, as I can see that we are all (not just them) used by the same weak system, that do not use the qualifications and grades in University properly, but fear, command, control and lunacy. Where even today the ex/husband leave in the kitchen the utensils that my brother ( was badly hurt with, as if teasing me - once more time?!!- In which, the matter demostrate that I believe strong the same family problems plays a part of the same game together (, when using all mine to be blame after, now the children's and own friends!!?-

The ex/husband mother told me from day one when I married her son (now divorce), that I should know better because I married an englishman, well the same I am telling him and to whom it may concern the maters and legally. Because in the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) as British Citizen, may I am a zero on the left in this country, even to vote in Scottish referendum, but in my country Mexico where I was born, I am someone, with laws, constitution and birthrights, even principles. I believe strong that this matter of mine, reflects in the same way to the Scottish Peoples, that fight at the present time, with the rest of the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Britain) nationals and calls: "equality, respect, tolerance, human & civil rights, constitutional (rights), freedoms (magna carta), advocacy, nobody is above of the law (rule of the law), acts, codes, rules, regulations, etc and a proper government bodies, not the one's that we hold today at the present time in Westminster Abbey"-Where all the four amigos (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain) are united and married in the same way as the rest and even in any principles (laws, etc). For once in your lifetime, your own peoples as the Scottish peoples teach you a lesson that you will never forget, to the rest of UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain) nationals and citizens. As they left you all with little, or no mercy at all, on your knees and even removed your on breath, pride and joy, without moving a single fragment of their own bodies, but holding a referendum and telling the UK to get lost. Furthermore the Scottish peoples had enough to be pushed out all the time by the rest of the UK peoples, due to stigma, racism, hate, lies, intolerance, in the same way as me and mine. Today (19/9/2014), there is not winners, or losers in the Scottish referendum, but working together in the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain), as it should be from long time ago. "I welcome all The Scottish peoples in the House of Parliament, in the House of Lords and in the House of The Queen Elizabeth II to put order, laws and principles back again, as it should be in politics and government affairs. I put the Scottish peoples as an example to the world of what resistance, stamina, dedication, human kind and loyalty means to be in real life. I done Advocacy on behalf of The Queen Elizabeth II and now I am doing exactly the same to/and/on behalf of the Scottish peoples, to be equal on both sides, because is not about The Queen matters, but the government affairs.

As there is no winners, or losers today (19/9/2014) with the Scottish referendum, but a change coming soon in politics and we should be working towards the benefit of The Queen own affairs, as advocacy, because I believe strong She is entitle to be aware of everything, before going into anything, She is entitle to fight Her corner at any time and She is entitle to defend what is Hers as Peoples, Country, Land and Glory!-As explain before with my case, that the criminals and their own criminal activity acts in a way to frame and de-frame peoples, even use friends, family, or anything of the other to be blame after in this case as myself, or I have been witness several times, with The Queen own affairs. I am not liable in law for the ways other peoples behave, but themselves and in this case the ex/husband, his sister social worker and helpers, professionals to understand matters fully well, not matter if own parents exist to control them, or passed away like mine (RIP), but the law exist and continue the good education of parents, standards and legacy to own children and behave in society. I believe strong in the same way as me is The Queen Elizabeth II: "No Responsible in law for own peoples and workers, but bad adviced as we witness the Scotland referendum"-As I understand the ex/husband sister social worker used my family as weapons against me in the past ( and neighbours ( and even in present times (as explain before - blog), because the following pattern continues with hate towards me and mine. I hope The Queen Elizabeth II understand the matters fully well, particularly when I am left by the same criminal activity of the ex/husband and his sister social worker, with nothing left, or walk  out with, including the removal of my children once more time (as I lost unborn children). "Nobody has any rights to remove my children in any way, form or shape, even by slander as the ex/husband sister social worker (the 5 boys, the river, etc), as I am not doing the same to the ex/husband in fact, the children loves own father, the ex/husband still alive contrary of my brother and etc?"-

"Scottish referendum: a lesson to all of us" .. 

I am not liable in law for whatever happened to the ex/husband sister social worker (from links: The lack of luxury of Tradition, or anyone else that dare to blame me, but themselves, this includes as far as The Queen, as mention before. It's time to acknowledge the good work of this remarkable woman as The Queen Elizabeth II, that has nothing to do with the direct actions of Her own peoples, government and politics affairs, that left a bitter mark between relationships of the same UK peoples (, even afraid. In the same way as I am afraid and I was since emigrate to the UK peoples, 28 years ago, unaware  of "family problems", that are not mine at any time and divorce the lot, neither The Queen Elizabeth II. Alex Salmond concedes defeat in Scottish independence referendum (, but there is no winners and losers in the mater legally, but a big lesson to learn. I hope, I really hope Alex Salmond do not quit his job, but stays with the UK (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain) politics at any cost, As the idea is to fulfill those bitter gaps, instead keep fomenting more hate, walls, bridges and madness. Otherwise, we will ask the UK Prime Minister David Cameron to do exactly the same as Alex Salmond and resign with immediate effect. As both (Cameron and Salmond) drafted the document of such Scottish referendum, not just Alex Salmond, but David Cameron as well. Here, we apply equality to United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain), with Alex Salmond and David Cameron, both in the same walking line. Please We, the UK peoples, beg Alex Salmond not to go, in the same way as the UK Prime Minister went to Scotland and begged Scottish peoples to say in the UK, so he will have to fullfill his own  words and predicament, or leave his post with inmediate effect in the same way as Salmond, both the same, or nothing!- I worked on benefit of The Queen Elizabeth II to settle matters of the State (Scotland referendum) and my job of advocacy to Her is free, but I do not work for the government at any time. I expect the sum of one million pounds of payment for my wages (Scotland referendum) in order to settle matters, to make sure matters are settle properly and expecting my wages soon from David Cameron, with respect of my job. As Blair charges 30 million + to advice the Middle East and for Iraq, Afganistan and bloodbath?- However, we welcome Scotland in the House of Lords, in the House of Parliament and in the House of The Queen of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Britain, Elizabeth II "Lilibeth Windsor" .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker