Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Queen Elizabeth II uneasy of the Scottish Referendum (18/9/2014) and may be, the last Queen of Scotland ..

The Queen takes the view that the fate of Scotland - to stay in the union or leave - is in the hands of its people, a Buckingham Palace spokesman has said. Decision is for Scots alone - Queen.
I believe strong that when Scotland is trying to take The Queen´s place is not the decision of them alone, but the woman (and her people´s) has the rights to fight her corner as well, Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

Nana Mouskouri - Amazing Grace  ..

We are facing a Scottish referendum anytime now and the reasons in-to why now is all new to us, but going that direction anyway. The matter could not come when The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were young, a bit more strong and capable of holding matters better, but now?-In the name of God, why now the Scottish Referendum, why no yesterday, why no when the Matriarch and Patriarch were alive?-The absurd of the matters that even comes with own clowns, buffoons and clairvoyants to exploit the moment. http://tinyurl.com/n9hpx6q As if was a joke the Scottish Referendum moment, selling The Royal Family (English) and the Tudors Family (Scotland) and Dynasty for peanuts, with little, or zero respect either way. I am not clairvoyant and the Scottish referendum (18/9/2014) should not be left to be manipulate, by such engrossed (ignorant) force. Unfortunately, Scotland is travelling very fast into an independent separatist world, leaving England and the rest behind. The funny things and matters is that Catalonia and Scotland holds together in the same way in referendum. As if Catalonia and Scotland talk each other, into a mirror into each other, a past into each other, or any other excuse into each other, but going that way together and driving the rest of us together with them, as in a big wave?-

1- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalan_self-determination_referendum
2- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_independence_referendum,_2014

As if the past with the so famous Queen of Scotland and (Spanish fleet of 130 ships) Spaniard Armada (The aim was to cause fear to enemies) rule this way once more time:"Mary, Queen of Scotland, Heir to the English throne and Threats to the Crown, Elizabeth I"-In short resume without going too far into extremes with the Scotland and Catalonia Resolution, other than Referendum, or look as if I am taking sides, but the matter would look more like (the 3 amigos):

1-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary,_Queen_of_Scots
2-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Armada
3-  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_I_of_England

The worry matter is the first independently commissioned poll (51%-49% yes vote) predicted the dissolution of the union and mean, that The Queen one current job could be split into two and she is uneasy about the matters. We have 9 fateful days and one border grave issues that need to be raised on both sides (UK ad Scotland), with positive results and urgent matters. The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) First Minister (16/5/2007), Alex Salmond came out on top in TV debate with Alistair Darling and the matter will give you an idea, how bad the UK is positioned. To make matters even more worse: the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) is the largest political party in Scotland in terms of membership (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_National_Party), with over 25,000 members, 65 MSP's and 424 Councillors. In any terms mean that all the Scottish people wants out from UK mandate, not even 50/50, but the lot. Alex Salmond attended Linlithegow (1966/1972) Academy, Edinburgh College of Commerce (1972/1973) and University of St Andrews, in which he was elected as Vice-President of Students' Representative Council (1977), also nominated to join St Andrews Community Council. Salmond graduated (May 1978) with a 2:2 Joint Honours MA in Economics and Medieval History and that matter will give you an idea, how well he is positioned, contrary of David Cameron - Eton influences. I am not trying to intimidate either way (Cameron and Salmon) and apologies if that looks like, but in Politics, either way need to be the winner, not matter which one you choose, the best!-In another words this matter looks more like: "One holds the brains (Salmon) and the other holds the rains (Cameron), now if you put them together the matters of today crisis will be a thing of the past!!"- Alex Salmond is the majority leader (in short time?) of Scottish Parliament, single most powerful force in the campaign to make Scotland independent country and strong supporter of "Better Together campaign"-We were told of Salmon's presence: "he fell in love with himself at first sight, entirely faithful ever since"-Salmon is very proud of his achievements so far and this express clearly, that his studies (2:2 Joint Honours MA in Economics and Medieval History) are paying a great dividend in the country and before long, he will lead the UK in not time. For the first time in more than 300 years the UK is facing a challenge and change in directions of everything and The Queen is uneasy on the matters. The only way to tackle matters of the Scottish Referendum is by acting with proper advice, challenge everything without leaving anything left in the middle and with the same courage as Alex Salmon (fell the bloody fear and do it anyway!). I am UK Citizen mean the whole UK when I made my alliance of Citizenship direct with The Queen Elizabeth II, that reigns: Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the British shores, without prejudice. For the matter express before, I am quite happy to help The Queen Elizabeth II, but as the same Government removed everything from me, that I am acting as self - employed (the Government gives you 3 bloody moths, before you declare). My fee's charges to the Government for the advice (not The Queen) in the same way as our Dear Tony (http://tinyurl.com/ocldmsw) does to the Middle East: one million, with a 100% guarantee of a positive response in the matters. Tony Blair gets 30 million for ex/primer minister job. So I come a lot more cheaper than Blair and without a mass destruction, like him and Bush in the Middle East, but in peace. http://tinyurl.com/mfy5eop The English people will lose: the Scottish land complete, may open to the rest (Wales/Ireland) and even beyond the seas (Commonwealth of Nations). The Scottish people are going to lose: the border (wars), the pound and currency (conflict), the 300 year union (open wounds!), EU membership (may/may not) and question the NATO (?), if continue with the move of independence.  At the end, we are all going to lose, not just Scotland, or England, but the rest as well. In other words, The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip worked for their own Nations and for nothing, as own children (as I am Mexican born) to destroy all in seconds!-"The matter need to be done before the Scottish referendum, not after, so I am here if you need me and my bank account" -As I am feed up to be stolen my work, writing, ideas, ideals and aims to feed others (earning millions by the abuse as Blair) and to be accused of doing nothing, also unemployed?- 

As example:
The despair of peoples, from Dale Farm and Police Riots, that even made a James Bond film and music won by the British earning millions (not me or victims!?) ..
The following cases were open with my notes (and some cases open "Again"):
Gang Culture, One Blood: Sex abuse on children as part of gang culture, vulture and violence in the UK and spreading fast worldwide ..
The Death of two stunning girls with similarities of the case that their own lives were cut short: HRH Princess Diana of Wales and Reeva Steenkamp (RIP) ..
The Kercher Family fury, at Amanda Knox and Sollecito acquittal, walked free from Court..
Kevin Webster was arrested in sex abuse case and cleared of Rape (twice) ..
I am still waiting for Justice to HRH Princess Diana of Wales:
The following Journalist were saved due to my notes and with thanks to David Cameron:
Marie Colvin & Remi Ochlik killed in Syria. Paul Conroy and Edith Bouvier, suffered leg injuries and need an operation urgently..
Stephen Seddon is facing crime charges, when any GP/doctor is not allowed by law to disclose any matters relate to patient, without permit and concent from same patient or lose own licence, and the father of Stephen Seddon is death, so there is not warranty of the doctor to be 10000% acurate, or lies. Stephen Seddon is a free man, but facing a miscarriage of Justice.
MP George Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, with more than 10,600 victims that perished for bad administration and not time for Justice !? ..
Another Politician/s that need to be monitor:
I will remove not a single word of the following links (Blair and Bush), as on that time when made the note, I was not aware of Tony Blair, Primer Minister of the United kingdom to be a law abide professional, neither any of his family, but need to face full consequences of own actions in the Middle East, including George W. Bush and not excuses for the Holocaust and their own leaders, except Oil Business:
The similarities of America 11/11 and Mexico the Pemex is so alike, may fool a few, but not me:
Middle East leaders that perished by negligence: 
The Nuclear Program of Iran, idea of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (RIP), launched in the 1950´s, with full support from the United States of America, "Atoms for Peace Program"..
President Bashar al-Assad said: "Importing foreign people (America)", the cause of destroying Syria
The Sixteen Anniversary of Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana of Wales and her Egyptian Billionaire boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed, who died in Paris 1997 (RIP) ..
Lider Libio, Muammar Gaddafi
Mubarak is facing death sentence
Mi Hermosa Syria ..
Tony Blair, Bush and the War of Iraq ..
The legacy of Tony Blair and George W. Bush in the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.)
The Legacy left us to pick up the pieces of the Holocaust in the Middle East!!  ..
But Israel blame of the Middle East crimes now from Bush and Blair, or any other victim that wants to take the blame, no way!? ..
The Jewish community gives a full public apology to Respect MP George Galloway for "one time" matters, but when he will apology to Israel, with "27 years none stop" of pure hate propaganda? ..
The Letter addressed to the Queen Elizabeth II and David Cameron from me was leaked and no replay and the second letter again - no nothing!? . ..
In which: "The Queen deserve to have an open government, to protect Her environment" ..
Where I leave The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip of Edinburgh in charge of Her own peoples, in the same way as the ex/husband and his sister social worker has been doing with respect to my persona and reputation for the last 28 years (1985-2014), none stop intolerance, hate propaganda, abuse of power/profession and even used family to gain support, bring them over to the UK and attack my persona, with no time for parole, not even their own parents were safe  .
I understand that nobody is perfect, but communication is there for/and/to aid and resolve matters, when both parties are present, not just one, to hide professional misconduct in "confidentiality acts"-Where for me the ex/husband and his sister "family problems" in which I lost unborn children, brother, sister detained under the mental health act, children bullied, etc and for the Middle East is Tony Blair and George Bush, there is not an exact amount of victims from Middle East genocide. The meeting for the Scottish referendum matters need to be done ASAP, with The Queen, Alex Salmon, David Cameron and myself presence in a place of your chooice, when all the services are open, "before" any referendum takes place, not after. I am here if The Queen Elizabeth II needs me (and my bank account), with respect, but I will not disclose my strategy in public, otherwise it will fire us back and the idea is to Win!- 

These Colours don't run,  
They stand firm on the floor, 
They fight back, 
They defend the Country. 
Proud to be British Citizen, 
because is not just the Passport
 to a better life, 
but warts and all! ..
For Country, Land and Glory, 
let's to define ourselves later, 
but today,
 we defend what is ours and by law!
Rosario Castellanos de Parker. 

"I am the tool of my Lord's that acts as Justice and writing is my work now: I will do what my Lord's wants, not what others want from me. Soy la herramienta de mi Dios que actua en forma de Justicia y la escritura es mi trabajo ahora: Voy a hacer lo que mi Dios quiere, no lo que otros quieren de mi" .. Rosario Castellanos de Parker.